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Perfect Health. The Chopra Center Balanced, meaningful relationships and emotions create: Happiness. Health. Spiritual growth. 5 .. Deepak Chopra. A decade ago, Deepak Chopra, M.D., wrote Perfect Health, the first practical guide to harnessing the healing power of the mind, which became a national. The Perfect Health program provides the tools to enhance your physical and emotional well being Based on the global best seller Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, M.D., the Chopra Center Download the Perfect Health Dosha Quiz ( pdf).

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Perfect Health Deepak Chopra Pdf

The Perfect Health Lifestyle Program is a program of daily wellness founded on the Based on the global best seller "Perfect Health" by Deepak Chopra, M.D. , Deepak Chopra Md · Perfect Health Library Series, No 3. Boundless Energy: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Overcoming Chronic Fatigue. Editorial Reviews. Review. "A brilliant and exhilarating book" * Sunday Telegrpah *. From the Inside Flap., Deepak Chopra, M.D., wrote Perfect Health, the first.

Ayurveda, the 5,year-old healing system founded in ancient India, is derived from the Sanskrit words ayus meaning life, and veda meaning wisdom. Ayurveda, the wisdom of life, offers a proven guide for a life of happiness, vitality, love and purpose. From the Ayurvedic perspective, human beings are not viewed as mere thinking physical machines, but rather as fields of intelligence in dynamic exchange with the energy and information of the environment. The Perfect Health program provides the tools to enhance your physical and emotional well being through your conscious choices, enlivening the nourishing connection between mind, body and spirit. Students will learn a powerful regimen of Ayurvedic practices designed to balance the body and mind, enhance nutrition, reduce emotional turbulence and re-awaken the senses. In some form or another, we all seek Perfect Health—physically and emotionally. Chopra Center co-founder and medical director, David Simon, M.

Using this oxygen our body is able to oxygenate burn food as well as toxins. Excretion is achieved by exhaling carbon dioxide together with other sometimes quite aromatic gases. How can we assist? Surely lots of clean fresh air would make a difference.

Improved breathing techniques could also help. According to the teachings of yoga our breathing should be quite slow and contain four distinct phases: For some people it happens so naturally, that they do not pay attention to it.

However it is possible to acquire bad habits, in which case some breathing exercises may help. Skin is the largest organ in our body. We tend to underestimate its function in the metabolism process and in particular its excretion capacity. When we sweat, glands in our skin expel toxic waste, which usually does not smell nice. We should clean the skin from such waste, because it clogs the skin, reducing the capacity to excrete more toxins.

However, we should be careful which cleaning agents solvents! Techniques to accelerate skin excretion sweating are for sauna and moderate exercise. Their roles in the acceleration of the detoxification processes are described in separate sections further on in this book. By weight, most of the solid waste leaves our body here. So any improvement in the rate of detoxification should definitely start here.

Colonic or even a simple enema can relieve your body from many kilograms of toxic waste, you should not be attached to at all. For more detail see a section about the enema later in this book. Urinary system. Most of the liquid or water soluble waste leaves our body through the urinary system. How can we improve here? Drinking a lot liters of pure water a day will make a great impact on the fluid exchange processes in our body, enabling improved flushing of unwanted waste.

Pure water in contrast to water polluted with chlorine, fluoride pesticides and other nasties is necessary to the process of proper fluid exchange. The natural detoxification processes performed by our body can be greatly accelerated with your conscious help, thereby providing the basis for spectacular recovery and healing of your body. Notice, that many toxins accumulate in your body over your entire lifespan, and it may take a considerable amount of time to purify your body in the detoxification process, using techniques described in this chapter, you should notice significant health improvement almost immediately.

Some of the most effective natural detoxification techniques are described below. Please read the information below with careful attention, making sure that you understand everything thoroughly without a doubt.

Your complete understanding is necessary for your own safety and comfort. Colonic or even a simple enema can relieve your body instantly from many kilograms of toxic waste. Below I describe a simple technique for performing a natural enema. Prepare the equipment for performing the enema. The best units available are types used in hospitals, with a large capacity liters gravity tank, flexible hose and a nozzle to be inserted in the anus. Consult a friendly nurse if in doubt. Other units enema syringe, see Fig.

Instead, you can squeeze section 2 of the flexible hose with your fingers before pressing the pump. Prepare about 5 to 6 liters of water. Use lukewarm body temperature water preferably pure of filtered for performing the enema.

Avoid un specified chemicals, Chlorine, detergents or soap etc. Be very careful not to exceed the specified concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. Similar concentrations of hydrogen peroxide occur naturally in the rain water high in the mountains and in some springs Lourdes, France. Hydrogen peroxide inside your bowel breaks down into pure water and pure oxygen. Extra oxygen is then used to oxidize toxins directly and serves as a safe antiseptic. Some of the free oxygen enters the bloodstream right in the bowel, assisting greatly the surrounding cells in excreting toxins.

Never use any chemicals, soap or detergents in the water for enema. The reason is simple: Adding chemicals, soap or detergents to your enema water makes all procedure useless from the point of view of detoxification: Insert the nozzle into your anus and let the water flow in or pump it in.

Try to allow as much as water you can. Without causing any excessive discomfort or pain. If you feel pain, stop the flow of water immediately. Try to hold the water inside your bowels for at least a few seconds. It would be best if you could do a few steps, jumps and perhaps a few sit-ups whilst still holding the water inside you. But do not force yourself. Do whatever comes easy. Sit on the toilet and let go off the water slowly.

Do not try to accelerate the flow of whatever comes out by excessive pressure. You may cause yourself unnecessary discomfort. Do not rush. Let the body take its time to perform the cleansing. To assist your intestines in the transportation and excretion of waste, you can gently massage your stomach with your hands.

Wait until all the activity in the bowel stops, and you do not feel any reason to sit on the toilet. Clean yourself with a tissue. Repeat the sequence of steps two or three times, until clean water comes out from your bowel. You have just relieved your body from the extra burden: You should find, that you have used most of the water. Fasting is the extreme form of diet, in which you do not eat at all and you drink only pure water. Of course, fasting can be observed only for a very limited time.

Most effective fasting programs range from 1 to 6 weeks. Fasting greatly accelerates purification and the healing processes in our body, simply because we do not input anything to the body at all, thereby freeing and unifying all body resources for the sole purpose of cleansing and healing. Note, that by taking even small quantities of food we have to use significant amount of our body resources to process and excrete it.

Never attempt fasting, without understanding and observing the method as well as precautions described below. Note, that every ancient civilization in the past had a tradition of fasting, at least twice a year. Our wise ancestors many thousands of years ago knew very well about the dangers of a poisoned body and incorporated this simple purification technique into their way of life. Every known religion has originated from the teachings of enlightened people, who tried to show others how to live.

Of course fasting was also included in their teachings. Unfortunately, with time, fasting has become less and less strict, gradually loosing its original effectiveness and purpose. Prepare a supply of pure water. Pure means exactly that. Note, that tap water usually contains Chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals from pipelines, traces of herbicides, pesticides, solvents etc.

Spring water from safe source is probably the best. If no spring water is available, collect enough rain water, preferably in the country, where the air is clean.

Alternatively well filtered water could be used. See information about water filtering later in this thread. Eat only light food, mostly fruit. No meat, no fish, no eggs. No alcohol. Drink at least 2 liters of water. Eat breakfast and lunch only. Skip dinner. Vegetarians could skip this preparation and go to the next phase. Eat breakfast and a light lunch only.

In the evening make an enema see detailed instructions provided already. This is the single most important step. Never attempt fasting without making an enema first. Before fasting, your body expected a new load of food to digest and absorb every day. When your intestines are full and you stop eating, some of the food waste is absorbed back into your blood stream.

This will cause extra poisoning, because the body absorbs the toxic waste, which was prepared for excretion. Making an enema cleanses the intestine, and the body, sensing nothing to absorb, enters into a self-purifying mode of operation. After the enema go to bed early. Your body is already in a self-cleansing state and will continue to cleanse itself when you sleep.

Your mind-body system has been working all night, preparing the most urgent deposits for disposal. Your bowel should be full, despite the fact, that you cleansed it thoroughly only a few hours ago and that you have not eaten anything that night at all. Go to the toilet and let your bowel empty itself. Go to work as usual. Do not eat anything at all. Drink as much water as you wish. Never let the water bottle out of your sight.

It should be everywhere with you. You can go to the sauna and spend 3 sessions of minutes there, drying the sweat after each session with a towel. No food. Water only. You should feel great. Your body just got rid of the huge amount of the most urgent waste deposit during the previous days. Your natural instincts and healing have been awakened. If you feel that lack of food is indeed making you quite uncomfortable, you can add a teaspoon of natural honey into your water two or three times a day.

Do not add honey to hot water. Lukewarm water is best. Go to sauna if you feel like it. Do not do enemas everyday, only when you feel that your bowel is full and your assistance is required. Do enema also when you feel sick. Your body tells you that it has some extra toxins ready to dispose, and some of them are being absorbed back, making you feel sick. Listen your body and trust your instincts. Go to work as normal. If you are physically active — do your jogging, squash or tennis as usual, but watch what your body is saying.

You may have to adjust the intensity of your exercise. Use this. Study and read books, which you thought were too difficult for you.

Engage in creative activities. Notice how many ideas sp[ring to your mind. In my experience, this is the most difficult day. Some people may experience such difficulties on 4th or 5th day of fasting. Your body enters into a higher level of purification.

Everything was easy to dispose is already gone. Now your body is getting ready to expel toxic deposits which are much more difficult to metabolize, and usually are more toxic too. Your best strategy is to perform an enema in the morning or in the evening of previous day and increase the intake of water during the day.

Depending upon how you feel, you may have to perform another enema in the evening. It is not only the quantity of the waste in the bowels that is now important. The stuff in your intestines is now extremely toxic, and you want to flush it, there by minimizing the chance of the secondary absorption.

Try to use pure water to make the enema solution. Your body just got rid of a huge amount of the most urgent waste deposit during previous days. If you feel that lack of food is indeed making you quite uncomfortable, you can add a teaspoon of natural honey to your water two or three times a day. Notice how little is required to restore complete comfort of your body and mind.

Use the increased efficiency of your mind to do some useful creative work. It is not uncommon to write an article or even a book in just a few days. This is another critical point in fasting.

You can ruin most of your achievement, if you subject your body to a food shock. Your sub-conscious mind may not believe you next time you fast.

Without realizing it, you may train it to expect a shock, rather than work spontaneously and purify itself with maximum efficiency. Your body is now pure. Your mind developed in many directions. Treat them both with care and attention. Start by eating small quantities of food.

Try to treat your body as that of a newly born baby. Eating one spoon of natural yoghurt no flavors!!! Include fresh fruit, but chew it very intensely. Eat very small quantities baby size , but do so quite frequently, every hour or two for example. Squeezing fresh fruit and nectars will provide you with an excellent food. You may add honey to the lukewarm water if you wish.

Some experience felt on the first day can be quite memorable. After fasting, you are very sensitive and your instincts are very sharp. Not only you will find food to taste differently. To your surprise you may discover some ordinary food like bread to be more toxic than others natural yoghurt for example , especially if you take it as your first food after fasting.

The sensation after swallowing the first bite of such food can be compared to the one you experience after having an alcoholic drink.

The major difference is that such a sensation lasts only a few seconds. Eat little, mostly in a liquid form. Cooked oats, semolina and other cereals, natural yoghurts are OK.

Eat fruits several times a day. Drink at least liters of pure water. Do not eat meat, fish or eggs. Note that most of your efforts will be lost if you return to your old habits.

To maintain the body in a healthy and pure state, you should take care not to poison it again. It is strongly recommended, that you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid meat, fish, and eggs and any food containing extracts, colors and flavors. For more details see the section about diet later on in this thread. It is very important to continue drinking at least liters of pure water each day.

Oxygen Therapies. Oxygen therapies use oxygen in various forms ozone for example to assist the body in the healing process. Their indisputable effectiveness comes from the fact, that oxygen is a key substance used by our body in the detoxification process. The rate of detoxification can be greatly increased, if the body has an excess of oxygen available to it.

Selected safe and very effective techniques of oxygen therapy are listed below. Note, that breathing pure oxygen is NOT listed as the effective therapy. It is not the quantity of oxygen, which is the most important. Most effective healing techniques use minute quantities of active atomic oxygen, in concentrations occurring naturally in spring water and the air in the mountains.

This was described earlier in detail earlier in this thread. Adding minute quantities of hydrogen peroxide to the pure water used for an enema, delivers small quantities of oxygen directly to excreting organs, helping them to work better. Your safety and comfort are most important. If in doubt, use much less. Do not use hydrogen peroxide sold in pharmacies for external use only. The skin is the largest organ of your body. Soaking it in diluted hydrogen peroxide is very beneficial to your body.

Minute amounts of pure atomic oxygen are delivered simultaneously everywhere around your body, greatly stimulating the detoxification process. It would be best to use filtered or rain water with no chlorine and other chemicals. If you have a pool, you can replace the chlorine water treatment by the ozone water treatment system.

Ozone or UV water treatment is borrowing yet another example from nature. Ozone produced naturally from oxygen by UV rays in the atmosphere, reacts with the moisture in clouds, producing pure and healthy rain. Having the ozone treated water in your pool you can swim in it and drink the water from it too.

Oral intake: The most controversial issue is the concentration. In my opinion we should not exceed by much the concentrations which occur naturally in the rain water high in the mountains or in the water from natural mineral springs. Another good gauge is taste. The taste of hydrogen peroxide is extremely unpleasant and we are quite sensitive to it. So, if you cannot feel discomfort drinking the solution, the concentration is most likely safe.

Ozone treatment: It exists naturally in the atmosphere — it is created from molecular oxygen O2 by the UV rays from the. Ozone is the essential ingredient of fresh air. Ozone is unstable: High in mountains there is a lot of ozone in the air. We can create ozone in our home, by yet again imitating the ways of nature: Because ozone is so active, it neutralizes by oxidization all odors very effectively.

Breathing air, with the concentration of ozone similar to that of mountains, is quite beneficial. Be careful not to exceed natural concentrations of ozone in the air you breathe.

Your body will give you a warning if you are doing so: Do not ignore it. Do not ever breathe ozone produced using a high voltage arc. Such ozone is initially very hot and it is so active, that it reacts with nitrogen in the arc plasma, creating nitrogen oxides, which are quite toxic. The air around a high voltage arc contains not only ozone, but also nitrogen oxides, which are dangerous.

It is based on several thousands scientific articles from medical journals. Moderate exercise can significantly accelerate the natural detoxification of the body, by improving the circulation of body fluids, increasing the intake of oxygen to our body, speeding the rate of metabolism and increasing the excretion rate through increased sweating. This is exactly why people feel great after undergoing such exercise.

They purify their bodies and they all notice, that their minds instantly become sharper. I would like to stress the word moderate here. If the intensity of the exercise is excessive, not only such exercise is not beneficial, but may be even harmful. One method of assessing right level of physical activity for you is to observe your pulse rate.

If it exceeds you should slow down.

Another good gauge is this: Note, that with training you can increase the intensity of exercise, but it is not necessary. After exercising at the right intensity you should be more energetic and, most importantly, have clearer, sharper mind. Remember, that we should enjoy whatever we do. The sauna is an ancient treatment developed by civilizations living in cold climates. Because of the cold climate, their bodies tend not to sweat much, so these cold climate dwellers invented the sauna to promote improved circulation of body fluids, speed up metabolism and accelerate sweating: Ozone treated water, clean river, rain, lake or sea water is OK.

Your skin has been cleansed by the flow of the sweat and in such a clean state it will absorb the chlorine from the water into your body. It is best to use a towel to dry the sweat from your body. Do not allow the sweat to evaporate, because it contains toxins your body has jus excreted, and you do not want any of them to be re-absorbed back. Removal of dental amalgams. Dental amalgams, whether gold or silver, contain mercury one of the most toxic metals to our body.

Having amalgam fillings, is like having a constant supply of toxic mercury, released slowly but constantly. Please see the reference for more evidence and information.

Removal and replacement of amalgam fillings instantly removes the source of mercury supply, however the mechanical removal process itself drilling can temporarily increase the concentration of mercury in your body. When you decide to replace the amalgams, make sure that you are already on the detoxification program and that you tell your dentist to apply a lot of suction during the removal process, reducing the concentration of mercury vapors. Note, that it may take a considerable amount of time for your body to neutralize and excrete the mercury that has accumulated in your body for years.

Your mind-body system remembers every damage you did to it in the days gone by. If some healing in the past has not been perfect, because of other emergencies in your body and mind , some of the damage remains un repaired. When you purify your body and mind, resources within your body become available enabling repairs which are long overdue. The effect of this can be quite amazing. Many people on various detoxification programs oxygen therapies, fasting observe symptoms of their past diseases in quick succession and in reverse order.

Basically, you can expect to re-live every serious disease you experienced in the past. This is healing. Your body is just fixing things which are long overdue. Symptoms are usually very mild, and they last only an hour or two. Many active people do not even notice such symptoms, because they are so mild.

I would like to give you just one example drawn from my own personal experience. At the age of 7 I had a severe ear infection, which was very painful, took a long time to heal and doctors injects me with lots of antibiotics. At the age of 42, during fasting I experienced the symptoms of this disease, accurate in every minute detail.

I was astonished, because the situation was restored so perfectly, that I remembered not only my feelings from childhood but also the taste and even the smell of the antibiotics I took at that time. The experience lasted only for a few hours. We have discovered the ultimate reason for all diseases: We basically poison ourselves, simply because we do not care about what we eat. The wisdom of many ancient civilizations in the past was expressed in their diet.

Two key items in the diet are common for all civilizations without exception, from ancient India to modern Georgia:. I have not heard anyone objecting to this. However, the word to which we should pay special attention is pure. Unfortunately, the criteria for purity have become quite arbitrary nowadays. The prevailing doctrine is, that there is a threshold of pollution in the water, which is acceptable and safe for humans to consume.

Medical Authorities generally accept and recommend the chemical treatment of water, leaving chlorine and other chemicals in it. Poisons are added fluoride , in the name of sterilization and safety supply, despite the fact that their toxicity is beyond doubt, and they accumulate in our boy causing chronic diseases arthritis.

Municipal water also contains heavy metals fro pipes, pumps etc. They would prefer that we do not know and believe that the water is OK. Do not consume such water. Do not use it for tea, soup on even cooking.

Use water obtained from natural springs. Alternatively, filter the municipal water yourself. Do not use chemical filters. They may initially work, but eventually they may leave even more chemicals in the water you drink. The best are multi-stage paper and active carbon filters, with the final stage that uses a reverse osmosis ceramic membrane. The process of reverse osmosis imitates the function of a natural spring: For home installation, the rate is quite slow: There are systems available, which store about 10 liters of filtered water under light pressure, ready for immediate use.

Note, that most of the beverages, including fruit juices from concentrates, contain municipal tap water. It would be much better if you squeezed the juice yourself from fresh fruits, or brought the frozen concentrate and diluted yourself with spring or filtered water.

Drink at least 2 or 3 liters of it every day. The latest research indicates that it is not only the purity of water that is important, but also its molecular structure.

To be particular, a 20 molecule liquid crystal water structure, first predicted by a Nobel Prize laureate Linus Pauling in his famous book The hydrogen Bond seems to be very important. Water liquid crystals occur naturally in some spring water high in the mountains, and are also formed in water inside living cells. Water impurities practically eliminate any trace of water liquid crystals. For more details, see the article by Flanagans, listed in the References.

In view of the current scientific research Flanagans it is quite possible, that such tales are based on real experiences. Seek fresh air as much as possible. Even if you live in the city, and you are forced to breathe polluted air, make an effort to go to the country, forest or at least to a park as often as possible. Trees and other plants purify the air for us there. Use the ozone generating lamp to purify the air in your home, if the air outside worse than inside.

You can leave the lamp on when you are away. With regards to other ingredients of the diet, again there is remarkable agreement found in wisdom of many civilizations.

Be careful here: Similarly to fasting in other countries. Again the emphasis should be on purity. The best foods from such a point of view are fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if grown in quite polluted environment, fruits accumulate very little pollutants.

They are created from simple inorganic compounds with the aid of photosynthesis. Their content is mostly water. If you do not believe in the purity of the food you download, grow it yourself. Instead of growing flowers at home, grow tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries or other foods and vegetables you favor. In this technique no soil is used, and the roots of the plant are washed in an optimal solution of natural mineral salts. Do not be frightened, if you have to download these salts in concentrated form, they will be diluted to imitate natural concentrations.

Hydroponic plants grow 2 to 4 times faster than similar plants left in soil, because we care to provide an optimal food supply for them. Automatic, simple to use hydroponic systems are available today, requiring. See for example the book by Howard M Resh listed in References. Now, we know what is best to eat. The question we can ask is: I have already demonstrated the devastating effects of solvents and other poisons emerging our body.

No one who understands the consequences of poisoning should ignore such warnings. It is quite clear, that we should avoid containing colors, flavors and other food extracts. Not because of extracts themselves, but because of dangerous solvents used to extract them. These solvents benzene, various alcohols etc Your body has a limited capacity to process solvents and alcohols. We seem to recover quite well from alcohol ethanol poisoning for example.

Note, however, that such recovery takes time, during which you have the solvent alcohol present in your body, effectively assisting your parasite friends in their activities. We should not limit our attention to food. Note, that our skin can also absorb poisons from the environment. For that reason, we should also examine all products which come in contact with our skin like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, hand creams, make-up, cleaning agents etc..

When your body is pure, salty water does an excellent job. For more information see articles of Robert G. Nara, listed in the References. It may be not possible to avoid poisoning altogether, but with the knowledge we have acquired, we could greatly reduce the extend of poisoning, with minimal effort on our part.

Note, that once you have selected a brand of shampoo for example. You need not to do it again. If you have the knowledge of how to make safe products, share this knowledge with others, in the way I am sharing what I know with you.

We should also avoid eating animal flesh. Comprehensive analysis of this topic could easily be a subject of a separate book, so below I give only a summary of the reasons taken from a single point of view: For example, a cow eats about 30 kg of food each day. By the time it is 3 years old it has consumed at least 30 tonnes of food. As with us humans, not all toxins are excreted.

Those which are deposited around the body are of the worst kind: As a result, a kg of meat contains the worst combination of toxins, concentrated from about 30 tonnes of food.

Summarizing, meat contains hundreds of times higher concentration of toxins, than contained in the initial food the animal has eaten. Most of such drugs and chemicals are illegal for human use. I would bet, that you would not want to try such food. And yet, resulting animal meat contains greater concentration of worst toxins than the initial animal food.

You do not know what sickness an animal had developed before it was killed for meat. The combination of bacteria and parasite activity in a sick animal produces toxic cocktails you do not want to hear about. The meat from such animal contains a full cocktail, because the animal stopped living before it had a chance to metabolize and excrete any part of it. All parasites have a very complex life cycle comprising many stages. This simply speaking ensures their survival.

Meat of course contains parasites in various stages, some of which are very difficult to detect and eliminate, even in the cooking process.

Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide

You do not want to hear just what animal parasites are capable of doing to your body. All meat eaters have several times shorter intestines. What does this have to do with poisoning? Quite a bit. Meat in a long intestine spends a long time, before it is excreted. Too long. Not only is it more difficult to digest and more toxic to start with, but because it spends too much time inside us, it actually clogs the system and starts to rot.

When the system is even partially constipated, the waste is actually absorbed back into the blood stream. I am sure that you agree, that in view of the above, eating meat is just asking for trouble. Summarizing, we should not eat any food, which is not optimal from the point of view of the design of the body.

Clearly the performance of the car will be severely compromised, and if you. The car engine has not been designed to run on water and sugar added to petrol, even in small quantities. Similarly, if your computer expects VAC and you plug it into VAC I have tried that one you will hear a loud crack, see a big flash and a cloud of aromatic smoke will come to indicate the end of computations.

Discussing benefits of pure vegetarian vegan cuisine as well as recipes is yet again a quite substantial topic and exceeds the scope of this book. For information about the vegetarian cuisine please read books by Ch. Lehman or M. Diamond listed in the References. Using microwave for radiation to cook or heat food changes the molecular structure of food. There is consistent scientific evidence, that such food is harder to metabolize.

We should avoid microwave cooking if possible. This is also a very important question. The answer is quite simple: Note, that eating too much is equivalent to overloading your body with additional duties, related to the processing and disposal of extra waste.

Your mind is engaged too, reducing your intellectual and spiritual abilities. During fasting, you will learn that the feeling of hunger, as well as the tendency to overeat are typical reactions of a toxic body. If the body is pure and you try not to poison it excessively, your body always tells you when you have had enough food.

Just pay careful attention to what your body is telling you. It is easier to receive and understand such messages, when you eat slowly and chew your food well. In the mountain of Georgia, where people live well beyond years and even make babies at , they have a saying:.

I cannot help admiring the beauty and wisdom of this ancient proverb. What it says is that we should take food before the activities of the day, and to not take any food before going to bed for the whole night. Note, that most people do exactly the opposite: They all wonder why their health is deteriorating quickly with age.

Some nay argue, that the diet proposed below is quite different from the traditional diet we learned from our parents, friends and neighbors. Many people follow their bad habits and tradition without any criticism, just because they do not want to change or they do not want to be different from others. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find any logic at all.

For example some women, who seem to be quite health conscious, are ready to put almost anything on their faces just to look better? On the other hand, they would not even consider giving up their dinners, steaks, alcohol or perfumes to truly improve their health. In the ancient literature we can find evidence, that many thousands of years ago people lived in good health for at least several hundred years.

Many species of birds, marsupials, mammals and other animals on our planet become extinct every year. The main reason for their extinction is that their organisms cannot cope up with the increasing levels of pollution in their food and their environment. However, when we understand the reasons for this, we have a choice. Now, let us go back to the list of alternative medical treatments, given earlier in this book.

When we read the list for the first time, the various healing methods appeared to have nothing in common. In the process of reading this book we found that the key to perfect health is detoxification of the body and purification of the mind. They form the missing the link, that unifies all successful healing methods, possibly including also those which have not yet been discovered.

The motto of this book is a wonderful phrase from one of the public lectures of Master Ching Hai: Have it in mind, when trying to give advice to other people. They may not want it. Always ask if they need help. Even then watch carefully if they listen to what you say.

If they do not listen, it means that they are not ready to listen. Or perhaps you are not ready to give them advice. Instead of trying to explain everything in a few sentences, give them this book, and suggest that you could perhaps answer some of their questions after they have read it. You will save a lot of time as well as avoid exhausting discussions and arguments. If, after reading this book, people still miss the point, there is nothing you can do to help them.

They should help themselves first. Any new information is just an overflow. Note, that it may take years or even decades for some people to understand the advice. Some people have to experience themselves consequences of all their mistakes before they understand.

It is their best lesson. If they do not understand that all their diseases are caused by their own actions and ignorance, they will develop other diseases later on anyway. It is clear, that it is much better to explain to them how they can heal themselves and never get sick again.

The only difficulty in this approach is that they may not want to understand our advice. We develop diseases because we are poisoned. A poisoned body cannot control the population of various bacteria and parasites. Activity of parasites in our poisoned body can completely ruin our health. We are not only poisoned: There is no room for coherent new ideas. The key to perfect health is there fore elimination of poisons from the body, purification of the mind and changing our diet to minimize the intake of poisons the intake of poisons.

Purifications of our mind thoughts can be as important as physical detoxification, since it is our mind at all levels which ultimately controls every functions of our body.

Natural detoxification techniques include enema, fasting, exercise, sauna, oxygen therapies etc. It is not possible to attain and maintain the state of perfect health without paying great attention to diet and minimizing the intake of poisons into our body.

Studying various diseases and cures for each of them is a waste of time. Such approach concentrates on symptoms disregarding the cause. Rather than applying a separate remedy to each disease, it is possible to cure ALL diseases. Normalizing weight, curing cancer, getting rid of allergies, infections, acne, arthritis, tobacco, alcohol and other addictions, stopping and even partially reversing the ageing process etc. It is easy and nearly effortless. Anyone can do it. There are no miracles.

You do not need to believe. You need to know. We have plenty to learn. The best way to learn is to learn to listen to your own higher mind first. Curing other people does not really help them. Much better is to inform them so they could heal themselves. I make no claim, that I developed anything new. All the techniques listed in this book are known and proven for thousands of years. Modern scientific evidence, summarized in this book to convince the readers is taken directly from books and articles published by many talented, dedicated, honest medical practitioners and scientists, who are not afraid of telling the TRUTH.

I am also grateful to Ed McCabe, a reporter, for bringing to the attention of the public mine included oxygen therapies, against considerable opposition of the medical establishment and the media.

It would be impossible for me to collect quickly the scientific evidence I needed without access to the Australian NEXUS magazine, which has published great articles as well as summaries and reviews of many interesting and original books.

You are doing a great job. It is to be hoped that, I have answered most of them in this book. Herbal method of purging parasites. Black walnut hulls — from the black walnut tree. Use water based tincture. Use drops each time. download it for your garden. It has been named for your garden. It has been named for a good reason long time ago and it is mentioned in many ancient scripts, including the Bible. Take one dried leaf in a teaspoon of honey each time.

This is a common spice used in baking. Grind your own fresh cloves not stored for a long time. Use a small amount of ground powder mixed with a fruit juice — a tip of the teaspoon is enough. Black walnut hull and wormwood help to eliminate adult parasites as well as their various development stages. Cloves eliminate parasite eggs. Use the combination of above herbs 3 times a day before meals for a few days.

For more details read books by Hulda Regher Clark listed in References. After eliminating parasites, we should take care not to create favorite conditions again. Attention to detoxification and the diet should be our strategy. Baker Arthur, M. Ching Hai, The key of immediate enlightenment. ISBN I, , reprinted , , , Farrer K. Flanagan P, Flanagan G. Hay, Louise L. Laura Dr. Lehman Ch. Nara, Robert G. Penfield, Wilder, et. When we are born our bodies are perfect and they should stay in a perfect state of health as long as we want.

We also have complete power to improve our health and free ourselves from any disease. There are no incurable diseases, only distorted knowledge, misinformation and our limited understanding of what our mind and body are doing and why.

Normalising weight, curing cancer, getting rid of allergies, infections, acne, arthritis, tobacco, alcohol and other addictions, stopping and even partially reversing the ageing process etc.. You will gain respect of everybody around you when you do it. You have a choice. The Joy of Perfect Health Uploaded by thinkinghat Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Cure yourself forever! Removal of Dental Amalgams 42 Some unusual effects of detoxification 43 Diet — minimizing the intake of toxins 44 Why we should avoid eating meat 47 Vegetarian cuisine 48 Microwaves 48 How much to eat? It is a sad fact, that we do not value our health until we lose it.

Perfect Health Ayurveda Lifestyle - Chapter 1 Wellness

Before we start to discuss the limitations of conventional medicine, let us consider the following facts, which are very easy to verify, but for some reason or another escape the attention of the public: Now let us analyse in more detail, what exactly happens in such a healing process.

A natural question arises: Let us come back again to our example of a simple cut. However, there is one very important condition. Let us try to explore the limits to the extent of such damage. The key question is this: Exposure to dust Note, that in many cases, our limited knowledge does not allow us to predict the extend of the damage and therefore we could easily underestimate the consequences of our actions.

Notice, that all three relate closely to our diet food and beverage consumption. Perfect Health went on to describe how to apply the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to everyday life. In celebration of this classic work we have created this new edition, revised and updated to include the latest medical research. Although we experience our bodies as solid, they are in fact more like fires that are constantly being consumed and renewed. We grow new stomach linings every five days, for instance.

Our skin is new every five weeks. Each year, fully 98 percent of the total number of atoms in our bodies is replaced. Ayurveda gives us the tools to intervene at this quantum level, where we are being created anew each day.

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Ayurveda tells us that freedom from sickness depends on contacting our own awareness, bringing it into balance, and then extending that balance to the body. Perfect Health provides a complete step-by-step program of mind body medicine tailored to individual needs. This body type becomes the basis for a specific Ayurvedic program of diet, stress reduction, neuromuscular integration, exercise, and daily routines.

From the Trade Paperback edition. TIME magazine has described Dr.

Perfect Health Ayurveda Lifestyle

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