I assume that you are a Pawan Kalyan fan/follower as you specifically asking for ISM book. I may be wrong. I didn't find ISM book in any online. ISM Book - Ideology Of Jana Sena Party. likes · 1 talking about this. "ISM" Book is penned by Pawan Kalyan with Raju Ravi Tej. This book is going. @PawanKalyan Welcome to Twitter world! May your tweets educate the youth and strengthen democracy. JANASENA should become PRABHANJANA SENA.

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Pawan Kalyan Ism Book

c _c Pawan Kalyan is a socio- political. Power star Pawan Kalyan who is going to address a public gathering for the first time as a Party President has reached Visakhapatnam. All through my life right from my childhood since school days I always had one question in my mind, “How to live without fear?”. As a part of our Bharath cultural .

Controversial and maverick film director, Ram Gopal Varma, who has often taken jibes at Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, has written an open letter to the actor turned Janasena chief. Before talking about ISM, I must confess that I have long been obsessed with the idea of you starting a political party. I have always admired the intensity in your honesty and the explicitness of your integrity, and yes, I was also mesmerised with your first speech at the launch of your Jana Sena party. Being a voracious reader since childhood, I finished reading Immanuel Kant, Arthur Schopenhauer, Descartes, Wilhelm Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Baruch Spinoza and Ayn Rand way back in my engineering college days in vijayawada and then moved on to various modern day philosophers, who thought much forward in terms of applied philosophy to restructure rapidly changing societies. A far superior advancement in those thought processes of all those earlier philosophers is what I actually expected from your ISM. And why I expected that was because of my adulation of your near perfect instinctive intellect,which I have always been observing in you. But when I finally got to read ISM, I was appalled at the elementary school understandings of the great social philosophies articulated by your co writer Raju Ravi Tej. From your gestures, your lines, your expressions and even your pauses at your meetings,I can tell you that you have more instinctive wisdom than what is there in the whole of your entire-most-non-explanatory book called ISM. You truly don't need the over used crutches of dead and gone philosophies and that too so falsely represented. The basic fact of the matter is that your instinctive originality has been corrupted by school boy interpretations of Schopenhauer's Metaphysics, Kant's Epistemology and Marx's Dialectic Materialism. To make matters worse, you have been diverted into a very wrong direction by a complete non understanding of existential nihilism.

You truly don't need the over used crutches of dead and gone philosophies and that too so falsely represented. The basic fact of the matter is that your instinctive originality has been corrupted by school boy interpretations of Schopenhauer's Metaphysics, Kant's Epistemology and Marx's Dialectic Materialism. To make matters worse, you have been diverted into a very wrong direction by a complete non understanding of existential nihilism.

Philosophy, in its simplest form, is a pursuit of truth, but truth by itself cannot be absolute in an ever changing society. Ayn Rand said, "The pursuit of truth in general is not important but the pursuit of a particular truth is important which helps you in reaching your intended goal.

Ninety percent of ISM doesn't have a single goal oriented direction pointer in comparison to your inherent arrow like vision, which was so clear in the inaugural speech.

Also, the very thought of moulding a relevant ISM for today's requirements to be based on outdated philosophies of bygone eras is like wantonly carrying an unnecessary and fatal burden.

Bruce Lee,who, incidentally, apart from being a fighter was also a philosopher, once said, Knowledge should be used like the steps of a ladder to climb up.

You should leave the step behind once you climb up. But if u keep collecting all the steps you have climbed upon, their combined weight one day will not let you climb further.

Pawan’s ISM touted as social instrument and resource tool

You should never carry what should carry you. Hey Pawan, I mentioned Bruce Lee because I truly feel you are a combination of his focused intensity and dynamic integrity. Bruce Lee's style is unique because he refused to be influenced by others. Only what you feel yourself, and how you express it yourself,should be your own unique philosophy. As a well wisher and an admirer, I implore upon you to get away from diversive, destructive and corruptive influences.

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RGV's Open Letter To Pawan Kalyan On ISM!

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World Of Dance Season 3: Fans Upset With Pawan Kalyan. Inside Deets Out. Jana Senas vision is a political vision with a keen eye on the social aspect of political leadership. Our reality is a mixture of our social and political reality.

It is not just a reality that is suddenly caused by politicians and political parties. We need to change from deep within the recesses of our society than just skim on the surface. Everything we are as a society finds its way into our political reality. We cannot escape it. Political reality is a reflection of our society and is not to be seen in isolation.

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Kalyan and Jana Sena is committed to society and through society, committed to creating a balanced socio-political reality. Justice and Balance Where there is no justice, there is no civilisation. Injustice is a reality of life, but we must fight it and ensure that our society does not become a symbol of injustice. Just because there always an element of injustice in life, does not mean we all together give up the ideal of justice and allow it to rule us. Jana Senas vision is for creating a just society.

And a balanced society. Balance is essential to progress and for peace. One cannot be imbalanced in the pursuit of justice. Recognition of a problem is as important as the application of a solution. Balance is essential in the way we approach a problem. A small problem when ignored can attain monstrous proportions. A balanced society understands this and acts when the problems are relatively smaller.

It is not normal for huge disasters to simply descend on society suddenly, unless of course they are natural disasters. The political disasters we see are human made and have roots in small problems that they once were which become catastrophic through negligence, laziness, inefficiency and unwillingness.

Pawankalyan Jana Sena ISM PDF Ideology Free Download

A balanced society can be created if we focus on problems and attend to them immediately and with utmost sincerity. Aims and objectives 1. Create greater political representation that is just and balanced, especially with youth of our nation 2. Create a disciplined force of people that can harness the great potential of every member of our society 3.

Unite all people with lasting ideals of our nation rather than political expediency Ideology An ideology is a set of ideals and principles that form the core of any person or group of people or society or a nation.

Complete and unflinching faith in those principles makes them into an ideology that becomes a guiding light. Ideals are values that one stands by and uses them to navigate through the thick and thin of a journey. The most important feature of an ideology is that the values laid in an ideology do not change when the circumstances change.

Nothing could be more important than this.

Pawankalyan Jana Sena ISM PDF Ideology Free Download | Ideologies | Justice

The frustration of our people with politics and political leaders is that they do not stand for a firm ideal or value. Jana Sena's ideology comes from this firm belief of Mr. Pawan Kalyan that in public life one must stand by ones convictions and not lose faith in them when the situations become tough.

Jana Sena's Values and Ideals 1. We must endeavour to treat our fellow humans the same we as we treat ourselves 2. Law must not discriminate between powerful and powerless people 3. Equality of conditions must prevail for all people 4. The best among the society must occupy the top-most place based on what they do and not who they are 5.

Our life must have balance based in nature 6. We must be connected with our divinity I am not a "Politician" I am not a politician. The word politician has become so abused in our world that people have come to associate the word with corruption, manipulation, opportunism, lying and deceiving. Politicians have become notorious for changing their values to suit their situations.

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