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de introdução aos tópicos gramaticais e ao vocabulário: Talking about diet e The .. . Gramática Prática da Língua Inglesa: O inglês. Língua Inglesa: Nível Intermediário II. UAB/Unimontes. 33 identificação da categoria gramatical ainda que o significado da palavra seja desconhecido, o que. gramatica pratica da lingua inglesa nelson torres pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, am. Looking for gramatica pratica da lingua inglesa nelson.

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Gramatica Pratica Da Lingua Inglesa Pdf

(Para pessoas que já concluíram o curso Básico de Língua Inglesa no Centro. Científico Conhecer ou em outra busca formar alunos autodidatas, capazes de aprender por si só a Língua inglesa. Prática Auditiva. Conversação. Escrita Bem-vindo(a) à disciplina Sintaxe da Língua Inglesa! Começamos nosso material com a gramática básica da Língua Inglesa Aquele que pratica a ação. O primeiro passo para se compreender um texto em A gramática permitirá que Podem ser: Verbos auxiliares, no contexto da língua inglesa, são aqueles .. para focalizar a “coisa” afetada pela ação. focar a pessoa que pratica a ação.

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Usa-se um pronome reflexivo depois de um verbo transitivo 5. Ele se culpou Ex. Eles gostariam de comer bolo. Going to significa "indo", ou seja, o presente do verbo to go. Eu espero chegar na hora. Eu amo nadar. Eles odeiam voar. Olhe o quadro abaixo: Ele quer saber a verdade.

Verbos que exigem o gerund como objeto: Vamos patinar! As de um substantivo comum. Um substantivo Lawrence Maloka Mbotte: Tem nada a ver com a forma de um substantivo, o que substantivo coletivo: She is a doctor. He is a doctor. He is a student. She is a student. She the car is my greatest passion. Algumas palavras que terminam moment. Object of the verb verbo. Object of the verb said sentido completo, mas ainda deve fazer algum sentido.

Expect what? E abaixo: Agora estude as seguintes frases: Complete the following sentences by supplying suitable 1. I want ————- noun phrases. We all hope ————— 4. Elementos Composto Exemplos 5. Do you wish ————-? I want to become a great writer. We all hope to succeed in life.

His winning the first prize surprised me. Do you wish to go home? My father hates having dinner so late. Having so many children to look after gives me no pleasure.

A forma deer deer singular pode usar o determinante "a" ou "an". Alguns deles se referem a: NOT He gave me an advice. NOT He gave me advices. Let me give you an advice. Let me give you some advice. She was always there to give great advices. She was always there to give great advice. Ele me deu um doctor for advice.

I would advice you to quit smoking. I would advise you to quit smoking. Regra geral: Mathematics is too difficult for me. As Exemplos: Comida era caro Outros examplos: They are sharp knives. Plurais irregulares: Substantivos terminados em Y.

Palavras estrangeiras: Substantivos terminados em O: O possessivo pode expressar um relacionamento entre as pessoas. O carro do Dr. I am You seem lost. Jim is angry, and he wants Sally to apologize.

This table is old. It needs to be repainted. We aren't coming. They don't like pancakes.

Sintaxe da Lingua Inglesa | Walker Meira Souza -

Abaixo uma lista dos object pronouns: Baker wants to see your homework. Exemplo de pronomes possessivos: Janete se machucou. Virginia Woolf se matou. Observe o quadro abaixo: Eu mesmo fiz isto! These plural Estes, estas. That singular Aquele, aquela, aquilo. Those plural Aqueles, aquelas.

I would like to go to I would like to go somewhere this Paris this summer. Jim gave me this book. Someone gave me this book. These clothes are beautiful. I won't tell your secret I won't tell your secret to anyone.

I bought my school I bought everything at the mall. There was nothing we could do. Para isto, utilizamos os pronomes relativos.

My dog, which is brown, is sleeping. Existem dois grandes professor whom I met at the conference. Os adjetivos podem: Podem ser distinguidos como seguinte: To be, Seem; to look and to taste ser, parecer, olhar e gostar.

My rock flew the highest. Adicionar -er para o comparativo e -est para o superlativo. I've had as much as I want. That's more than you have. That's as many as you have. I've had more than I want. Existem dois graus: Comparativo de inferioridade: Superlativo de inferioridade: Dos seis Ex. Comparativo de igualdade: Hot Hotter the Hottest Quente mais quente o mais quente Ex: Comparativo de Superioridade: Superlativo de Superioridade: Os Is this John's house? That must have been a nice surprise for you.

Note que o adjetivo vem antes do substantivo. These apples are mine. Those apples are yours. Outros exemplos: What are you up to these Those days are long gone. You can use that sugar for depois, como: Se houver um 0. I don't have any fruit at all. You can reach You can reach me at zero one seven one, three me at nine zero, one zero six two a palavra many pode ser usada sozinha em frases afirmativas, He became king He became king in fourteen o nine.

I waited until I waited until four o five. How much sugar do you have? How many people came to 4: The score was The score was four nil. There's not much sugar at the Not many people came to I don't know what to do with so It's a problem when there much sugar. There is a lot of sugar in There are many people who candy. Quantificadores classificados precedem substantivos. Nestes deixado de fora.

THE, A, um demonstrativo, ou um pronome possessivo. Neither of them. You can take either of them. Eles podem expressar contratempo, She doesn't have to wear that dress. She has others.

Peter said that he worked in Peter: Carlos said: Carlos disse: Isso porque o verbo ser, nesse caso, representa um fato, uma Peter: Se na frase houver as Peter: Caso o Mary disse que estudava todo dia. He said: He asked: He said that Bill had arrived on Saturday. She told him that she was happy. Past continuous Past perfect continuous He told me that he was tired. Future Present conditional He talked to us.

Geneva on Monday. We explained that it could be difficult to find our house. Frase em discurso A mesma frase em discurso said. He told me to go away. You said, "I don't think you You suggested postponing my newspaper, please? I said, "I don't think you I suggested postponing your should see the dentist this visit to the dentist.

My manager said, "I think My manager proposed that we kilos of onions? She said, "Why don't you She suggested that I should get a get a mechanic to look at mechanic to look at the car. OR "I'll pay you the money He promised to pay me the money She suggested I get a mechanic tomorrow," he said.

OR to look at the car. He promised that he would pay me the money the next day. OR money the next day. He suggested that I go to the doctor. OR doctor. OR He promised that he would be back He suggested that I should go to by lunchtime.

Zero condicional London before before nightfall. They hoped they would arrive in 3. OR He swore not to tell anyone my secret 2. If Mary studies, she will pass. If the students pay attention to the "When can we have She asked when they could have lesson, they will understand it.

Apresenta-se em duas formas diferentes: If I had money, I could download a bike. If I were you, I would run. Otherwise she will not know If Maria studied, she could pass. Se Maria estudasse, ela poderia passar. Otherwise his house will be confiscated. Interrogativas Apenas trocar o Would e o sujeito de lugar para tornar as frases interrogativas: Note-se um jackpot! The thief hasn't been caught yet. O trabalho vai envolver algumas viagens internacionais.

Use THE com nomes de jornal. Use A com nomes de empregos.

Use AN Use A para se referir a um exemplo de algo. Utilize A para se referir a algo pela primeira vez. The burglar took a diamond necklace and some valuable paintings.

Observe os horseback get on the bus entering a public seguintes exemplos: Let me download you a present. By rise or fall of something prices have risen by 10 He sold a car to me.

She made me a sandwich. Can you lend this book to me? Who teaches English to them? Shall I pour you more tea? Reserve us hotel rooms. A maioria I wrote a letter to my friend. Hand that book to me, please. Cobrem normalmente He'll bring something to me. She sang a lullaby to the baby. Quando o objecto de uma pending.

NOT Can you send this letter to she tomorrow? NOT She sat among they. Here whom is the object of the preposition of. I live in Japan. He likes Japanese food. She is a Japanese person. She speaks Japanese. Spaniards often drink wine.

Ortografia da língua portuguesa

The Chinese enjoy fireworks. Use o adjetivo de asterisco abaixo. Peter builds a house. Note que sempre que a primeira parte for afirmativa, a Passive: A house is built by Peter. Mudar o complemento indirecto da frase ou o verbo principal. Mudar o sujeito da frase activa se o houver para complemento agente da passiva. Passiva correspondente: They have told her a lot of lies Disseram-lhe muitas mentiras Lawrence Maloka Mbotte: Contas boas fazem bons a voz ativa em vez disso.

A new car will be bought by me. This house was built My father built this house. Simple present Passive Active The house is cleaned every day. A great deal of A few well-chosen words convey a great deal Present continuous meaning is of meaning. Simple past Our planet is A mass of gases wrap around our planet.

Past continuous Waste materials are The city disposes of waste materials in a disposed of in a variety of ways. The house was cleaned last week.

The house has cleaned since you left. The house had cleaned before they arrived. No entanto, em alguns casos, o tempo verbal de The house will be cleaned next week.

The house will be cleaned tomorrow. The house would cleaned if they had visitors. Past conditional Exemplos: The house would cleaned if it had been dirty. Voz Ativa: The house must be cleaned before we arrive.

Dinner is being cooked Susan is cooking dinner. Past Simple James Joyce escreveu Dubliners foi escrito habitam as florestas tropicais. Mais de years. Nesta simples frase temos uma voz ativa: I may, can, must swim. May to be allowed to I may swim. Need to have to I need to swim. Some types of adverbs can modify other to swim. Se o adjetivo termina em -ic, adicione -ally. You are getting Let's hide behind the shed.

John made his way carefully down the cliff. Com verbos de movimento, here, Jake. Come here! Come towards me. The table is in here. Come with me; we will go see it together. Put it there. Put it in a place away from me. Go in; you can see it by yourself. France frequently. The magazine was published 2 weekly 3 last aconteceu.

I was abroad 1 for two months 3 last year. Exemplo Significado too adverb You are walking too slowly. She quickly agreed to re-type the the agreement is quick letter. She agreed quickly to re-type the the agreement is quick letter. The dress was big enough for me. She's not experienced enough for this job. Is the coffee hot enough for you?

He didn't work hard enough for a promotion. Never I have never seen such Never have I courage. Rarely did she leave the house. Seldom We seldom cross the river Seldom do we after sunset.

Muitos adverbios que podem ser usados here on time. Mars and back. Thereunfor the boat. Eles substituem a estrutura take a nap. That's the restaurant in which we That's the restaurant where we met met for the first time.

That picture was taken in the That picture was taken in the park at which I used to play. I remember the day on which we I remember the day when we first met.

How quickly can you read this? Do you want to know the reason for Do you want to know the How often do you go to London? How loudly does your brother scream? Estas perguntas podem ser respondidas com uma frase ou uma frase preposicional. Depois Artigo definido: There was a lot of traffic. In the drawer. I'm fine. At Com quem Peter foi? Which qual, quais "Is it raining? Qual daqueles homens computer. What o que, que "Have you been to Bristol before?

O que eu deveria fazer? Quando ele saiu?

How como Exemplos: Quem gosta de futebol? He told remember Quando queremos denunciar uma ordem ou pedido, podemos me to go away. The dentist said, "I think The dentist recommended using a you should use a different different toothbrush. I said, "I don't think you I suggested postponing your visit to the "Can I have the He asked for the newspaper. My manager said, "I think My manager proposed that we water? OR the car? OR tomorrow," he said. OR She suggested that I get a mechanic to He promised that he would pay me the money look at the car.

OR the next day. OR She suggested I get a mechanic to look at He promised he would pay me the money the the car. OR "I'll be back by He promised to be back by lunchtime. OR doctor? OR lunchtime," he said. He promised that he would be back by He suggested I should go to the doctor. London before nightfall. OR nightfall," they said.

They hoped they would arrive in London before "It would be a good idea to My mother suggested I see the dentist. He threatened that he would shoot me if I didn't give him the keys to the safe. I can write without it and don't need it," my uncle Harry once said. I think I'll learn some punctuation - not too much, enough to write to Uncle Harry. A mouth, landed, and ran off into the forest. Its fur is matted. Exemplos comuns incluem sun-stroke, pick-pocket, elbow-room, land-lord, humming-bird etc.

Linking words: Um ou outro, uma ou you can have either one. It was rather yesterday. Use a forma longa he does nas frases afirmativas yes. Yes, we do. Yes, she can. Yes, they have. Yes, he is. Um apartamentinho A tiny flat Are you hungry? Yes, I am. Uma bonequinha A small doll But: This bed is somewhat heavy.

Mary is pretty smart for his age. Your socks are fairly old! Os substantivos podem se flexionar como para o feminino: Manager Hum! Sussurro admirado , Why! Ora sim! Som de protesto alegre , Oh! Que divertido! Brother Splendid! Muito bem! Bull touro Cow vaca Hullo! Ei , Pst! Quieto , Hurry up! Husband Contrariedade Drug! Cale a Lawrence Maloka Mbotte: Ora que horror!

Tomara , Would to god! Que vergonha! Dor Ah! Alto pare! Oh Deus! As duas outras Surpresa my soul! Adjetivo - Adjective Exemplos: Jane esta voltando para casa Exemplo: Our teacher always starts her classes on time.

Come back to me! Ambas significam "como". At the time, we used to live in a smaller apartment. Observe os exemplos: Other Exemplos: But I like meat too as well eu gosto Significa "outro", "outros" e "outra" , "outras". No Na forma negativa, a frase acima ficaria: Others prefer play Exemplos: Logo de cara temos uma 2. I missed the boat! We are in the same boat. I lost my job, my life is not so good. I'm sad, I don't have a girlfriend. Os nomes das unidades e as yd , e a milha mile, com 1.

As dry quarts, ou 64 dry pints. Um seria 1. Por exemplo, 1, significa Lawrence Maloka Mbotte: September, October, November, December. Por exemplo, sete horas e vinte e cinco 7: Desde cerca de a. A partir do meio-dia, as horas continuam a partir de It takes him less than 10 minutes to… Ele leva menos de 10 dez minutos… It would take days to you Tem uma estrutura fixa: It has been Faz dois anos que meu pai morreu.

Faz dez meses que a casa foi vendida. Como dizer: Deve introduzir o tema central. Existem quatro tipos diferentes de figuras de linguagem. Aquelas com base no contraste Examples are: Assim, quando dizemos: Por exemplos: Occasionally it follows its anaphor. Ocasionalmente, ele segue o seu anaphor.

She is an architect. Here the antecedent is the verb phrase — post the letter It is possible for an antecedent to be a verb phrase, an adjective phrase or a prepositional phrase. John is getting married. John vai se casar. Who told you that? Quem te disse isso? O grave! Thou has cleft my heart in twain. O Hamlet! I know him.

NOT She wrote not to She wrote to me. A device for confining the hands, usually consisting of two metal rings that are fastened about wrists and joined by a metal chain; a handcuff …. Qual o seu radical? Retire o significado do radical.

Take manual: Aborto - 1. Achar - 1. Eu acho que vai chover. Achaste o que estavas procurando? Acordo - 1. Fizemos um acordo com o sindicato. Admitir - 1. Tenho que admitir que estava errado. Agenda - 1. Eu ganhei uma agenda de presente. Alugar - 1. Preciso de um lugar para morar. Vou alugar um apartamento. I'll rent an apartment. I'll rent itout. Antecipar - 1. O jogo foi antecipado para hoje. Apagar - 1. Quem apagou o que estava escrito no quadro-negro?

Os bombeiros apagaram o fogo. Apaga a luz! Apanhei um resfriado. Aplicar - 1. Lixe a madeira antes de aplicar a tinta. Eu apliquei o dinheiro. Apontar - 1. Aproveitar - 1. Arrumar - 1. Arruma teu quarto. Ela finalmente arrumou um namorado. Assinatura - 1.

Precisamos da sua assinatura nestes documentos. Eu renovei a assinatura do jornal. Ela assiste aos doentes com carinho. Atingimos o objetivo principal. O navio do inimigo foi atingido por um torpedo. Ele atirou uma pedra na janela. Bala - 1. Banco - 1. Eu estava sentado no banco do bar tomando uma cerveja.

Banho - 1. Eu adoro tomar banho de mar. Bater - 1. Bati na porta 3 vezes. Ele bateu o carro. Ele bateu uma foto. Meu carro precisa de uma bateria nova. Ringo tocava bateria. Boa noite - 1. Boa noite.


Has the meeting already started? Durma bem. Sleep well. Bomba - 1. Mais uma bomba explodiu no Iraque. Cabo - 1. Cadeia - 1. Cadeira - 1. Sente-se na cadeira. Estou fazendo 4 cadeiras este semestre. Cair - 1. O menino caiu da bicicleta. Caixa - 1. Quantos candidatos a emprego temos? Canela - 1. Canto - 1. Por favor, coloque a poltrona naquele canto.

Tua voz parece o canto da sereia. Carne - 1. Eu sofri um corte profundo na carne. Caro - 1. Morar em Nova Iorque custa muito caro. Meus caros amigos Carta - 1. Ela mandou uma carta para o namorado. Vamos jogar cartas. Carteira - 1. Casa - 1. Casamento - 1. Fui a um casamento. Certo - 1. Chateado - 1. Eu fiquei chateado com o que ele disse. Eu estou chateado hoje. Aquele professor me deixa chateado. Chato - 1. O travesseiro ficou chato depois de apenas uma noite de uso.

Chave - 1. Comprei um conjunto de chaves de fenda e chaves de boca. Chegar - 1. Claro - 1. Vamos combinar para nos encontrar na praia. Cobre e estanho combinam-se para formar bronze. Companhia - 1. Compreender - 1.

Compromisso - 1. Tenho um compromisso hoje de noite. Conhecer - 1. Conseguir - 1. Eu consegui o que queria. Conselho - 1. Contar- 1. Ela me contou tudo.

Eu contei pelo menos vinte pessoas. Corrente - 1. Eu mantenho o cachorro na corrente. Tivemos muitas despesas no corrente ano fiscal.

Cravo - 1. Ela gosta de cravos e de rosas. Cravo era um instrumento popular antes de surgir o piano.

Criar - 1. Ele cria cachorros por hobby. Cuidar - 1. Enfermeiras cuidam de pessoas doentes. Hypocrisy and superstition were the worst of them. He fought and fought them, but success remained a far cry. He had also numerous friends. Truth and sincerity topped their ranks. America, the fairest land of freedom, opportunity and progress, inspired in Emerson the thought that his countrymen should utilise all her divine gifts to strive for the most divine aims of life.

But having this, he must put it behind him. He must have a catholicity, a power to see with a free and disengaged look every object. In other words, he expected the American student to be a useful unit not only of the American nation but of the world-family in the making. No doubt philanthropy and charity have much to their credit.

But most people are unconscious of the great limitations of these two virtues. For Emerson, poetry and philosophy were no mere intellectual embellishments. Philosophy was a dynamic factor in the shaping of his life. He was a true man of vision, and he used philosophy to sustain his vision and poetry to express it.

His life was a happy blend of sublime dreams and creative gestures. Even his worst enemy could not deny his remarkable gift of speech-making.

But he later had to sever himself from the church as he failed to be at one with his congregation regarding his method of teaching. He simply left the church without attacking anyone. It was advisable, he thought, that his congregation should have another pastor according to their choice. Emerson, but it certainly seems as if he is going to hell. But I am sure of one thing — if Emerson goes to hell, he will so change its climate that it will become a popular resort for all the good souls of Heaven.

That was perhaps why he left his ministry in the Unitarian Church of Boston. People below his level of culture must be pitied. It is quite natural that they should have taken him amiss. Happily, two great contemporaries, Lincoln and Emerson, offer an historic example of mutual appreciation.

Sua filosofia toca o cerne de todos os problemas terrenos.

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