Discover classic and unique alphabet books to read with your children! The Library Mom, Rosemary D'Urso, shares her top picks for kids of all. If you're looking for the best abc books for kids, you won't want to miss This is a great book for children who already recognize their alphabet. What could be more fun than teaching the alphabet with clever, creative, adorable, funny children's books! The two go hand in hand, and kids just love seeing all.

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Child Abc Book

Here we share concepts and favorite ABC books for babies, toddlers, and ABC books for younger children most often include limited words on each page. Discover the best Children's Alphabet Books in Best Sellers. Find the top most popular items in site Books Best Sellers. My little peanut has shown quite a bit of interest in learning his letters at the age of 3 and a half. We've pursued his interest by using Nell, which.

Last Updated on March 2, I love to read — and so do my children. As a former preschool and Kindergarten teacher, I know the importance of early literacy. In addition to all the story books we read, I make alphabet books part of our regular reading time. Nathan at 2 years old can already identify many of his letters simply because we read lots of alphabet books. This post contains affiliate links. You can read more in my disclosure policy. Whether you borrow or download these alphabet books, I still recommend them for your child to read! There are so many fun alphabet books available to read! A quick search at your library will yield hundreds of results. In order to help you, I have compiled a list of 50 of the best alphabet books that we like to read. While this list is far from definitive, I hope you will find it helpful in choosing alphabet books to read with your child. After you discover some favorites, I would recommend adding a couple alphabet books to your home library. Seuss is a simple classic. It is one of the simpler Dr.

Ask your child to repeat the sound.

Then, get started thinking of words that begin with that sound and draw together or look for pictures in a magazine to cut out. Don't expect your little one to learn a new letter every day. You should mix in other letter activities to reinforce each letter. We enjoy drawing with sidewalk chalk, using cardboard letters and using the app, Nell, to practice.

There are so many ways to practice! I'll be posting some more ideas soon. The Montessori curriculum recommends teaching in an order that helps children notice differences between letters. In the traditional alphabet, the letters "b" and "d" are very close together. Also, children aren't able to form words quickly using this order.

This way, children can quickly form words such as "sam, sat, met, set, mat, cat" within learning 5 or 6 letters. That's great! I chose basic print for our book. Also notice that I've only focused on lowercase. In the Montessori curriculum, children learn lowercase first because the majority of what we read is written with lowercase letters.

Learning lowercase is the most efficient way to start to read.

Teaching the Alphabet with Great Children's Books

I made a quick and easy abc book using a great worksheet creator. For our book, I included lots of animals because that's what peanut likes the best!

For other children, consider making changes to tailor to their interests. For example, change the "tiger" to "truck" or "tree".

25+ Fun Alphabet Books for Kids

Just be careful with the vowels because pronunciation of these letters is very important. For example, the letter "i" needs to be the sound you hear when saying "igloo" not "ice".

This post was originally featured at https: Learn more and join us! Because we're all in this together. Resend Verification Email Join Us! Log in Edit Profile Log Out. Here are some of the important things to know when working on an alphabet book: Use Phonics Children learn letters most easily by teaching phonetic sounds. I Stink! Alpha Oops! Alphabet Rescue alphabet letters build a fire truck and save the day by Audrey Wood preschool - 1st grade.

Alphabet Adventure alphabet friends try to help the letter i replace his lost dot by Audrey Wood preschool - 1st grade.

Fun ABC Book 1

Alphabet Mystery a cute mystery that also helps kids learn alphabet letters by Audrey Wood preschool - 1st grade. Click here for details on this series. This site is updated daily!

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