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Adobe Edge Animate is a powerful, intuitive tool for creating stunning animated and interactive content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Edge Animate is. Adobe Edge Animate Classroom in a Book: The Official Training Book for Adobe Systems [Adobe Creative Team] on *FREE* shipping on. Lesson files. The Adobe Edge Animate Classroom in a Book disc includes the lesson files that you'll need to complete the exercises in this book, as well as other.

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Adobe Edge Animate Classroom In A Book

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Classroom in a Book includes the lesson files that you' ll need to complete Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book. Adobe Edge Animate Classroom in a Book by Adobe Creative Team, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. This lesson shows you the basics of animating in Edge Animate. You will learn about creating Keyframes and Transitions, controlling motion via Easing, and.

David J. Hark All rights reserved. Create This lesson gets you up and running quickly with the basics of drawing and working with assets in Edge Animate. Animate I: Keyframes This lesson shows you the basics of animating in Edge Animate. You will learn about creating Keyframes and Transitions, controlling motion via Easing, and how to use copy and paste operations to speed the process. Animate II: The Pin is a tool that works with the Playhead to make animation eaisier. Responsive Layout This lesson will show you how to make your Animate compositions responsive using various techniques Motion Paths This lesson will show you how to create animate objects along a curved motion path. Audio This lesson shows you the basics of using audio in Edge Animate. You will learn about adding audio to your projects, using audio both on the timeline and with actions, and how to create audio effects with volume transitions. Add audio to animations Video This lesson will show you the basics of using video in Edge Animate. You will learn to add video to your composition, enable video controls, and assign trigger-based actions to your video. You will learn about importing and setting up a sprite sheet in your project. Import sprite sheets Interactivity:

Kelly Kordes Anton. Brian Wood. Maxim Jago. Lesa Snider. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Adobe Edge Animate Classroom in a Book. Edge Animate is intuitive and has powerful features that can save time and headaches. Content made with Edge Animate runs gracefully on mobile devices and desktops, expanding your reach on the modern web.

The 7 project-based lessons in this book show readers step-by-step the key techniques for working in Edge Animate and how to create Web-Standards compliant graphics with animation and interactivity using this new HTML5 authoring tool from Adobe. This new Classroom in a Book starts out by showing you how to create shapes and make transformations, then add creative typography using Web fonts within precision layouts using intuitive tools. The next project introduces motion graphics on a timeline with property-based keyframing, and goes on to add complexity with nested animations and easing.

Integrating interactivity comes next and shows users how to choose a method depending on their knowledge of coding: Finally, the reader learns how to use percentage-based positioning and sizing for responsive designs that dynamically adapt their content's resolution to a variety of browsers and devices.

At the end of the course, the reader will have mastered Adobe Edge Animate to create interactive and animated content that runs seamlessly across desktops, smart phones, and tablets.

They also have great technical support. Beginning Adobe Edge Animation: Keep an original back up copy of your Edge Animate Lessons. Click play to view it. This will help you to see what the end goal is and to help you to determine what images you may want to use.

Adobe Edge Animate Classroom in a Book (Classroom in a Book (Adobe))

For the first lesson no images have been included. For my example I added my own image to the folder before starting the project. Important Tips: Use the same version of Adobe Edge and the web authoring program such as Dreamweaver or Muse so everything will work well.

Look at the names of the files, folders, and location of the information in the End Folder to see how to set everything up. Put the images into the correct location before you begin creating the animation so it will work correctly. If you turned a feature on for a lesson, remember to go back and turn it off when you begin the next lesson.

Preparing Images for your Animation: Adobe Photoshop CC recommended: In the Lesson 02 folder open up the 02Start folder, then open up the graphic folder. Write down the size of the image and the pixels per inch ppi resolution you will need to replace the original image. Be sure it is copyright free. If the image was saved as a. Using the left crop tool, drag across the image area you want to keep and use the return key to put the crop into effect to remove any unwanted image area.

Keep in mind the more you enlarge or reduce the size the more pixelated or blurry the image will get. When you save the image use the identical file name so as you go through the lesson in the book it will be easier to understand the directions.

The image must be inside of the correct folder before working on it in Adobe Edge Animate. Questions and Comments Be sure to share your knowledge, experiences, research, resources, and questions in the Learning Management System LMS discussion forum to help everyone to learn more.

It is possible to have the entire page built with Edge. In order to get the points for layout, information should be complete and unified. Assignment 1: E-mail the instructor your learning goals for the class at jholland emporia.

Joseph R. Labrecque

Assignment 2: The learning management system will be used to post assignments and projects to the discussion forum.

Software Needed: Link to Adobe Website 1 You will need to have access to your own server space.

The ESU student server space is free but they delete it when you graduate. Video Tutorials: Student tips on Muse for web authoring: I used it for the first time to build the site and found is so much easier to manipulate than Dreamweaver. After the reading with textbook activities you will create one new animation each week. If you use the "Adobe Edge Animate: Classroom in a Book" you can change out the images and use your own images. Or, use the "Adobe Edge Animate on Demand" book with your own images.

Or, use the Adobe Video Tutorials with your own images. Try to have a balance of both decorative and instructional animations related to your topic of interest.

AdobeĀ® Edge Animate Classroom in a Book

Be sure to develop projects you could actually use on your website projects if possible. One really cool feature of HTML animations is they will will play on Macs and mobile devices to make the content more engaging and interactive.

Remember, you will need to add your layout and supporting text to each project. YouTube Video: Here is a good tutorial by Paul Trani called "Anatomy of an Edge Animate Project" to give you a nice overview of working with the software and how to add specialized fonts. If you like it, you may even want to subscribe. Animation Project 1: Moving objects and text and adding a logo image.

Below is an example of the lesson 1 practice activity from the book modified by changing the colors, text, and image size as an example of what you could turn in for the first project due next week. Lesson 1 Modified Example May be a slow download and take a while to load.

Feel free to use other sources for creating your weekly projects such as additional books, Adobe video tutorials, YouTube video tutorials, Internet research, etc. Due Dates will be on Mon. All Weekly Assignments are Due the following Monday 9: The only exception is the last week of class when it is due on Thursday 5: You will have one additional week to make any needed corrections except the last week of class.

If you have a family illness, death, or emergency you can have a one week extension during weeks After an assignment is one week late, no credit will be given. The extension will be given automatically during weeks If this happens more than one time per semester documentation may be required.

If an emergency arises during the final week you will need to contact the instructor. We will not have discussions over the reading material since the book will focus on learning a new technology skill. Please feel free to comment on your classmates postings and share any tips or additional resources you have found in the Discussion forum where the projects will be posted. Remember it is better to be kind than it is to be right.

Required - Adobe Edge Animate: Classroom in a Book, Ch. This book has step-by-step practice activities. You could change out the images to your own if desired for the projects you will be creating.

IT Adobe Edge Animate

The animation software generates a webpage for you so it can be opened up inside of your web authoring program to add your page layout and supporting content.

This book has individual effects to apply to your own projects. Student Comparison of Edge Animate to Flash: It's similar to Flash, but does not output as a. How does it compare with Flash? As someone who works more with bitmaps image files rather than vectors, I love it!

I tried working with Flash before, and just did not have the artistic talent it requires. Edge allows me to work with files I create in Photoshop, which is more up my alley.

You will then be able to open the webpage inside of a web authoring program like Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse to add additional supporting text content and save it. Weekly Discussion Forum Assignment: Animation Project 2: Animated object to bring attention to key content.

Below is an example of the lesson 2 practice activity from the book modified by changing the background image to the iPad and the leaf image to the digital pen, deleted the design elements and added new text as an example of what you could turn in for the next project due next week.

Lesson 2 Modified Example May be a slow download a take and while to load. Assignment 3: The discussion thread will be used to share copyright free graphic image resources and Adobe Edge Animate Tutorials you have found by searching the Internet. This is a great way to assist each other in generating new ideas and producing quality projects.

Week 2.

Due Mon. Week 3. Animation Project 3: Moving text and objects. Below is an example of the lesson 3 practice activity from the book modified by changing the images and text as an example of what you could turn in for the next project due next week.

Lesson 3 Modified Example May be a slow download a take and while to load. Assignment 4: Conduct your own Interrnet research on the effective use of animation and share your key findings in the discussion forum. Be sure to cite your resources. Susan Adam: Parallax Scrolling in Edge Animate: Tutorial https: Animation Project 4:

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