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consider, if necessary, sending interim reports on any of the matters the Seventh Central Pay Commission with specified Terms of Reference. 7, Report of the Seventh Central Pay Commission, Download ( MB) application/pdf. 8, Resolution on Terms of Reference of 7th CPC, Download ( MB). 7th CPC Report. 7th Central Pay Commission Report – Download pdf. MINISTRY OF FINANCE (Department of Expenditure). RESOLUTION.

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7th Pay Commission Report Pdf In Hindi

7th CPC भत्ता कमेटी रिपोर्ट. 7th Pay commission latest news 28th June Latest Notification pdf download check now. Home; Employee Corner; Seventh Central Pay Commission and T and MoF( DoE) regarding 7th CPC Allowances dated Oct , Download ( MB) pdf. 1 Feb consider, if necessary, sending interim reports on any of the matters the Seventh Central Pay Commission with specified Terms of Reference.

Pay Commission is set up by Government of India, and gives its recommendations regarding changes in salary structure of its employees. Since India's Independence, seven pay commissions have been set up on a regular basis to review and make recommendations on the work and pay structure of all civil and military divisions of the Government of India. Headquartered in Delhi, the Commission is given 18 months from date of its constitution to make its recommendations. The first pay commission was established on January, and it submitted its report in May, to the interim government of India. The pensionary benefits were examined by separate committee called " Armed Forces Pension Revision Committee —50 ". The second pay commission was set up in August , 10 years after independence [5] and it gave its report after two years. The chairman of the second pay commission was Jagannath Das. The second pay commission reiterated the principle on which the salaries have to be determined. It stated that the pay structure and the working conditions of the government employee should be crafted in a way so as to ensure efficient functioning of the system by recruiting persons with a minimum qualification. The Departmental Pay Committee, set up after the 2nd pay Commission, was called, the Raghuramiah Committee , which had service representatives. It examined armed forces emoluments and made recommendations. The third pay commission set up in April gave its report in March i. The chairman was Raghubir Dayal.

He however added that the final call on this will have to be taken by the government, more specifically the PM. He said 'joining the AF is not an easy decision'; we should not make the armed forces unattractive'.

The BJP, he said, is sensitive to armed forces concerns. The time has come to have parity between the armed forces and the civil service; and defending the country has become very sophisticated and is far more complex than "handling a communal riot. These committees are expected to complete their work within one year, after which the "Government will approve or disapprove the recommendations of the Anomaly Committee".

These committees will be supervised by Department of Personnel and Training. It is required to submit its report within four months.

The allowances committee is to reconcile the anomalies in allowance recommended by the 7CPC including asymmetries between the Siachen and SDA allowances. The government had excluded armed forces representation from the 22 member committee headed by the secretary, Department of Personnel and Training DoPT , a department under the PM.

This is first time that a serving officer of the armed forces has appealed to a civil court on matter of policy affecting armed forces and civil-military relations.

According to the 'letter' the government is in favour of a separate pay commission for the armed forces, but the armed forces would rather be part of the 7CPC instead of having a separate pay commission.

Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne, according to the 'letter' opposed a separate pay commission for the armed Forces, because "a separate pay commission may not necessarily benefit the services as anomalies are invariably bound to arise in both cases"; and that the main cause dissatisfaction in the armed Forces is not a separate pay commission but the "non-resolution of anomalies or ex parte resolution of anomalies" [20] August Armed forces headquarters submit a joint services memorandum JSM to the 7CPC.

He adds: "the sad state of soldiers seems to be of no one's concern: least of all the military's top brass".

Seventh Central Pay Commission | Department Of Defence

Dhowan, Chief of naval Staff, tells reporters "We are analyzing them 7th Pay Commission " and that "by next week we will be able to see what can be done. The memorandum highlights "several glaring inaccuracies and anomalies" in the 7CPC recommendations.

Eight "critical issues and persisting core anomalies", are identified by armed forces headquarters. The anomalies, they say, will exacerbate disparities between the armed forces and the police and affect morale. To address these anomalies they recommend that these be examined by non partisan expert body or a parliamentary committee.

It is four times the size of the 7CPC, which had three members. The fifth had three members, but no military member.

It took three years with a sanctioned staff , which ballooned to , to prepare the report. Part IX is the concluding part of the Report. It declared hike in salary of about 3.

Dmc Act Hindi Part i

Further, it also insisted on pay revision at the state government level. The Fifth pay commission disturbed the financial situation of both the Central and the State Governments and led to a hue and cry after its implementation.

The state governments which paid about Rs This clearly indicates the burden on the state and the central government. Many economists[ who? It also recommended to reduce the number of pay scale from 51 to 34 and to not recruit to about 3,50, vacant position in the government.

Seventh Central Pay Commission

None of these recommendations were implemented. It also said that the number of employees of the government was 'not unduly' large, but there was a 'pronounced imbalance' in the skills.

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The 5 CPC, however, for the first time was asked to examine the terms and conditions of the Armed Forces, and make suggestions for what is "considered desirable and feasible". These recommendationsby the pay Commission were intended to reduce the defence pension bill; save on training and recruitment costs; provide trained manpower to government departments; and provide soldiers a second career after their term of military engagement.

7th Central Pay Commission Report – Download pdf

The problem festered, and the pension bill ballooned. This commission has been set up under Justice B. Srikrishna with a timeframe of 18 months. The employees had threatened to go on a nationwide strike if the government failed to hike their salaries. Reasons for the demand of hikes include rising inflation and rising pay in the private sector due to the forces of Globalization.

The Class 1 officers in India are grossly underpaid with an IAS officer with 25 years of work experience earning just Rs. Pay arrears are due from January till September The Sixth Pay Commission mainly focused on removing ambiguity in respect of various pay scales and mainly focused on reducing number of pay scales and bring the idea of pay bands.

It recommended for removal of Group-D cadre. Seventh Pay Commission[ edit ] The Government of India has initiated the process to constitute the 7th Central Pay Commission along with finalisation of its Terms of Reference, the composition and the possible timeframe for submission of its Report.

Its recommendations are likely to be implemented with effect from 1 January

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