The 4 Cycle Solution. Week 1 The 7-Day Carb Depletion Diet System and Set- Up (Pg 4). The 7 Day Carb Depletion Cycle Daily Meal Plans (Pg 11). The Accelerated Fat Loss Cycle (AFL) is specifically set up to overcome every type of adaptive response the body has to stop you from losing weight. To refresh . You can download 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution book in eBook PDF format. Feel free to get access to Shaun Hadsall's guide program to your.

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4 Cycle Solution Pdf

Download full program of Shaun Hadsall's 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution PDF through this "4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Free Book". So stop reading. Why Carb-Cycling Is The Most Sensible Nutrition Solution to Permanent Weight Management Feel “Healthy”, NOT Hungry All The Time—with LIMITLESS Food . The 4 Cycle Solution PDF made by Shaun Hadsall is a brand new weight loss program that teaches people how to lose excess weight within a.

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I wish we could just rob somebody ethically of course and steal their metabolism. If this describes you, consider yourself lucky. For the REST of us, life is different.

Just remember that success leaves clues — and so does the science. This Free Bonus Report achieves this goal and is primarily focused on rapid fat loss. I still provide pre and post workout food timing guidelines if your goal is to build muscle, but most of the research and tips are geared towards burning fat.

For those of you seeking a more muscular physique this should apply to you as well. After all - the secret to looking more muscular is to get leaner.

When it comes to Rapid Fat Loss, many folks set themselves up for unrealistic expectations and never follow through. Before we get to your food timing strategies, here are a few quick tips and insights that will set you up for both immediate and long-term, sustained weight loss.

Although these strategies work no matter what your age, gender, or current condition is — in order to achieve success you must have the following two things working in your favor.

Component We all have different genetics. A young man between 20 and 40 is going to get fat burning results a heck of lot faster than an aging female who has dieted for years, damaged her metabolism and has hormones that are all out of whack. Keep going even if you feel stuck. Consistency Just like anything in life, the longest way is a short cut.

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It will pay off. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to be in great shape year round, but most people set their expectations too high because they compare themselves to a swimsuit or fitness model, Hollywood celebrities, or even professional athletes. Not true, OR realistic. This is the only way, in my opinion, to make this type of approach a rewarding experience. Rapid fat loss is an opportunity for life changing breakthroughs along with physical and personal growth.

This is an important anchor in your life that needs to be a priority. You spend most of your time and energy committing to other people and responsibilities beside yourself. Make sure you block off time to plan ahead and make time for YOU. Schedule your nutrition and exercise first…so you can give everybody else your very best. This is not a selfish thing to do. Fasted vs. Sooooo which is better? Fasted or fed exercise sessions? Nothing is more telling, to me, than real world results.

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

But this should definitely be approached on a case-by-case basis, and this section will help you determine which way is best for you. Whenever you exercise in a fasted state, you must make sure that….

Intensity is high enough 2. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like my Ultimate Cardio Sequence, so these are just general guidelines.

If your schedule only allows you to workout later in the evening, make sure to wait 3 or 4 hours AFTER a meal before training for max fat-burning. This will boost fat burning hormones like HGH human growth hormone and adrenaline levels. It will also give your body no choice but to use fat for fuel since you have very little "food energy" in your system.

This study shows that fasting prior to exercise increases nutrient uptake and absorption in post workout meals:. This study demonstrates that fasting, all by itself, increases the release of catecholamines precursors to adrenalin, which help break up and release fatty acids into the blood stream and therefore naturally increases resting metabolic rate. If you combine that with high intensity exercise, you get a powerful punch: This study for the first time ever shows that fasted training is more potent than fed training to facilitate adaptations in muscle and to improve whole-body glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity during a hyper-caloric fat-rich diet.

And if your goal is to gain muscle this is probably the best choice.

The 4 Cycle Solution Pdf Download

Let me quickly explain so you can maximize the hormonal effect and increase fat-burning after your workouts. But I recommend you keep your body in a fasted state after high intensity exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes. And I never lose muscle using the trick. Hopefully you know by now that high intensity exercise will force your body to release all kinds of fat burning hormones by ramping up your sympathetic nervous system.

This is what helps create a fat burning hormonal environment inside your body.

The 4 Cycle Solution PDF Review – Explore Shaun Hadsall's Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast –

And although insulin helps shuttle nutrients to muscles quickly, it could potentially blunt or block your growth hormone and other hormones from working their magic after workouts. And every time you eat or consume calories, you raise insulin. Ultimately, when it comes to aggressive fat loss, the solution is to get the best of both worlds. You can do this by fasting for about 30 to 45 minutes after your workout and then consuming a post workout shake or meal.

A word of caution: Get cleared by your doctor and build a foundation of basic conditioning first. And if your goal is to gain muscle, having a protein or nutrition shake immediately after exercise is the logical choice. First up — Good: A good time to consume these types of starches or fruits is first thing in the morning or upon waking up for a few reasons.

Insulin sensitivity is also higher when you wake up than other times of the day, which allows your body to utilize carbs and limit fat spillover. Next up — Better: An even better time to consume starches and fruits is three to four hours before high intensity resistance training MRT, bodyweight circuits, or metabolic circuits or a heavier weight training session.

This will ensure that these carbs are used as energy during and after the workout to avoid fat-spillover — and provide sustained energy throughout the workout. More details on how to handle the post-workout window below. Last up — BEST: The best time to consume pure glucose polymers from starches and sugars from fruits is in your post workout anabolic window of opportunity.

This is typically a window that lasts anywhere from 30 minutes all the way to 3 hours after high intensity training. Make sure you consume your largest impact carb serving of the day within 30 to 60 minutes afterwards. Other benefits include increased insulin sensitivity, glucose uptake, and glycogen synthesis. Again, under these conditions your body will store carbs and other macronutrients at a much faster and higher rate than normal.

This is why I recommend consuming the majority of your carbs in your post workout meals on resistance training days.

And even though I always like to focus on rapid fat loss, you can benefit from comprehending how nutrient timing works for disease prevention and your overall health as well because it helps improve insulin sensitivity.

Carb Preparation This one is short, sweet, and should be very obvious. Steam your rice and bake your potatoes. They can work there magic best when eaten in their most natural form.

Of course, fruits should be eaten as whole fruits with the skin not skins that you peel of course.. Consistently combining your foods the right way is what will help KEEP your body in a fat burning environment.

Additionally, your energy will increase in a big way. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule. NEVER eat carbs by themselves Remember, almost all impact carbs tend to spike blood sugar raise insulin more than other foods which creates a fat storing environment inside our body. So always combine your impact carbs with some type of lean protein. Protein also provides muscles with a steady stream of amino acids to help assist in repair and growth of lean muscle tissue. This will also help keep blood sugar more stable throughout the day to keep you in a high energy — fat burning environment.

Also, the thermic effect of protein will help prevent metabolic slow down and burn more calories in other words, your body will burn more calories digesting and breaking down protein than it will digesting and breaking down fat and carbohydrates. I also find protein helps fight off the cravings.

Another bonus side effect of being a carnivore. No offense to all my vegetarian and vegan followers out there. Be conscious of fat intake before and after workouts Fats tend to slow digestion and keep insulin stable. This is a great benefit during other times of the days, but post workout is the one time of the day where we want to speed up absorption and intentionally spike insulin.

This is the ONE exception to the rule of keeping blood sugar and insulin stable. Spiking insulin after workouts by limiting fats and just eating carbs and protein together will help force more nutrients into muscle tissue because insulin is a storage hormone. White rice, potatoes and other all natural starches combined with fruit and protein will automatically help you achieve this desired effect.

Insulin is also very anabolic, which means it helps creates a muscle building environment inside your body during exercise and it prevents the breakdown or loss of precious muscle tissue. How to eat lots of carbs and never store them as fat.

How to outsmart your metabolism and use stubborn fat as energy source. When to avoid carbs and when to indulge carbs. Post to Cancel. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Did you know that in the event that you ve Actually dieted as well as utilised a low carbohydrate diet, fat burning up the body s hormones immediately plunge, slow your own metabolic process and could End your system from shedding fat in under a week?

Did you know you will find Three methods you can use to Quit pretty much everything via taking place and STILL get pleasure from all your favourite carbs With out acquiring extra fat? Inside this 14 Morning Rapid Weight-loss Strategy fresh carb-cycling method, individuals get several dishes regarding sense of guilt free candy along with beneficial tips to lose weight naturally.

From the section dedicated to weight reduction, people will see some physical exercises way too more rapidly the entire process of weight loss, helpful guidelines to shed pounds and how to effectively make use of Macro-Patterning through improving the metabolic process.

Actually, once you find these 3 simple steps, you can use carbs to hurry upwards calorie burning, Quit your metabolism coming from slowing, and make your current body s 1 fat reducing bodily hormones in healthful levels day throughout along with trip.

All you need to perform is actually continue with the 3 straightforward rules under to make sure that Any time you eat your selected carbohydrate food they re By no means located as fat in your body. This kind of isn t one more hyped up trick or perhaps eating habits quick-fix. The idea doesn t demand any kind of high priced dietary supplements. And delay pills work for all.

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