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The Dead Zone is a horror/supernatural thriller novel by Stephen King published in for the Locus Award in and was dedicated to King's son Owen. The book spawned a film adaptation as well as a television series. The Dead Zone book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Johnny, the small boy who skated at breakneck speed into an accide. The Dead Zone was the strangest experience of my rereading experiment thus far. It's the first book that is totally different to my memories of it;.

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Stephen King The Dead Zone Book

Set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine A #1 national bestseller about a man who wakes up from a five-year coma able to see people's futures and the. Stephen King's #1 New York Times bestseller about a reluctant clairvoyant who must weigh his options when he suddenly sees the terrible future awaiting. The Dead Zone (Signet) [Stephen King] on The Dead Zone and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook.

Share via Email Stephen King It's the first book that is totally different to my memories of it; to the point where I even doubted that I had read it, and hadn't just watched the admittedly excellent David Cronenberg movie adaptation too much. I had read it, though — I still have the original copy to prove it — but it had slipped from my mind almost completely. Into the dead zone? Maybe because, structurally, it's easily the strangest book King had, until this point, attempted to write; and maybe because, unlike other King not Bachman novels of the time, it doesn't really have a bad guy to focus on and drive the narrative. Not that it's any the worse for that, mind you … So, the plot. Johnny Smith is a teacher, dating a fellow teacher called Sarah. They have a potential future together — it's tentative but brewing — until they go to a fair one day, and Johnny wins a lot of money playing Wheel of Fortune. Long story short, there's a car crash, and Johnny ends up in a coma for the next five years. When he wakes up, nothing is like it was: Sarah is married, his father has been praying he'd die, his mother has found a cult-like branch of Christianity to join, and the world has moved on. Oh, and Johnny has woken up with a new ability: he can touch people and read them, almost, telling them something about their future. It's flaky and unexplained, but that makes it better: you're never sure what he's going to tell people.

A strange structure — almost four distinct parts that feed into each other — and one that absolutely works. When it ends, with a Carrie-style assemblage of external media newspaper articles and police reports , it's almost a disappointment that the challenging pace of the rest of the book has been abandoned.

And while the book deals with psychic powers, it does so in a very different way to, say, Carrie or Firestarter: these are quiet and unwanted, and they're accidental. They are, in their own way, almost believable. And, somehow, The Dead Zone ends in a way that I would never have predicted when I began reading it: as one of my favourite King novels.

Last week, in the comments, we discussed our Top 10 Kings, and I listed mine before I began this rereading project. That list has definitely changed now, not least so that I can put this book on there. It's amazing: it feels like King pushing himself, challenging himself to write something outside his usual patch, even as it appears to be entirely resting there. As with many of his best, it's not a horror, even: over its many sections it's a slow-burn psychological thriller; a crime novel; even whisper it a more literary novel about rehabilitation and loss.

In many ways, in fact, The Dead Zone is a template for the recent glut of Scandinavian crime novels: a detective story with an unconventional detective, pursuing a case with elements of horror, but which delves deeper into the detective's psyche than most.

When Johnny meets Stillson and shakes his hand, and sees what will happen to America — and the world — if Stillson is left unchecked, he wonders: "If you could jump into a time machine and go back to , would you kill Hitler? Castle Rock is a small town in Maine where a number of King's books are set, and it's here that Johnny is called to assist with the raincoat killer. But this book also has two more distinctly self-referential and fourth-wall breaking connections.

At one point, Johnny is accused of burning down a building by having "set it on fire with his mind, like in that book Carrie"; and, in the Dark Tower VII, a robot butler called Nigel is reading The Dead Zone. He references Greg Stillson, and then offers his own — wholly impartial — review of the book: "Quite enjoyable," he says.

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An engraved invitation? download it! Read it! Love it! Mass Market Paperback Verified download. It's Stephen King. You either like his writing, or you're not even reading this review, because you'd never download something of his.

Rereading Stephen King: Week eight - The Dead Zone

I saw that some other reviewers complained that this book was slow-paced or boring. I did not find that to be the case, but the thing I've always loved most about King's writing is the care he puts into crafting his characters. They are real people, who live on in your mind, with all their virtues and flaws.

Just masterful. So, I didn't mind that we didn't jump right into the precognition stuff. I had watched the movie with Christopher Walken many years ago I know, sacrilege to watch the movie first. I don't remember how the movie wrapped things up, so am trying not to write any spoilers, but that intense character building King does paid off in a big way at the end.

I was wrecked, emotionally wrecked, and cursing Stephen King's name, even as I was saying, "So good. At the victory party, Stillson delivers an impassioned speech and learns from Truax that he won the election by one percent of the vote. Later, after Smith has been exonerated by a suicide note forged by Purdy under Kennedy's name that claimed responsibility for Rachel Caldwell's murder, Stillson meets with Purdy to pick up Kennedy's remaining funds.

Stillson later meets with Purdy after Kennedy's body is exhumed in " Tipping Point ," prompted by one of Smith's visions; Stillson warns Purdy that any investigation into Kennedy's death would only hurt Faith Heritage. Stillson discusses the "Justice For All" bill with his father — a piece of legislation being renamed "Rachel's Law" — when Truax warns him that Bannerman and Smith are reinvestigating Rachel's murder.

That night, Stillson watches a news broadcast in which Purdy admits that he fabricated Kennedy's suicide note in order to secure Smith's release.

Rereading Stephen King: Week eight - The Dead Zone

The next day, Stillson is visited by Rebecca Caldwell and Smith, and discusses "Rachel's Law" with her, requesting that she attend the bill-signing ceremony in Washington, D. Rebecca declines the offer, but Smith holds out a hand for Stillson, and who takes it; Smith collapses from the resulting vision, and Stillson phones for paramedics. He also informs Stillson that Smith is due to undergo brain surgery that may destroy his psychic ability, thus eliminating him as a threat to the continuing Stillson campaign.

Later, Stillson is visited by Rebecca Caldwell, who has reconsidered his offer and decided to publicly endorse "Rachel's Law" by attending the bill-signing. After sending Rebecca to a secretary to arrange the details, Stillson's father warns him not to "make the same mistake [he] made with her sister", the implication being that keeping Rebecca so close will keep Rachel's murder in the news, which could sink the campaign.

Stillson asserts that he was not involved in the death. - The Dead Zone

His father then orders Elliman to place wiretaps in Rebecca's apartment to keep watch on her. Stillson receives a visit from Federal Marshal Agent Pendragon , who warns the congressman that Smith has escaped the hospital where he was due to undergo brain surgery, and is likely headed to the Capitol. After Smith discovers the wiretaps in Rebecca's apartment, Elliman makes quick work of clearing out the equipment, but is caught by Bannerman and winds up in an altercation with the sheriff.

On the morning of the bill signing, Stillson greets Rebecca as she arrives at the courthouse, and the two are quickly hustled inside when federal agents spot Smith near the periphery of the scene. Stillson skirts the press and steers Rebecca to his campaign suite upstairs.

There, Stillson attempts to seduce Rebecca, but she slips into the bathroom. She emerges a moment later with her purse in hand, seconds before Smith bursts into the suite and takes it, claiming that Stillson did not kill Rachel: Stillson is shocked by the revelation, but later learns from his father that Smith was telling the truth; he admitted to killing Rachel "to protect" his son, as well as speaking ill of his late wife, Greg's mother.

In a fit of rage, Stillson strangles his father. He is then approached for the first time by Janus, who coaches the distraught congressman through the tremulous first days after his father's death. Janus quickly becomes Stillson's primary advisor, replacing Truax.

In " Vanguard ", Stillson authorizes House Appropriations subsidies to fund the biomedical Portland Chemical firm in Maine, whose research would in turn provide soft money for Stillson's continuing campaign; Stillson meets with representative Judith Peck to discuss their mutually beneficial agendas. Stillson later meets with Purdy during a Congressional recess to press him for more funding from the Faith Heritage Alliance.

Stillson and Janus also discuss the work of Portland Chemical engineer Dr. Stillson later visits with Connors at his Portland Chemical lab and learns that Connors and Smith are "finished" following a falling-out over Connors' current work.

After meeting with Connors, Stillson tells Janus that Smith must be kept out of Connors' work to keep the funds flowing. Leaving the Ellis estate, Stillson runs into Smith, who offers to steer clear of Stillson if he lets go of Connors and his work.

Stillson agrees, but goes against the deal the moment that Smith is out of the car, ordering Connors kidnapped. Over the next several months, Stillson and Miranda become romantically involved; when Stillson learns that Miranda's father did not allow her to attend her senior prom, he swears to "never deny [her] happiness.

In " Saved ", the couple takes the Ellis' private yacht, the Seamore 9 , into the Atlantic off the coast of Maine. After Stillson goes below deck for Dramamine for his seasickness, he emerges to find Miranda missing. Desperate, he turns to Johnny Smith for help.

The psychic reluctantly agrees to help, swearing that if the investigation shows that Stillson was involved in Miranda's disappearance, he would bring the congressman down.

Stillson and Smith visit the Seamore 9 , and Smith learns that Stillson is afraid of the water, and that the congressman had an argument with Miranda. Stillson and Smith then visit Miranda's apartment, where Stillson lets slip that his father was "a Bible-thumping dead-beat"; Smith claims that he can't force his visions when he's tired, and insists that they start again the next day.

Stillson and Smith meet with Harlan Ellis at his estate, but Smith once again claims he's not picking up any visions; as they leave, however, Smith tells Stillson that Miranda is dead.

Stillson holds a press conference to announce Miranda's safe return, and publicly proposes to her; she accepts. Smith also attends, and Stillson makes a point of thanking him in front of the cameras for his integral role in Miranda's rescue. Stillson was also played by Alexander Calvert in " Broken Circle. In " Forbidden Fruit ", after the leak of a "list of U.

He also mentions that he is leaving the wedding plans up to Miranda; Stillson later visits Miranda and her father to go over wedding details, and learns that Harlan invited Congressman Patrick Kelly , Stillson's senior counterpart. He also learns that Miranda regularly sees a doctor, Knox , for a heart condition left over from a childhood bout with rheumatic fever.

Stillson visits with Kelly and his chief of staff, Michael Scannell , to discuss the Telegraph leak, as Kelly is also committee chairman for Homeland Security. Stillson offers Kelly a deal: Kelly tells Stillson "to go straight to Hell. The night before the wedding, Stillson visits Miranda, who puts off his sexual advances, claiming that it would be bad luck. She also takes him to task for his infidelity, but he insists that he is trying to put his scarred past behind him in order to make a new life with her.

The next morning, Stillson is visited by Janus, who shows the congressman photographs of Miranda at Smith's house. Enraged, Stillson instructs Janus to "handle the situation", leaving the method up to his advisor. Two hours before the wedding, Stillson visits Miranda, telling her that he loves her. As the guests arrive, Congressman Kelly is accosted by reporters who have just learned from a press conference by Telegraph journalist Jeremy Tomlin that Scannell was the source of the Homeland leak.

As Stillson waits at the altar, however, Miranda's maid-of-honor breaks the news that Miranda has stopped breathing. As paramedics load the unconscious bride into an ambulance, Stillson fights past Smith to join her, and stays with her as she dies.

In the next two days, Stillson and Ellis have Miranda cremated and spread her ashes on the ocean.

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