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Avalon In ,operacomposerGiacomoPuccinibroughtsuit againstthe publisherof " Avalon," chargingthat the melody had beenlifted lrom his aria "E lucevanle stelle" rn Tosca. He walkedout ol the. Apparentlythe resultingpublicity only made" Avalon" more popular,and today it still exertsits siren-call appeal. The song was closelyidentifiedwith Al lolson. Wordsby Al JolsonandB. DeSylva Musicby Vincent Rose. Au, F. I 1'r A - va - lon -r- And sa il'd a way. GmrBb o A dim. B dim. Pbe Du Dg Ahs Fe.

As a lyricist. Cole Porter shov'e'd Itt. I tt vtl 7r7. S DOOm. It no mat. Day and night think of you Fo D b m a jz Fmaj e T Night And Day. G nz c7 o Fmaj e ffi ffi think of you Nig.

Night And Fmaj e T-. There's an f: Dbo o Co ffi ffi A 't 'Til tor-mentwontt be through. Just who oan solve Its mys. This fun.

It waswhile listening to native chantsin Marrakesh. Inyoduced in London in the revue Wake"Ud und Dt"am!. What I -l rl J: Fm ffi d: Many exotic locales. To get into the proper creative mood for his Broadway mu- sical Jubilee. Cole Porter hied himself off on an around-the- world cruise. F1 f Itm d! It Abmai z Abo nbz ffi ffi ceptwhenthat tune clutch-es my Ffrdim. Let the mf? I ar 7 rJ'. A7 tZr r-- ffi h I cloudscame a-long to dis.

C oo ffi rr o: Let it 7? T-- ffi rrrfff ooo ffi ' 1? I coo ffi aJ '1 rfr. V 5 T1 t'Dar-ling. YouDo toMe Something The release. Fifty Million Frenchmen. Qru"i Tom-Tom tfit r. E- bF. IV So I Yet both times the "A" theme is re- peated. Out of Lou This is partiiularty true in the final section in which the tonesrise higher and higher with the 'expressascent.

IGeta cole Porter's lighthearted but basically torchy balad at first ipprort to lall into the familiar Kick A-A. Of You? A Kick 0ut. I Fr v lvir tJJ i. Of eregc.

A Kick Out. Bbz Fm? Yet Hart could also be both eloquent and simPle. Music by Richard Rodgers G nbai. First sung in a London revuein I Thatts all l l'l tl -lrll l'. That un. I could tell you knew. Richard Rodgers Rodgers foughi to keep it in and won vindication when it be- came one of the musical'smost durable treasures.

O- 7' - Gm7 Cz Gm? I Tho u grand! Wouldst hold mY hand? Both thine. Hear me bJ hJ.

I b -,1 -,aJ -. Itd lr-l I I. Gm c7 Gm? And Thou. I r F-'ry r Glm? CI Glm? Cz F FO Fo. But Rodgers and Hart didn't have long to wait for a spot to be found for it in their next musical, Ever Green, which opened in London later the same year.

Sung by JessieMatthews, the lilting air became the showstopperof the production. I I 7I sight, Through the night.

I try to hide in vain. Gz Gfim? Cz-s F Gmz C? I I "i;t. I Fmaj? Lbz Gz Gm? Cz-s Gm? With n The appearanceof movie-star Glenn O. He couldn't sing. Unfazed,Rodgersand Hart Save. Am oo oooo oo. Just a song at the s t a r t , But it soon is a hymn to your grace. ETB oo. A7 B7 0 dim.. Dm"z G: Am Am? Jqo -. F a ball. Note how skitlfully the key word"room" is emphasized in the first and secondeight-barsections: Everytimeit is sungit is preceded by the rhyme f alting on "C.

Gm7 Az ffi t? And Rob.: A6 Amaj z AO Bm? Toa for " A dummy lyric" is a temporary set ol words put together to help lyricists work out a song's metric form and Two rhymescheme. Just Tea ForIVo and two for tea. A r4il. C7 Fmaiz Gm? E7 Bm? Just me for you and rry 4-l. Gm7 Fmaj z Gm7 a7 ffi a7 Gm? We wontt have it known. A dirn. Amaj z a7 Gm? C7 ffi-zrr. L-Ul t 'u'--zl can't you see how hap. A boy for you. I Iaat I f] llll f-. Although it won acclaim on Broadway.

Iight2 Our hearts witl be throb-bing gui.. Love till the mo-mentis through! I-Jl 3 r Iln i a t r light of dawn-ing and duy.

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Dz-s G G ebo: If we nrust live for the mo. Ctt ffi ffi Oh. F' Bi. Night and. Ctt ffi ffi ffi a ttl rra -f. I b4 JJ. Dancingin the Dark" was a product of sheerinspiration' while working on composerSghwartz Howard Dietz the scorefor the l93I Brooarioy revue The Band Wagon' mystical' yet in slow' was gropirg for-in his wordr-i'o dark son1. E 'Fl l 'F aJ tS-. Then Arthur Schwartz wasiot down the notes' with this merodyso fiira in hisileadthat aII he had to do Fmaj r not draggy Danc.

J r I t- Look. F 'F a a r bright-enup r v'. Kurt Weill becameconvincedthat an additional song was neededto provide thematic unity to the story. Overnight he and collaborator Brecht deviseda bar piece con- sisting of two eighrbar themes.

Nl[eckfiheKmflfle In in Berlin. Though the song becamepopular through- out Europe. T I-l-? Die Dreigroschenoper.

Bet you Mackie's back in town. Is the someoneMack the Knife? Now that Mackie's back in town. Lies a body oozing life. Fancy gloves. Scarletbillows start to spread. A cementbag'sdropping down.

Polly Peachum. After drawing out his cash. Jenny Diver. And MacHeath spendslike a sailor. Did our boy do somethingrash? On the sidewalk Sundaymorning Sukey Tawdry. Someone'ssneaking'roundthe corner. The cement'sjust for the weight. Lucy Brown. From a tugboat by the river Louie Miller disappeared. So there'snot a trace of red. Just a ljack.

April in Paris "Oh. Harburg Music bv Vernon Duke matically. This is a feel..

Nev-er met it face to fJ. Nev-er misseda warm em brace. C6adde ffi A r'l. Ffmz-s Am? De cfs G z -e ffi iffin. A-pril In P a r. Am Ff. The start of the blues. The issue: DeSylva and Lew Brown those in charge becameconvinced of the music's worth.

I 'v-- v v tTil note. Pushedit through a horn it was urorn - 1l And then they l t And gave. I rrr 1- a. Y Hets just wild 7 I v 11t. M Just Wild A. I rll G? And just like hon - rnf. The recurring waltz theme. Time may lie heav. This sweet mem-o ry A.. Fl Ez Am ffi p baim. John Green the air becauseof its suggestiveendin7. I spend my days in long -ing? Edward HeYman was written. Dm Dm? For you I sigh. My life a wreck you re? Fo Dm? Itts hard to con-ceive it That yoo'dturn way br Bmaj 7 Bdim.

Ih glad. Db Cfmz Ff. Cmaj 7 ooo ffi: Dm of aim. A caseof do or die! As Time Goes By. No mat-terwhatthe fu.

Am FZ t Clbass Gd i m. I 'r t'Ff 11r! Gm r n-!

Composer Mancini put his melody together from two nearly identical bar sections. Like a child at Pley. Bbm AmZ ooo o ffi ffi ftfrfl d: I -tll I' Filledwith m e m. Dmz oo oo Glm? Fanny Brice o. I hung a-roundforthreeor four. The rain. Gle F Glm? The hero was oblivious to everythingbut the heroine-a condition he expressed. And when he was finished,what did the misty-eyedgirl say? Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler in Dames. The moon may zd' 'f- --l rl.

Dpt Am? I don't know r rf if we're io I f r a" gar - Fr, TbTr den,. G7 FE F6,c Dm7 ooo o. Irl ,-l rl ': Moderately, with tenderness ffi-Brr' 'l. Atl t o o soon my Se-cret. I --j-. E-ven told the gold.

And bfj 'ft.

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Just how won-der-ful you a. At l a st my heart'san?. ITI-]-N g. I1I nev. Ta TA Ta? Am7 o. Whiting '. Willing and for Words Able. Too Could the dictionary be at a lossfor words?

The song'sthoroughly smitten swain thinks so after Marvolous searchin. The nutnber emanated from a film called Ready. Like l-1 r. And that old stand. B B ffi ffi -tj6 t. I much too much. Too Mar -vel. And just too ver. I say e-nough. I Dz Bm oo E: I e-nough.

Jlt -. Music by Words by c Sammy Cahn o Slowly. With-out a r'. GE Dm? Gg G''7 o' oo ffrlTt tttltl rrrrn ffi ffiffi Mag. No song was ever more important fashion the song establishingher to a singer's career than "It's Magic" was to the careerof Doris Day. It wasn't long before the ballad became even more well s i n g e r w a. Thestarsde-sertthe skiesand rushto nes-tlein yoffirttt C m a jz?

In the former band IT'S both as movie star and recording artist. Howelsecan I ex-plain those rain-bowswhenthere is no rainltts Dm? GmO ffi Hfrffi cb?

Whv do I teII myf self these things that p cre9c.. When in my heart I know the Gz ooo nbz ffi ffi rffix mag. I tffu yrl. Dmt Fbass oo a 'a J. Em7 r Am7 ooo o oooo?. I l- G7 F7 C7o nb nbm ooo ffi t v l l u flllll ffi Got.

F gbn ooo c7 o ffi ffi ffi a7'7 rilr r q" 'ltt? Dm Anr G. LLJ r? That I t. Al l my Har. O ooo ffi m t-? Lu-lu Back In Town. Mis -ter 0-tis re. You can tel I all my iII. A wom. A m4lts gon-na sweet talk. I rll r Gz ooo CE ffi f qr' wom-a. The SwingYears I i '.. Hear the train a-call. My ma-madonetoltmer- A I rll G? Hum whoo-eeduhwhoo-eor-0I' click. I ffi 3 dl rF f'r t tLf-r Now the raints a fall-irf. I F-vo? A musi- cally compactsongwith an engagingoffbeatconstruc- tion.

Y o u must have been a won. I bet you drove the lit. And when it came to win. I bet you madethe cut. Words by JohnnY Mercer "peepers"and-"weepers.

Joopors Croopors In "leepers Creepers" lyricist Mercer put togethera lyr-ic basedprimarily'on a collection of teen-ageslang gf t!: Jfr Creep. Wheretdya get those eyes? That Sep- Their fond lific and successf descriptionof a memorable. Dubin and Warren were the most pro- ul song-writingteam in Hollywood. T'fi rll iC. Both Gry Lombardo and GeorgeShearinghave helpedmain- tain its undimmedpopularity. In The Rain. Though l. C7 Fo Fmajr ffi ffi ffi ffi ffi dbp ll?

Porr Ir Ir I Am? Dz Am? J tl-t- - lt. In Rain. It was only when the record company insistedon an English lyric. Sammy Cahn becam-e so exiited about the number. Iy helps me tell you how grand you arg. E7 Am o o oo oo -gain fir ex.

Em o o ooo 'e - could make me be And ven be There was a ban on new recordingthat year. The song has been used in no lessthan 40 films plus dozensol shorts! Couldmake me be. Some oth-ers I've. Might nev.. With all your trl faults: CmO D f.

Bob Haggart. Billy Butterfield. QUhat's In lg3B. Love-ly as ev. You have. Its successprompted tiricist Burke to give it wordsand'renameit "what's New? I have-dt changed.. I still loveyou so. Franklin and Friend createdan especiallyseaworthyballad- out of a f ami[iar buglecall pattern. Moon-iit wa. We'll be. Dar-ling it-s true. A lll. Hoavon CanWait The "yotf ve. And breath-ingthe air You? Tr rqz lleav-enCanWait. Leonard on the vocal. Tommy Dorsey'sorchestra was given a new twist in this affectionatevow of introducedthe batladin A Gm C dim.

I t FO Dm Bm?. F tolr. American radio stationsat that time had a strict ruling against any referenceto an alcoholic beverageand here was a lyric dealing with the heady Go to My effects of no less than three! The ballad was closely identified with the bi7 bands of GIen Gray. It took this song some two years before finding a YOLI publisher in Larry Clinton and Mitchell Ayres. I f inrl you spin. Like the kick. B mLt T--r--l Tr f J. You I Ll 2fr1 1T fs!

Abmajr Gm? You Go To My Head. I o C mz Gz c7 F ffi ffi ffi ffi You in-tox. Stars shin. To introduceher final selection. To demonstrateher theatrical versatility. First there is a gavotte for a country maid. Y birds d. Kiss Me A. Iight shall come but in B dim E? Can you hear v ilor? JU ffi ffi ffiffi ffi J-r 'r r. Smith Music by Victor Herbert victor Herbert.

The Fortune Teller. Wild lit-tle wood-land -. F I I rove? Vr vr I my lit-tle Sytr sy sweet-heart. Itm Fall. FF see. Gm Gm? I one.. The burn. I I Cm6 G ffi ooo long. Sweet M y s. Sweet Mystery of Life. No problem at all when it turns out to be none other than dashing Captain Dick. All the ic rd. For -. You old In-dian -You're thetear that comes? G D3ls. J A t' Sum-mer. Junetime laugh. JJ o v'? Dreamswe fash.

I af -ter. Fad-ing too soon. You are here to watch. Youtre the ghost of a. By a word that some-. The men stagea mutiny aboardthe goodshipNew Moon and sail away to a Caribbean island where they set up their own colony.

Start me with ten. Through the first 12 bars the leading bari- rone makes his lofty appeal in o thumping march rln'thm. In the musical. Stouthoartod Men A well-nigh iruesistiblerecruiting call for stout-voiced singers. I -J-.

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That day is past. F lrii f? I I This eag-er heart of mine was sing. Come Back to Me. F Youcameat last. And high a-bove The moonwas new And so was love.. Youtvegone a-way. The New Moon.? Back To "Lov-errOome Me! Em Gfaim. Thenight is cold. I re -mem-ber ev -'ry lit.. But love is old. Thisheart of mine is sing-ing: The moonis new. DZ soul es. Tht onemy wor-shiP-Ping. I One tobe e. AII my life and all mYlove en. I'd ive my aII. That stirring vow of fidelity.

If shewere F7n. I a-Ione. T-Erd One A-lone. Among them. Iy you can tell it how. I swearmy e-ter - I a temno '. I rit. The Words by Dorothy Donnelly composer. Am F G7 0 oo Andante. Noth-ingis heardbut the ng of a birdr. Night and duy you tor. Imported in I some. Arthur Fiedler's recording with the Boston "Pops" Orchestra became the first "light classic" to reach a sale of one million records.

If this spell that I'm un. After returning to Copenhagen. When the mu. E-- P. When your eyes just de c e ive. I fear that the r mu.

Insisting that this is a mere formality. J ft Fdim. Reader's Digest February Romp Fantasy Digest Vol 1. Dr Dobbs Digest - December World Court Digest - Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, , January. Emerging Infectious Diseases - Vol. The Heritage of Egypt - Issue 1 - January Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing January Miss January. Nonfiction Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers. Recommend Documents. Readers Digest worldmags worldmags worldmags worldmags worldmags worldmags worldmags worldmags worldmags worldmags world Reader's Digest December - January www.

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An effortless workflow. Even the photographe Butterfly I was going through the stack of magazines at the dentist's office. It wasn't exactly