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THE PORTFOLIOS OF THE POOR typically consume during a year. But they offer limited insight into how the poor actually live their lives week by week—how. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Veterans in economics and microfinance scrutinize the finances of the poor in India, Bangladesh and South Africa. Portfolios of the Poor: How the World's Poor Live on $2 a Day. Daryl Collins. Jonathan Read Online · Download PDF; Save; Cite this Item. Table of Contents .

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Portfolios of the Poor: Three-Country Analysis. June How do the world's poorest households manage their financial lives on $1 and $2 a day? The authors. Portfolios of the Poor: How the World's Poor Live on $2 a Day, by Daryl Collins, Jonathan. Morduch, Stuart Rutherford and Orlanda Ruthven. The four authors. Portfolios of the Poor: How the World's Poor Live on $2 a Day ‐ by Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford, and Orlanda Ruthven.

Reviews "A fascinating discussion of the finances of the world's poor. The diarists did things that might seem irrational--borrowing in order to save; paying interest on savings--but that made sense given their unpredictable incomes and limited options. While the authors do offer prescriptions for how to expand those options, it's their scrupulous attention to actual behavior that makes this book invaluable. Incomes are not only low; they are also irregular and unpredictable. The authors' account suggests much that can be done to ease the financial conditions of poor people. Portfolios of the Poor.

If this is a significant irregularity then it must be reported to the authorities as required in various prescripts.

Portfolio Choice and Health Status

If this causes the client cancel my contract then I have a duty to report the facts to my successor. I worry a lot about the victims who bought these tickets and about why they are not adequately protected against this kind of scheme. I am going to tell the client that I do not want his business and I am going to lobby for more effective laws and enforcement thereof.

Choice now: D Choice in assignment 1: D Notes: The Second Formulation of the Imperative On the second formulation of categorical imperative Kant argues that, we should all a t i su h a a that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a ea s to a e d ut al a s at the sa e ti e as a e d.

I believe this should be discussed with the clients in a way that they will understand and it find the right way which will be fair for the clients and the business too. This means that no one will be treated as a means to end but at the same time as an end. I absolutely believe this.

The evidence supports this — look at the likes of Bill Gates. Perhaps this works sometimes.

The evidence doesn't support this — look at mine workers in South Africa. I just don't believe this. Choice now: C Choice in assignment 1: A Notes: I changed my mind because I realize that not all hard work pays, hard work only pays where equal opportunity system is employed or practiced On the capitalist system one can hardly say that the owner of wealth and means of production worked hard for their wealth, for example, in south Africa during the apartheid era and even in the nowadays life, the white minority took over the wealth in Africa and not through hard work but through force, mass killing and alienation.

N the other hand there is a working Class, which is the slaves, the ones who ensures production, they work hard every day but we cannot place them anywhere near the word ealth In the socialist, anti-imperialist or anti-capitalist system, that is when we can say hard work pays because we all get fair and equal opportunity M personal opinion on this statement is most closely described by: a.

If it were not for the good people like Basson, the lives of the poor would be so much worse than they already are. As with most wealthy people, Basson clearly takes his responsibility to society very seriously. R is about 0. So if he had earned R 1 million he would have donated R worth of boerewors.

All this charity just makes rich people look like heroes that they are not. How can you possibly say something as ungrateful as option d? Psychological egoism Psychological egoism is a theory that holds that human beings always behave selfishly in everything that they do, and that it is impossible for them to behave otherwise. According to this theory, even when human beings appear to be acting out of altruistic, that is, selfless motives, they are actually acting because of some advantage or benefit that they perceive for themselves.

For example; The owner of the company who stand out and say that they are going to help the youth within the community with the internships in order to help them gain experience, but knowing deep down that they are only doing that because they are trying to reduce their monthly tax money and grow the reputation of their business within that community.

Kline , p. M pe so al opi io of hat should e do e, is ost losel described by: a. Choice now: F Choice in assignment 1: F Notes: I am not going to do any of the above because to me it is morally wrong, and not because I ma afraid that I might get caught or anything of that nature, but simply because I find it immoral. I also st o gl elie e that ka t ould ha e fou d it i o al o stated that it is highl i o al a d lacks huma it e ause o the U i e sal la of atego i al i pe ati es, Ka t stated that Al a s a t i such a way that you would be willing for it to become a general law that everyone else should do the sa e.

B itish B oad asti g Co po atio BBC Kant states that a true moral proposition must not be tied to any particular conditions, including the identity of the person making the decision. A moral maxim must be disconnected from the particular physical details surrounding its proposition and should be applicable to any rational being.

Seven Pillars Institute Let the people who want to use this resource pay to protect it. We have bigger problems than worrying about rhinos. We must save the rhinos for our children. We must save the rhinos because it is the right thing to do. Choice now: D Choice in assignment 1: D Notes: Saving Rhinos is saving the most lucrative sector, which is tourism, and we will be ensuring the stability of the economy as tourism sector in South Africa generate a significant amount of money towards the stability of the economy.

And in that way, the next coming generation will also benefit from the Income Rhinos generate. According to Fi , The Ta za ia Wildlife Resea h I stitute has epo ted that the e a e as many as 30 elephants being poached per day.

This is believed to be contributing to a declining tourism e o o o e the last t o ea s. That is why I chose to argue that animals are not valuable in themselves but they are valuable only insofar as humans have need.

We use thi gs that a e i st u e tall alua le to get us so ethi g else. In this case, we use Rhinos on Tourism sector to generate an income for us. Let the poorest work for their money like the rest of us. So long as no one takes 2 percent of my income. Just proves - if poverty was an issue for the rich we would solve it by throwing money at it.

Let's solve it then! Choice now: E Choice in assignment 1: E Notes: I went with option E on the first assignment and even now and not because I agree with the statement of increasing the household income but because I had to choose an option. I still believe there should ha e ee optio F that eads Let the i hest sha e so e of thei ealth ith the poo. By increasing the house hold income by two percent we would not be solving the problem but we will be making things much worse than they are at the current stage.

We see the strategy of increase household income in many countries including south Africa in order to resolve the issue of poverty or trying to pull the poor out of their financially unbalanced life. By increasing family income each and every time the people complain, they are only putting more strain on nature and increasing hectares per capita.

The environmental crisis has already begun as it is, and we do not want it to get much worse than we expected. The rich people or capitalists have enough wealth that they can share with half of the poorer population if not more. This takes me back to my argument that the only way to minimize poverty is to share some of the wealth of the capitalists with the poor.

This will help minimize poverty without a serious environmental consumption or putting more strain on nature.

If we keep on encouraging each and every single person to accumulate more wealth for themselves, they will definitely put more strain on nature and this will lead to human extinction before I could say Jack Robinson. A woman was near death from a rare form of cancer. There was one medicine that the doctors thought might perhaps prolong her life.

This was sold at the only local pharmacy at 10 times the cost. The woman had no medical aid cover and her only son could simply not afford the medicine. The most ethical option available to the son is best described by: a. The son should not steal the medicine because he might end up in prison. He should steal the medicine regardless of a possible prison sentence because saving his mother for a few more months would bring them the most happiness.

He should not steal the medicine because stealing is bad and he is not a criminal; he tried to do everything he could without breaking the law so no one can blame him for the consequences.

Estimating allocations for Value-at-Risk portfolio optimization

The son should steal the medicine but also accept the prescribed punishment for the crime and eventually pay the pharmacist what he is owed; actions should have consequences. He should steal the medicine because everyone has a right to life, regardless of the law. He should not steal the medicine, because others who are fortunate enough to be able to pay for it may need the medicine just as badly. Their lives are equally significant. Choice now: C Choice in assignment 1: C I suggest the son should not do an immoral act by stealing medication for his mother because whether a situation is good or bad depends on whether the action that brought it about was right or wrong.

G eed is good M pe so al opi io of hat should e do e, is ost losel des i ed : a. A solutel! It depe ds o ho ou defi e g eed. Absolutely not!

Poor People’s Campaign Portfolio

Greed is bad. It leads to much pain and suffering. Choice now: E Choice in assignment 1: D Notes: I changed my mind because I thought that some can actually try and define greed in a different way to represent a good future for us all. However, if you tell us that the course material has told you that greed is good, then you are very likely to fail this module. The course material quite explicitly states that greed is not good.

If you think that the material says otherwise, then you need to go and read the material again. I used to believe that as long as you have the means to do whatever you want with nature then you should go ahead and do as you please without even thinking twice about it, I had never thought that our actions, life styles it is what worsen the environmental crisis. I always thought that being rich is all that is needed, I always thought that if we were all rich then life will be good, I never thought of what will happen to nature if we were all rich.

I had never thought of the danger of environmental crisis. I did not know that wasting of things such as electricity, throwing away foods that are still in good condition is another way of worsening the environmental crisis. I have never took into consideration the serious damage that the people from upper class do to nature, I always wanted to live life like the rich people, download meat just to throw it away the following day, download a mansion while staying alone and download more than fifty wooden chairs because I have money.

This module made me realized that people are actually living way above 1.

I have also discovered an important perspective that I believe I will try by all means to uplift through my a ade i ea s; The Veil of ig o a e , which argues that when designing rules for your society, you should be ignorant of what social position you yourself will occupy. So, for example, the veil of ignorance would lead people to refuse slavery, because even though slavery is very convenient for slave- owners, for slaves, not so much, and since behind the veil of ignorance one would not know whether they would be a slave or a slave-owner, they would refuse slavery.

The most important thing that I have learned is that if we keep on encouraging everyone to accumulate o e ealth fo the sel es, if e keep o p o oti g g eed ithi the so iet , o e people ill continue to be enslaved and human extinction will come much sooner than we all expected.

Estimating allocations for Value-at-Risk portfolio optimization | SpringerLink

I have realized that it is high time we put our heads together to try and come up with a strategy that will help save nature and stop environmental crisis from getting any worse than it already is.

And lastly and most importantly I have learned some of the strategies that can be employed to stop the the environmental consumption, this include control of economy and not growth of economy, dismantle and overthrow the bourgeoisie class as they are the ones who consume more hectares than any other class.

Gobry, P. Volume 41 , Issue 1 January Pages Related Information. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Your password has been changed. Returning user. Request Username Can't sign in? Acrobat can take several minutes to populate the Combine Files window. It took me a bout 20 minutes to convert a item Portfolio. Just quit Acrobat if it is open and double-click the installer. Attachments were of many types including.

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