1 - Stolen Songbird - Jensen, Danielle ruthenpress.info KB. 2 - Hidden Huntress - Danielle L. ruthenpress.info KB. 3-Warrior Witch - Danielle L. Hidden Huntress (The Malediction Trilogy #2) by Danielle L. Jensen 02 - Hidden Huntress - Danielle L. ruthenpress.info KB. 1. Like Show. Hidden Huntress - Danielle L. Jensen - dokument [*.epub] Hidden Huntress Danielle L Jensen By the Same Author Stolen Songbird For my mom, who reads the.

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Hidden Huntress. Cecile searches for a counter-spell for the curse which imprisons the Trolls, while the King of Trollus tightens his grip on the imprisoned . Stolen Songbird. The Malediction Trilogy (Series). Book 1. Danielle L. Jensen Author (). cover image of Hidden Huntress. Read "Hidden Huntress Malediction Trilogy Book Two" by Danielle L. Jensen available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download.

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It's only that I wish you'd accept that I'm set on this path. Sabine had been an integral part of my plan to find Anushka - her ability to ferret out gossip and information was second to none - but she'd been clear that she wasn't happy about doing it.

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Both of us longing for the days when it hadn't existed. We're going to have our fortunes told in Pigalle. One of the dancers heard from a subscriber that there's a woman who can see your future in the palm of your hand. I wasn't in the mood to entertain subscribers, and besides, I'd all but given up on finding Anushka on the arm of some wealthy nobleman out for a night at the opera.

Or at parties. Or in private salons. All that behavior had earned me was legions of admirers and a reputation for stringing men along.

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I needed a new strategy, and I needed it soon. Drawing up the hood of my cloak, I hurried out the back entrance of the theatre and down the steps. He was dressed in his work clothes, boots caked thick with mud and manure. He nodded. Stepping into the shadows, he handed me a curved statue with a necklace of herbs twisted around its neck.

I held it for a moment, then shook my head. It's from a rowan tree. If you wear it, a witch won't be able to cast magic your direction. What nonsense. I spent more than half my wages on potions and bobbles, and so far, it had amounted to nothing more than a strange collection of knickknacks.


The few legitimate witches we'd discovered had known nothing about a mysterious redheaded witch or curses, and all had refused my request for tutoring in the arts.

I shook my head. No one with an unknown or questionable past. No one who's been inexplicably on the social scene for five centuries. But when we reached the street that would take me home to my mother's empty townhouse, I stopped.

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I needed a change. Sidestepping a brawl out front, we pushed our way into the busy tavern. Almost everyone inside was a soldier of some sort - not the sort of place artists such as myself were normally found - but everyone knew I was Frederic de Troyes' little sister, and no one would bother me here.

He released the barmaid he had his arm around long enough to order a round of beer and deposit the flagons in our hands. He resumed whatever tall tale he was telling the girl, then his eyes went back to me. You should be at home in bed.

He was worse than Sabine, because not only was he adamantly against my hunt for Anushka, he was against my being in Trianon at all.

The tension radiating from him told me that he was looking for a reason to scrap. Any reason at all.

He was angry all the time now. At my mother, at me, at the world. For not being there for you. Not only did he not agree with my decision, he didn't understand it. And that made Fred angry. But then again, it didn't take much to set him off these days - and I knew that that had nothing to do with the trolls.

Something had happened long before my disappearance. Something that had occurred when he'd first come to Trianon. Something that had to do with our mother. He hated her, and there were times I thought he believed I'd betrayed him by choosing to live and work with her in Trianon. Sitting at the sticky table, I proceeded to drain my beer, hoping to wash away thoughts of my brother and everything else. Another day gone by where Tristan suffers God knows what sort of tortures, while I sing on stage to crowds of admirers.

I hate it.

And besides, I thought you liked performing? Here she is hailed as one of the city's protectors. No one knows her history. No one has asked about her past. She's been here so long that Enthait is her home now, these are her people. Memory is a commodity — bought and sold, and experienced like a drug. He gives her an ultimatum: betray the boy she loves, or die.

Time enough for their dark and nefarious magic to fade from human memory and into myth. Scavenger Alliance Exodus Book 1 Janet Edwards In the year , a century after the invention of interstellar portals, seven hundred people scavenge a living in abandoned New York.

The respectable citizens have either withdrawn to new settlements in the countryside, or joined the great exodus of humanity to new, unpolluted colony worlds, but eighteen-year-old Blaze is one of the undesirables that neither the citizen settlements nor the ne Struggling with the victimising expectations of her friends and family and threatened with a stay in psychiatric care, Saffron has to make a choice: to forget about Kena and fit back into the life she's outgrown, or pit herself against everything she's ever known and everyone she loves.

Meanwhile in Kena, Gwen is increasingly troub The seven kingdoms of Avalonia are crumbling and evil is spreading across the land like a plague. Queen Morgana is close to finding a way to open The Book of Abraxas and it's only a matter of time until she uses the power trapped inside its pages to enslave the entire world. With Avalonia growing more dangerous by