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(Essential Elements for Strings). (Essential Elements for Strings and Essential Elements Interactive are fully compatible with Essential Elements for Strings ). Essential Elements , book/CD/DVD 1, violin (Hal Leonard) on *FREE* Essential Elements for Strings - Book 1 with EEi: Violin. Michael. Essential Elements for Strings by Michael Allen, Robert Gillespie and Pamela . Essential Elements for Strings: Book 1 EEi Violin by Michael Allen.

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Essential Elements 2000 For Strings Book 1 Violin

Essential Elements now includes Essential Elements Interactive (EEi), the ultimate online music education Essential Elements for Strings – Book 1 with EEi. Violin. Series: Essential Elements Essential Elements for Strings – Book 2. Essential Elements for Strings: A Comprehensive String Method: Violin Book One . The product shown was Essential Elements of 18 reviews. Essential Elements For Strings: Violin: Book 1 with EEi - Professor of Music Robert Interactive are fully compatible with Essential Elements for Strings.

Now I use String Explorer, which has worked quite nicely. I've never used it, mainly because it starts off right away in C Major, not my favorite hand shape for beginners. Applebaum lifted many of the Op. I've recently been working on double stops and shifting using Sevcik and Scradiek book 2. I also do scale work out of Hrimaly. I've been playing violin for 2 years now. I like them for the reasons Buri described, plus there's enough material to keep any student from getting stuck on one piece for a long time. I prefer to get my kids reading lots and lots of repertoire, along with providing extensive ear training that empowers them with the ability to sing melodies on their violins as easily as they would with their voices--perhaps more easily. It is absolutely amazing to see the concepts come together. I'm seeing kids hatch into butterflies after crawling like caterpillars, and I can say all the work is worth it. And lots and lots of duets and piano accompaniments makes my job ten times more fun! So I change the key

It is designed to have a logically linear path to follow in order to learn about how to play the violin and learn the very basics of music and note reading.

This method relies more heavily on sight reading at the onset of learning which can be helpful. But it also means that unless the student is naturally gifted with an understanding of ear training, they may not develop the ability to play by ear as quickly as with other methods.

This is not an inherent flaw, simply a difference in approach. If you are attempting to learn on your own, this method can be bought with accompanying audio tracks via CD or download that aid in ear training, but in my experience they reinforce what is already written on the page.

Excellent for school programs This method was specifically designed so as to manage a room full of students playing all orchestral stringed instruments. To that end, it works very well. Generally, I find that students participating in this method are driven to excel due in part to their working as a group.

They hear themselves playing and making harmonies with other students and it helps them more easily understand the concept of harmony.

There are only certain times where I find this method to have any draw backs. The first, concerning the group classes, is when the students are not all progressing at the same speed.

Additionally, it is helpful, but not essential to have an instructor who has some measure of experience with each classical stringed instrument as each of them function slightly differently than the others in terms of posture. Those drawbacks aside, group programs with students at the right age, benefit greatly from Essential Elements.

Essential Elements For Strings Book 1 – Violin

Comprehensive Essential Elements is highly effective under the right circumstances and it does provide a wealth of musical knowledge and understanding. Students learn instrument posture, how to read sheet music, important terminology and music notation, the concept of pitch, and ultimately scales and simple pieces.

By the time we finish the first book, the student has learned all of the notes in the first position on the classical stringed instrument they have chosen. Bad shipping because it came with no cd and it was meany to so I had to send away for a cd.

Essential Elements for Strings - Book 1 with EEi Violin

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Essential Elements for Strings – Violin Book 1 with EEi - Bill's Music

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