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CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD. Book 1. an uncommon dialogue. NEALE DONALD WALSCH. This lesson written by Neale Donald Walsch based on the information found in. Conversations with God-Book One. Discussion. There are three concepts from. To mark the tenth anniversary of the publication of Conversations with God, Book 1, all three of the most essential books in Neale Donald Walsch's seminal.

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Conversations With God Neale Donald Walsch Pdf

CONVERSATIONS. WITH GOD. Book 3 an uncommon dialogue. NEALE DONALD WALSCH. A SUMMARY CRITIQUE: Conversations with God: An Uncommon error over truth, his remark applies years later to the first two volumes of Neale Donald. I know that's what God wants for all of us. 1. · It is your life story which brought you here. It is your personal experience to which this material has relevance.

No, I mean in an incontrovertible way. In a way no man could deny. What way would that be? In what form or shape would you have Me appear? In the form or shape that you actually have. That would be impossible, for I have no form or shape you understand. I could adopt a form or shape that you could understand, but then everyone would assume that what they have seen is the one and only form and shape of God, rather than a form or shape of God—one of many. People believe I am what they see Me as, rather than what they do not see. In a sense, I am what I am not. It is from the am-notness that I come, and to it I always return.

The whole universe will I use to do this. So be on the lookout; this book is far from My only tool. You may ask a question, then put this book down. But watch. The words to the next song you hear. The information in the next article you read. The story line of the next movie you watch. The chance utterance of the next person you meet. Or the whisper of the next river, the next ocean, the next breeze that caresses your ear--all these devices are Mine; all these avenues are open to Me.

I will speak to you if you will listen. It therefore wants, or lacks, nothing — by definition. It is first thought. It is a grand feeling within the soul.

It is God, choosing what next to create. They are being realized now — in this very moment. The only difference between you and Me id that I know this. I am performing a miracle right now. For not only am I speaking to you, but to every person who has picked up this book and is reading these words.

It was necessary first for you to release deny, forget your connection to Me in order to fully experience it by fully creating it — by calling it forth. For your grandest wish — and My grandest desire — was for you to experience yourself as the part of Me you are.

As am I. Through you. You have not so chosen as yet.

You must live the promise of God. Imagine the you that you would be if you lived that thought every day. Imagine what you would think, do, and say, and how you would respond to what others do and say. It will entail constant, moment — to- moment monitoring of your ever thought, word, and deed. It will involve continued choice-making — consciously. This whole process is a massive move to consciousness.

Begin at once to imagine it the way you want it to be — and move into that. Check every thought, word, and action that does not fall into harmony with that.

Move away from those. Notice that so few do. That is its sole purpose — and its souls purpose. It is not concerned with the achievements of the body or the development of the mind.

Having made this judgment about yourself, you have decided that your job is to get better. What if I told you that the governments of the world do not want to end world hunger? Therefore, the process of creation must include belief, or knowing. This is absolute faith. This is beyond hoping. Therefore, the doing part of creation always includes knowing.

It is a thankfulness in advance. And that, perhaps, is the biggest key to creation: It is the sure sign of mastery. All Masters know in advance that the deed has been done. Say them out loud. These are my commitments, not my commandments.

The Complete Conversations with God

A true Master simply sets it aside, as he would do with anything for which he no longer has any use. You are in every moment deciding who and what you are. It fuels the engine of creation. It changes concepts to experience. Passion is a love of doing. Doing is being, experienced. Yet what is often created as part of doing? That is Godliness.

Conversations with God Summary

It is what separates man from God. That is, oneness and union with God; a melding into divinity. It is the way to Self-realization. It is not only unnecessary, it is unwise, uncomfortable, and hazardous to your health? But you must work fast.

So much damage has already been done, for so long. This will take a major attitudinal shift. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nothing could be more damaging to another.

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Live in your God space and the events become blessings, one and all. You may then use them as tools — for that is what they are, temporary, temporal tools — in the creation of present experience.

Do you intend to prove your theory that life seldom brings you what you choose? And it is original sin- but not yours. It is the first sin to be perpetrated upon you by a world which knows nothing of God if it thinks that God would — or could — create anything imperfect.

Thus does power remain concentrated in the hands of the few, rather than experienced though the hands of the many. In fact, without relationships, you cannot do it at all. Worse, it puts an incredible pressure on the other to be all sorts of things he or she is not. Anger follows. It requires deep understanding and total willingness to live within this paradox in a way which make sense.

I observe that very few people do. Yet the only true test has to do with how well you live up to yours. It only matters what you are being in relationship to that.

They get into the relationship hopping to find themselves, and they lose themselves instead. Who You Are is who you create yourself to be in relationship to all the rest of it. Your personal relationships are therefore holy ground. They have virtually nothing to do with the other, yet because they involve another, they have everything to do with the other.

And that is why you can never truly, purely, fall in love with another. You have never truly, purely fallen in love with your Self. For once one has fully Self realized, there is nothing left to do except be more of that. Or, how can I lose the least? What you do for another, you do for the Self. This is because you and the other are one.

What is your purpose in life? Love of Self, and love of the despot, demands it. This is at one and the same time both the function and the purpose of relationship: Neither in relationship, nor in all of life.

You have only opportunity. That is why all human relationships are sacred ground.


But not because of its sacred obligations. Rather, because of its unequalled opportunity. Do whatever you do out of a sense of the glorious opportunity your relationship affords you do decide, and to be, Who You Really Are.

For most people, love is a response to need fulfillment. So you agree — tacitly — to trade.

The Complete Conversations with God

Welcome them. Cultivate the technique of seeing all problems as opportunities. For there is more there. Much more. It is only their fear that stops them from showing you. If others notice that you see them as more, they will feel safe to show you what you obviously already see. The grander our vision, the grander their willingness to access and display the part of them we have shown them. The work of God is to wake everybody else up.

Demonstrating this constantly ultimately reminds others of Who They Are, for they will see themselves in you. This is especially true on important matters. Should states and nations use killing to enforce their theological imperatives? Would you use killing force to defend the life of a loved one? Is there a difference between killing and murder? In fact, the state needs you to take its word on this order to exist as an entity of power. In fact, society must have you take its word for it in order to exist as an entity of power.

What does your Self have to say? They may require you to think. Making value judgments is difficult. And the individual is aware, deeply aware, that in the making of such decisions is the Self created. Most of you would rather leave that to others. And so most of you are not self-created, but creatures of habit — other- created creatures. Do I wish to walk this path consciously, or unconsciously? That is what is known as conscious living. Now you know it has no purpose, save the one you give it.

Now you tell the universe your truth. Now you seek to be simply, and wonderfully, your Self. Now you love Me, enough to call Me your equal. All of these are very, very good signs. Therefore never supplicate. You cannot lie to yourself. Your mind knows the truth of your thoughts. Then the prayer is a prayer of thanksgiving.

It is not a request at all, but a statement of gratitude for what is so.

God created you, in the image and likeness of God. You have created the rest, through the power God has given you. I do not care what you do, and that is hard for you to hear. How can you ever truly find peace?

What then would be the result? As Jesus did. Yet, as with most saints, people would not understand you. It is either a thought of love or fear. From your mother and your father. It is also the experience you bring to Me. But this is a simplistic view of God, based on your mythology.

So, too, do you damn yourself never to know Me as I really am. Until you do. For you shall not be able to deny Me forever, and the moment will come for our Reconciliation. But you have free choice about which of these to select. Why is that? By this measure can you determine whether they are words to heed or words to ignore. You need learn nothing to do this. Yet knowing is not enough. The soul seeks to experience.