Sold by Financial Guidance and Fulfilled by site. Behavioral Investment Counseling by Nick Murray Hardcover $ Nick Murray will basically keep you all of his secrets to prospecting for under $ The Game of Numbers book. Read 15 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. "There are dozens of books about prospecting. They're all the same book, and they never work. This is the how-to-not-stop-prospecting book it's taken me forty.

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The Game Of Numbers Pdf

The Game Of Numbers Is Now Available. My new prospecting book, The Game of Numbers, is now available. Please visit, and click on. My copy of "The Game of Numbers". What is that principle? It's the idea of detaching yourself emotionally from the ultimate outcome of any. A Game of Numbers. Do you know your players? • Player's frustration levels. • Gamer's wallet. • Market share. • Win-back. • Profitable channels. • Profitable.

Log in or Register to post new content in the forum. The book the Game of Numbers is on backorder. I have ordered it. A lot of people on this forum will tell you to lead with XYZ product, which to me is another way of saying "I don't know any more than the other guy what's going on, but I have some really cool products on which I earn a nice commission. I'm guessing this works for a good salesman with a naive customer. But if what you're really selling is yourself, then it's pretty lame IMHO. My advice: Why did you get into this business and how are you different? Almost no one is happy with the advice they have received the past two or ten years. With that comes distrust of advisors in general. You'd better be quick in getting to how you are different and why YOU can be trusted. In this market, don't ask the prospect if they're unhappy; assume they are. If it's a bad assumption, well, you probably weren't going to get that client anyway. Let me clear this up.

How about you? And, if you read my comments, you'll see that I admit that the planning prospector during my career has been done successfully. Not as often, and not without significant career risk, but there are a few I've come across that defied the odds. Each of them was borderline or actually the definition of "brilliant". For the record, what you and jump have posted aren't scripts, they are rebuttals. Not that they couldn't work. As a rookie you would be wise to look at what some others have posted and incorporate that advice.

None of them opens with "How dissatisfied are you?

No serious investor is going to give a rookie his portfolio to manage. Usually, way outside. Today, I was calling prospects with a BAB yielding 7. Did anyone ask how long i'd been in the business? Nope, didn't come up.

Did any show interest? Did any become qualified prospects?

Welcome to Nick Murray Online

Yup again! That account opened for about 70k. Today, before I added the new bond, the account was worth 1. And, here's the best part: So, that's another k to invest, on top of the bond today.

Or, you can do it your way. I know you were just looking for a few more rebuttal lines. Good luck!!!!! BondGuy, Congratulations on the great day! The "script" lines you've been offered are questions usually asked as part of a rebuttal with prospects who have rejected your original proffer. They are usually not in themselves a complete script.

I actually like the idea of leading with those types of questions. The problem is, as a newbie, you've got nothing to fall back on. A serious investor is going to ask "Whatchagotkid? By challenging the performance of their current advisor you are putting yourself in a box. You are putting a performance record you don't have out there front and center.

The Game of Numbers

Follow me here: However, your predecessors did. The very collapse you are referring to in your opening script. The people you need as clients are smart enough to figure that out. Thus, I wouldn't shine a light on it.

This is quite true. I rarely never get an "A" client from any of the better wirehouse advisors in my area. What DO I get? B and C clients of those advisors, that are not giving them the time of day, or haven't bothered to follow up with them, and don't realize they have sizeable assets outside. Where have most of my big clients come from? Just kidding. Most have come from executives that had money spread out so many places their K, pension balances, insurance agent, a no-load company, and maybe some at a wirehouse , that nobody took them seriously.

Once you roll it all together, now you're talking about serious money.

My take is that stealing money from other advisors is tough if it is already a large account. The best money is made when it's in motion retiring, layoff, leave job, divorce, sell business, etc.

I can honestly say that some of my "C" clients would probably leave if they found a compelling alternative. I have ignored many of them.

That's one of the crummy things about this business. You truly outgrow some of your clients from an advice standpoint. Even though you may still have them in a good mix of investments, your lack of communication translates into them being ignored.

BondGuy, Thank you for your reply. Let's see how your advisor did. Roger - That's good to hear. In your case, of course, go for it!!!!! And, I'm thrilled to hear that there are actually advisors out there who are doing something to protect clients rather than blindly leaving them on the tracks to get run down by the next Black Swan event!

Thank you for your input and I will let you know my progress. Are you in FLA? Also what super regional are you with, if you could share? Search Forums. Post reply. More information about text formats. Text format Comments Plain text.

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Mathemagic: Magic, Puzzles and Games with Numbers

Jul 15, 2: Jul 15, 5: Jul 15, BondGuy Joined: Sorry lone. BigFirepower Joined: JumpMan Joined: Nick M: Can you see the wisdom at least getting a second opinion at this point? Jul 15, 6: He writes a popular newsletter, as well as magazine articles and books. It means approaching strangers and asking for their business. Know that, for the purposes of this book, there are only two states of being [for a financial advisor]: prospecting and avoiding prospecting.

The Game of Numbers

Is this starting to ring a bell? And how to defeat that fear. What I call Resistance, Nick calls Avoidance. Any technique will work, so long as you relentlessly work it. That is, success is a pure function of the law of large numbers. In the end, the law of large numbers will kick in and you will win.

An approach is a genuine attempt to start a conversation with someone which might lead to his enlisting our services. The outcome of such an attempt is outside our control, and for that reason alone must not be how we keep score. The only thing we can control is the one thing we must learn to control, and that is our own behavior. This is the only thing we count, because it is the only thing that counts.

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