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National information environment can be defined as a communication, language, and culture medium where a specific society or community collects or receives information about itself and those surrounding it or about ongoing national and global developments.

They work within this environment and also share information, knowledge, and mass culture products.

Two aspects are essential in this context: technical and language-based knowledge and ability to participate in the global or regional communication process. Based on such skills and capacity, two types of national information environments are distinguished: open societies Saulauskas, and closed or isolated national information environments.

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Lithuania, in terms of information environment, is a fairly open society. Information and telecommunications technologies, media infrastructure, media and show business principles established in a specific national market, and regulatory legal framework; 2.

People who live in the territory of a specific country or beyond, but psychologically associate themselves with the information environment of this particular country2 their language skills and preferences of media use, and also moral principles; 3.

Overall information circulating within the environment and mass culture products. Of the three Baltic states, the Estonian population one-fourth knows English the best. Some consider that Russia has bigger advantage for its information policies in Latvia and Estonia because of numerous Russian minorities there, but statistics show that, in terms of language, Russia has an even stronger potential in Lithuania.

The pace of the development of TV broadcasting, re-broadcasting and reception infrastructures is the fastest in Lithuania; the same applies to the development of technical characteristics pertaining to television sets and TV networks.

Digital television has already been launched in Lithuania. In , only 1,5 percent of Lithuanian residents did not have a television set, while those with more than one TV set accounted for as much as 39 percent of the total population and only 1,8 percent of the respondents said that they did not watch TV at all TNS Gallup, The data produced the same year show that most people in Lithuania get to know about international and local developments from television programmes.

Neatrasta galia: Lietuvos pilietines visuomenes zemelapis. Vilnius: Pilietines visuomenes institutas, Versus Aurius, , p. The television era, which started in with the launch of the Lithuanian television network, is currently undergoing a rapid transformation: 31 TV networks and 57 cable TV networks including 4 MMDS re-broadcasters operated in Lithuania at the end of LRTC, The comparison is based on a qualitative analysis of TV programme guides published in magazines and TV websites.

Three random periods were compared seven days of broadcasting time, Saturday- Friday : April May 6, ; February March 3, ; and January , During the above mentioned periods, the Lithuanian Television broadcasted two programmes in Russian: The Russian Street and News in Russian, which amounted to more than 1 hour of the LTV broadcasting time in the respective periods. In this aspect, LTV should be described as the most consistent television network that produces and broadcasts original programmes for ethnic minorities6.

We could even question whether the original programmes produced by the public broadcaster and intended for the Russian ethnic minority are adequate in terms of quantity. Having too few Russian-language programmes is likely to shift the Russian-speaking audience from local information and entertainment sources to Russian-language sources outside Lithuania. This tendency is interrelated with the above mentioned language issue.

This reinforces the Russian language position in the Lithuanian information environment. The results of analysing the audience of radio stations airing news in Russian and playing Russian music Russkoje Radio Baltija, Raduga on the basis of the average share of radio stations in major cities are also quite interesting and revealing.


In Vilnius, Russkoje Radijo Baltija has emerged as a clear-cut leader; while in Klaipeda the leading position belongs to Raduga. The respondents in this survey were asked to evaluate the political system of the Soviet Union and the political system of modern Lithuania: 24 percent of those questioned described the former Soviet system as good or very good and The respondents were also asked to evaluate different aspects of life in the Soviet Union and modern Lithuania: education and health care, social welfare, public safety and law and order, employment, economic well-being, culture and arts, justice guarantees, equal opportunities and treatment, and respect for moral principles CSI, The most different assessments were given in respect of health care: As regards employment opportunities in the Soviet Union, This is a very important issue.

And as the survey shows, modern Russia does not have such resources in Lithuania.

To put it in terms of modern management theories — Russia can not lead other post- Soviet countries by its example. The public opinion survey focused on the image of other countries in Lithuania CSI, It revealed that Lithuanian society perceives Russia as a major adversary and its current political and economic vectors are discarded. Modern Russia has a very negative image in this particular post-Soviet society in spite of the competitive advantage it has in the Lithuanian information environment.

The Tselina-2 satellites were mostly characterized by criticality indices in between around 10 and 12 Tab.

Also among the second stages of the CZ-2D launcher there were two objects with sizeable Approximately 17 fragments have been observed, but only nine have been officially cataloged.

Of these, eight have decayed from orbit by 23 September The remaining fragment is in an orbit similar to four pieces of previously-cataloged SL launch vehicle debris, and may not be related to this event.

This reduces payload but does not require the spacecraft's guidance system to provide steering commands to booster. Used for launch of Glonass navigation satellites into medium earth orbit; and launch of Luch, Ekran-M, Potok, Raduga, Gorizont, Raduga-1, Elektro, and Gals communications satellites into geosynchronous orbit. Commercial version with Saab payload adapter-separation system for Western payloads was dubbed 'Block DM1'.

Status: Active. First Launch: Last Launch: Number: Payload: 1, kg 4, lb. Thrust: 8, P-POD prevents rotation of the cubesats during ejection, ensuring linear trajectories.

According to the director of Moscow's Central Machine-building Institute new carrier rockets will have a workload over 24 tons. An ESA spokesman said that three Swarm satellites and one Sentinel space probe were scheduled for launch from Plesetsk.

This is a Russian satellite system, consisting of Moscow admitted that a submarine-fired Bulava missile failed its 13th test, an embarrassing mishap for a rocket that had already failed six of 13 previous tests. But that didn't stop the alien-hunters from burning up the blogosphere with theories of hypnotic rays and alien signals.

Russia will use extensively the new Angara class carrier rockets to deliver military satellites into orbit, according to Russia's Space Forces.

Angara rockets will complement, and eventually replace, the existing line of Rokot and Proton launch vehicles. It will be available in a range of configurations capable of lifting between from 2 to

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