Collection of Best Famous Kitab Ghar Urdu Romantic Novels, Urdu Novels PDF Download, Romantic Urdu Novels Online Reading at Kitab Ghar. Wehshi Novel by ا Pdf Free Download Wehshi Novel authored by Razia Butt a famous Urdu novelist and playwright of Pakistan. This novel contains an. Urdu Novels,Free Urdu Novels,Download Free Urdu PDF Books,Islamic Books, Quran,Hadiths,Wazaif,SeeratPurisrar,Mysterious,Comedy,Crimes,Historic,Horror, .

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Jan 29, Umme Maryam Novels PDF Free Download | Famous Urdu Novels and Digest. Mar 26, urdu novels, urdu novels pdf free download, urdu novels list, urdu novel download, urdu novels pdf, urdu novel online, urdu novel pdf, urdu novel. Ek Phul Motiye Da Novel By Faiza Iftikhar Ek phul motiye da novel contains a social reforming romantic and humorous story is authored by faiza iftikhar in urdu .

Early life[ edit ] Saadat Hassan Manto was born in Paproudi village of Samrala , in the Ludhiana district of the Punjab in a Muslim family of barristers on 11 May He was ethnically a Kashmiri and proud of his Kashmiri roots. In a letter to Pandit Nehru he suggested that being 'beautiful' was the second meaning of being 'Kashmiri'. Abdul Bari Alig encouraged him to find his true talents and read Russian and French authors. It was here that he met writer Ali Sardar Jafri and found a new spurt in his writing. His second story, "Inqlaab Pasand", was published in Aligarh magazine in March

He is a young man and performs different difficult spy missions. Ibne Safi has created this long Urdu fiction which gained attraction in the public.

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Still people love to read Imran Series. The above three stories are in single Pdf Urdu e-book. Chancellor Urdu novel is written by Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman who is a young Pakistani talented writer. Rizwan Ali Ghuman has earlier written a few more Urdu novels. He is currently residing in Germany. Chancellor novel is a dedicated story of German Chancellor. The main concept of this Urdu fiction novel is about the world no.

Although this is a fictional story but the writer Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman has written this novel in a very realistic way.

The Urdu novel Chancellor is here in Pdf format.

Jasoosi, Urdu Novels,. Jasoosi , Urdu Novels. A Ki Ilmi-o-Dini Khidmaat". A as an Islamic Scholar. This Urdu book is written by Dr. Hamayun Abbas Shams who has researched a lot before compiling this Urdu book. Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani R.

A was a great and famous Islamic scholar whose services for Islam will always be remembered in the Islamic history. Mujaddid Alif Sani R.

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A because of his great struggles for the rise of Islamic teachings in the hearts of Indian Muslims. Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani R. Biography, Islamic,. Biography , Islamic. Free download or read online "Saraiki Trump" and read a wonderful Urdu fiction story of the abduction of Donald Trump.

This is an Urdu language novel written by Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman. The novel is in Pdf format and available here for free download and online reading. The author Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman is a young Urdu writer. He has been residing in Germany for eleven years.

Rizwan Ali Ghuman has written a few more novels. Saraiki Trump is his first Urdu fiction. This novel is an action and adventurous novel for all Urdu readers. The novel has special interest for the cricket lovers. Adventure, Urdu Novels,. Adventure , Urdu Novels. The original novel is authored by the famous J. Rowling who is the most favorite Internation author of Kids. She has is best known for the Harry Potter English fiction series. Rowling has achieved many awards from different publishers.

Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire novel is translated into many languages. Accordingly, this novel is also translated by two different Pakistanis. One Mr. As per Najam Noor Khan, the novel is translated into easy and comprehensive Urdu words. The novel is in beautiful colorful Pdf files, available for free download here. Najam Noor Khan has also inserted some beautiful pics related the stories' scenes in the pdf files.

He has translated the novel for Internet users and he is willing to publish his translated version in the near future. Harry Potter,.

Harry Potter. The original novel is written by the famous Ms. Rowling who is best known for Harry Potter fiction all over the world. Harry Potter Novel series is translated into various language of the world. Najam Noor Khan has translated this novel e.

The credit of this novel obviously goes to Mr. Najam Noor Khan who is struggling hard to translate such lengthy English fictions into the easy Urdu words. Harry Potter Aur Half Blood Shehzada Urdu novel is although for children and teenagers, however, the ages people also read this wonderful fiction of J. K Rowling. They praise her for such a wonderful and fantastic fiction. The Harry Potter novel series actually takes you to a world of imaginary and that is why the Harry Potter novels are translated into many languages and people love to read it.

Children, Harry Potter,. Children , Harry Potter. Books Categories A. Younas Butt Eid Eisa A. Her childhood had been spent in the same village of Bahawalpur, where I had taken roots for the last century.

Although I had never laid my eyes upon Alia in this village, however I could sense her fragrance in every bit of this desert of sand. I am a resident of a place which is far away from here.

I was so captivated by the love spell of Rohi that I could never return home. I have been imprisoned to this place for the last century. May be, my death was decreed in my ancestral village I had spent hundred years of my life, submerged in the love of Alia and now, I wanted to be buried in this soil, after dying. Now the death was also at loggerheads with me. It did not want to take me here and I did not want to die elsewhere.

Thus, I kept living uselessly amidst this tussle. Although the aspiration of life in me had died long ago but I could not commit suicide. As suicide is a great offence to love. I am not a coward who, distressed by the trails of love, would take his own life.

I had to wait for death while living in this world. Go to ask for her proposal once again, along with sister-in-law and mother. They respect sister-in-law a lot and they would not refuse her.

I had only one son whom I had named Abdullah. He had two sons.

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The name of elder son was Arfan. He was married and he had two children. Blond hair and blue eyes-she looked like a heroine of Disneyland movies. My son, grandsons and great grandsons, all had taken after me. I was not from Rajhistan so my skin olor and features were not Rajhistani. Despite of living in Rohi, me and my family were different from the residents of Rohi.

Adnan was the younger son of Abdullah and, he was my grandson. He was twenty years old and he was not married yet. He was young blood, that is why he had gotten involved in love affairs. Since he was my grandson, my blood was running in his veins. Parveen was the resident of our village. Please go along with father and mother. Our financial condition was very good in our village.

We had a twenty-acre land which was to be shared among Adnan and Arfan; ten acres each. They possessed the most land in the village, that is why they ruled the village. So, Adnan wanted to send Fatimah for the proposal. Now we will never go to their house.

She is their daughter, to whomever they want to commit her, we have no right to object. Parveen will not be happy, married to somebody else. We both love each other. I also sat upright, I began to see my reflection in my grandson, Adnan. They are gentlepeople that is why you two have been spared. It is the respect that your father has earned, due to which the village people spare you.

Otherwise you two would have been stoned to death in the square of the village till now. Son, this is Rohi and everything works here but love. Love does not work even in whole Hindustan. It had been thirteen years since Pakistan had come into existence but the old generation still referred to the united Hindustan. Bahawalpur state was an independent state during the British rule which was included in Pakistan in , after eight years of the creation of Pakistan.

It was the era of and it had only been five years since we had been part of Pakistan. My birth had taken place in It was the death year of the Sikh sultanate founder, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. The sultanate of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh started at the bank of Ravi and extended into some areas of Afghanistan.

The greatest misfortune of our country Pakistan is that we cloaked our history and heroes with the clothe of religion. We do remember the Muslim kings and freedom heroes but we forget those people of Pakistani land who have protected this soil. The whole history of subcontinent is full of Iranian and Afghani invaders. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh had not allowed British to cross river Ravi meanwhile he had not let Afghanis out of Afghanistan.

Maharaja Ranjeet Singh guarded the Durand Line for forty years. He did not let even one piece of Pakistan into Afghanistan. British came after Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and they established border between Pakistan and Afghanistan by drawing the Durand Line on the same lines as that of Sikh sultanate. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh is also one of the savors of Pakistan.