When looking for materials in addition to authorized Citrix training to /citrix/ en_us/documents/products-solutions/ruthenpress.info CNS Learning Path: Is this course for you? Built for IT Professionals working with NetScaler, with little to no previous NetScaler experience. Potential. EXAM PREPARATION GUIDE | Citrix NetScaler 10 Essentials and .. CXA 1W: Citrix NetScaler Overview (self-paced online training.

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How a NetScaler Communicates with Clients and Servers. /PDF. About Citrix. Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) is a leading provider of virtual. NetScaler appliance and NetScaler Insight Center services to extend Citrix desk calls and reduced training needs. It also helps lower support and training .. Citrix NetScaler and Citrix XenDesktop Deployment Guide. △. /PDF. △. 4 days ago Unified Gateway [PDF] [EPUB] Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler ADC) Citrix Application Training is not a commodity – all training centres are.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. NetScaler 10 Workshop Learning Labs exercise guide. Ricardo del rayo. Initial Configuration Load Balancing Content Switching

Create a responder action that redirects to a secure URL. Give the action a name and select Redirect for the type. In order to ensure that any hostname is redirected regardless of the host header, use the following dynamic expression: Next, create a responder policy to trigger the action. Open a browser instance and navigate to the VIP. Why is the page not displayed?

Since we do not have a Virtual server listening on port , the redirect does not complete properly. Choose a name, select SSL as the protocol type, reuse the same address Also, make sure that you bind the same backend server: Since this is an SSL vserver, we need to bind a server certificate.

Select the SSL settings tab, and select the wildcard-cert. Proceed to accept the warning. The default content should be displayed over a secure channel. This responder policy will redirect any request to port 80 to ; however, some applications hardcode absolute URLs or require special Host headers to serve content.

This is especially troublesome when the application is SSL Offloaded as it could render all the links inaccessible or the application fails to work. Attempt to login to the phpMyAdmin application using the following credentials: Citrix Did the login request work? You should see that a redirect diverts traffic directly to the backend server, effectively bypassing the load balancer.

In order to get through the initial login, we need to rewrite the redirect request the backend server is sending to include the FQDN for the VIP. For this, we will use a Rewrite Response policy. The Location header has the wrong information. Use the following expression: Next, define the rewrite policy.

Citrix Certifications

Select the action created before and use a true expression. Attempt to login to the application. Does the application complete the login request? After binding the previous policies, the application works as intended. Navigate a few links to verify correct behavior. Observe the links on the page. There is one more problem with this configuration. Unfortunately, some of the links are hardcoded by the application and the URL includes the backend server IP.

We need to configure a rewrite policy to modify the response body and replace this static value for the correct FQDN. First, start with the rewrite action. Choose the response body as the target text reference.

For the body argument, use characters. This should be plenty to catch all instances of the pattern to replace. For the replacement text, select https: Proceed to create the policy. Use a TRUE expression to trigger the action on every instance that matches the pattern.

In this lab, we will configure a URL transformation policy to masquerade an internal path to outside users to allow seamless access to the application. An alternative to the rewrite policies configured previously is to use a URL transformation to hide the application path. Since the URL transformation feature requires the rewrite engine, we need to ensure the rewrite feature is enabled.

To show the benefit of URL transform, we will use the same virtual server previously created. Then create the HTTP service for server 2. Fill in the service name field, select HTTP as the protocol, and port Bind a TCP monitor. Click on Create to finish. Make sure you inspect all policy types Responder, Rewrite Request, Rewrite Response, etc… Use the unbind policy button.

Our goal is to hide this path in order for external users to be unaware of the directory structure. Attempt to access the VIP to make sure the load balancing setup is working as expected. We need to create our URL transformation configuration. Give a name to the profile and select Create. After the profile was created, double-click on this object to bring up its properties.

Then, click on the Add button, to create a new URL transformation action. Give it a priority of 1, and Enable the Transformation action. Click Create when finished. You should be back in the transformation profile window.

We are ready to create a new URL transformation policy and bind it to the new profile created. Choose a name and select the profile previously created from the list. Since we are going to apply this transformation to all requests that land on the virtual server, use a TRUE expression. Open a new browser instance and navigate to http: Attempt to login to ensure the URL transformation policy is working for all site paths.

By performing native SQL load-balancing, it offers a cost-effective solution to offload database server connections considerably reducing the number of SQL connections to the backend servers, while providing an infrastructure to monitor, optimize, and secure a database deployment. You want to demonstrate NetScaler load balancing and content switching. There are three MySQL database servers with the parts of the same database spread amongst the servers.

You need to configure the NetScaler to access send traffic to specific servers based on the request. The expression is a compound expression using HTTP.

Bind all MySQL services to this virtual server.

CNS - Citrix ADC x Essentials and Traffic Management - Fast Lane Training

Open another browser and go to https: You will be presented with the RBG page. On the bottom of the page click on the link for the MySQL demo. Select the Sales radial button and hit Submit. You can see that the SQL Query used. Repeat for the Training and Support departments.

Lab: Part 5 – NetScaler 11 Architecture and Installation

On the Special parameters, enter the following details: After binding, wait a few seconds and reopen the properties of each MySQL service. The service should be UP and the pattern should be found in the response.

SQL Rate Limiting Overview NetScaler 10 enforces limits depending on the license platform installed on the system by measuring the rate of requests per second. If the data rate exceeds the pre-configured limit, the NetScaler will send an error message to the connecting client indicating the system limit has been reached. Additionally, the administrator can configure an SNMP trap in order to have visibility when this condition occurs.

In this exercise, we will attempt to install a web application that populates a database with sample data using a MYSQL virtual server to provide access to the database tier. Since many SQL requests will be sent to the virtual server, the rate limiting mechanism is triggered and the operation will fail. To complete the exercise, we will upgrade the platform license on the NetScaler VPX appliance which lifts the rate limit restriction and attempt the install operation once again.

In XenCenter, please make sure that following VMs are powered on: Verify the license installed on both nodes.

In previous labs, we created entries for Server 2 and 3, therefore, just create a new server entry for: Create the NetScaler DB user. Use the —h, —u, and —p flags to specify the hostname, username, and prompt for a password.

You should be able to login through the VIP.

Since we will be installing a web application, create an HTTP virtual server and corresponding services Please refer to Module 5 — Exercise 1, step The necessary files to complete the install are located in the apache webserver root. Browse to the sugarcrm directory to begin the install: Go through the initial system check and accept the license agreement. Perform a typical install and accept the defaults.

For the database administrator username and password, use the NetScaler DB user configured before: Pick a password for the sugarcrm admin user. Accept the warning and select install The install operation will fail due to a database error.

We can see that the rate limiting mechanism was triggered: MySQL error Save your configuration. From the Windows 7 workstation, close any browser instances and run the web application installer again. Refer to steps Before you can run the installer again, the config. To avoid making manual changes to the configuration file, an already modified copy is stored in: If you receive any warnings to remove the existing tables and populate the data, click on the accept button.

The SQL rate limits per platform are as follows: You can safely ignore any warnings regarding the configuration not being changed.

From the windows 7 workstation, run the web-app installer again. The installation will now complete successfully. That's easy enough to navigate with some trial and error. Usually out of a room equiped with you only have a handful of students, so space or lack of equipment is really a non issue.

No, the bigger Sin for me was the state of patching or lack there of. However to access the lab material, PDF's, and download the Receiver link, Yep, you had to log in to your Citrix account.

I'm not talking one or two months of patches. I ended up using my laptop to access the lab environment and using only the two monitors and desktop to display the class and exercise PDF's. This also meant I was set up to play in the lab from the hotel with no additional setup. Either greater prestige of the Townspeople eventually story, dip then on the polling colordict windows 7 painter, or the legend of the communist; examines a sense of parents in some detail in societies of the new of fratricide.

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