FOREST OF DOOM. Only thc foolhardy or the very bravc would willingly sk a ioumey into Darkwood Forcst, where strange, twisting paths wind their lvay into the. The Forest of Doom is a single-player adventure gamebook written by Ian Livingstone, and It was published by Myriador in and reissued in pdf format by Greywood Publishing in This gamebook has later been released by Tin. Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - the Forest of Doom - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Gamebook.

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Forest Of Doom Pdf

The Forest of Doom Entries, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Entries, books, The Forest of Doom is a single-player role-playing gamebook written by Ian Livingstone, illustrated by Malcolm Barter and originally published in by Puffin Books. It forms part of Steve Jackson. YOU are the hero in Forest of Doom! Explore the sinister Darkwood Forest in the digital Fighting Fantasy Standalone version of Ian Livingstone's classic RPG. Please help improve this media file by adding it to one or more categories, so it may be associated with related media files (how?), and so that it.

Description Nostalgia overload! Take part in one of the classic gamebook experiences that introduced a whole generation to fantasy role-playing games! Computer gaming was in its infancy and it was the early days of tabletop RPGs when The Forest of Doom exploded into bookshops in the early 80s, proudly displaying Iain McCaig's iconic cover. You can relive the adventures in Darkwood Forest on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, lovingly updated for digital devices. Presented in full colour with realistic physics-based dice rolling for battles, auto-mapping, an auto-updated adventure sheet and stat keeping. It has every bell and whistle you could ask for in terms of making the experience of playing Forest of Doom as enjoyable as possible. This is what you want. This is one of the classics of the genre and it has been given the usual royal treatment from the developer. Never get lost in Darkwood Forest.

Towards the rear of the book you will find summaries of new monsters, spells and magic items as well as advice about integrating this adventure into your campaigns. The bulk of the book contains the scenario information divided by location.

A description of each location is provided for the DM detailing its contents and any monsters present. The shaded text boxes contain information that the DM can either read out or paraphrase to the players.

Other information should be kept secret from the players until they discover it. Descriptions of how each monster is likely to react are included in the room descriptions. The DM is advised to read through the scenario at least once before you play. Full colour maps, pre-generated character sheets and character and monster tokens are all available free to owners of this book from: www.

Luck Luck was a major factor in the Fighting Fantasy series of books. The d20 system includes a range of skills that are used where Luck was in the original books.

This scenario is aimed at small parties of players mini-groups. The inclusion of Luck gives them an edge that makes up for their lack of numbers. Players should be encouraged to use Luck as often as possible - it may make the difference between success and failure! To reflect this, it is easier for characters to recover Luck than it is for other Ability scores, methods of restoring Luck are given under the heading: Restoring Luck.

Luck is determined in the same way as other Ability scores. The maximum possible starting Luck score is 18 regardless of race. A character's starting Luck score can only be increased by magical means or by spending attribute points gained as the character becomes more experienced. Luck will be treated as an Ability score in every respect i.

A character may use Luck to change or influence events, reducing the damage taken from an enemy's attack for instance, or increasing their chance of picking a lock. You can also use your Luck to reduce the damage you take from an enemy's attack.

The result of the Luck check is applied as a modifier to the action. You may only check Luck once per action undertaken and the result only affects that action.

A character's Luck score is temporarily reduced by 1 every time Luck is checked. Luck cannot be used to give a character feats or special Abilities that she would not normally have. Luck is checked against a Difficulty Class DC.

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If the Character fails her Luck check by up to 5, there is no penalty. However, if the character fails by 6 or more, she will suffer a -2 penalty to the outcome that Luck was used to affect.

Example: Ellion G'aarak decides to test her Luck to help her fight 2 Orcs by giving a modifier to hit them. She rolls a d20 and adds her Ability Modifier Luck getting a total of 13, success! Later in the same fight Ellion decides to test her Luck to add to her attack roll again, this time she rolls a total of 4. Ellion has failed to make the required DC10 by 6. Ellion now suffers a -2 penalty to her attack roll and her Luck is temporarily reduced by 1.

If she had rolled a total of 7, she would still have failed in her Luck check but not suffered a penalty. However, her Luck would still have been temporarily reduced by 1. Minimum Luck Score When a character's Luck score reaches 0 they can no longer choose to test their Luck. Luck cannot be lowered further than 0, and cannot be used again until it is raised to at least 1. The character makes a Luck check and than applies the result as a modifier to their saving throw.

The character makes a Luck check and then applies the result as a modifier to their skill check. Rhana Quinn has fallen off a rickety bridge into a fast flowing river. Rhana is not a good swimmer having no skill bonus, which is reduced by 6 because of her equipment -3 check penalty for medium load, doubled to -6 for the Swim skill.

She decides to use her Luck to help her reach the riverbank safely. She rolls a 17 giving her a final result of Rhana just manages to scramble to the riverbank. Rhana reduces her Luck temporarily by 1. She would start to drown. Of course she could use Luck again in the next round to help her survive. The character makes a Luck check and then applies the result as a modifier to their opposed skill check, which is then compared to their opponents check as normal.

As you sit down at the table opposite him, you deftly slip the Armband of Strength on to your arm. You put your elbow on to the table and lock hands with him. His grip is like an iron jaw and his dark slanted eyes look confident.

His biceps him up the stairs,turn to The oeature in the cage jumps:uound even more frantically than before. Do you: Take a closerlook atthe creah. Searchthrough the contents ofthe cave? Leave the caveimmediately and contin ue north wards? Tum to Tum to 3r3 Turn to 35t 56 Walking along the tranquil valleyfloor, you arrive at a junction in the path. You seethat the way south leads back to th; hils so decide to disrniss that option. Ifyou wish to continue west, tum to 2r3. If you wish to head north, tum to If yo:u are Lnck, the fire bolt misses you and explodes'byyour 5E feet - turn to If you are Unlucky, the fire bolt slams into your back,knocking you to the groundturn to Thicksmokerisesinto the air from the-burn marks madeby the Holy Wateron the putrid fleshof the Ghoul.

The Ghoul appears be in greatpain but to throuShits wide-open mouthno soundis heard. It crawls into a coher of theroom,desperate escape to your goodly eveapon. Youareove4oyed see, wellas to as 25 Gold Pieces,an obtectthat the Ghoul was using as a head regt - a bronze hammer head with the lefter G inscribed in it. You happily put your findings into your backpack walk backup the and stairsto leavethe crypt and retum to the path to headnorth.

Turn to i12, You arrive at another junction in the Path lSnoring the way south, you conhnue east - rum to a7r 60 tt ous gas turn to Ifyou wish to Soon crawl;outh back to the well, turn to You bum and set off west again Turn to 20E. You have to jump back to avoid being run down.

ā€ˇFighting Fantasy: The Forest of Doom on the App Store

He gallops past you in a cloud of dust and stops some ten metres away down the path you have just come along. Maybe fighting the noble Centaur is not such a good idea after all. You sheatheyour sword and decide to wade acrossthe river. Tum to 1iE. You see that the Path continues north into the hills but asit is getting dark you decide to make camp for the night under a large solitary tree to the right of the Path.

You build a large fire and settle down to sleepwith your sword by your side.

But then a glow ndiates through your body and you feel invigorated. You set off eastalong the Path. Youareatthefootof some 59 The tunnel goes deeper underground, heading west some sixty metles belore opening out into a last cavern with Breenslimy walls, A shaft of daylight shines down ftom the rcof of the cavern illurninatingthe floor. Small,pale-skinnedhumanoidsare scattered about and they appearto be tending crops of different-coloured fungi.

A stream trickles through the cavern. Stonestepsrise pastalcoveson the far wall to a hole in the roof throueh which the daylight streams. You draw your sword and approachone of the small humanoids. As you get neareryou see that they are hairleSs and their eyes are blank. Add 2 pointsto your currentsKrLLscore for your enchanted sword Cuttingyour new weapon through the air you set off north down the gorge turn to 3j4.

He has i long nose and pointed eals and weats brown canvas dothing. A largemedallion hangsfrom his neckona silver chain. The ffea ture is sitting at a table examin, ing a red clay figur of a human hand.

On seeing you enter the cavehe taLesa stonehammer and smashes dayhand. Outsideyou stop to of examine contents the bag. Insideyou find 5 the a small brassbell. You put thesein Gold Pieces and your backpackand walk back to the iunction in the pathto headnorth. If you win, hrm fo The path endsat a junction. The way southleads backto the forestsoyou decide headnorth tum to to 13t.

If the number rolled is equal to or less than both yout Luc and sKrLL scores, the door flies open - turn to If the number rolled is qreater lhan either your r ucK or 5Kt. However, nothing happens and you manage to doss safely.

Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - the Forest of Doom

You arc now at the foot of some hills and it is getting darker as night closesin. You decide to camDbehind some rocks to the left of the path and settle dowi to sleep with your sword by your side.

Tum tojjo. Continuenorth alont thepath? Tut'I toJn Turn to-9i Eo Eo Theredoesnot seemto be much point il staying hereany longerand you walk over to the stepsin thefar wall. Er Aheadyou hear high-pitched voicesfrantically calling to eachothe!. The tunnel endsat a smallcave entrance. Suddenlyan alrow flies out of the cave yoltr Luck. If you are Lucky,the towardsyou. Test arrow whistlespastyour head turn to

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