I had a Betta years ago when the fish was supposed to be kept in a vase with a peace plant. I regret ever doing that. This book has been very useful in how to. This manual focuses on the care of Betas, brilliantly colored beginners' fishes that are wonderful for brightening an aquarium tank. This book describes all the. Betta Fish: Learn All About The Amazing Betta Fish - Kindle edition by Praxis How to Care for Betta Fish Like an Expert (Aquarium and Turtle Mastery Book 4).

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Betta Fish Book

Searching the web, trying to answer the latest betta fish care question that has cropped up, only to find there are numerous sites with contradicting information. Betta Fish book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Before you download a Betta fish you need to know and understand how to be. . Betta Fish book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Learn How to Make Your Betta The Coolest and Healthiest Pet on the Block!.

Add to basket Add to wishlist Description The Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish hails from the Mekong basin and has featured in fish tanks and bowls for centuries despite its reputation for aggression. Today there is a wide range of colours and tail and fin shapes to delight the aquarist, and these fish are also bred very successfully in captivity, including by hobbyists. This book will introduce you to these fish by looking at the different types, discussing their appearance and biology, typical Betta Fish behaviour, their feeding requirements, and what makes these elegant fish both fascinating and unique. It will also tell you what you need to know in order to decide whether or not this is the pet for you and, if it is, where to download one, how to select your Betta Fish, what you need to download before you bring it home, and how to take proper care of it. The hobbyist must know what these fish need with regards to their environment. All the necessary equipment and water and other parameters are examined as the quality of the water and the general environment has a crucial bearing on the health and happiness of Betta or Siamese fighting fish. Like all fish, the Betta is unfortunately susceptible to a number of different types of bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections and infestations. Anyone who is serious about having a fish and a tank needs to know what to look for and how to deal with common fish ailments. This book also contains helpful information on their mating behaviour, spawning and on caring for the hatchlings or fry for those who are interested in breeding Bettas. Other areas of discussion are how to prevent fights between fish and which other species are compatible so you don't have to deal with aggression and the injuries and stress which inevitably follow fights or bullying.

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Betta Fish 101: The Complete Betta Fish Keeping Guide

Sort order. Feb 19, Sandy Wright rated it really liked it. Super informative book.

May 05, Pam rated it really liked it. Informative Very good at describing the needs and proper care of your fish. Even easy ways to get your fish to do tricks.


Jun 14, constantine poulos rated it it was amazing. Very informative This is a very good read if you are going to get a Betta.

It gives you everything from download to breeding. Caron Watson rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Kevin Morrison rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Jimmy Burr rated it really liked it Apr 30, Tara L Tyrrell rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Barbara's Kindle rated it really liked it Apr 29, Kelly added it May 01, Kim Palmer added it Sep 01, Kristy Coppock is currently reading it Sep 07, Peter Mayer marked it as to-read Oct 03, Pooja Thantry marked it as to-read Oct 22, Glen is currently reading it Nov 13, Suzanne Carpenter is currently reading it Nov 30, Charles M Follett added it Jan 21, Feeding: What should I feed my betta fish?

How much food and when is the best time of day?

What You Will Learn...

How do I keep my betta fish stimulated? And a whole lot more In fact our contents page alone takes up two pages.

Click download now and have your copy in seconds - ready to be read on PC, laptop, tablets, smart phones, ebook readers or printed out if needed. This is the ultimate, time saving, easy-to-follow, information-rich betta fish guide available. You and your betta fish will love it — guaranteed!

That's Right, Guaranteed! After years of researching betta fish care we believe this is THE ultimate betta fish care guide and to prove that claim — If for whatever reason you are not delighted with our book we will refund you every single penny.

It was found that when another male fish was present, the male was more likely to engage in courtship behaviours with the dummy female fish. When no barriers were present, the males were more likely to engage in gill flaring at an intruder male fish. Therefore, the researchers conclude that the male is attempting to court the female and communicate with the rival male present at the same time.

Metabolic costs of aggression[ edit ] Studies have found that Siamese fighting fish often begin with behaviours that require high cost, and gradually decrease their behaviours as the encounter proceeds.

Betta Fish Care Guide

Similarly, researchers have found that when pairs of male Siamese fighting fish were kept together in the same tank for a three-day period, aggressive behaviour was most prevalent during the mornings of the first two days of their cohabitation.

However the researchers observed that the fighting between the two males decreased as the day progressed. The male in the dominant position initially had metabolic advantage; although as the experiment progressed, both fish became equal in regards to metabolic advantages.

However, the fish who won showed higher oxygen consumption during the evening subsequent to the fight. Therefore, the results of this study indicate that aggressive behaviour in the form of fighting has long-lasting effects on metabolism.

Researchers have considered the effect that such chemicals can have on Siamese fighting fish. This section will examine three studies, each of which indicates that chemicals can significantly affect the behaviours of Siamese fighting fish.

In particular, these behaviour changes are most likely to occur in regards to aggression. One study investigated the effect of testosterone on female Siamese fighting fish. Females were first given testosterone, which resulted in physical changes. This included fin length, body coloration and gonads.

‎Caring for Betta Fish on Apple Books

These physical changes resulted in the females resembling typical male fish. Next their aggressive behaviour was monitored.


It was found that when these females interacted with other females, their aggression increased. In contrast, when the females interacted with males, their aggressive behaviour decreased.

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