tains to the Sixth And Seventh Book of Moses, as follows: Adonai, E EI to thue, when thon callest upon them and citest them by these seven. Beads and twelve. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By Johann Scheibel. The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses is an 18th- or 19th-century magical text allegedly written by Moses. Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses., which havefor several THE SIXTH BOOK on mose s. 7. Ehe y e.,. Ay sc her.,. J ehel,. Y azliah,. Elion. Sum qui sum ab.

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Seven Books Of Moses Pdf

tains to the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses, as follows. Adonai . THE SIXTH BOOK OF MOSES. The Seal. (Fig. 7-). The most obedient Angels of Power, seu. Moses' Magical Spirit-Art. IdentifierTheSixthAndSeventhBooksOfMoses. Identifier-arkark://t43r7px7t. OcrABBYY FineReader The Seventh Book of. MOSES. Moses' Magical Spirit Art. Translated from the Ancient Hebrew. By Johann Scheibel.

It is not sure whether or not this is true, although Talmudic scholars will probably deny that there are any references in Talmudic literature to the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. It has been long hailed by occult masters as a valuable tool in the study and practice of cabalistic magic. Supported Mail Accounts Username yahoo. Embed This Document 1. Paste the copied code into the source of the page where you want to embed this document. Cancel Download Document Download this document as: Adobe Acrobat. Cancel If you are the copyright owner of this document and want to report it, please follow these directions to submit a copyright infringement notice. Sir it has been my desire to get one of the your books I heard of it when I was a kid but time had not permit me to get one. Sir I'm writing you this to appeal before you and the entire members of your fraternity to willingly get me some your books which will enable me to know the mystery of this World and the Spirit World also. I hope this will meet your favorable consideration: Telephone number: Click here to turn off highlighting.

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The Sixth And Seventh Books Of Moses

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The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

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Peggy Arb. Gnostic the Ancient One. Rhaxma Conspiracy. Extract from the Magical Kabala The Citation-Formulas contained in this book must only be pronounced in the Hebrew language, and in no other. In any other language they have no power whatever, and the Master can never be sure of their effects.

For all these words and forms were thus pronounced by the Great Spirit, and have power only in the Hebrew language. The Words of the Breastplate and the Helmet pronounced mean Holiness.

Through this, God spoke to Moses. They are names of the Creator and the characters on the Ark of the Covenant. They signify: "The Lord appeared to his servant in the fire, to seal the earth in its four quarters, and the nether earth. They cannot be translated on account of the Hebrew characters.

The first cannot be uttered and was used by the first inhabitants of earth as a mighty lord. The whole is good, but not everyone can obtain it in perfection without severe discipline. It is terrible. To these He has given this, who will not forget Him in the pleasures of this world, who, still bearing suffering without forgetting the reality, nor the perishing lustre of the world.

At this time, a halo of light will surround you, and when you become aware of this light, fall upon your knees and worship. Then say in an audible voice the words inscribed in the following seal.

You must speak slowly and distinctly. SINCE the Oriental transcript of this work was imperfect in many parts, the translation of it had to be taken according to the great original book, on account of the purity of its text, and, therefore, it won for itself the advantage of understanding and completing the exercises with serenity and confidence.

The translator, in the meantime believes, that no one, who feels honestly called to these things, can ever be made the subject of ill-fortune, or be deceived by the wiles and deceptions of the old serpent, the inevitable fate that will and must fall to his lot under any other exorcisms, and that he may cheerfully and safely move thence.

They were termed sorcerers because they taught in Cutha, their original place of abode, and afterward in Samaria, the Kabala or Higher Magic Book of Kings. Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, the chosen archpriests, are shining lights among the Eastern magicians.

They were kings and teachers--the first priest-teachers of this glorious knowledge--and from these Samaritans-Cuthans, who were called Nergal according to the traditions of the Talmud, originated the Gypsies, who, through degeneracy, lost the consecration of their primordial powers.

Before you can enter the temple of consecrated light, you must purify your soul and body during thirteen days. As a brother and disciple of the new covenant, or as a Christian, you must receive the Holy Sacrament for the glorification of the three kings--Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.

Three holy masses must be read as often as you make use of this book in your priestly service with your intention fixed upon the three glorified kings. You must provide yourself with a ram's horn, wherewith to call together the angels and spirits. This horn must be included in your intentions of the holy mass. You must wear a breastplate of parchment, ten inches high and ten inches wide, inscribed with the names of the twelve apostles with the five-fold name of Schemhamforasch, in the same order that it is placed on the last leaf.

You must draw a circle around you upon white paper, or upon sky blue silk. Its circumference shall be thirteen feet, and at the distance of each foot, one of the following names must be written: Moseh, Messias, Aaron, Jehova, Adoni, Jesus, Christus, Caspar, Melchior, Balthasar.

Between each name you must place the holy symbol of Horet:. The breastplate must be included in the intention of the holy mass. Through consecration with holy three king's water and with three burning wax tapers, you must finally pronounce a benediction over this book, the horn, the breastplate, and the circle, after reading a wellselected mysterious ritual.

You may enter alone, or begin this great work with two companions, by day or night, but always from the first to the thirteenth of the month, and during the thirteenth day, and through the whole night of the new moon, and also during the full moon, when the three planets, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, are visible in the heavens on the day of exorcism, either singly or together.

You must always stand with your face toward Zion, or toward the rising of the sun. He who refuses a copy of this book, or who suppresses it or steals it, will be seized with eternal trembling like Cain, and the angels of god will depart from him. Calls with voice and horn as instructed. These are the plagues which the Cuthians often employed in their exorcisms for punishment. The conjuror then kneels in the center of the star, facing east with head uncovered, and calls out thirteen times, with great faith and fervor, the names of the three kings, Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.

He then calls out, with equal sentiment, the most sacred name of Elohim, times. This conjuration can only take place during the first three days or nights of the new or full moon, or when Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are visible in the heavens, as established in the Laws of Entrance.

The name of each angel must be called out three times to the four quarters of the earth, first with the voice, then with the horn. The blowing of the horn must be repeated. Three calls with the voice and three with the horn. Prayer Eternal of Eternals! Jehovah of Light, Adonai of Truth! Messiah of the All Merciful! Thou hast said: Who seeth me seeth also the Father.

Father, eternal Father of the old and new convenants. Now read the 17th chapter of John or Jesus' prayer. I pray that I thou mayest bid thine angels to purify me from all sin; that they may breathe upon me in love, and that they may cover me with the shadow of their wings.

Send them down! This is my prayer in peace! Bring me up N. Each of these five omnipotent angels must be called three times toward the four quarters of the world, first with the voice then with the horn, to make a total of six calls.

Twelve calls with the voice and twelve calls with the horn for each name. Each name must be repeated three times.

These, as well as the following invocations, contain only the peculiar names of the angels of omnipotence who will permit the conjured spirits to appear, or will compel them to appear by force. Our Hearts! Prayer Oh Lord, arise, that my enemies may be destroyed and that they may fly; that those who hate Thee may be scattered like smoke--drive them away.

As wax melteth before the fire, so pass away all evil doers before God, for God has given thee the kingdom. Pour out Thy wrath over them. Thy wrath seize them.

Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses - Wikipedia

Thou shalt stand upon leopards and adders, and Thou shalt subdue the lion and dragon. With God only can we do great things. He will bring them under our feet. Here the horn must be blown three times towards the four quarters of the earth. For the ram's horn, in the old covenant, is the symbol of omnipotence and of purification, or of beauty, truth and holiness.

Prayer Eternal God of our All! Our god!

6th & 7th Books of Moses

Hear our voice, spare and have mercy upon us. Accept our prayer in mercy and with pleasure. I have sinned. I have committed transgressions.

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