Written by members of the development team at Apple, Programming with Quartz is the first book to describe the sophisticated graphics system of Mac OS X. By. Editorial Reviews. Review. "I strongly encourage non-Macintosh programmers to pick up this book and find out for themselves what a truly great development. Quartz is the result of a year evolution of graphics programming on the Macintosh. PDF documents can be treated as a single graphic element but can .

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Programming With Quartz Pdf

It includes guidance for working with PDF documents, drawing bitmap graphics, using Quartz built-in color management, and drawing text. Programming with. Programming with Quartz: 2D and PDF Graphics in Mac OS X (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Programming Mac OS X: A Guide for Unix Developers. Explains how to use Quartz 2D. Includes Quartz 2D Programming Guide. PDF . PDF Document Creation, Viewing, and Transforming.

Written by members of the development team at Apple, Programming with Quartz is the first book to describe the sophisticated graphics system of Mac OS X. By using the methods described in this book, developers will be able to fully exploit the state-of-the-art graphics capabilities of Mac OS X in their applications, whether for Cocoa or Carbon development. This book also serves as an introduction to 2D graphics concepts, including how images are drawn and how color is rendered. It includes guidance for working with PDF documents, drawing bitmap graphics, using Quartz built-in color management, and drawing text. Cocoa and Carbon programmers who want to understand and fully exploit the power of the graphics system in Mac OS X and those who are looking to add new drawing capabilities, add support for PDF documents, or improve the quality of the graphics in their applications.

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Positive values rotate the rectangle to the right; negative values rotate the rectangle to the left. Note that you pass degrees, not radians. Scales the effective rectangle, if necessary, so that it coincides with the edges of the rectangle you supply. If you specify to preserve the aspect ratio by passing true in the preserveAspectRatio parameter, then the final rectangle coincides with the edges of the more restrictive dimension of the rectangle you supply in the rect parameter.

You can use this function, for example, if you are writing a PDF viewing application similar to that shown in Figure Listing shows a function that creates an affine transform for a PDF page using the parameters passed to the function, applies the transform, and then draws the PDF page.

Clips the graphics context to the rectangle specified by the box parameter.

You can pass a CFDictionary object to specify page properties including the media, crop, bleed, trim, and art boxes. Takes as parameters a rectangle that specifies the size of the PDF page and a string that specifies the filename.

Quartz 2D Graphics for Mac OS X Developers - PDF Free Download

Creates an empty CFDictionary object to hold metadata. The next two lines add a title and creator. For more information on creating dictionaries, see CFDictionary Reference. A pointer to a rectangle that defines the default size and location of the PDF page. The origin of the rectangle is typically 0, 0.

Quartz uses this rectangle as the default bounds of the page media box. You can use the CFDictionary object to specify output intent options—intent subtype, condition, condition identifier, registry name, destination output profile, and a human-readable text string that contains additional information or comments about the intended target device or production condition.

Programming with Quartz

This example sets the media box. Signals the start of a page. Quartz ignores all drawing operations performed outside a page boundary in a page-based context.

Transparency Layers gives examples of what transparency layers look like, discusses how they work, and provides step-by-step instructions for implementing them. Data Management in Quartz 2D discusses how to move data into and out of Quartz. Bitmap Images and Image Masks describes what makes up a bitmap image definition and shows how to use a bitmap image as a Quartz drawing primitive.

It also describes masking techniques you can use on images and shows the various effects you can achieve by using blend modes when drawing images. Core Graphics Layer Drawing describes how to create and use drawing layers to achieve high-performance patterned drawing or to draw offscreen.

Quartz 2D Graphics for Mac OS X Developers

These functions are not available in iOS. Text describes Quartz 2D low-level support for text and glyphs, and alternatives that provide higher-level and Unicode text support. It also discusses how to copy font variations. Glossary defines the terms used in this guide.

Core Graphics Framework Reference provides a complete reference for the Quartz 2D application programming interface. Color Management Overview is a brief introduction to the principles of color perception, color spaces, and color management systems.

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