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Given Perl's natural fit for web applications development, it's no surprise that Perl is also a natural choice for web services development. It's the most popular. Download Read Programming Web Services with Perl | eBooks Textbooks Ebook Free Download Here. Programming Web Services with Perl is written for Perl programmers who have no prior knowledge of web services. No understanding of XML-RPC or SOAP is.

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Programming Web Services With Perl Ebook

Arthur Brisbane was a run-of-the-mill newspaperman, no better and no worse than a he receives free publicity in newspa. Programming Web Services with Perl. Randy J. Ray and Pavel Kulchenko. O' REILLY®. Beijing " Cambridge - Farnham " On " Paris " Sebastopol " Taipei " Tokyo. Programming Web Services with SOAP introduces you to building distributed Wb -based applications using the SOAP, WSDL, and UDI protocols. You'll learn the.

For example, there could be a web application designed in Java, another in. Net and another in PHP. Exchanging data between applications is crucial in today's networked world. But data exchange between these heterogeneous applications would be complex. So will be the complexity of the code to accomplish this data exchange.

WSDL describes all functions available for the web service, all the data types for response and request messages, web service location information, and the transport protocol binding information. WSDL facilitates web service invocation by providing both descriptive and connectivity information about a web service in a single XML document. The Perl application to do this is shown in Listing As you can see, this is a very short example, but I believe it is an important example. So far, the examples have only been SOAP clients.

In the next example, I'll show you what is required to build your own web service provider application. So, if you wanted to register this application as a web service with a web services directory, it would be accessible through the Internet. As long as a web service conforms to the SOAP standards, we know our client will be able to communicate with the web service. NOTE To run this example, you'll need a web server for example, Apache installed, running, and configured to accept incoming connections on port Web Service Description Let's pretend that you work for an online reseller, and you've been asked to develop a web service application that provides real-time access to the current book inventory.

Currently, the book inventory is stored in an XML document that contains the following information for each book: name, publisher, author, pages, and price.

Our SOAP-based application is a web services client that retrieves information about any published book. Keep this in mind in case you ever need to build a real-life application to track books; the ISBN number provides a perfect unique key.

As you can see, this is a fairly simple XML document that contains the important information for several books. It will then parse the XML document shown in Listing The source code for the Perl module is shown in Listing Filename: Books.

This is the method that will be available as a Web service. Instantiate a new handler object. Handler package definition As you can see, Books. For instance, when I am teaching a student. It's 10 bucks cheaper at site, compared to BN. Please mod the parent down and mod up this link [site.

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This behavior is so weak I wasn't trying to hide my affiliate link If it's inappropriate, then someone from site or slashdot just needs to tell me so. Gratuitous O'Reilly books Score: I'm losing respect for this publisher. Their web services books have been the type of flimsy, generated-from-the-standards-docs crap I would expect to see from Sam's and Queue. O'Reilly can't survive on the sales of their essential books, so they have proliferated this crap to keep their sales going.

Addison Wesley in my opinion is the only serious quality technical publisher left. O'Reilly Rules! In addition to perl it covers Java and C. Concise, well written, simple examples.

A thoroughly good book. You are mistaken Score: You are referring to: Web Services and Perl vs. Web Apps Score: First of all, I love Perl. For years I've developed web applications with it. However, other technologies out there are better suited to developing web apps than Perl. For example, let us say I wanted to map a directory to a particular CGI script. I'd have to have a controlling script in the cgi-bin that would relegate particular requests to other CGI scripts or "require" them.

But if I still wanted to map a directory to a script, I would hav. That's right, you'd have to add the mapping to the apache web server configuration. I don't see what the big deal with doing that.

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Is it easier to edit web. As someone who deals with both, I don't think so. But regardless, I'd like to point out that you are essentially comparing configurations between Apache a web server with Tomcat an application server, which can, but shouldn't be used as a web server. I am not sure how these reflect negatively on perl. That was just an example. Here's another one: Let us say you wanted the web application to go to a specific page or do something special on getting a error, page not found or any other server error for that matter.

Your Java web application can be programmed to handle that rather than having to monkey with the server to handle it. But I am becoming to see the pattern You basically prefer the configuration mechanism of Tomcat better than Apache.

That's fine, it's a perfectly legitimate concern if that's what matters most to you. But again, it has nothing to do with Java or Perl. What you're talking about are not J2EE things either - they are specific to.

It's done plenty. The same mechanism can and is used where I work to configure directories with whatever settings that directory needs think of each directory as being one app. Perhaps Java is "better" at web services than Perl. But if your developers aren't skilled in Java then is it still a better tool?

It's all relative. As someone who has programmed in both Java and Perl, I see your point. Problem however is that the "right tool for job" approach, as logical as it sounds isn't always workable.

Programming Web Services with Perl - O'Reilly Media

This industry is evolving so fast that it is simply impossible for anyone with a day-job to keep up with everything. So rather than everyone knowing all the best tools, what we tend to s. I agree with your assessment that the book helps Perl programmers build better applications for the web. Also, on another note, in this economy people who know Perl but not Java are probably not doing too well. If you were building CGI apps with Java, you wouldn't be able to do that either.

Playing along with this t. Lite is awesome Score: Lite was so easy to use to write 'foreign' clients to Java and Smalltalk web services that I was working on. I have not seen the book, but the fact that one author wrote SOAP: Lite is a good sign. In the normal RPC style communication, the client would just call the methods in its request and send the required parameters to the server, and the server would then send the desired response. The above communication model has the below serious limitations Not Language Independent — The server hosting the methods would be in a particular programming language and normally the calls to the server would be in that programming language only.

Not the standard protocol — When a call is made to the remote procedure, the call is not carried out via the standard protocol. This was an issue since mostly all communication over the web had to be done via the HTTP protocol.

Firewalls — Since RPC calls do not go via the normal protocol, separate ports need to be open on the server to allow the client to communicate with the server. Normally all firewalls would block this sort of traffic, and a lot of configuration was generally required to ensure that this sort of communication between the client and the server would work.

To overcome all of the limitations cited above, SOAP would then use the below communication model The client would format the information regarding the procedure call and any arguments into a SOAP message and sends it to the server as part of an HTTP request. The server would then unwrap the message sent by the client, see what the client requested for and then send the appropriate response back to the client as a SOAP message.

The practice of unwrapping a request sent by the client is known as Demarshalling. This topic will look at using the Microsoft. Net framework to build an ASMX web service.

This type of web service supports both SOAP version 1. This WSDL document is required by the calling client application so that the application knows what the web service is capable of doing.

In our example, we are going to create a simple web service, which will be used to return a string to the application which calls the web service.

This web service will be hosted in an Asp. Net web application. We will then invoke the web service and see the result that is returned by the web service. Visual Studio will also show us what the SOAP message being passed between the web service and the calling application. The first pre-requisite to setup our Web service application which can be done by following the below steps. Please ensure that you have Visual Studio installed on your system for this example.

Step 1 The first step is to create an empty ASP. Net Web application.

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Once you click on the New Project option, Visual Studio will then give you another dialog box for choosing the type of project and to give the necessary details of the project. This is explained in the next step. NET Web application. The project has to be of this type in order to create web services project.

By choosing this option, Visual Studio will then carry out the necessary steps to add required files which are required by any web-based application. Give a name for your project which in our case has been given as webservice. Then ensure to give a location where the project files will be stored. Once done you will see the project file created in your solution explorer in Visual Studio Just provide a name of Tutorial Service for the web service name file. Step 4 Add the following code to your Tutorial Service asmx file.

Code Explanation: This line of code provides a name for your web service file. This is an important step because it gives way for the client application to call the web service via the name of the web service. Normally a class file is used to encapsulate the functionality of a web service.

So the class file will have the definition of all the web methods which will provide some functionality to the client application.