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Welcome to the NLP workbook. This is the most comprehensive guide to Neuro-. Linguistic Programming available. It has all the main material to practitioner. PDF | This paper aims to present the Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) communication techniques which can be used by people in business. PDF | Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) in health care has captured the interest of doctors, healthcare professionals, and managers. To evaluate the effects of.

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development and professional excellence in counselling, education and business. -. Introducing Neuro- Linguistic Programming includes: How to create rapport. NLP explained. What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and why does it have such a . Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I am only now beginning to more fully. by Romilla Ready and Kate Burton. A John Wiley and Sons, Ltd, Publication. Neuro-linguistic. Programming. FOR. DUMmIES‰. 2ND EDITION.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Irta Fitriana. Dibutuhkan suatu cara yang lebih mudah, cepat dan tepat untuk menginspirasi dan memotivasi para murid untuk mencapai tujuan pembelajaran. Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP adalah model komunikasi interpersonal dan merupakan pendekatan alternatif yang didasarkan kepada pembelajaran subyektif mengenai bahasa, komunikasi, dan perubahan personal. Seperangkat presuposisi yang praktis, efektif, elegan dalam artikel ini dapat diaplikasikan secara riil dalam pengajaran dengan tujuan untuk memperkuat pemahaman siswa. NLP, presuposisi presupposition ,interpersonal Abstract The job of an educator teacher is not simply transfer the contents of the material, but also inspire their students to be motivated to learn and apply it in everyday life. It takes a way more easily, quickly and precisely to inspire and motivate students to achieve learning objectives. Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP is an interpersonal communication model and an alternative approach based on the subjective study of language, communication and personal change. Presupposition set of practical, effective, elegant in this article can be applied in real terms in teaching with the aim to strengthen students' understanding. NLP, presuppositions, interpersonal I.

There is no official list of NLP presuppositions, but later in this book you can find a very good and useful collection of them. However, there are studies that look at aspects of NLP. They are mostly small studies, so they do not constitute proof, and there is definitely no scientific consensus regarding NLP. Better put, there is no significant scientific interest in NLP. Much of what research has taken place has shown a poor understanding of NLP, and suffered from methodological problems as well.

Thus, it is unfair to say that research disproves NLP. This is a ludicrous idea, anyway, since NLP is no single thing that can be proved or disproved. One of the more impressive studies took place as the Active Ingredients Project carried out by Professor Charles Figley. He became interested in rapid acting therapies, that he called power therapies at the time. This took place in the early s. He compared several therapeutic approaches that are used for people with symptoms of trauma.

The study was not intended to be a highly sophisticated one, but more as a means of generating initial interest in researching such approaches. Figley developed this interest when a trauma counselor committed suicide. A couple of small studies support the NLP spelling strategy of looking up and to the left while visualizing the words being learned. Subjects had significantly better recall and forgot much less over time, to the point that their recall greatly exceeded what is normal for people memorizing things.

Several small studies support the value of the NLP phobia cure. It was not only helpful for phobias, but anxiety and depression in connection with phobias.

It was also helpful for individuals reacting to psychological trauma. There is some research on submodalities the aspects of how we represent things in our minds that lends support to its use in NLP, but this has not gotten enough attention.

However, cognitive psychotherapy is often practiced with elements of NLP, including submodality work. It depends on the therapist's background. Anchoring is an important part of NLP. This is the ability of establishing a sort of signal such as touching a specific area of the client's arm that can later be used to help evoke the state that the person was in at the time the signal was established. This can be used to help get a person past their resistance to change by triggering a state that will carry them past their fear, for example.

I don't know of research directly on this, but there are countless studies on behavioral conditioning, which is what anchoring is based on. There is a great deal of research that has implications for NLP, or that, at least in theory, supports some NLP ideas and interventions. One area of research that stands out in this regard has to do with allergies.

It suggests that the NLP allergy process is plausible and deserves attention from researchers.

There are studies that suggest that allergies can be modified through behavioral conditioning. This is what the NLP allergy process is said to do. Also, there are some small studies of the actual NLP allergy process that are very promising.

Since NLP draws from others' work, it is no surprise that there is much research on methods that NLP has modeled, such as the hypnotic work of Milton Erickson. There is a good deal of very positive research on hypnotic communication. Very compelling results have come out of a study on using the NLP timeline approach for asthma. Again, the study was fairly small 30 experimental subjects with 16 controls , but impressive. This is especially impressive, because people with asthma tend to lose lung function over time, not improve it.

The allergy process helped them in their personal lives as well, giving them feelings of energy and empowerment in many cases. Sleep improved as well for many subjects. Since many therapists have been influenced by NLP, possibly without even realizing it, there is no telling how much of the research on cognitive therapy has been affected by insights and training provided from NLP that has propagated into the mainstream in one way or another.

Over time, patterns and ideas have been added, but this is mostly window dressing when compared to the core of NLP that first developed. Tad James. Since the two founders of NLP have gone on to write more books and evolve their work, I'll briefly mention their more recent activities. He calls this "new code. This approach often has the coach and subject producing change without knowing what solutions will spontaneously emerge from the work. Grinder claims that it can surpass the more specific interventive patterns that NLP is known for.

One of the ways this is done is to use a game or activity of his design to produce a positive, flowing state in a person, and then have them connect that state with the problem. Grinder also continues to work with modeling, and would like to see more emphasis on modeling in the NLP community.

He has also criticized NLP developers for not putting more effort into creating solutions for society and organizations, and he has focused much of his subsequent professional work on organizational excellence. Bandler's Design Bandler coined the term "design human engineering" DHE and, having learned from his loss of control over the NLP moniker, applied trademark protection to his new term. The approach emphasizes the creating of powerful states that "propel" people to excellence. It uses a variety of "mental tools" to achieve this.

Although it makes use of subconscious resources, it includes a clear, conscious understanding of the states and outcomes desired. Thus, he is keeping the idea of NLP "well-formed outcomes" alive. Unlike Grinder, he is continuing to focus much of his efforts on the struggles of individuals, rather than organizations. Citations Andreas, Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within. Boulder, co: Real People Press.

Trance-Formations: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis

Andreas, c. Bandler, R. Magic in Action. Meta Publications. Frogs into Princes. Real People Press. The Structure ofMagic, vol.

The Stntcture of Magic vol. I: A Book about Language and Therapy.

Changing with Families. Science and Behaviour Books, Inc. Beaulieu, D. Eye Movement Integration. Burt, K. The Tndependent, August Dilts, R. Briers contends that adherence to the maxim leads to self-deprecation. According to Briers, personal endeavour is a product of invested values and aspirations and the dismissal of personally significant failure as mere feedback effectively denigrates what one values. Briers writes, "Sometimes we need to accept and mourn the death of our dreams, not just casually dismiss them as inconsequential.

NLP's reframe casts us into the role of a widower avoiding the pain of grief by leap-frogging into a rebound relationship with a younger woman, never pausing to say a proper goodbye to his dead wife. These applications include persuasion , [41] sales, [84] negotiation, [85] management training, [86] sports, [87] teaching, coaching, team building, and public speaking. Scientific criticism In the early s, NLP was advertised as an important advance in psychotherapy and counseling, and attracted some interest in counseling research and clinical psychology.

However, as controlled trials failed to show any benefit from NLP and its advocates made increasingly dubious claims, scientific interest in NLP faded.

Langford categorizes NLP as a form of folk magic ; that is to say, a practice with symbolic efficacy —as opposed to physical efficacy—that is able to effect change through nonspecific effects e. To Langford, NLP is akin to a syncretic folk religion "that attempts to wed the magic of folk practice to the science of professional medicine". Several ideas and techniques have been borrowed from Castaneda and incorporated into NLP including so-called double induction [20] and the notion of "stopping the world" [] which is central to NLP modeling.

Tye [] characterizes NLP as a type of "psycho shamanism". Fanthorpe and Fanthorpe [] see a similarity between the mimetic procedure and intent of NLP modeling and aspects of ritual in some syncretic religions. Hunt [99] draws a comparison between the concern with lineage from an NLP guru —which is evident amongst some NLP proponents—and the concern with guru lineage in some Eastern religions.

In the world's monotheistic faiths, argues Bovbjerg, the purpose of religious practice is communion and fellowship with a transcendent 'other', i. With the New Age psycho-religions, argues Bovbjerg, this orientation towards a transcendent 'other' persists but the other has become "the other in our selves", the so-called unconscious: "[t]he individual's inner life becomes the intangible focus of [psycho-]religious practices and the subconscious becomes a constituent part of modern individuals' understanding of the Self.

According to Bovbjerg the notion that we have an unconscious self underlies many NLP techniques either explicitly or implicitly.

Read Online NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming By NLP by cudotixaja - Issuu

Bovbjerg argues, "[t]hrough particular practices, the [NLP practitioner qua] psycho-religious practitioner expects to achieve self-perfection in a never-ending transformation of the self. The belief that human beings can change themselves by calling upon the power or god within or their own infinite human potential is a contradiction of the Christian view.

The Bible says man is a sinner and is saved by God's grace alone. On 29 October , judgement was made in favor of Bandler. In July and January , Bandler instituted a further two civil actions against Grinder and his company, numerous other prominent figures in NLP and further initially unnamed persons. Bandler alleged that Grinder had violated the terms of the settlement agreement reached in the initial case and had suffered commercial damage as a result of the allegedly illegal commercial activities of the defendants.

As the students are energized and empowered, it means that they are well motivated to learn well what they are going to learn. What is NLP? Neuro refers to neurology, our nervous system- the mental pathways our five senses take which allow us to see, hear, feel, taste and smell or an understanding of the brain and its functioning. It relates to the communication aspects both verbal and non-verbal of our information processing Programming, taken from computer science, refers to the idea that our thought, feelings and actions are like computer software programs or it is behavioral and thinking patterns we all go through.

In conclusion, there is a relationship between perception, thinking and behavior that is neuro-linguistic in nature. The relationship is operating all the time, no matter what we are doing, and it can be studied by exploring our internal or subjective experience. How the information are gathered to make models, based on the internal experience and information processing of the people being studied and modeled, including the part that is outside of their conscious awareness The formal definition of NLP is the study of structure of subjective experience Dilts, ; p.

NLP is the study that is not based on theory. It is based on the process of making models. A model does not have to be true or even perfectly formed. The point is it only has to be useful when applied to what it is designed for. The model shows how we process information which comes to us from the outside and is based on the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who initially recognized the importance of eye contact and movement in identifying emotional states and how individuals think.

This is really an epistemology the study of the origin and structure of knowledge itself. Thus, conducting NLP means working diligently to be sure we know what we know, and use it appropriately. According to Dilts and DeLozier ; p.

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By consistently adopting a particular behavior or approach when a teacher stand or sit in one place, the learners will begin to associate that space with what you are about to do and what will happen next. As their internal state changes so will their behavior Churches and Terry, ; p. NLP is a pragmatic school of thought www. NLP is a multi-dimensional process that involves the development of behavioral competence and flexibility, but also involves a strategic thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind DIGLOSSIA: It means that NLP not only provides tools and skills for the development of states, but also establishes a system of empowering beliefs about what human being are, what communication is, and what the process of change is all about.

Both of these men were interested in how people influence one another, and in the possibility of being able to duplicate the behavior, and therefore effectiveness of highly influential people.

Their early research was done at the University of California at Santa Cruz. The special thing of the research was their use of technology from linguistics and information science, compiled with insight from behavioral psychology and general system theory, to uncover the secret of highly effective communication.

During their early studies, Bandler and Grinder developed a unique system of asking questions and gathering information based on the two fields: Later they discovered certain minimal cues people indicating very specific kinds of thought processes such as eye movements, certain gestures, breathing patterns, and voice tone changes. These cues should be modelled. Modeling is the core activity in NLP. A very good given activity is the process of extricating and replicating the language structure and behavioral pattern of an individual who is excellent.

These people were outstanding as professional agents of change, working in the domain of therapy. Al three geniuses performed their magic from a perspective of unconscious excellence. They did not present Grinder and Bandler with a conscious description of their behavior. Grinder and Bandler unconsciously absorbed the patterning inherent in the geniuses and then provided a description.

People in fields related to communication, behavior and change sought to learn how they too could get amazing results when doing change work. These two men willingly offered training courses in the application of their models.

The training courses conducted- proved that NLP models were transferable to others, meaning the learners could use the NLP successfully in their own work. Since those days, NLP has considered as the techniques which can be learnt and adapted to your individual experience to achieve the same sort of results of excellence that the top people in their field enjoy.

It has spread all over the world and in an eclectic but principled way added a much deeper understanding as to how each of us perceive the world and structure it internally. It has owned a particular impact in the area of therapy and medicine and can be distinguished from other treatments by its forces on process rather than content. For instance, the problems of a patient may have are dealt with by examining the physical sensations and mental images a person has and trying to change those analyzing and staying on the events or the causes that may have led to the illness.

However, NLP techniques can also be applied in education. There are many NLP principles can truly enhance learning in classrooms if done well and right. Since modelling is the essence of NLP, an academic effectiveness can be achieved through NLP when the modeling techniques used are well applied. Hopefully, the learners are learnt how to learn well.

These principles are very different from traditional psychology. It is about HOW our thoughts, actions, and feelings work together right now to produce our experience. It is aimed at empowering the students and getting a better understanding.

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