Mechanics, 1/e. Laxmi Duraipandian, Muthamizh Jayapragasam & P Duraipandian. ISBN: About the Book; Table of Content. Book Details. Introduction | Kinematics | Force | Equilibrium Of A Particle | Forces On A Rigid Body | A Specific Reduction Of Forces | Centre Of Mass | Stability Of Equilibrium| . Mechanics By Laxmi Duraipandian, Muthamizh Jayapragasam & P. Duraipandian. Book Summary: The book treats the subject systematically, using vectors in.

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Mechanics Book By Duraipandian - download Mechanics book online at best prices in India on Read Mechanics book reviews & author details and more at download Mechanics on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. MECHANICS. MECHANICS: D MUTHAMIZH JAYAPRAGASAM,LAXMI DURAIPANDIAN,P DURAIPANDIAN View all 8 copies of this book.

Duraipandian Book Summary: The book treats the subject systematically, using vectors in accordance with the present requirement. It is essential that the reader should have a proper knowledge of the fundamentals of vector algebra. Lack of proper understanding of the fundamental concepts of Mechanics, makes many students dislike Mechanics. Bearing this in mind, the fundamental concepts are presented, comparatively with more possible details, in such a manner that even of first reading of them will give the reader sufficient mastery over them. This feature will commend the book to the students. Audience of the Book : [For B. The book caters to the needs of undergraduates of Mathematics, Physics and Engineering courses of all Indian Universities. Key Features: The main features of the book are as follows: 1. A special feature of revision is an elaboration of solutions of the illustrative examples to make the book for self-study. The book includes an abundance of examples and pictures, as well as a good selection of exercises most of which are provided with hints. Table of Contents:.

Softcover Book condition: New Quantity available: Paperback ISBN New Delhi This edition first published: Log-in or create an account first! Glossary Some terminology that may be used in this description includes: New A new book is a book previously not circulated to a downloader. Although a new book is typically free of any faults or defects, "new Ask the seller a question. Storing books - laying down or standing up? Using and Collecting Bookmarks Bern Marcowitz warns against paperclips and other inappropriate page-savers, and offers a bit of advice on using and collecting bookmarks.

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Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Make an Offer. Surface Tension: Surface Tension — Excess of pressure inside a curved surface — Synclatic system — Surface Tension and interfacial surface tension by the method of drops.

Low Temperature: J. Magnetism — Moment and pole strength of a magnet — Deflection magnetometer — Tan C position — Vibration magnetometer — Theory — Period of Oscillation — Determination of M and BH using the deflection magnetometer in Tan C position and the vibration magnetometer.

Frequency — Steel Wire — Brass wire. Ultrasonics — Production by Piezo — electric method — properties and uses. Physical Optics: Interference — Air Wedge — Description — Test for optical flatness of glass plate — Determination of diameter of a thin wire by air wedge. Diffraction: Theory of transmission grating — Normal Incidence — Determination of Wavelength of monochromatic source and Wavelength of mercury line using a grating by normal Incidence.

Polarisation: Optical activity — Specific rotatory power — Polarimeter — Determination of specific rotatory power of a solution using the polarimeter. Allied Physics — R. Murugesan S. First Edition Allied Physics — Dr. Thangaraj, Dr.

246 unit 4 bending of beams cantilever expression for

Jayaraman Popular Book Department, Chennai. Allied Physics — Prof. Dhanalakshmi and others.

Elements of Properties of Matter — D. Mathur, S. Heat and Thermodynamics — N. Brijlal and Subramaniam S. A text book of Sound — by M. Narayanamoorthy and other National Publishing Companies Modern Physics — R. UNIT-I Introduction - scope and limitations of statistical methods - classification of data - Tabulation of data - Diagrammatic and Graphical representation of data - Graphical determination of percentiles and quartiles.

Regression Analysis: Simple Regression Equations. Note : The proportion between theory and problems shall be 23 B. Fundamental of Mathematical Statistics - S. Kapoor - Sultan Chand 2.

Statistical Methods - Snedecor G. Elements of Statistics - Mode.

Mechanics, 1/e

Statistical Methods - Dr. Doubly Linked List - Operations. Text Books 1. Data structure by N. Dale,publishers narosa publishing,Edition 25 B. Use Scanner class. Determining the order of numbers generated randomly using Random Class. String Manipulation Substring removal, string replacement etc.


Application using synchronization such as Thread based, Class based and synchronized statements. Application using file streams sequential file Application using file streams Random file 28 B. Biological effects of radiation — control of radiation hazards. Fibre Optics : Principle — classification of optical fibres — fiber optic communication system block diagram.

Electronic Principles and Applications — A. Introduction to Solid State Physics — C. Kittel, 5th Edition Wiley Eastern Ltd. Introduction to Fiber optics by K. Youngs modulus — non uniform bending — pin and microscope. Ridigity modulus — Torsional oscillation method without symmetric masses.

Determination of Co-efficient of Viscosity — Graduated Burette. Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension — By drop weight method. Sonometer — Determining A. Screw Gauge is given.

Mechanics (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)

Sonometer — frequency of tuning fork. Air Wedge — Determination of thickness of thin wire. Spectrometer — Refractive Index of a liquid — Hollow Prism. Potentiometer — Calibration of High Range Ammeter.

Potentiometer — Calibration of Low Range Voltmeter. Figure of merit and voltage sensitiveness of table galvanometer.

Zener diode — Voltage Regulation. UNIT-V Analysis of variance - one and two way classifications - Basic principle of design of Experiments - randomisation, replication and local control - C.

Books for Reference: 1. Fundamental of Applied Statistics - S. Kapoor — Sultan Chand 3. Statistical and Mathematical Tables are to be provided to the students in the Examination Hall. Formation of uni-variate and bi-variate frequency distribution 2. Diagrams and Graphs 3. Measures of Location 4. Measures of Dispersion 5.

Skewness and Kurtosis 6. Correlation and Regression 7. Fitting of distributions - Binomial, Poisson, Normal 9. Test of significance small sample and large sample tests Practical Statistics 2.

Statistical Methods by S. Kapoor 33 B. UNIT-II Sine function computation- Generation of the Fibonacci Sequence — Compute the n th Fibonacci number-Reversing the digits of an integer- Finding the square root of a number- The smallest divisor of an integer-the greatest common divisor of two integers-Generating prime numbers.

UNIT-IV Finding the maximum number in a set - Finding the minimum number in a set — Merge two array s of integers both with their elements in ascending order into a single ordered array.

Text Book: R. NET Java-Webresources. Deital, P. Deital and A. Abraham Silberschatz, H. Korth And S.

Mechanics : P. Duraipandian :

Text Book Abraham Silberschatz and P. Galvin - Operating system concepts - Addison Wesley Publication. Constraints Primary key, forien key, Not Null, Referential integrity. Joins left,right and equi joins. Sub queries. Functions with exception handling capability. UNIT-II Attributes of output Primitives - line attributes - Color and Grayscale style - Area filling algorithms - Character attributes inquiry functions - Two dimensional transformation - Basic transformation - Composite transformation - Matrix representation - other transformations.

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