Computer keyboard shortcut keys list pdf


BASIC SHORTCUT KEYS. Alt + F. File menu options in current program. Alt + E. Edit options in current program. F1. Universal help (for all programs). Ctrl + A. Some helpful computer keyboard shortcut keys which save your valuable time at PDF. Alt + F, File menu options in current program. Alt + E, Edit options in. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (Windows). Note: For Mac users, please substitute the Command key for the Ctrl key. This substitution with work for the majority of.

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Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys List Pdf

A keyboard shortcut is a key or combination of keys that you can use to access icon button functions while you are working in. SAP. On a PC, the icon name and . Computer Shortcuts Keys List Pdf Download. Discover ideas about Computer Tips. Keyboard Shortcuts-Useful computer keyboard tips (stupid mouse. All Short Cut Keys in a Computer. Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z. A keyboard shortcut is a set of one or more keys that invoke a command in software.

All Short Cut Keys in a Computer. Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z. A keyboard shortcut is a set of one or more keys that invoke a command in software or an operating system. Keyboard and computer shortcuts are designed to make routine computer functions quicker and easier to perform, boosting productivity and efficiency. Shortcut Keys and their Functions: Some commonly used computer short cut keys are documented below. File menu options in current program.

Bold text. Ctrl and C: Copies the item or text. Ctrl and D: Displays the Font dialogue box. Ctrl and E: Switch a paragraph between center and left alignment.

Ctrl and F: Displays the Find dialog box to search the current document. Ctrl and G: Displays the Go To dialog box to search for a specific location in the current document.

Ctrl and H: Displays the Replace dialogue box. Ctrl and I: Italicize text. Ctrl and J: Switch a paragraph between justified and left alignment. Ctrl and K: Create a hyperlink.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

Ctrl and L: Left align a paragraph. Ctrl and M: Indent a paragraph from the left. Ctrl and N: Create a new document. Ctrl and O: Opens a new document.

All Short Cut Keys in a Computer - Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z PDF

Ctrl and P: Prints a document. Ctrl and R: Switch the alignment of a paragraph between left and right. Ctrl and S: Saves a document.

Ctrl and U: Underlines text. Ctrl and V: Pastes the copied item or text. Ctrl and X: Cuts the selected item or text. Ctrl and Y: Redo the last action. Ctrl and Z: Undo the last action. Ctrl and Enter: Insert a page break. Ctrl and F2: Select Print Preview command. Ctrl and F4: Closes the active window. Ctrl and F6: Opens the next window if multiple are open.

Opens the Run menu. Opens Explorer. Switch between open programs. Maximize current window. Open Task Manager. Opens system properties. Opens search for files and folders. Switch between programs in order they were opened. Select menu item by underlined letter. Open Start menu.

Close active document does not work with some applications. Quit active application or close current window. Open menu for active program. Move cursor forward or back one word. Move cursor forward or back one paragraph. Open Help menu for active application.

Minimize all windows. Restore windows that were minimized with previous keystroke.

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys, Windows Hotkey, MS Word and Excel Shortcuts

Open Windows Help and Support. Open Task view. Open the System Properties dialog box. Switch FilterKeys on and off. Switch High Contrast on and off. Switch Mouse keys on and off. Press Shift five times: Switch Sticky keys on and off. Hold Num Lock for five seconds: Switch Toggle keys on and off. Go back to the previous page. Go to next page. Refresh page. Toggle between full-screen and regular view. Stop downloading a page. Add the current site to your favorites.

View your favorites. Open a new window. Print the current page. Open a new tab. Closes tabs in the background. Switch between tabs.

Click the notification bar. Move up one page. File Explorer Shortcuts End: Display bottom of current window. Display top of current window. Left Arrow: Collapse the current selections or select a parent folder.

Right Arrow: Display the current selection or select the first subfolder. Device Manager msinfo System Information cleanmgr: Disk Cleanup ntbackup: Backup or restore Wizard Windows Backup Utility mmc: Microsoft Management Console excel: Microsoft Excel if installed msaccess: Microsoft Access if installed powerpnt: Microsoft PowerPoint if installed winword: Microsoft Word if installed frontpg: Microsoft FrontPage if installed notepad: Notepad wordpad: WordPad calc: Calculator msmsgs: Windows Messenger mspaint: Microsoft Paint wmplayer: Windows Media Player rstrui: System restore control: Opens the Control Panel control printers: Opens the printers dialogue box cmd: Command Prompt iexplore: Internet Explorer compmgmt.

Computer Management dhcpmgmt. DHCP Management dnsmgmt. DNS Management services. Services eventvwr: Event Viewer dsa. Active Directory Users and Computers dssite. Active Directory Sites and Services. Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts Command. Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys F2: Edit the active cell. Displays the Go To box. Open the Spelling dialogue box to check a selected range. Create a chart of data in the current range in a separate sheet.

Insert a new worksheet. Opens Insert Function dialogue box. Opens the Find and Replace dialogue box. Enter the current time. Enter the current date. Select all content in the worksheet.

Bold highlighted selection.

Italicize highlighted selection. Open the Insert hyperlink dialogue box. Underline highlighted selection. Apply strikethrough formatting. Brings up the print dialog box. Minimize a workbook window to an icon. Maximize a selected workbook window. Switch to the next workbook window when multiple are open. Move to previous sheet in a workbook. Move to next sheet in a workbook. Switch to next tab in dialogue box. Insert the value of the above cell into the cell currently selected.

Apply the Number format. Apply the Currency format. Apply the Date format. Apply the Percentage format. Apply the Exponential format. Apply the Time format. Move to the edge of the current data region in a worksheet.

Select an entire column in a worksheet. Select an entire row in a worksheet. Cut selected text and copy it. Copy selected text.

All Short Cut Keys in a Computer - Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z PDF

Computer keyboard shortcut keys Updated: Shortcut keys ABCs. Basic PC shortcut keys. PC shortcut keys for special characters. Microsoft Windows shortcut keys.

Apple shortcut keys. Linux and Unix shortcut keys. F1 - F12 function keys. Top 10 keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft Excel shortcut keys. Microsoft Word shortcut keys. Google Chrome shortcut keys. Internet Explorer shortcut keys. Microsoft FrontPage shortcut keys. Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys. Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts.

YouTube keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard terms. How do I create a Windows shortcut key? Additional information Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know. How to navigate Windows using a keyboard. How to move the mouse cursor with the keyboard in Windows.

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