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The Perfect Play Author: Jaci Burton The Perfect Play Play · Read more · The Perfect Play The Perfect Play (A Play-by-Play Novel). Read more · Play. Tara played the game of love once and lost big, and she doesn't intend to put herself out The Perfect Play: Book 1 in the Play-by-Play Series. New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton presents a story about love and the games people play in the first irrisistible novel in the Play-by-Play.

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Read The Perfect Play read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. The Perfect Play is a Romance novel by Jaci Burton. PRAISE FOR JACI BURTON'S NOVELS "Jaci Burton's stories are full of heat and RIDING THE NIGHT Play-by-Play Series THE PERFECT PLAY CHANGING. The Play by Play series is a steamy, sexy peek into the world of sports as seen through The Perfect Play . Jaci Burton a une façon d'écrire des scènes int.

Football Sweat dripped down Mick Riley's face and arms. The field workout he'd just endured had kicked his ever lovin' ass. He leaned against the wall of the locker room, the cool brick and ice-cold water in his hands not helping at all to lower his temperature. He was hot, sweaty, and he'd been knocked on the ground so many times he'd probably eaten half the dirt on the field. He was exhausted and not in the damn mood for a party tonight. What he'd really like to do is take a cold shower, go home, and order a pizza.

The Play by Play series is a steamy, sexy peek into the world of sports as seen through the Riley family. Mick Riley is a professional football player, his brother Gavin plays baseball.

Their parents are heavily involved in their lives… More. Book 1. The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton. Football pro Mick Riley is an all-star, both on t… More.

Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve The Perfect Play. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Book 2. Changing the Game by Jaci Burton. Sports agent Liz Darnell will do anything to win… More.

Shelve Changing the Game. Book 3. Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton. If you want to score, you have to get in the gam… More. Shelve Taking a Shot. Book 4. Playing to Win by Jaci Burton. Shelve Playing to Win. Book 5. Thrown by a Curve by Jaci Burton.

She thinks she knows this player—but he has a few… More. Shelve Thrown by a Curve. Book 6. One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton. Shelve One Sweet Ride. Holiday Games by Jaci Burton. Shelve Holiday Games. Book 7. Something that keeps me coming back for more. He pulled her against him, slid his arm around her back, and drew her close. How timely. A slow song. The lights had dimmed, and couples were pressed intimately against each other.

She cringed, certain she was the center of attention, but when she took a quick glance around, no one seemed to be looking at them. She prayed the media was off interviewing someone else or taking pictures of Katrina Strauss, the latest Hollywood It girl. Maybe she was safe from the cameras at least.

But Tara was certain any moment someone from management was going to drag her off the dance floor and fire her. She tried to search the ballroom for Mr. Stokes or his assistant or anyone else on his staff, but the dance floor was too crowded. Oh, sorry. The feel of his warm hand against the bare skin of her back made thinking clearly a near impossibility. He had decent rhythm for someone so big.

She expected a football player to be clumsier, but he glided around like he knew what he was doing. Several of us on the team did.

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

Good for coordination. It would be so much easier to walk away from him if he was self-absorbed. But not only was he gorgeous, he was also funny, was interested in her and her career, and she liked spending time with him. That meant it had been too long. It felt good to feel his warm hand at her back, to clasp her other hand in his, to feel the pressure of his thighs against hers as he expertly managed the steps and moved her around the dance floor.

He smelled good, like pine trees and outdoors. She leaned in a little and inhaled, amazed at the sheer size of him. And when he dipped her at the end of the dance, her lips parted and she let out a small gasp. I might have learned a few things watching her classes. Like ballroom dancing for adults? Though she was disappointed to have two sons who would rather be outside playing football and baseball than becoming the next Baryshnikov.

What about yours? Fortunately, the caterer took that moment to beep in with a problem. She placed her hand at her ear and stood. Thank you for the dance.

It was a lovely break. He would be a dangerous man to get to know better. But he intrigued her, and it had been a long time since any man had done that. Unfortunately, it was hours later before she freed herself again. The caterers had run out of one of the meats, the head bartender had a meltdown about a waitress who decided at the last minute to have a fight with her boyfriend via text message and storm out in tears, and Tara had to make a couple frantic phone calls to get every ruffled feather smoothed.

The party had mellowed out by then. Many people had left, and only a few diehards remained. But Mr. Stokes was very pleased with the party, and he would likely use her company again.

She needed her business to grow. Another couple hours, and everyone was out the door. Tara made sure the band packed up, and she thanked them, as well as the bar staff and the caterers, for doing such a great job. Once everyone left, she looked around the empty ballroom, unable to resist a smile. Her feet were aching. She took a long drink and sighed.

And how did that go? She bit her lip to keep from moaning at how damn good it felt.

It sounded too desperate. She barely knew him. Then again, her feet were in his lap and he was giving her a delicious foot rub that made her nipples tingle and her panties dampen. What did that say about her? And she was alone in a massive ballroom with one very sexy man with amazing hands.

She wondered what else he could do with those amazing hands. And heard you sigh. But this tux is killing me. Never seen a man naked before? Tara followed him out of the ballroom. You know, in case there was overindulgence of all that great alcohol you provided. Too much of an opportunity to make a total ass of yourself in public. And the media loves getting shots of players partying a little too hard. Got all that out of my system when I was younger.

Really nice. A suite, actually, with an outer room and a hallway that must lead to the bedroom. Tara walked to the window and stared at the killer view of the city skyline, rubbing her arms as she did. His scent surrounded her again as she pulled his jacket around her. She turned to face him. Even though the fabric separated his hands from her skin, she still felt the pressure of his hands there, and that warmed her more than his jacket ever could.

Jaci Burton

Her heart kicked up a fast beat, and she became aware that she was in his room—alone. Where had her common sense gone? Mick had been with plenty of women in his lifetime.

From college to the pros, women had gravitated to him like he was an irresistible magnet. And oh man, had he liked that. A lot.

Play-by-Play Series

Surprisingly, a lot. Women tended to latch onto him like he was the Holy Grail, and once they did, they never let go. But Tara actually seemed more interested in doing her job than in being with him.

It was damned refreshing. She was good at her work. No browbeating, no talking down to them like they were ants under her feet. But when she gave instructions, people moved and moved fast. And she seemed more than willing to get in there to do whatever needed to be handled to get the job done. He liked to watch her move in her high heels, her long legs giving him glimpses of what must be spectacular thighs.

She was slender, but not too much. She was a real person, not interested in furthering her career by being seen on his arm, but an actual, honest-to-God real woman.

Funny and warm, with her own career. It felt good to just be in this room with her. As a release, yeah. To kill time, definitely. Someone thrust on his arm by Elizabeth for PR—all the damn time. But no woman had captured him enough for him to really want to be with her. There was something about her that made him want to do more than just fuck her. Easy, man. Not too fast. He wanted this night to go into overtime.

She liked Mick, liked him more than she had any other man in a very long time. Since she had the entire weekend to herself, why not indulge? I think we all got one as a thanks from the owners.

She took a sip, the bubbles tickling her nose. Your sparkly dress even matches. Admittedly, she loved it. Tiny straps hung on her shoulders, the bodice dipped across the swell of her breasts, hugging them tight. It fit her well and was her favorite. Only beer and soda. Your secret is safe with me. She stared out the window, still wondering what the hell she was doing here with Mick Riley. He came up behind her. But he never would, because the real Tara was light-years away from his world.

You should have gone for one of the actresses or models. They have agendas. She normally closed herself off to men. Too busy. Too many other priorities. Right now there was no other priority but the feel of him against her. She leaned into him and tilted her head back, giving him the green light. There was a sizzle of magic between them.

Who knew when something this good would come along again? With the way her life was structured, probably never. I just wanted to spend more time with you. Ahh, contact.

An explosion of heat and liquid fire melted her from the inside out. Oh wow, it was everything she imagined—and so much more. Tenderness as his lips brushed hers, and then the power of his mouth as he deepened the kiss.

Jaci Burton

His tongue slid between her teeth to capture and slide and lick as his hands pressed in along the curves of her body. It was like being kissed for the very first time, when her head and her emotions tangled with everything her body felt. She already knew this, already knew where she wanted this night to go.

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