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PDF | As far as literary representations of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Betty Mahmoody's best-selling Not Without My Daughter (). Not Without My Daughter-betty Mahmoody - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody, William Hoffer, , St. Martin's Paperbacks edition, Mass Market Paperback in English - Movie.

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Not Without My Daughter Betty Mahmoody Pdf

Not Without My Daughter: by Betty Mahmoody. Where can I get online PDF or EPUB versions of books? How can I download a free PDF of any book?. In the book Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody became a worldwide best-seller. In the line of Mahmoody's book, similar 'true stories' of western. PDF Not Without My Daughter: The Harrowing True Story of a Michigan housewife Betty Mahmoody accompanied her husband to his native.

My daughter dozed in her seat next to the window of a British Airways jetliner, her red-brown curls encircling her face, tumbling haphazardly below her shoulders. They had never been cut. My darling child was exhausted from our extended journey. We had left Detroit on Wednesday morning, and as we neared the end of this final leg of the trip, the sun was already rising on Friday. My husband, Moody, glanced up from the pages of the book that rested upon his paunch.

We had left Detroit on Wednesday morning, and as we neared the end of this final leg of the trip, the sun was already rising on Friday. My husband, Moody, glanced up from the pages of the book that rested upon his paunch.

He pushed his glasses up to his balding forehead. Already the cabin attendants were gathering trash, and otherwise preparing for the first stages of our descent. I had just turned thirty-nine, and at that age a woman should have a handle on life.

How, I wondered, had I lost control? I freshened my makeup, trying to look my best, trying to keep my mind busy. I did not want to be here, but I was, so now I had to make thebest of it. Perhaps these two weeks would pass quickly.

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Back home in Detroit, Mahtob would start kindergarten classes at a Montessori school in the suburbs. Moody would immerse himself in his work. We would begin work on our dream house.

Just get through these two weeks, I told myself. I hunted through my purse for the pair of heavy black panty hose Moody had instructed me to download.

I pulled them on and smoothed the skirt of my conservative dark green suit over them. Once more I glanced at my reflection, dismissing the thought of running a brush through my brown hair.

Not without my daughter by Betty Mahmoody.pdf - Not Without...

Why bother? When they had landed in Tehran , Moody's family had gathered at the airport to meet them and showered them with gifts. The family gave Betty a montoe and a roosarie traditional female clothes in Iran , and instructed her to wear them whenever she went outside their home. During the next two weeks, Betty and Mahtob longed for the vacation to be over.

Not without my daughter by Betty Mahmoody.pdf - Not Without...

They had difficulty adjusting to the Iranian lifestyle. But they also faced familial challenges: Moody's sister, Ameh Bozorg, literally "great aunt" , who was their host, viewed Betty with contempt, simply for being an American and holding to American ideals. Moody's attitude toward Betty also changed: He forced her to abide by increasingly strict Iranian customs; he lied to her; he claimed that she was lying whenever she complained; he ignored her and their daughter for days at a time; he even blinded himself to the oppression of women in Iran.

The day before their scheduled return to the United States, one of Moody's relatives went to the airport in order to make the preparations for their departure. He informed them that, since Betty had an American passport, she needed to turn in her passport to the airport officials three days before her departure.

When she confronted Moody about not turning in her passport, he informed her that he had decided to stay and that Betty and Mahtob would remain in Iran for the rest of their lives. Betty tried to get help from Moody's family, but they approved of Moody's actions, and refused to help.

Moody forced Betty to call her parents to let them know that she would be staying in Iran for a while longer. About a week later, when Betty was alone, her parents called and gave her the address of the U.

Interest Section of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran.

Betty waited for a chance to contact the Swiss Embassy. Her desire to leave Iran was magnified by Moody's physical abuse. Even in public, any injury or violence toward Betty and Mahtob was allowed.

The Iranian laws granted Moody absolute authority over his wife and daughter.

Helen informed them that, since Betty's husband was an Iranian, Iran's laws dictated that she, too, had become an Iranian citizen. When Betty and Mahtob returned to the house, Moody threatened to kill her if she left again, and commanded the rest of the family to prevent her from leaving. Betty's every move was being watched. Betty realized that she and Mahtob could not escape with the surveillance.

She reasoned that the only way that Moody would stop watching her was for her to convince him that she was willing to stay in Iran.

Her attitude improved, and she convinced him to move in with different relatives. Betty started helping around the house and preparing dinner. Moody accompanied her on all her errands. Eventually, he claimed to not have the time and told her to go herself.


On one of these occasions, she befriended the owner of a menswear store named Hamid. Hamid sympathized with Betty, and offered her use of his telephone if she needed it. While watching Mahtob play in the park, Betty encountered Judy, another American woman married to an Iranian.

Betty relayed her plight to Judy, who promised to help. A couple days later, Judy invited Betty to a party where she could talk to Judy's friend Rasheed about finding a way to escape the country.

Rasheed asked her to call him in two weeks. In December, two weeks after the dinner party, Rasheed informed Betty that the smuggler was unwilling to take a woman and a child on the journey over the mountains into Turkey, especially during the winter. After the New Year in , Betty traveled to the embassy to speak with Helen.

Helen had Betty and Mahtob fill out applications for new passports.