Lift in Action. This book is written for developers who are new to both Scala and Lift and covers just enough Scala to get you started. Lift in Action is a step-by-step exploration of the Lift framework. It moves through the subject quickly using carefully crafted, well-explained examples that make. Lift in Action: The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala. Filesize: MB It is amongst the most incredible pdf i actually have read through. Its been.

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LIFT is a leader in commissioning evidence-based reports and studies on the rural sector to improve programme design and to inform policy decisions in. Then to verify the validity of the theory the practice work was accomplished. The type of the Keywords: Hydraulic lift, scissors lift, lifting table, scissors calculations. Accessed on 1. lift-the-flap action. Little Friends: Home Sweet Home by Roger Priddy. Little Friends Home Sweet Home A Lift The Flap Book PDF EPUB Download. Little Friends.

What are the terms on which to evaluate a book that is equal parts memoir and mission statement, inspirational slide deck and social critique? What is the book trying to achieve? For much of The Moment of Lift, it's impossible to tell. Gates goes long on heartwarming anecdotes, short on argument. She writes often about lifting women up, but it can be difficult to tell how she expects readers without tech fortunes to do so.

Part 1 Getting started

Gates describes this agenda in stark terms, emphasizing the threats implied by these changes, proposed and enacted, rather than exploring the effects they have had thus far. Her rhetoric seems designed to worry readers, or to incite them to take action. It's notable, then, that she never uses President Trump's name. If Gates is trying to motivate voters who support abortion access, she would have benefited from doing so more bluntly.

As is, The Moment of Lift seems designed to raise awareness, but not to make waves. It's hard to fully respect this choice.

Basic Financial Literacy booklet (Myanmar language)

It seems much too quiet to be effective, a problem exacerbated by Gates' reluctance to assign blame. The closest she comes to offering a structural explanation of the gender-based oppression the Gates Foundation combats is the following: "Poverty is created by barriers. If the barrier is distance, money, knowledge, or stigma, we have to offer tools and information that are closer, cheaper, or less tainted by stigma.

To fight poverty, we have to see and study the barriers and figure out if they're cultural, or social, or geographic, or political, and then go around them or through them so the poor aren't cut off from benefits others enjoy. What would Gates lose if she pointed out that one major barrier to women's health is the Mexico City policy, the policy through which every Republican administration since Reagan blocks U.

Or if she mentioned that the Gates Foundation works primarily in countries where Western colonialism created countless barriers to economic development? It seems condescending in the extreme to imagine that Gates would have lost her readers' sympathies if she'd offered a paragraph's worth of history or policy. At the end of The Moment of Lift, Gates asks, rhetorically, how we should fight gender bias: "law by law, sector by sector, or person by person? I would say 'all of the above.

Most readers don't have the ability to create change by sector, and creating change person by person goes only so far. Most people don't have foundations, but most people can advocate for egalitarian laws and support the candidates who will pass them.

It's too bad Gates didn't focus on that kind of lift. Lily Meyer is a freelance writer and translator living in Washington, D. Copyright NPR. Want more KPBS news? Timothy Perrett.

Source Code Book Forum show all. Table of Contents takes you straight to the book detailed table of contents. Introducing Lift 1. What is Scala? Hello Lift 2.

Part 1 Getting started

Getting started with SBT. Snippets and templating overview. The auction application 3. Application requirements. Customers, auctions, and bidding 4. Building an auction catalog.

Shopping basket and checkout 5. Order creation.

Basic Financial Literacy booklet (Myanmar language) | LIFT

Implementing the basket and checkout process. Collecting payment with PayPal.

Common tasks with Lift WebKit 6. Templates, snippets, and views. Forms with LiftScreen and Wizard. SiteMap and access control 7. Menus and locations.

HTTP in Lift 8. HTTP pipeline. AJAX, wiring, and Comet 9.

Persistence with Mapper Setting up a database. Persistence with Record Common Record functionality. Record for relational databases. Localization Implementing localization. Distributed messaging and Java enterprise integration Distributed programming. Integrating Lift into existing Java infrastructure. Application testing Scala testing frameworks. Deployment and scaling Choosing a servlet container.

Deployment tools and techniques. Appendix A: