Some readers equate fantasy with hobbits and magic wardrobes. Others the collection mulls morality within a group of hired mercenaries in a. Time to meet the best fantasy book series for adults, organized by new, in progress, and completed series. Let's meet some dragons!. How I Put Together a List of Top Fantasy Books. In putting together this . It's collected over half a million ratings on Goodreads! That is a big.

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Fantasy Book Collection

We say: “Ursula Le Guin has a reputation for exploring psychological and sociological themes within her books and this collection is no different. These novels. Let's dig into our list of the top 50 fantasy books for adults below: But a brave collection of passionate characters stand up for their home and their culture. Discworld isn't a traditional fantasy cycle, but more of a fantasy-themed and generally humorous collection of books, short stories.

Fantasy is such a good way to get your head outside your usual setting. You can step inside magnificent worlds or familiar settings! If you crave stories that take more than one book, check out these fantasy book series for adults. In The Poppy War by R. Kuang, you will find a military fantasy with an orphan girl at the center of it all. Based on historical events, The Poppy War , brilliantly written, shows you how this war orphan aced the Keju, a test that finds the most talented youth, entered the most elite military school, and discovered her unknown power!

The 22 books span centuries within the world, with some familiar characters from earlier books returning only as legends in later books. Naomi Novik is a true delight to read, and you should also check out her excellent new novel, Uprooted. Eragon and its sequels are entry-level high fantasy. The Riyria Revelations follows two unlikely heroes across three novels written as one long ongoing tale, rather than as a series of sequels.

The heroes are accused of regicide in the opening pages, and they spend the rest of the books in over their heads as they try to clear their names.

But anyone who took a Philosophy class will recognize some key principles of academic philosophy and human psychology at play, which makes for a challenging yet interesting read. When the protagonist of the series — a writer named Thomas Covenant who is afflicted with leprosy — is struck by a police cruiser, he wakes up in a land of high fantasy and magic.

Was he somehow transported to this new world, or is he lying in a coma in a hospital bed? Even the magic system in the books involves consuming gunpowder in order to access inert abilities. White, The Once And Future King has gone on to be an enduring classic, and it still stands out as the very best reimagining of the Arthurian legend for a modern audience.

Our top fantasy book series recommendations

Psychologically complex and at times devastating, this five-book series is rightly considered one of the very best fantasies ever written. A young adult series that sets itself apart with excellent writing and humor. This trilogy by Jonathan Stroud tells the story of a year-old magician and the lovable but cantankerous 5,year-old spirit who becomes his familiar. These are books of castle intrigue, romance, madness, and grotesque, brilliant imagination.

A high fantasy series with a non-traditional subject: A family of necromancers. And a cat named Mogget. A deeply imaginative series that will keep you reading all the way to the gripping conclusion. Based on Arthurian legends and Norse mythology but set in the 20th century, these five books follow the story of year-old Will Stanton, who discovers that he is the youngest of the Old Ones, and that the fate of the world rests on his shoulders. The series follows FitzChivalry Farseer, a royal bastard whose nascent magical abilities and training as an assassin may just be enough to protect him from the powerful forces that threaten his kingdom, not to mention the malicious intentions of his dangerous and conniving relatives.

The Red Knight and its sequels read like historical fiction, if medieval Europe had been full of monsters and magic. The series follows a band of mercenaries and their captain, known only as The Red Knight, as he and his merry men hack and slash their way across the kingdom of Alba.

Another promising series by N. Jemisin, the Dreamblood series creates a vivid landscape of war, intrigue, and religion, set in the City of Dreams, where crime and violence are unknown, but nightmares lurk. An orphan boy discovers magical abilities within himself and becomes a hero in the world of Midkemia. Rifts open up between worlds and a huge battle between order and chaos erupts, spanning 10 novels. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share.

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Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Share On link Share On link. The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. DAW Books. The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson.

Tor Books. Bantam Books. Ballentine Books. The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. Orbit Books. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Harper Collins. Del Rey. Demon Cycle by Peter V. Harper Colins Publisher. Bantam Spectra. The Inheritance Trilogy by N. Liveship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobb. The Harry Potter books by J.

Tor Fantasy. The Chronicles of Narnia by C. The Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. Puffin Books.

Penguin Putnam. Anthony Ryan. The Broken Empire series by Mark Lawrence. Penguin Group. Del Rey Books. Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Delacorte Books. The Black Company by Glen Cook. Random House. William Morrow. TSR, Inc. The Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock. Ace Publishing.

Redwall by Brian Jacques. The Mistborn series contains two different series within it. James Oliver Rigney, Jr. As it turned out, the book was far too large to be published as one volume, which is why there are now 14 in the series.

Taking place in the country of Andor, the series follows a group in search of the Dragon Reborn to aid in the fight against the Dark One.

The Best Fantasy Novels of All Time

The epic scope of the series obviously appealed to Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, who acquired film rights. Christopher Paolini became a bestselling author at the age of 19 when Eragon, the first in his series, became an international fantasy sensation.

The four-book Inheritance Cycle is composed of four books which follow the adventures of a teenage boy, Eragon, and his dragon Saphira. The five books that compose The Dark is Rising Sequence depict a struggle between the Light and the Dark—forces of good and evil—and are based on Arthurian legends and Celtic and Norse mythology. In the first book, Over Sea, Under Stone, the three Drew children discover an ancient map in the attic of their holiday home in Cornwall—a map that leads to far more than they can imagine.

Now a popular television series, the Magicians trilogy follows Quentin Coldwater, a teenager who discovers he has magical abilities and is accepted into Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy. This series takes place in the Elder Isles—a mythological pre-Arthurian place, below the Atlantic.

Here, magical folk like faeries and sorcerers live. The first novel in the series, Lyonesse: The high fantasy novel by Daniel Abraham also the co-author of The Expanse series includes five books, the last of which was released in The epic series is told from multiple points of view even switching within chapters to get you inside the minds of the characters.

But Blue has a secret: Her true love is fated to die when they kiss…and the name of her true love is Gansey. Epic fantasy series often introduce members of the royal family who are destined for some kind of tragedy. The Acacia trilogy is no different. When an assassin changes the lives of four siblings, they become separated and far from the safe and clean world they once lived in.

Fantasy Book Lists

Aliver, Corinn, Mena, and Dariel must now conquer their own fears and doubts to take back their world. But not everyone has the same end goal…. The 11 books in the Drenai series tell the history of the Drenai Nation and heroes within it throughout the ages.

Like The Chronicles of Narnia, it was not written chronologically, and can thus be read in a different order than publication. The first book in the series, Legend, tells the story of the Dros Delnoch the fortress protecting the Drenai heartlands , and the Nadir people who are trying to invade it. Meanwhile, his other uncle, Prince Verity, is attempting to stop the Red-Ship Raiders, who are attacking their kingdom by turning the people into Forged ones—which causes a zombie-like, emotionless state.

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Travel to far away places with these exceptional fantasy series. By Sarah Mangiola. Caraval Series. Caraval By Stephanie Garber site. Want more fantasy books? Sign up for The Portalist 's newsletter and get our recommended reads delivered straight to your inbox. I also want to get the Early Bird Books newsletter featuring great deals on ebooks.

The Lyra Novels. Wrede Though all five books in the series take place in the fictional world of Lyra, they can be read in any order. Wrede site. The Deryni Series. The Bitterbynde Trilogy. The Bitterbynde Trilogy By Cecilia Dart-Thornton Memory loss and a journey of self-discovery play big roles in the Bitterbynde Trilogy—which refers to an unbreakable promise or oath.

The Path Trilogy. The Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Series. The Spellsinger Adventures Series. Spellsinger By Alan Dean Foster When college student Jonathan Thomas Meriweather unintentionally is pulled through a portal into a land of magic by a turtle wizard named Clothahump, he finds a strange instrument called a duar—which exerts powerful magic that stops a dark force when played. The Age of Unreason Series.

The Harry Potter Series. Rowling site. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The Lord of the Rings By J. Tolkien The epic Lord of the Rings trilogy has provided the inspiration for numerous modern fantasy series. Tolkien site. A Song of Ice and Fire Series. Martin George R.

Martin site. The Chronicles of Narnia Series. Lewis site. The Discworld Series. The Kingkiller Chronicle Series.

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