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Click here to dowload the Action Indicator Assessment from High Performance Academy for FREE. A simple overview of Brendon Burchard’s meditation practice. In this simple guide, Brendon lays out common practices in mediation and his personal meditation routine. Preview of The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive by Brendon Burchard. Brendon Burchard is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of "The Millionaire Messenger" and "The Charge" hit #1 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List and #2 on the New York. "The Charge is an inspiring guide to the one thing we all want: more life in our lives. Brendon Burchard proves that we can harness our.

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Brendon Burchard The Charge Pdf

That's because we're at Brendon Burchard's studio. Today's guest is none .. the charge in life internally or externally just that sense of energy and enthusiasm. Editorial Reviews. Review. “There hasn't been a game-changing book on personal On a dark and steamy Caribbean night, Brendon Burchard stood bleeding atop the crumpled hood of his wrecked car. That night he learned about mortality. The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive [Brendon Burchard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since the.

In The Charge , Brendon argues that the only way to measurably improve the quality of your life is to learn how to activate the very ten drives that make you most human. These drives are your desires for more control, competence, congruence, caring, connection, change, challenge, creative expression, contribution, and consciousness. These drives shape everything you think, feel, and do in life, so understanding and mastering them is critical to your success and happiness. Strategically activating these drives on a consistent basis is the fastest path to living a fully charged life. What Brendon uncovers in The Charge will surprise and challenge you. It turns out that most of the ways we seek to meet our human drives are actually counterproductive. We all want more control, for example, but seeking to have more certainty in our daily lives or to control other people will actually decrease our levels of control and happiness. We have a deep desire for change, too, but we often fail to make the right kinds of change that would make us feel more alive and in command of our lives. In The Charge , Brendon helps us overcome these mistakes and illuminates the path for strategically and intelligently activating our 10 human drives so that we can have the one thing we all want: His famous training events and videos inspire millions of people to find their charge, share their voice, and make a greater difference. Visit him at BrendonBurchard. The wait is over. This is that kind of book. I've always wanted to know how he developed such a remarkably strong internal charge. This book reveals his secrets.

We simply have to understand ourselves better and activate the parts of us that make our lives rich, colorful, connected, and meaningful.

Life change is hard. Believe me, I know.

So have my clients. Our times are calling for you to master your mind and contribute more magic and positive energy to the world.

We all need you fully engaged again and sharing with us the fully expressed, extraordinary you. We need you to choose a different kind of life and to charge up for the challenges that lie ahead for all humankind. When Willpower Trumps Brainpower No matter your position, circumstances, or opportunities in life, you always have the freedom of mind to choose how you experience, interpret, and, ultimately, shape your world. If you can believe this, then you can strategically choose and create a Charged Life.

I believe this now more than ever, and not just at a philosophical level but at a very practical and physical level as well. Despite being known worldwide as the high-performance guy, I recently lost the charge in life for a period of several months. I had to get incredibly conscious and focused in order to stoke my internal flame and reignite my life.

I had to fight, every single day , to activate the 10 human drives that are the guts of this book. The first was when I fell into a depression after a terrible breakup with my high school sweetheart in college. I was in a horrible space, suicidal, for an entire year, and it took a car accident to shake me out of it.

Did I live?

The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel

Did I love? Did I matter? It was a soul-shaking experience, to say the least, and it made me question everything in my life. I had never really lived life before, and the accident made me get serious about doing so.

My ticket turned out to be good for fifteen remarkable years of vibrancy, connection, and meaning. In that span of time, I discovered and mastered the 10 human drives you will learn in this book.

My father, whom I loved dearly and who was my best friend, was diagnosed with and died suddenly of leukemia. I had all the mental levers to cope with our sudden loss, thank God, and fortunately I used them well enough to stay strong for him, myself, and my family during that difficult time. Still, there is no doubt my charge deminished with the sudden loss of Dad. Then, more recently, things completely fell apart in an instant—in another accident. Ironically, the third time I lost the charge happened just as I began to write this book.

I remember the day vividly. The sky was a perfect cool blue, the air just slightly humid. The ocean was smooth and calm, the color of turquoise. I had been riding through the desert all day, smartly and safely.

Heading down one of the final stretches of beach, I was relaxed, breathing in deeply, enjoying the adrenaline from a good ride and the blessings of a picture-perfect setting. That day, I was thinking a lot of my dad. He had taught me to ride, to live. Maybe there was a moment when I lost my presence, tuning out for just a moment and gazing out at the ocean for just a beat too long.

Unlike the slow-motion special effects when our car flipped into the air and off the highway fifteen years earlier, this time everything happened fast. The ATV hit the pillow of sand, went airborne, and landed on the front left tire in such a way that it flipped hard to the left, slamming me onto the ground.

I felt the impact of the sand and the air bursting out of my lungs.

The Charge | Book by Brendon Burchard | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I remember rolling along the ground and the scratching sound of sand beating against my helmet. I could hear the ATV bouncing alongside me—boom! I awoke to my friends huddled and kneeling around me, and asking if I was okay. Did it land on you? I was blinking the stars away from my vision, trying to catch my breath. Closing my eyes, I tried to feel my body, and it took a few seconds to sense anything at all.

My head hurt; my left leg was numb; my left arm was screaming.

THE CHARGE by Brendon Burchard - Book Preview

The guide started patting down my body, looking for any bones sticking out or internal swelling around my ribs and stomach. My friends helped me sit up, and I blacked out briefly, just for a second.

My entire left side hurt fiercely: My friends deserve a medal for getting me onto the back of an ATV, then getting me to base camp and then into town to the hospital—a two-hour window of time that was more brutal than I care to remember.

I thought I got off lucky. Three months later, though, right when I started writing this book, my life was a mess. I was having trouble planning, imagining, remembering things. My mental speed of judgment was sluggish, and my hand-eye coordination seemed lacking in racquetball. Successes were feeling hollow, and I seemed unable to resonate or empathize well with people. My mood was all over the place, and I was acting impulsively.

The charge was gone. Feeling adrift in the random flow of life, I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Like a lot of people, I just pushed aside my reality, blaming my emotional malaise and erratic behavior on busyness. I must just be tired and stressed , I thought, but this too shall pass if I just keep on keeping on.

After all, I had all I was supposed to have to be happy: But something was very much amiss. It turned out that writing this book saved my life. I had learned a lot about the brain, and one morning something happened that made me think of my neuroscience research. After weeks of battling with writing issues, one evening I had a caffeine-fueled breakthrough and wrote twenty pages.

The next morning, I ran to the computer and started scanning what I had written the night before. Right there on the screen, I discovered that I needed help. What I saw was sentence after sentence with missing words.

In reading what I had written, I was terrified to see an illogical soup of fragmentary thoughts and sentences. Something was clearly wrong with my language skills and memory.

All this sparked concern and reminded me of what I had been researching in neuroscience—specifically, how people with brain injuries often have language issues. But they also tend to have issues with vision, impulse control, empathy, memory, and motor control.

Moments from the past few months came to mind: The list went on. Within days, I had a brain scan, and the final verdict from my acccident was in: I had a form of brain trauma—postconcussive syndrome—with low activity in the prefrontal cortex, cerebellum, and hippocampus. I took a few cognitive tests that further confirmed the verdict. My cognitive ability was in the lower 25th percentile of high school graduates.

The Charge

Fortunately, the human brain is often repairable. Just as you rehab any other part of your injured body, you can rehab your brain by focused and consistent practice and therapy. Specifically, by taking on new challenges and using conscious thought, meditation, and mind puzzles to activate low-performing parts of your brain, you can, as my friend and leading neuroscientist Dr.

I had to practice mind over matter, using my thoughts and attention to reactivate parts of my brain and reenergize my life. I fought every single day to find the raw willpower needed to focus my attention, muster my energies, overcome my physical limitations, and bang on these keys for you. I spilled my blood on these pages, testing the boundaries of my own philosophies.

I did this under extreme emotional stress, with limited mental focus and capacity, at a time when I had enormous expectations on me to write this book and run a multimillion-dollar business.

I was traveling all the time while I was trying to care for my wife and family, my friends, my team, my customers, and myself. The one thing that kept it all together was that I had a plan. I knew the path back to a vibrant life. I knew the 10 drives of human experience and happiness. All I had to do was work my butt off to activate them. Writing about the Charged Life and the 10 human drives reminded me how much control I had over my life, no matter how broken it was.

And it kept me focused on what mattered as I struggled toward what became a full and healthy recovery. My greatest ambition is that it does the same for you. Personally, I think your life is on the line every single day you exist. Your ultimate life experience and legacy is being built moment by moment, day by day. Your story is being crafted by your every action, all leading somewhere, all leading to what one hopes will be a magnificent crescendo. This is your time. Your destiny awaits.

Ready yourself. About The Author. Photograph by LA Davis. Brendon Burchard.

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Product Details. Free Press May Length: Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion skill. Think about it. But master those things, and life changes forever, and high achievement is yours. Have you ever wanted to make millions as an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, or online trainer and thought leader?

How do they position, promote, and get paid for their advice, knowledge, and wisdom, often starting from scratch? Learn step-by-step in this free video series. How can you become more confident and capable of achieving your goals faster and more effectively?

How do you influence others? What are his secrets? Brendon teaches expert entrepreneurs authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, information marketers to get their books, tours, events, causes and dreams promoted by major nonprofits and Fortune companies.

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Learn from the master and change your life right by watching these FREE videos and webinars. The Motivation Manifesto is a pulsing, articulate, ferocious call to claim our personal power. World-renowned high performance trainer Brendon Burchard reveals that the main motive of humankind is the pursuit of greater Personal Freedom. We desire the grand liberties of choice—time freedom, emotional freedom, social freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom.

Only two enemies stand in our way: This book reveals how you can feel more alive, productive and fulfilled in a chaotic world by mastering the very drives that make you most human and happy. Author Brendon Burchard reveals a step plan for making an impact and an income with what you know. This book is an inspirational novel about second chances in life and in love. The Greenleaf Center makes it available to people around the world and it is the best single source on the issue of student leadership.