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Tam Quốc Diễn Nghĩa [La Quán Trung;Thùy Dương] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Một trong Tứ đại kỳ thư của văn học cổ điển. Nghe doc truyen audio online nguyen ngoc ngan. by Midnight storyTruyện ngắn:Phim Nhat, Phim Han Quoc, Phim Trung Quoc. . Tam ve so nguyen ngoc ngan, truyen dai casino nguyen ngoc ngan, truyen ma tam ve FREE) CD - Audio Book - Pham Thi Ngoc Lien - Dien Thoai Nua Dem (NO. Explore Bani Kong's board "Tam Quoc Dien Nghia " on Pinterest. The good book Someone said if whom read three is not good .. Audio truyện kiếm hiệp Trung Quốc Youtube, Trung Quốc, Jewelry, Movie Posters.

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Audio Book Tam Qu?c Di?n Nghia

Stream TAM QUOC DIEN NGHIA CHUONG 1 by mrbom from desktop or your mobile device. Tam muoi trieu nguoi VN lau nay ban oi cho minh xin pass truyen soi dien tam nhe Tam quốc diễn nghĩa về phương diện biên soạn chủ yếu là công lao của La Quán . Quả nhiên, Diệp Cẩm Cần, còn cả Ngọc di nương đang đi tới. nay lam rui day. info] Sách nói - Đọc Truyện Đêm Khuya - Đài Tiếng Nói Việt Nam Sự . Local insight: There are two cafés on the book street, so you can do some . Nghia An Hoi Quan Pagoda Built by the Chaozhou Chinese population, Nghia . Its major attraction is the large, gilded A Di Da Buddha in the main sanctuary. NL. Le Van Tam Park. QUO C TO AN. PHA. PHA. IEM. GU. TRA N.

And then, the Vietnamese are Generous. My local family hosts us too often, and they love doing it. We never leave the house without receiving a gift. They always offer me the best piece of food — the nicest cut of meat, the freshest vegetables, the thickest spring roll. A sense of family values gives way to a Respect for others, and this respect, especially for elders, is an essential part of Vietnamese culture. A Confucian value deeply rooted in Vietnamese society, true respect for elders and for teachers is both expected and celebrated in Vietnam. The Vietnamese also hold a deep respect for Education, and for the educated. People of all ages in Vietnam pursue their education as far as they can.

Today, classical concerts and operas are held here every week. It is only open to the public during events, so be sure to check their current schedule. The prices are usually very reasonable.

Have a chat with famous year-old letter writer and translator Duong Van Ngo, usually sitting in the back of the building. Notre Dame Cathedral This twin-towered cathedral is one of the most prominent architectural marvels in the city.

It was built in with materials imported from France. The streets outside are always bustling with tourists, locals and street vendors. If you want to avoid the most severely confined creatures, stroll through the gardens or catch a theatre performance.

/ không có năng lực, không có tài: 3000 từ thông dụng trong tiếng anh

Cong Xa Paris, D1 5: The Cathedral is fenced in due to renovation until , but mass is held as normal. Trace the history of the Vietnamese people with displays of cultural significance that cover an area of more than 2,m2. Note that you must pay VND40, extra for the privilege of taking photos in the museum! Saigon Central Post Office Designed in beautiful French colonial style, the post office was built between and The vaulted roof and arched windows lend it a classic look, reminiscent of early European railway stations.

Generally filled with tourists, it is still a working post office. Inside the main gate you will find the Temple of King Hung Vuong, built to honour the legendary founder of the Vietnamese nation. Book Street The pedestrian book street has been open to the public since early Events include book exchanges, new publication promotions, calligraphy classes, book exhibitions and more; however, there are very few English titles.

The official handover of power took place here on 30 April , and the palace became a monument to that historic date. Tao Dan Park This urban park covers 10 hectares with over 1, large trees and plenty of lush greenery.

Early in the morning the park is filled with people exercising to booming dance music, walking and practising tai chi. A popular place to hang out for young Vietnamese couples, it is one of the oldest bridges in the city, and was built by Gustave Eiffel in The area is a convenient place to find cheap accommodation, food and nightlife.

It is also known for the large amount of tour agencies, clothing shops, tailors and street hagglers who cater to budget tourists. With a plethora of bars, clubs and restaurants, this area is popular amongst tourists and locals alike. On weekends, the bridge turns into a hotspot for wedding photographers.

Beneath the museum is a network of tunnels that go as far as the Reunification Palace. Connecting the Reunification Palace with the Notre Dame Cathedral, it is a common meeting place for young and old Saigonese alike. The park is perfect for people watching, as it is a popular place for many to chat with friends, grab some shade and sip a refreshment. The exhibits include archaeological artefacts, old city maps, photos and much more, all showcasing the history of the city.

Be careful with your belongings, as this area is notorious for bag and phone snatchers. Le Loi Street Named after the founder of the Le Dynasty, this street used to be lined with beautiful trees and boutique shops selling high-end art and various knick-knacks.

It is still worth a visit to see the drastic changes being undertaken. Shopping highlights include L'Usine page 32 and the adjacent Mekong Quilts page Dong Khoi Street Known as Rue Catinat during the French colonial days and Tu Do in the s, this street was reborn during Doi Moi the economic reforms of as the heart of the commercial and shopping district.

It has local boutiques, international brands and restaurants housed in beautifully restored French colonial buildings. The street is home to historical venues such as the Grand Hotel and Hotel Majestic. The market moves outdoors when evening sets in, and it's a great place to have a quick dinner at one of the stalls. Ben Thanh Market It can be a bit daunting to make sense of this market with its more than 3, vendor stalls.

Luckily, everything is laid out in an organised grid see opposite page. Be prepared, as sellers here are particularly persistent. There's a haggle-free, fixed-price area around the perimeter. Muslims from all over the world now come here to pray. The shaded veranda makes it an ideal place to sit during the heat of the day. Dine at the halal restaurant in the compound that offers cheap Indian and Malay food as well as at several halal food vendors who surround the area.

Huyen Sy Church At over years old, this church is the oldest and second largest in Saigon. You can find the tombs of Mr. Sy off to the side of the nave. It is closed during the day, but you can sneak a peek by wandering to its side entrance. Mariamman Hindu Temple This temple seems out of place with a colourful facade that jumps out from its surroundings. Inside, the atmosphere is lively and incense hang in the air, thereby completing the tranquil setting. The temple was built by traders from Tamil Nadu and is named after the goddess Mariamman, worshipped for miraculous powers including curing tropical diseases and helping people find ideal spouses.

One of the halls honours the most important deity of fertility, Kim Hua, while the second storey represents heaven and features the goddess of Mercy, Kwan Ying. Remember to remove your shoes before stepping onto the raised platform. Check out one of the first wooden elevators in Saigon, located at the main staircase. Bitexco Financial Tower Opened in , the The building is also home to three bars and two restaurants on the 50th, 51st and 52nd floors.

Fine Arts Museum Set inside an exquisite colonial villa, this museum is home to art from the 7th to 20th centuries along with rotating exhibits of contemporary art. The second floor features a permanent collection of sketches, paintings and statues, many of which focus on the resistance to colonial rule. It was established in and is divided into 10 rooms. The museum is well laid out and there is a tour showcasing the invaluable contribution made by women in the fight for independence.

War Remnants Museum This museum is not for the faint-hearted, as it houses harrowing displays from the American War. Established in , it is home to US armoured vehicles, bombs, infantry weapons and controversial images detailing the brutality of war.

Not to be missed is Requiem, a homage to the photojournalists who lost their lives in the war. Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels page 26 first for an understanding of the military tactics. Vinh Nghiem Pagoda Vinh Nghiem is a blend of modern and traditional Japanese and Vietnamese cultures, and home to a sanctuary and a seven-floor, 40m tower. It was built between and and covers 8,m2. Ky Dong Church Once encompassing an entire city block, Ky Dong Church has been downsized, but it still boasts a school, religious souvenir shop and garden.

It may not be worth a special trip, so only visit if you are already in the area or have some time to kill. The church is packed with worshippers during mass, so make sure to show up a bit early. Worshippers bring flowers to the St. Mary statue which stands prominently outside. It was built in in a different part of town for the French Apostolic Vicar of Cochinchina and moved to this spot in It is one of the most well-maintained examples of colonial architecture.

It is one of the most active pagodas in Cholon, and has a worldly atmosphere with swirling incense and splendid furnishings. The pagoda is dedicated to Thien Hau, Goddess of the Sea. Outside are immaculate gardens with views of District 1 and the river. The statue of Ong Bon, keeper of happiness and virtue, resides in a glass altar to the right of the main sanctuary. The name Dragon House Wharf comes from the two dragon statues on the rooftop. Located on a small and quiet street, it is dedicated to Me Sanh, the Goddess of Fertility, and is frequently crowded with women praying for assistance in conception.

Xa Loi Pagoda This seven-tiered pagoda is home to a Buddha relic, a 32m bell tower and even a publishing centre. The pagoda was the focus for opposition in when monks and nuns were arrested for civil disobedience.

Thich Quang Duc, one of the monks who protested through self-immolation, has a memorial nearby. Binh Tay Market This is the central market of Cholon. A mix of French and Chinese architecture, this market, built in , is the largest in town and has a smorgasbord of items for sale. The building is famed for its intricate facade and reddish-brown tiles, along with practically hassle-free shopping. These features, plus the dominant yellow clock tower, make this a great spot for photography.

Divided into different sections such as the the Giant Zone or the Strange House Zone, this interactive museum invites you to become one with the fantastic 3D backdrops. Families can combine the trip with a visit of the Vietopia edutainment city next door.

Located in District 9, Suoi Tien has something for everybody: Built with a Buddhist theme, beautiful pagodas and memorials to Vietnamese history are elegantly woven throughout. Visit the Si Hoang Show page 64 to experience the story of the ao dai first-hand. Exhibits include medicine preparation, knives, mortars and pestles, documents and traditional implements. The museum regularly screens a documentary on the history of traditional medicine.

The Flower Market Flowers are plentiful at this market and are offered at reasonable prices, depending on your bargaining skills. Stroll along the narrow, flower-lined alleys; the locals are quite friendly and helpful.

The flowers come from Dalat, the Mekong Delta and Hanoi, and the alleys are worlds away from the bustling traffic and chaos of the main road.

Ao Dai Museum Since its emergence in the early 18th century, the body-hugging ao dai has remained Vietnam's traditional dress. This museum in D9, set in lush surroundings, presents the development of the ao dai over the centuries. Our tip: Come before 6am to find the market beautifully lit up and filled with the smell of freshly delivered flowers. Unique for its colourful statues of Taoist disciples, the main altar features a yin and yang symbol. Upstairs is a cm-high statue of Chinese philosopher Lao Tse with a halo that makes creative use of a mirror and fluorescent lighting.

The pagoda also houses a care home for the elderly and a medical clinic. Phung Son Pagoda This Buddhist temple, recognised as a cultural relic by the Ministry of Culture, was built in the early 19th century. The history of the spot, however, goes back to the fourth century AD, which makes it also an archeological site.

Its major attraction is the large, gilded A Di Da Buddha in the main sanctuary. The main entrances are usually locked. Try the side entrance during prayer times from 4 to 5 am, 4 to 5 pm, and 6 to 7 pm every day. Cu Chi Tunnels Explore the vast network of underground tunnels from the s that were expanded to km by guerrilla Viet Cong forces during the American War.

The tunnels have now been widened to cater to larger frames, but are still a tight fit and not for the claustrophobic. It takes 90 minutes to get there by bus, or you can take the scenic route by fast boat. Tasteless yet tempting, there is a firing range where you can shoot A K47s and M16s. Created by the government in the s, Binh Quoi 1 features gardens, lakes and quality Vietnamese restaurants.

Stop by for dinner at a riverside restaurant, a great setting to watch time float by, or rent a boat from Binh Quoi 2 to see the contrast between spacious villas and stilt houses. Binh Thanh D. South Vietnam's food relies heavily on spices, herbs and fresh vegetables. The preparation is simple with cooking techniques borrowed from neighbouring countries like Cambodia, China and Thailand. Be sure to try some of these highlights. Banh Xeo. These savoury pancakes are made with flour, egg and salt, then fried.

They come stuffed with pork, vegetables and prawns with a side of herbs and fish sauce. Bun Mam. A rather pungent vermicelli noodle soup made with everything but the kitchen sink. It includes shrimp paste, aubergine, squid and more.

Bun Thit Nuong. This dish is made of vermicelli noodles topped with fresh greens, peanuts and grilled pork.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Music From The Motion Picture)

Some suppliers will even throw in a fried spring roll. Com Tam. It comes with many different meat options, but the most common is a delicious barbecued pork chop. Hu Tieu. This originally Cambodian dish features long, thin rice noodles served with ground pork, pork heart and shrimp. You usually have the choice between a dry fried and a wet with soup version. Historical elements from the s to the s Saigon are subtly infused alongside quality wood furnishing, creating a unique look.

Food portions are small enough to order several dishes at once, letting you sample their delicious variety. Normally fatty dishes like Mi Quang and Fried Spring Rolls contain relatively little oil, allowing the chefs to highlight their excellent ingredients. The staff is attentive and communicates well in English.

Their super-fresh juices are served in glass bottles. Wondermelon is a refreshing watermelon-mint flavour. While the Dong Khoi venue delivers a sense of discovery, the Le Thanh Ton location gives visitors a luxe experience. The Convent is an elegant Eurasian fusion restaurant with a diverse drink menu from coffee to cocktails. Wednesday is Steak Night at The Convent. Located in the new Saigon Centre mall, these delicious eateries offer up everything from udon noodles to sushi, all served at reasonable prices and made by skilled Japanese chefs.

Signature dishes that should be tried by any Japanese food fan: Dine in the serene courtyard or refined interior, served by experienced and polite waiters. Twenty minutes from the city centre, La Villa is the perfect choice for guests who are looking for true fine dining. In the morning, guests can go local with a variety of rice noodle dishes, or opt for the Continental breakfast.

Lunch and dinner are dedicated to Western cuisine, and diners are accompanied by classic piano and violin melodies. Enjoy sixteen fruity flavours including strawberry or coconut, and a durian version for the daring.

The sushi is made with fresh fish and there is a dizzying selection to choose from. The house special Sushi Bar Roll is a treat with no less than nine ingredients.

Pair your sushi with sake or opt for green tea for authenticity. Specialising in halal food from Northern India and clay-oven-cooked kebabs, they also offer Southern Indian cuisine and one of the largest selections of vegetarian options in the city. Looking for a filling meal? Try the Tandoori Grill, which includes chicken, paneer, seabass and mutton grilled in a tandoor oven. Chef Wang is renowned for his seafood creations. The new menu is based on seasonal ingredients, and innovates some classics with a twist.

Check out the dim sum buffet from 9am to 3pm on weekends! Ask for the signature Kung Fu Soup served from a porcelain teapot. Teppan meaning "table" and Yaki meaning "grilled", the chefs at Kobe know how to put on a show.

The staff here takes you through an authentically Japanese dining adventure. It employs traditional concepts of a Cantonese kitchen with Oriental art deco ambience. San Fu Lou emphasises the contrast of flavours and textures. Gentle use of spices and careful preparation give this style of cooking superb balance. Local Secret Garden Restaurant: Consistently good Vietnamese fare in a "hidden" rooftop garden. Vietnam House Restaurant: Vietnamese fine dining in a richly decorated venue that spans two floors.

Try the King Crab Banh Xeo! Hum Vegetarian: Best vegetarian restaurant in town with three beautifully designed venues. Bep Me In: Pick the classics from the menu or create your own delicious rolls. International May Restaurant: Warm, welcoming staff and great international food make this ambient restaurant a lovely place for dinner or drinks. The Racha Room: Both a bar and a restaurant, they serve exquisite cocktails, imported ciders and has a menu of delicious Pan-Asian dishes.

Au Lac do Brazil: A traditional all-you-can-eat Brazilian-style barbecue restaurant for the meat lovers out there. But Vietnam is not only famed for its coffee exports and sugar-rich caffeine hits. Given its sweetness and buttery tang, Vietnamese "ca phe", black or with condensed milk, hot or cold, is something that every traveller must try when they visit this country. Grab a coffee to go in the typical miscellaneous plastic cup, or join smiling local women on their lawn chairs and sip from a glass mug.

Coffee was introduced to Vietnam in by the French and began to develop as a major agricultural export in the decades following the American War, which ended in Production skyrocketed at the end of the 20th century with a new government initiative.

Today, Vietnam is the second-largest global exporter of Robusta and Arabica beans after Brazil. Get their Sampling Flight with ml glasses of six different beers to find your personal favourite. Housing expert staff, Chill Skybar frequently hosts international DJs, entertainers and themed events. At the cutting edge of Saigon nightlife for years, the stylish graphics, comfortable lounge seating and great variety of Western dance music is sure to offer something for everyone looking for an unforgettable night out.

Lush gets jumping on Ladies Nights Tuesdays and now they are bringing on a new themed party with Latin Nights on Thursdays. Drinking alcohol is a very important part of Vietnamese culture and few people would pass up the opportunity to share a drink with friends or colleagues.

Beer is the most popular beverage. In Vietnamese beer gardens, people usually order beer towers containing several litres of their favourite brews. Expats usually quench their thirst in a few popular spots located in District 1, District 2 and District 7. The typical expat bar has several screens to watch sports, a pool table, fun games and a crowd of regulars. A more exclusive way to enjoy your evening with a classy drink is to visit one of Ho Chi Minh City's rooftop lounges.

Once the sun sets, beer bars will start welcoming office workers, students and friends. Also called beer gardens, you could count over of them in Saigon. They are great meeting places for an after-hour drink with colleagues. Some are super luxurious, with loud techno music and strict door policies, while others are much more easygoing, consisting of a few tables in the open air. Nightclubs in Ho Chi Minh City will please even the most demanding party-goers. Trendy venues will not look very different from the places you could visit in Europe or the US.

They will play the latest music, as well as the mainstream club hits. Prices are generally low: Most nightclubs will close around 3am, but you can keep the party going until the early morning in several after-hour drinking holes. Considering the wide variety and diversity of bars and clubs spread across the city, it is never a difficult thing to find one that you like. Opened in , this modern nightlife centre spans three floors, and features a live band and DJ zone, 14 private karaoke rooms, a karaoke bar and a great lounge area to round off your evening.

Looking to organise a social or business party? A graduation or holiday party? Catwalk has something for everyone. This is the perfect location for people looking for affordable, high-quality liquors and craft beers in a laid-back atmosphere. Upper Saigon: This relaxed rooftop bar is an excellent spot for an early evening sunset cocktail. They also serve delicious food. A great place for sports enthusiasts to catch the game on any of their seven screens.

Clubs Envy: This glamorous nightclub hosts spectacular light shows and acrobatic performances in its artdeco-style setting. Glow Skybar: A sophisticated, hip rooftop bar with stunning views of the city. Dress up a little when you go there. Marble sculptures are often quoted at up to four times their actual selling price. After Chinese rule, ceramics developed over time to become distinctly Vietnamese. Traditionally, cobalt blue and white are the most common colours, though there are others available.

Teapots, large bowls and other household items are decorative and functional. Prices vary with quality; a beautiful tea set and tray starts at VND, Two streets are famous for cheap and exquisite porcelain: Bargaining is expected and careful inspection is a must. Buffalo Horn.

A few Saigon-based jewellers work with buffalo horn. It is used in products like jewellery, eating utensils, pipes and hair decorations. It is said that the horn contains the buffalo spirit, and the power is transferred to those who wear or use it.

So select a piece and inherit the strength of the mighty buffalo! Lighter shades of horn can cost up to three times the price of darker shades. Long held to be the most luxurious stone, marble carvings are usually only available for the wealthy. Fortunately, the exquisite mineral is no longer limited to 5-star hotels and Italian museums. Vietnamese marble comes in a wide variety of colours, patterns and shapes.

Peruse the souvenir shops to find the perfect piece. It is a shopping paradise of porcelain products including tableware, jewellery and souvenirs with unique designs rich in Vietnamese culture. These designs mix national identity with exotic patterns and traditional daily life.

A thriving craft, local wood is carved into trinkets, figurines and burl furniture. Choosing the type of wood is important: Especially impressive are the carvings made from entire tree branches, where the curvature of the wood is incorporated into the piece.

Mekong Quilts provides employment, training and benefits to women in rural Vietnam and Cambodia and they have employed over women. This distinctive headpiece has become a national symbol representing the hardworking spirit of Vietnam. The conical hat is fashioned out of bamboo, with coconut or palm leaves hand-sewn into the frame.

The non la can be found in most markets and on Vietnamese people everywhere. The government actively promotes it. Body sizes vary, but it usually takes about four metres of fabric to make an ao dai.

Vietnamese lacquerware is sought after by collectors for its beauty and durability, and is applied to everything from paintings to dishes. Lacquer is a natural varnish made from a tree in the cashew family. Production in Vietnam dates back to the 18th century. The best lacquerware is handmade.

A labour-intensive process, it can take more than 12 stages of production to make each piece and a tray requires 75 days. Look for details like air bubbles in the lacquer to evaluate the quality of production.

All home ceramics, textiles and wood items are masterly handcrafted with refined designs and materials by dedicated artisans at their workshops. Nowhere in the world is the diversity and availability of lacquer arts more evident than in Vietnam.

With a range that spans from museum pieces to holiday ornaments, it is expansive. Vietnamese have been processing lacquer for more than 2, years.

Following the influence of French lacquer teachers in the s, the art form developed into a technique that combines the traditional Asian and European styles. Packed with more than 60 antique shops, each and every shop is full of hundreds of interesting items.

Rummage through the treasure trove of stone statues, lamps, ceramic pots and clocks to unearth a rare find. Since the s, the ancient practice of embroidery expanded to include majestic scenes and detailed portraits.

Larger works can take over a month to produce, and subjects include beautiful landscapes, animals and traditional Vietnamese flowers. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass with a delicate grain that makes it distinctive and elegant. A large range of bamboo products are produced in Vietnam including vases, trays and platters.

With the plant growing abundantly in the countryside, prices are reasonable. Bamboo is also used as the frame for most non la, the iconic Vietnamese conical hat. Test the quality of the bamboo by running your hand over it, as there should not be any splinters. Contemporary art spaces in HCMC are few and far between. However, this looks poised to change for the better, which is good news for both artists and collectors. Unfortunately, finding original pieces can be difficult, since knock-offs proliferate on the market.

The mostly hidden art scene provides opportunities for art collectors to find stunning creations at low prices, and for window shoppers to marvel at avant-garde artistry. Propaganda art is usually made for political purposes, but it has also been used for campaigns promoting public safety.

Trumpeting everything from fighting to industrial production, this socialist style now has a very retro feel and can be found on old posters, T-shirts and handbags. Not surprisingly, many propaganda artists call HCMC home. Once a faithful companion to US soldiers during the war, these enduring lighters can be found scattered throughout Vietnam, and each one tells a unique story.

Most are still functioning and only require a top-up of lighter fluid and a new flint. These iconic lighters are priced according to the year, design, quality and condition.

If you liked what you drank, why not bring some home? Locally sourced coffee beans and traditional filters can be found at any of the Phuc Long shops across the city f.

They also have tea. Vietnam is the origin of the worldfamous coffee that went through a weasel — a great souvenir to dare relatives to try at home. Their internationally acclaimed chocolate bars are all made with Vietnamese cacao.

Sit down, take a break from your busy tour of Saigon and pick one of their many fresh pastries, all made with their world-class chocolate. Listed below are the streets where specific types of products can be found. The The centrally located tower has four floors of shopping with international and local brands and a cinema on the fourth floor.

Start with Armani and Jimmy Choo before going down to a great food court that includes many international and Vietnamese restaurants. Cheap copies of designer sportswear rub shoulders with fashion brands. The quality is fake, but the price is right. Just remember to bargain hard. If you want to go ten-pin bowling, see a movie or just hang at the mall, Diamond Plaza is the place to be. The mall hosts a range of cosmetics, branded clothing and toys, as well as an energetic arcade and a food court.

Family Medical Practice is also here if you need some Western-style medical care. Located in an air-conditioned building near one of Saigon River's canals, the Russian Market offers brand-name winter gear, shoes and sportswear at unbeaten prices. Little example? Offering over world-renowned brands, many in Vietnam for the first time, it provides a highly exclusive selection of products. The new mall also features over 50 restaurants and food stalls.

Located in suburban Phu My Hung D7 , Crescent Mall offers an array of recognised international brands in air-conditioned comfort. Along with shopping, there are a number of food and drink options and a cinema that shows all the latest films. If you feel a bit shopped out, take a scenic walk around Ho Ban Nguyet Lake.

With locations throughout the city, Parkson boasts a comprehensive selection of cosmetics and a wide range of clothing. This is the place to go for quality kitchenware and appliances.

Fashion Khai Silk: Tailors Kenn Smith: This American tailor offers some of the best bespoke clothes in Saigon, with amazing service to match. These high-quality Vietnamese products, handmade by skilled artisans, blend innovative modern art with traditional styles.

Galleries Apricot: Jewellery Therese: This reputable jeweller is a favourite of the Saigon expat crowd, making unique pieces of jewellery. Walking Tour see map Total distance: Tower N. Boat Tours For a different view of the city, take a trip with Les Rives lesrivesexperience. Try the daily scheduled trips to Cu Chi District instead of the standard bumpy bus ride — it's a one-hour scenic speedboat trip up the Saigon River.

A private guide ensures a relaxed pace, topped off by a picnic lunch on the return journey. Cyclo Tours Another way to explore Saigon is by the traditional cyclo. At a leisurely pace you are able to take in the sights and sounds this dynamic city has to offer. Beware though, there are many scammers out there. Better ask your hotel to arrange a cyclo tour for you. Always set a price before you ride, and keep your personal belongings close to hand. Bicycle Tours One of the great ways to explore the city and all its winding alleys is by bicycle.

The relatively flat topography means bicycling is fairly effortless. Free-wheeling in Ho Chi Minh City gives you a totally different perspective and provides an alltoo-rare glimpse inside busy Vietnamese life. You might want to wear a facemask though, as some of the highways are unbearably shrouded in smog. Group and private tours are widely available. Motorbike Tours See the city like a local and rev up your stay with a tour on a motorbike. Note that bicycles are at the bottom of the traffic food chain, so ride carefully.

Street Food Tours With an abundance of fresh ingredients and a multitude of local dishes to sample, one of the best ways to experience authentic Vietnamese culture is through its street food.

While intimidating for travellers due to the sheer variety, there are several tour operators specialising in food tours. Their invaluable knowledge allows you to sample tasty dishes in a controlled and hygienic environment not normally found on the tourist trail.

The best tours usually take place in the evening — and on the back of a motorbike. Vietnamese cuisine is hip now, so show off your skills when you get home. Secrets and techniques passed down from generations are taught in most large cities and can include a market visit to shop for guaranteed-fresh ingredients. Culinary prowess is the perfect souvenir — the gift that keeps on giving.

Be sure to ask about Western alternatives for the ingredients that may only be found in Vietnam. A free training session will make sure everyone gets the chance to drive safely. Dam Sen includes several pool areas, 30 water games to choose from and the mildly terrifying Twister Bowl. Explore the expansive park and enjoy the carnival rides, animal shows, lake outings and vibrant people-watching.

The dazzling minute show highlights the development of the ao dai over years and features some beautiful ethnic costumes.

After the event, you can order your own ao dai on the 3rd floor. Camera use is forbidden during the show. Accompanied by a traditional orchestra, singers tell stories about the daily life of the locals, national history and folklore while the lacquered puppets glide, float, fly and swim across the stage. Performers are adorned in ornate costumes to sing and dance their way through comedic and dramatic storylines with verve. The unique sound combines guitars and dan kim, a local stringed instrument, to enthrall the audience.

Cai luong requires intense training and has evolved to include less traditional songs. Casinos Along with independent venues, many of the top hotels have gaming rooms attached. Until recently, casinos in HCMC were few and far between. Now, gambling is alive and well here, but generally only available to those with international passports. Most of the cards are dealt by unregulated machines, but you can still take a spin to see if Lady Luck is on your side.

Some gaming venues are open 24 hours, allowing you to test the stakes any time. There are a few social venues in town, but most singing is thankfully done behind closed doors.

Some decent karaoke venues include King Karaoke and iBox Karaoke. Try La Habana on Wednesdays at 8: Chats is full of e-gaming machines, accessible at any hour of the day.

Try your luck at digital slots, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. For the high-rollers, an exclusive VIP roulette room offers some true high-stakes thrills. Stop by Catwalk next door for live bands and a pumping dance floor, or sit back and sing the night away at any of their 14 private karaoke rooms. Be sure to check out the Chats Rewards Programme, which offers exclusive members benefits and privileges.

Entry to Chats is restricted to holders of current foreign passports. Bring yours! Saigon South Golf Club This nine-hole, par three course in Phu My Hung is an old and compact option for those looking to play a quick round. Try their Total Pain Release Massage, ideal to sooth away the strains of daily life. Be sure to take in its scenic surroundings of former paddies.

Tuyển Việt Nam: Bất ngờ từ thầy Park danh sách dự King's Cup

The holes were carved out of the existing woodland with minimal land movement, creating a natural layout. Long Thanh My Ward, D9 pgavietnam. Song Be Golf Resort Just 22km north of the city, this resort features lakes, tree-lined fairways and undulating greens. The hole course offers a challenge for any level. Calm your senses with a panoramic view of Saigon and a first-rate, specialised treatment: For those looking to unwind in the heart of the city, this is the place to do it.

Golf in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam has excellent golf opportunities, including international-level courses. On weekends, slots fill quickly and courses run a strict tee-off schedule, so arrive with time to spare. The alternative is to use an agent. Golfing equipment rentals are affordable. The standard tip for a caddie is the price of a coffee. Prices will vary depending on the type of treatment. Tell your masseuse how much pressure you need beforehand — some don't ask. At most salons, VND, will download you a hair wash and a head massage.

There are also many street-side stations willing to do quick, cheap cuts. However, if you want a stylish trim, it is worth going to a salon and paying a little extra. Bowling Diamond Plaza Bowling: Typifies a modern, noisy, yet fun bowling alley. Cinemas CGV Cinemas: This large theatre showcases the latest films in their original language. Cooking Classes Saigon Cooking Class: The place to learn the secrets of delicious, local cuisine.

Fitness Centre Vincharm Health Club: Modern gym with updated equipment spread over 2, square metres.

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Spas Q Spa: The Spa: A great location to relax, unwind and feel refreshed. Luxury Spa: Rejuvenate and refresh both your body and mind. Tours Vietnam Bike Tours: Cycle the Mekong, climb mountains and go off the beaten track. The beautiful pool and terrace give guests the sensation of a tropical resort. New World Saigon Hotel provides guestrooms and suites offering the perfect ambience for both concentrated work and undisturbed relaxation.

The 12 types of magnificently furnished accommodation are offered as 62 suites and rooms and are crafted to perfection. The highest hotel in the city, the rooms and suites start from the 27th floor with beautiful panoramic views of the central business district and the winding Saigon River, seen through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Featuring a high-class bar, European and Indochina-inspired fine dining, a luxurious spa and world-class facilities, this iconic hotel will transform the way you look at Vietnam. The Spa is one of the biggest and most luxurious in Vietnam. Facilities include an all-day dining restaurant, 24h room delivery service and a rooftop pool and bar with views of the airport. The hotel also has free Wi-Fi, a wellness centre and meeting rooms.

Day-use option is available. Sanouva Saigon caters to meet the demands of both busy business executives and the discerning leisure traveller of today. Its combination of well-appointed rooms, a dedicated staff and all-inclusive amenities deliver top-quality comfort. A sophisticated hotel geared towards travellers with a penchant for new places, new tastes and new cultures. Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon: The ideal home away from home for those looking for comfort as well as luxury.

Conveniently close to the airport. Sofitel Saigon Plaza: Pullman Saigon Centre: Opened in , this hotel caters to both leisure and business travellers. Rex Hotel: Built by the French in the 20th century and refurbished in , Rex Hotel is part of the cultural heritage of Saigon. Equipped with guest rooms and 84 suites in a prime location in the heart of the city.

Hotel Continental Saigon: A historically charming 4-star hotel right next to the Saigon Opera House. Immortalised in The Quiet American. Hotel Nikko: My Tho is a perfect springboard for day tours of the surrounding tributaries, rivulets and islands. First, though, explore the town itself — the capital of Tien Giang Province is a real charmer and you can still see French architectural influences in the shops and villas. The Can Tho bridge, an engineering wonder, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Southeast Asia, stretching nearly 2, metres.

Can Tho One of the most delightful stopovers in the South, it will be hard to leave once you see its beauty and meet the friendly locals. Due to its strategic location, it thrives as an agricultural centre and major rice milling town.

Along the pier, thousands of conical hats bob and weave as exotic fruits and Dong notes change hands. Visit the buzzing central market on Hai Ba Trung, but go early to catch it at its peak. Afterwards, join the sampan boat traffic jams in the three floating markets of the surrounding areas, Cai Rang, Phong Dien and Phung Hiep. The best way to see the Mekong and Can Tho is by boat, so be sure to take one and join in on the festivities. Bassac Welcome aboard the Bassac, three authentic wooden cabin cruisers that will let you discover life on the Mekong River.

Spend the night on the river in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Built according to local tradition, without compromising safety or comfort, the Bassac is the ideal size to navigate remote areas and offer wide living spaces open to the surrounding scenery. Learn about the local culture of the Mekong Delta and taste specialties cooked afresh and served by a caring crew.

Take in the ambience of the Mekong as you go by. When in Can Tho, be sure to take a short cruise to a Khmer pagoda in the countryside. Vung Tau A km excursion from Ho Chi Minh City, best done by boat shuttle, Vung Tau has long been a popular tourist destination for local and international travellers alike. Its name translates to "anchorage", derived from a time when European traders stopped there in the 14th and 15th centuries.

During the American War, the peninsula at Vung Tau was populated by American soldiers on shore leave. The two beaches, Bai Truoc and Bai Sau, offer a broad range of hotels, bars and restaurants. During the weekend the beaches are awash with locals and Saigonese taking a break from the city, so go during the week for a quieter experience. The top place to visit is the metre statue of Jesus on Mount Nho.

Another great vantage point is the Old Lighthouse. As one would expect, seafood here is first-class and centred around fish, crab, shrimp and lobster. Ganh Hao at 3 Tran Phu is famous for high-quality, yet affordable seafood. This place is a favourite among locals, so it must be good! Situated on and around a small mountain range that overlooks the ocean, the area benefits from a microclimate that keeps it relatively rain-free.

Long Hai enjoys the slow-paced lifestyle of a small Vietnamese fishing village, except on weekends when the urban population flocks to its sands. Local taxis do not stand at the beach area. Book your return in advance or ask at a nearby hotel. Pullman Vung Tau Pullman Vung Tau is the only international 5-star hotel in the city and an absolute eye-catcher thanks to the breathtaking architecture of its two storey atriums and a convention centre that can house 2, guests.

A favourite for large-scale business meetings, it is also only m away from Vung Tau Beach. The smart, modern design and top-class service, along with an outstanding choice of local and international foods, make Pullman Vung Tau the perfect location for a relaxing beach escape near Saigon.

Banh Khot, a Vietnamese mini rice pancake topped with shrimp, is a culinary must-try in Vung Tau. Those looking for a more relaxed experience can partake of the various spa treatments, with most resorts offering on-site spa services.

The area is also known for restaurants serving unique delicacies, so foodies with an open mind can try something new here. A unique site of Mui Ne are its famous sand dunes about 10km beyond the main resort strip boasting stunning views of the coast. Local children with friendly smiles offering plastic sandboards are everywhere, so those who want to ride down the dunes can do so for a small fee. While you are there, head north about 5km to Hon Rom.

The deserted beach is almost an island, as it is only connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. Phan Thiet is often mistakenly called Mui Ne, which is its most famous ward. Phan Thiet has lots to offer adventure lovers. There are over 20 kitesurfing schools in the area with classes for all levels of experience.

The solar eclipse on 24 October started the transformation of the beach between Phan Thiet and Mui Ne from an isolated stretch of sand into the resort area it is today. There are many quality resorts that now line the beach here.

These are great for family vacations, and feature clean beach areas where you can enjoy a more private swim than at public beaches. Pandanus Resort This breathtaking resort was built in within a most serene setting, disturbed only by the occasional fisherman or kite surfer. The vast pool is surrounded by tropical palm trees, and the buildings artfully complement the natural surroundings.

Professional masseuses offer massages in the garden, at the Lotus Pond, or in the luxurious spa, and local Cham musicians perform soothing music while you dine at one of the first-class restaurants or enjoy seafood BBQ by the pool.

This is truly a relaxing destination. Quarter 5, km The Pandanus Resort offers guests a free wine and cheese reception every afternoon, plus a unique walking tour of Mui Ne's fishing village every morning. Phu Quoc is perfect for a quick weekend getaway, where visitors can experience a variety of watersports that include snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, jet skiing and windsurfing. For a more low-key visit, indulge in spa services provided by the hotels in the area, or take a peek at Dinh Cau Rock Cua Temple or the Cao Dai temples.

A unique must-visit is the Phu Quoc Prison. For those looking to get scuba certified in Vietnam, this is the place. However, this is likely to quickly change due to the commencement of the Phu Quoc Development Plan, which will have an enormous impact over the next 15 years.

Mostly known for its famous fish sauce nuoc mam and peppercorns, Phu Quoc also boasts delicious seafood. Browse the Duong Dong night market and try out local eats. Phu Quoc Within the past 10 years, Phu Quoc has become a popular destination thanks to its pristine whitesand beaches and tropical landscapes. Located on the Gulf of Thailand and only 12km south of the Cambodian coast, this tropical paradise is a quick minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City and boasts an international airport.

Phu Quoc is famous for its long stretches of natural white-sand beaches. Ultimately, visitors feel that they are in their own idyllic private beach hide-away. Eden Resort Phu Quoc This romantic 4-star beachfront resort is truly an island paradise.

Boasting two restaurants, a huge illuminated infinity pool and a beach bar, you will be spoilt for choice with countless ways to relax. Their Eden tour allows guests to explore all Phu Quoc has to offer. Mango Bay Resort This serene island resort is the perfect eco-friendly escape, with only 44 rooms spread over 10 hectares of sunny coast.

The exotic bungalows naturally melt into the environment, and the ambience provides endless calm throughout your stay. Also try the terrific mezze platters and crispy squid and anchovies. Q hanh Ngu Lao. Geography Geographic coordinates: Cambodia 1,km, Laos 2,km China 1,km Time: Mount Fansipan at 3,m Natural resources: Extending 1,km from north to south, the country is only 50km across its narrowest point.

Major rivers: Mekong, Red, Ma, Perfume. Population Total population: Hanoi Capital: Kinh Viet Miscellaneous Land line telephones: Government Capital: Hanoi Independence: Communist Party of Vietnam Governance: The model could simulate engine speed, torque, dynamic load, electronic throttle, turbo, temperature and emission conditions.

Simulation results indicate that it acquires good balance between Real-time response and dynamic accuracy, besides good comprehensive running status parameters including dynamic, mechanic, thermo and combustion. The model made it possible for electronic engineers to begin their works earlier to find solutions for power loss, high working temperature of CNG engine with more flexibility and lower bench test expense.

Naveenchandran, A. Rashid, Amir Aziz Abstract: This paper discusses the combustion characteristics of CNG under lean and stochiometric conditions in a direct injection engine. The experiments were carried out on a dedicated CNG-Direct Injection engine with compression ratio.

Combustion characteristics of CNG have been investigated on various injection timings. Injection timing of the fuel injection timing had significant effects on the engine performance, combustion and emissions. The effects became more significant when injection timing was retarded.

Lean stratified operation experiences faster combustion compared to that of stochiometric. In lean stratified operation, there were fast burn rates at the initial stage and slower burning at the later stage.

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