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Having completed my studies there, I was duly attached to the Fifth Northumber- land Fusiliers as Assistant Surgeon. The regiment was stationed in India at the. Novel PDF A Study in Scarlet () The Sign of The Four () The Hounds of The Download Novel Sherlock Holmes Lengkap Bahasa Indonesia Novel. Download Novel Sherlock Holmes Versi Bahasa Indonesia ebook novel sherlock holmes bahasa indonesia pdf DOWNLOAD NOVEL berbahasa Download A Study in Scarlet – Penelusuran Benang Merah () > download via [] 2.

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A Study In Scarlet Bahasa Indonesia Pdf

nov Download Aug 29, Download novel sherlock holmes djvu study in scarlet bahasa indonesia A Study in Scarlet is a detective mystery. Please, help me to find this a study in scarlet sherlock holmes pdf indonesia. Thanks! A Study in Scarlet (film ) - Wikipedia bahasa. A Study in Scarlet. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This web edition published by eBooks @Adelaide. Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the.

In disguise, Holmes witnesses Adler marry the man she truly loves, then by means of an elaborate stratagem discovers the photograph's hiding place. But when Holmes and the king return to retrieve the photo, they find Adler has fled the country with it, leaving behind a letter for Holmes and a portrait of herself for the King. The king allows Holmes to retain the portrait as a souvenir. After eight weeks, he was suddenly informed that the job ended. After some investigation at Wilson's shop, Holmes contacts a police inspector and the manager of a nearby bank. With Watson, they hide in the bank vault and catch two thieves who had dug a tunnel from the shop while Wilson was at the decoy copying job. On the morning of their wedding Hosmer elicits a promise that Mary will remain faithful to him "even if something quite unforeseen" occurs, then mysteriously disappears en route to the church. Holmes deduces that Hosmer was Mary's stepfather in disguise, the charade a bid to keep Mary a spinster and thus maintain access to her inheritance. Holmes does not reveal the truth to Mary because "There is danger for him who taketh the tiger cub, and danger also for whoso snatches a delusion from a woman"; he had already advised her to put the matter behind her, though she responded that Hosmer "shall find me ready when he comes back. McCarthy, and another local landowner, John Turner, are both Australian expatriates , and Lestrade was originally engaged by Turner's daughter, Alice, who believes James is innocent. Holmes interviews James, and then inspects the scene of the murder, deducing a third man was present. Realising Holmes has solved the case, Turner confesses to the crime, revealing that McCarthy was blackmailing him due to Turner's criminal past. Holmes does not reveal the crime, but secures James's release because of the presence of a third person at the crime scene. Holmes tells him to do as the letter asks and leave a diary page, which Holmes deduces is connected to the Ku Klux Klan , on the garden sundial. Openshaw is killed before he can do so, but Holmes discovers the killers have been travelling on a sailing ship, and sends the captain a letter with five orange pips.

Post Reply. Will be grateful for any help! A Study in Scarlet film - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia The regiment was stationed in India at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This web edition published by eBooks Adelaide. Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the Sherlock Holmes is an eccentric character in A Study in Scarlet, the first This has triggered me doing my first research for Bahasa Indonesia Kandang Baca: Sherlock Begins: A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Sherlock Holmes Begins: A Study in Scarlet menceritakan segala mula Kapan- kapan, saya ingin membaca versi bahasa Inggrisnya deh.

Wells die gaat over een invasie van buitenaardse wezens in Engeland. Van het verhaal is een hoorspel gemaakt, en het verhaal is meerdere malen verfilmd. Written in , the story marks the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes and Dr A Study in Scarlet Daar dit het eerste Sherlock Holmes-verhaal is dat ooit is gepubliceerd, Ringkasan Sherlock Holmes: Stamford mentions that an acquaintance of his, Sherlock Holmes, is looking for someone to split the rent at a flat at B Baker Street , but he cautions Watson about Holmes's eccentricities.

Stamford takes Watson back to St.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Wikipedia

Bartholomew's where, in a laboratory, they find Holmes experimenting with a reagent, seeking a test to detect human hemoglobin. Holmes explains the significance of bloodstains as evidence in criminal trials. At Holmes's prompting, the two review their various shortcomings to make sure that they can live together.

After seeing the rooms at B, they move in and grow accustomed to their new situation.

Sherlock holmes a study in scarlet pdf indonesia

Watson is amazed by Holmes, who has a profound knowledge of chemistry and sensational literature, very precise but narrow knowledge of geology and botany; yet knows little about literature, astronomy, philosophy, and politics. Holmes also has multiple guests visiting him at different intervals during the day. After much speculation by Watson, Holmes reveals that he is a "consulting detective" and that the guests are clients. Facing Watson's doubts about some of his claims, Holmes casually deduces to Watson that one visitor, a messenger from Scotland Yard is also a retired Marine sergeant.

When the man confirms this, Watson is astounded by Holmes' ability to notice details and assemble them. Holmes reads the telegram requesting a consultation in a fresh murder case.

He is reluctant to help because credit would go entirely to the officials. Watson urges him to reconsider so Holmes invites him to accompany him as he investigates the crime scene , an abandoned house off the Brixton Road. Original illustration of Holmes with magnifying glass, by David Henry Friston. Left to right: Watson, Holmes, Lestrade, Gregson Holmes observes the pavement and garden leading up to the house before he and Watson meet Inspectors Gregson and Lestrade.

The four observe the crime scene, Holmes using a magnifying lens and tape measure. The male corpse, he's told, has been identified as a very wealthy man named Enoch Drebber.

Blood has been found in the room but there is no wound on the body. They also learn from documents found on his person that he was in London with his secretary, Joseph Stangerson.

Correcting an erroneous theory of Lestrade's, Holmes remarks that it is the German word for "revenge. His right-hand fingernails are long and he arrived in a cab whose horse had three old shoes and a new one. Upon moving Drebber's body, the pair discovers a woman's gold wedding ring.

Soon, Holmes and Watson visit the home of the constable who had first discovered the corpse, paying him a bit for the disturbance.

They get little information Holmes didn't already know, other than that a seemingly drunk loiterer had attempted to approach the crime scene. Holmes chastises the officer for not realizing that this was the murderer himself in disguise. They leave and Holmes explains that the murderer returned on realizing that he'd forgotten the wedding ring. Holmes dispatches some telegrams including an order for a newspaper notice about the ring.

He also downloads a facsimile of it.

a study in scarlet sherlock holmes pdf indonesia

He guesses that the murderer, having already returned to the scene of the crime for it, would come to retrieve it. The advertisement is answered by an old woman who claims that the ring belongs to her daughter. Holmes gives her the duplicate, follows her, and returns to Watson with the story: she took a cab, he hopped onto the back of it, he found that she had vanished when it stopped.

This leads Holmes to believe that it was the murderer's accomplice in disguise. A day later, Gregson visits Holmes and Watson, telling them that he has arrested a suspect.

He learned from her that Drebber, a drunk, had attempted to kiss Mrs. Charpentier's daughter, Alice, which caused their immediate eviction. Drebber, however, came back later that night and attempted to grab Alice, prompting her older brother to attack him.

He attempted to chase Drebber with a cudgel but claimed to have lost sight of him. Gregson has him in custody on this circumstantial evidence.

Illustration by George Wylie Hutchinson ; Hope is arrested. Lestrade then arrives revealing that Stangerson has been murdered.

Lestrade had gone to interview Stangerson after learning where he had been rooming. His body was found dead near the hotel window, stabbed through the heart. The only things Stangerson had with him were a novel, a pipe, a telegram saying "J.

Is in Europe", and a small box containing two pills. The pillbox Lestrade still has with him.

Holmes tests the pills on an old and sickly Scottish terrier in residence at Baker Street. The first pill produces no evident effect, but the second kills the terrier. Holmes deduces that one was harmless and the other poison.

Just at that moment, a very young street urchin named Wiggins arrives. He's the leader of the Baker Street Irregulars , a group of homeless children Holmes employs to help him occasionally. Wiggins states that he's summoned the cab Holmes wanted. Holmes sends him down to fetch the cabby, claiming to need help with his luggage.

Sherlock Holmes Characterization in A Study in Scarlet Novel: a Psychological Approach

When the cabby comes upstairs and bends for the trunk, Holmes handcuffs and restrains him. He then announces the captive cabby as Jefferson Hope, the murderer of Drebber and Stangerson. The story flashes back to the Salt Lake Valley in Utah in , where John Ferrier and a little girl named Lucy, the only survivors of a small party of pioneers , lie down near a boulder to die from dehydration and hunger.

They are discovered by a large party of Latter-day Saints led by Brigham Young. The Mormons rescue Ferrier and Lucy on the condition that they adopt and live under their faith. Ferrier, who has proven himself an able hunter, adopts Lucy and is given a generous land grant with which to build his farm after the party constructs Salt Lake City. Years later, a now-grown Lucy befriends and falls in love with a man named Jefferson Hope.

Lucy and Hope become engaged, with the ceremony scheduled to take place after Hope's return from a two-month-long journey for his job.

However, Ferrier is visited by Young, who reveals that it is against the religion for Lucy to marry Hope, a non-Mormon.

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