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Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book Three: .. defeat Chaos, with chants designed to keep the serpent Apophis .. Inside was pure darkness—as if it. The Kane Chronicles, Book Three: The Serpent's Shadow is the thrilling conclusion in the adventures of Carter and Sadie Kane. In this third installment, the. three books, The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The. Serpent's Shadow, they must fight against the mythical forces of Ancient Egypt and save the world.

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The Serpents Shadow (the Kane Chronicles Book Three) Pdf

Editorial Reviews. Review. site Exclusive: What are Sadie and Carter Kane. The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles, Book 3) [Rick Riordan] on . books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook . The Kane Chronicles, Book Three The Serpent's Shadow (new cover). read online for free. Discussion guide for Rick Riordan's The Serpents Shadow . Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for 3 The Kane Chronicles features a number of characters who exhibit a variety of. strengths. . ick R iordan and the. P ercy Jackson. O lympians. Book One. Book Two. Book Three.

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They can't interpret the map and have to let Setne go so he can lead them to the shadow.

They allow him to cast a glamour on them, so they blend in and look like demons and follow him to the Sea of Chaos. There is a single pillar of Ma'at and a small dock, implied to be the first land that rose from Chaos, that survive the sea's effect, and to capture the shadow, they must be on the very edge of the dock while preventing themselves from getting sucked in.

Their glamours start to fade and flicker. Setne is surprised that they are still alive as they approach closer, but Horus reveals to Carter that Ra's power channeled through Zia is protecting them. They manage to summon the serpent's shadow, but Setne betrays them, changing the glamour to a binding curse. He explains that he will bind the shadow within a figurine and blackmail Apophis with execration unless he does as he orders; he wants to destroy Egypt and all mention of his father Ramses the Great as well as most magicians, but not the entire world.

However, there are some spells he can't cast since he's a ghost, so he needed Carter and Zia's help. Sadie manages to bind him and unbind Carter and Zia. Sadie manages to capture the shadow and they turn back to Setne, but he disappeared, bindings and all.

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However, they have bigger problems: the shadow called for reinforcements and an army of demons are marching toward them. Tawaret arrives with the gods from the Fourth House Sunny Acres and saves them from a tragic death. The fight gave the old gods and goddesses a purpose, and Bes has returned to his old ugly self, just in time to get them to Ra's sun barge, which is just passing by. When they get on board, Ra is still old and senile, but is reborn as a more fit old man once he merges with Zia.

They arrive in Giza to find Bast distracting Apophis as best as she can. The rebel magicians are already there, guarding the door to the Hall of Ages, where Amos is trapped with the hit squad. When they enter, Amos holds his own against the magicians because he is now the host of Set, and manages to keep Set's power in check.

Sadie and Carter channel Isis and Horus and join the fight, but they're all subdued. Her lieutenant, Kwai channels Apophis, and is killed, but manages to cast one last spell "bring down" to destroy the Nome. Sadie channels Isis' power and manages to speak the most difficult Word of Power of all: "Ma'at" and restores the Nome, passing out in the process. In order to do the execration, they must face the serpent. Zia escapes, blowing up Apophis' head in the process but the gods have to withdraw, as Chaos and Ma'at are so intertwined that by pushing away and banishing Chaos, the forces of Ma'at must also be pushed away.

Though Ra has returned, he offers Horus the throne, and Carter takes the throne of the Pharaoh in the First Nome as well. Walt has gone missing, and Bast and Bes have also withdrawn. Their father is just happy that they're alive and succeeded in saving the world. Because Walt is Anubis' eye and mortal host, he doesn't have to withdraw from the world and can stay with Sadie. Carter takes Zia out on a date in the Mall of America.

She tells him that she will be staying in Brooklyn House. They share a passionate kiss and start a relationship.

[PDF] The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles, Book 3) NEW

Setne is still on the loose with the Book of Thoth and Brooklyn House has had an influx of initiates, as have most of the Nomes in the world. They explain that they'll be so busy that there probably won't be any more recordings. The book ends with an invitation to anyone with pharaoh's blood to join the House of Life.

He is one of the main protagonists, and is initially described as always dressing "impeccably" in dress shirts and pants due to the influence of his father, Julius, but relaxes into a more modern style as the series progresses. The Chaos snake Apophis is loose and threatening to destroy the earth in three days' time. The magicians are divided. The gods are disappearing, and those that remain are weak.

Walt , one of Carter and Sadie's most gifted initiates, is doomed and can already feel his life force ebbing. Zia is too busy babysitting the senile sun god, Ra , to be of much help. What are a couple of teenagers and a handful of young trainees to do? There is, possibly, one way to stop Apophis, but it is so difficult that it might cost Carter and Sadie their lives, if it even works at all. It involves trusting the ghost of a psychotic magician not to betray them, or worse, kill them. They'd have to be crazy to try.

Well, call them crazy. With hilarious asides, memorable monsters, and an ever-changing crew of friends and foes, the excitement never lets up in The Serpent's Shadow, a thoroughly entertaining and satisfying conclusion to the Kane Chronicles trilogy.

Grissom, the leader of the nome. They tell him that they need a heavily guarded magic scroll from the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, or his nome will get attacked and destroyed by the forces of Apophis , the chaos snake, who will rise, swallow the sun, and destroy the world in three days' time.

Sadie sees a face in the wall, which tells that they will not understand the scroll and they instead need a golden box. However, the nome is attacked, and the scroll is destroyed.

To save everyone from getting killed, Sadie summons Ma'at, repulsing the forces of chaos but almost losing her life. They discover that all of the 51st nome has been destroyed, and all of the magicians killed by the minions of Chaos. At the 21st nome in Brooklyn, they discover that the golden box Sadie was told to retrieve by the wacko magician, Uncle Vinnie is the shadow box of King Tut. Horus, the Egyptian God of War, visits Carter as a pigeon and hints a connection between shadows and statues.

Carter suspects that there is a better way to execrate Apophis than perhaps blowing himself and Sadie into crazily small pieces, and decides to consult Thoth, the Egyptian god of Knowledge.

He tells everybody at dinner and Sadie makes him go to their school dance. Sadie gets an idea about using Bes ' sheut to give him back his ren. The Russian magician they met last year comes with bad news. Sadie takes him to the First Nome to meet Amos.

He tells them that the rebels, led by Sarah Jacobi and Kwai, have teamed up with Apophis. I liked how certain characters--mostly Walt--were made more 3D. Does that make any sense? In The Throne of Fire, the book before this, one of the reasons I hated the possibility of Sadie and Walt together was because Walt seemed so But Uncle Rick apparently worked on making him more believable, because I was able to sympathize a lot more with him. The plot seemed to be mostly the same as other books--you know, the enemy threatens Carter and Sadie, they try and find a way to destroy him, which takes most of the book, and then there is a fight at the end that temporarily destroys--or wipes out--the enemy.

All of this was the same, except for the battle at the end. There was so much focus on other things that happened in the book quite a bit of it was love triangle drama that when the battle to get rid of the enemy finally rolled around, and they defeated the serpent what? You knew they would! I thought, "Really? It just happened?

Wait, wasn't there something more? The end of the book made it so obvious that Rick is leaving the door open for a follow-up series, like he did with Percy Jackson. In fact, it was even more obvious in this book than in the last Percy Jackson book. The Serpent's Shadow ends on pretty much the same notes as The Red Pyramid, now that I think about it, except with a less obvious threat.

The love triangle. How I hate those. If only Riordan didn't put it in. But that'd erase, like, fifty pages of the book. But, oh well, he did. And I must say, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the way it concluded. It seemed so predictable. I won't say any more, because I know if I was reading this, I would be freaking out. Actually, there are several, but that's the one I'm going to use. Sorry, Sadie. So, no more.

But it really wasn't an awful way of dealing with it, just a bit And predictable. Minor spoiler ahead--a sort of easter egg not important to the plot in any way, but I liked discovering it for myself. She's the sort of girl that calls you "hon" and "sweetie" after lots of not-so-subtle insults pretending to be disguised as compliments are hurled your way.

She also has long curls and pink eyeliner. Does any of that sound familiar? If you've read The Lost Hero, it should be! She doesn't seem to have changed much.

Or at all. Sadie also finds a friend of hers from the same school named Lacey, with blonde pigtails and braces. The same Lacey from the Aphrodite cabin! I was about halfway through the scene, wondering, "is this the same Drew? Is it? Oh, wait, and did I mention Anubis shows up at the dance? I nearly died laughing. Especially with the almost-promise of another series! It wasn't everything I hoped for, but it was pretty darn close.

Oh my gosh, this review is insanely long. View all comments. Feb 12, Ninzy Flores rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 8 comments. Ok, now I have to wait for this too!?! Still waiting till the The Son of Neptune comes out! Well, not that too many months away I guess. I wonder if there will be anymore hints about the Manhattan side of the river My brother thinks it would be pretty cool if the Kanes met Percy Rick Riordan has done it again.

Really wraps up this trilgoy View all 25 comments. Aug 08, Ro rated it liked it Shelves: What went wrong? Allow me to start off with an obvious fact about my regards to The Kane Chronicles in general: With that said, I also have to admit I consist of more knowledge on Greek mythology than Egyptian mythology. However, I loved studying both types before reading both series, and if I do say so myself, I was and still am a bit of an expert in both categories.

A rhyme! The dash of innocent romance also increased my interest for the book. So my bro got the second book, The Throne of Fire. And I instantly nagged him to allow me to borrow it from him when he was done. After he finished, and after reading five Wicked Lovely books later on my part, I rapidly read through the sequel, engrossed with it.

However, when I finished and gasped for some air, I instantly noted that the second book seemed to be lacking when compared to the first book. What I think really put me off was the love triangle Rick inserted into the second book for Anubis, Sadie, and Walt. Rick Riordan loves his love triangles!

Yes, I fell for Anubis in the first book. And even in the second book, I cheered for him to end up with Sadie. My first thoughts when I finished reading the book? EW, and a bunch of incoherent rants and speeches running out of my mouth on how creeped out I was. I stayed up all night long basically starting and finishing the book.

In no doubt, it was addicting with numerous humorous comments here and there. Also, the pure genius factors where Rick entwined Egyptian mythology with his story and new ideas to make a unique book was still there and working its magic. The format he also used to write the trilogy was creative; it had the two Kane siblings—the main characters—recording their adventures via voice recorder in their POVs.

Rick even took the liberty of crossing over Drew and Lacy from The Lost Hero , which gave me joy and made me smile silly for the sheer heck of it! Yet, there were some problems in the book that I had to address. These negative comments I've typed up caused me great pain, and made my heart heavy with sadness. Problemo number 1: An example of that bomb-of-a-twist in this series was in the first book—Rick made us, the audience, believe that Set was the big bad guy the Kane siblings had to defeat to restore order in the world.

And when they managed capturing Set, like most people believed they would, Rick drops the biggest bomb on who the real antagonist was, and how he beat the God of Evil by being the Lord of Chaos!!! So my interest was deepened further into the Kanes and their adventures.

Yet, in this book—the third book—I found everything remotely predictable, and was rushing through the book not to see what happened , but to confirm what I suspected.

The hints, I thought, were too obvious. The events seemed to go through the same cycle as the previous books: Carter and Sadie would then bicker more before going back to thinking about their relationship problems. The final battle would arrive and the famous Kane siblings would miraculously manage to barely save the world. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Problemo number 2: Problemo number 3: That was my point exactly.

Not totally something I anticipated would come from Rick Riordan, considering how long it took Percy and Annabeth to develop feelings for each other which was one reason I adored the couple—their relationship was realistic and they got to KNOW each other. YES, I found out why there had to be a love triangle. YES, I was still shocked when I confirmed my suspicions were spot on. Yet, when I found out what I suspected what he'd do with Walt and Anubis, I realized there WAS really something worse than taking the easy road and killing off a point in the love triangle to end it—the solution Rick proposed was the icing on the cake when it came to ending a love triangle in an easy way that made me feel cheated throughout the book!

YES, it was clever. BUT, I did feel like it was a cheap way to end the triangle. Almost cried at that point in the book. View all 16 comments. Jan 10, Daelyn Bentley-Gottel rated it it was amazing.

Not as much split-your-side humor in this one, but the chapter titles are still hilarious and there are some awesome one-liners in here. Oh, and don't even forget the Sadie-Walt-Anubis triangle. Definitely didn't see that coming, but I loved it.

There are several twists that will make you devour the book, and it's totally worth it. View all 5 comments. May 15, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it it was amazing Shelves: An amazing finale to a series I've come to love. Although I will miss Sadie and Carter so bad, I know they belong to characters I certainly will not forget. I wouldn't mind reading the series all over again to be reminded. View 2 comments. Apr 29, Helen 2. More like 2.

Good, but not great. I was underwhelmed by the ending and thus don't really have much to say. I will comment on the final relationship between Sadie, Walt, and Anubis.

Sadie being torn between the two was a pretty big conflict since the last book, but her just taking BOTH felt like no resolution at all.

The Serpent's Shadow: The Graphic Novel

May 03, Nels Paulson rated it really liked it. The one and only issue with the book is that we know from the very beginning that we win. It basically starts saying sorry, but at least we stopped doomsday.

Even that, because of the tone of the books, really isn't that big of a deal. The series is fun and entertaining. It is chalked with brother sister relationship fun.

And best of all they hint at the End that there are other gods out there that they might encounter. As in the series, they already hinted that this is the same exact world Percy The one and only issue with the book is that we know from the very beginning that we win. As in the series, they already hinted that this is the same exact world Percy is a part of, Book one had a comment about other Gods residing across the bridge in Manhattan, and Cater swearing he saw a flying horse near the Empire State building , it makes for what might happen in the future.

One could only hope that the two or is it now three with rome? I have a feeling it will have to do with Aristotle, the first Greek Pharaoh. Somehow I hope that if they are in another series, that there unique perspective can remain. It is entertaining to have comments from the peanut gallery while the book moves on. I should add because I didn't catch this but Sophie and the rest of the Kids at Brooklyn house go to a private school were the popular clique seems to be kids from the Aphrodite cabin and Sophie also tries to set up carter with another girl from camp half blood.

View all 7 comments. Jun 10, hayden marked it as to-not-read. I'm so glad he's making this a trilogy and he's not going to continue the series for ages and ages and never end it.

Jun 25, P rated it liked it Shelves: View all 4 comments. Soo, I'm really glad to say that this was the best book of the series: It really impressed me. I wasn't expecting at very much since the first two book weren't at that "Rick level". But this was veery good. After all, the book was a good read and the plot was really nice.

I never expected view spoiler [Bes hide spoiler ] to come back!! But it was cool. It was pretty predictable that Walt was going to "be Soo, I'm really glad to say that this was the best book of the series: It was pretty predictable that Walt was going to "become" view spoiler [Anubis hide spoiler ] but it's ok. Of course the "little love" stories and dramas that took part through the book were great.

Those are FAR better. Anyway, that's what I think. Still 5 stars, just because of the Riordan magic: Happy New Year everyone! Apr 29, Charissa Sophia de la Rosa rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Salt fans. So, I guess I shall rewrite it. Anyway, as of now, I shall warn you about this review I wrote. It is angsty. I failed to explain my side logically. I think I misunderstood the ending but that still didn't change my perspective to this whole trilogy.

This review is full of rants towards that matter. So, until I rewrite this, you can't read this. BUT if you also dislike the ending, and reading quite a lot of wrong grammars is okay with you, then you may proceed.

We might have the same perspective in this book. My Review: Not love or anything beyond like which is unusual for the last two books of the Kane Chronicles trilogy totally made me a fan girl. This series made me interested in mythologies and discover Rick Riordan who is my number one favorite author and check out his other books and read one of the best book series in the world, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series that totally live up in my expectations and gave every avid fan of Percabeth their satisfaction.

But this… Oh Hades! I enjoyed this book. There are some scenes that made me crack up like this: Getting out of topic again eh? Back to the topic, there are so many unexpected things happening. It also helps us to know more about the world of Egyptian mythology with the Land of Demons, sheut aka shadows being part of our soul and many more.