The seed for this book was planted in the mind of Harvard psychiatrist turned Indian mystic, Ram Dass, and was written—with the blessings of his guru Neem. Be Here Now is a book on spirituality, yoga and meditation by the Western- born yogi and spiritual teacher Ram Dass. The title comes. Recently Released eBooks through Ram Dass. Miracle of Love, compiled by Ram Dass, is a marvelous collection of anecdotes and teaching stories from the devotees of Order Now: New Book Release from Ram Dass.

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Be Here Now PDF Summary by Ram Dass is a great spiritual masterpiece that still floods the top-selling lists. Reading this book will most. Many in the satsang were inspired to service in some shape or form. Ram Dass continued lecturing and teaching, published several more books, and worked to. Mar Best Free Books Be Here Now (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Ram Dass Read Online Full Free.

Traveling where the saints have trod Over to the old golden land Incredible String Band On a sunny May afternoon, a year-old man with long, wiry, graying hair emerged from the Boston International Arrivals Terminal carrying a suitcase full of Indian silks and an unwieldy, bowl-shaped instrument called a tamboura. Tall and light of step, he wore a sweater and bell bottom slacks, and his face shone with healthy color. He hesitated at the door to the waiting room, for in his head was flickering an extraordinary film: a film in which he saw himself swallowed by a living wave of white-robed bodies, strangled by hugs, and suffocated by a hail of flowers, grapes and mangos. For the man was Baba Ram Dass, formerly Dr. Richard Alpert, returning to the United States after a year and a half in India, his second journey to the East. During his absence from this country, a book he had written, Be Here Now, had been published in paperback and sold , copies. That is twice the trade most bestsellers do, although the book was not promoted and never acknowledged by any national publication. Tapes of his lectures had been played on radio stations, and transcripts were printed in underground papers and scholarly journals. For a year, Ram Dass had been receiving about letters a week, asking and begging for his attention and advice. A week after his return, Ram Dass reflected, "I was afraid of the karma I had brought on myself with that book, afraid of the numbers that were going to overwhelm me. So I put off coming home, and hung around England for six weeks. I felt I wasn't ready to wrestle with fame and power.

He then plunged into a profound discussion with a westerner. This man, called Bhagwan Dass, was labeled as the guru, by the locals, and everyone felt his peaceful aura, radiating from the core of his being. What amazed him the most was that he traveled miles to come to this village in Northern India, only to have a Californian Guru. Richard Alpert was a little doubtful at first, but then agree to follow Bhagwan all across the country, and mix with people who are on the same journey.

Learning mantras, and connecting with his beingness through meditation, became his everyday routine. Richard distanced himself from the idea that happiness relies on the adrenaline boost, which is triggered only by a sequence of desired events.

Bhagwan Dass, as his leading role model, trained him to surrender to life, and allow the life-current to flow naturally.

In other words, he was no longer obliged to swim, but to be totally relaxed and confident with the tide, that could have taken him anywhere. Determined to stay liberated in the present moment, he took this advice, wholeheartedly. Every person on this planet has a mission to fulfill, and not even twins should stick together. Not comparing with anyone else, serve as a ticket that can lead you to blissfulness.

To put it in different terms, to become the non-judgemental witness of all the actions. Meditation helps you to remain calm, and be the witness of the buzz, which tries to suck you into the play. But no, you are here only to watch and enjoy the game, you are not the actor, just a spectator, who can end the show in a heartbeat.

Ram Dass managed to escape from the rational mind, which worships the material things, and the whole political gamesmanship. Most people are wondering, why do the final recognition results in laughter?

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Bring meditation into play 2. Find your mentor 3. That's what the whole growth movement, the encounter thing, all of western psychology does. But it's not real, it's all just stuff. Pain, pleasure, anger, guilt they're only mind moments, and there's always a new moment.

Even the mind is not really you. We exist behind our thinking. The mind must be transcended because it works in time, and can only think with an object. The place we're aiming for Heliopolis, highsville, lives outside time, and there is no subject object.

There is no knower who knows a thing, no experiencer having an experience. The knower is the knowledge, the experiencer is one with the experience. That's why they say LSD is a false samadhi, because there's still an experiencer.

The drug doesn't kill the ego. If it were a real samadhi, you wouldn't come back. The trick, though, is that when you do reach the end of the line, you re exactly where you started, but everything is in different perspective.

Be Here Now (Enhanced Edition) - Ram Dass

When you give up your attachment, your anxious need, for money or power or sex, then you're free to make money, wield power and have sex. When you transcend your mind, you still use your mind, but it's a servant, not your master.

When you crack the ego and feel your personality as completely unreal, you don't lose your personality. All holy men have distinct personalities. But you no longer identify with that personality. At the end of his talks, Ram Dass always told people that whatever course they were following was perfect, because it's all predetermined anyway. The very moment you wake up is determined. There are no accidents in this business. The guru is inside you, you don't have to go to India.

The next message you need is always right where you are. Ram Dass returned to India in November of The book was being hand lettered at the Lama Foundation, a spiritual commune in New Mexico, to which he had assigned all rights and royalties.

There were also, by this time, more than hours of Ram Dass tapes in circulation. WBAI in New York played them through , and that summer, a group of listeners formed a meditation group in which Hilda Charlton, a woman who had been seeking God for many years, became spiritual leader. His head was changing. He would not teach or give interviews anymore. I decided to write him, telling him about myself and my interest in an article.

He answered last March, saying he would be in America soon and we might "share a moment. Your letter felt good, so it all seems OK. You can keep contact through Marty Malles in Brooklyn. He said he was 34, a salesman of ladies' underwear, and had just been to India with his wife and two children on his annual three week vacation. He had been following Ram Dass since , and Maharaji was now his guru.

Maharaji shines through Ram Dass. Maharaji wrote that book, and if it touches you it's because Maharaji loves you. He asked me to come to the meditation group.

I walked into the apartment on Riverside Drive, found the usual jumble of shoes by the door and about 70 people sitting in near darkness reciting "Affirmations:" "I am God's perfect child, I am free, I am free, I am free. Seventeen years of Jewish cultural conditioning had given me no faith in God or reverence for the Hebrew tradition, but it had left me with a visceral antipathy to Christ. With each chorus, the group substituted the name of another saint, and when it came to praising Ram Dass, I found myself joining in.

Marty led a meditation, there was singing, ever more joyous, and when the lights came on, everyone was in each other's arms. I went regularly to the meditations, and for long periods, forgot that I had originally come there on business, to get to Ram Dass. Then a report would filter in about Ram Dass' whereabouts and shock me into a state of confusion.

I was not sure, anymore, why I was so compelled to reach him. One Friday in May Marty came to pick me up for the meditation. As we were walking out the door, I said casually, "I bet he's in Boston right now. Ram Dass answered the phone. I'd really like to talk to you.

I'm not living in time. There was a long pause, and then Ram Dass said: "If you can find me, you can have me. It was pouring rain when the taxi dropped me at the orange brick townhouse. I pressed the buzzer and shouted through the intercom, "Is Ram Dass there? It was just after nine, a Saturday morning, and I had woken everybody up.

I sat alone in the immaculate living room. After some time Ram Dass appeared, put his hands in the temple pose and nodded. I sensed in him an openness, an almost palpable receptivity, yet there was also a kind of crystalline sternness.

He went to the kitchen to brew Indian tea. He brought out the tea on a silver tray and took me to the back room. We sat on cushions on the floor.

There was a damp chill, and Ram Dass, wearing pants and a tunic of thin white material, put on a jaunty, plaid, Scottish wool cap, and wrapped himself in a mohair blanket. He was much taller than I had envisioned about 6'2". His crown is bald, but from the sides and back of his head and from his face, hair sprouts in a wildly capricious assortment of lengths.

Be Here Now (Enhanced Edition) - Ram Dass

His blue eyes, fixed unshakeably on me, were open so wide they seemed more vertical than horizontal. I told him I had been asking myself why I had pursued him so single pointedly, and it became clear that I was to try to write something.

I had questions to ask which he could answer or not. He nodded. It was all so easy. Go ahead. I asked what being with Maharaji this time had meant to him. I'm speechless. In a year and a half in India, he allowed me exactly 11 days when I was not surrounded by Westerners, doing the same thing I do in America. You see, when I was speaking and running ashrams in New Hampshire, all the people who gathered wanted me to help them with their trips.

So for like 19 hours a day, I was rushing around being there for everybody, and I started to feel starved to death because nobody wanted me. They wanted it but not me, and I was starving and I rebelled.

Be Here Now PDF Summary

I got to hate them all because they were my murderers. So I went to India thinking, now I'm going to get away from them all, and preserve my ego in a cave.

Far out. Can you hear that inversion? But lots of them followed me there, and every time I tried to be alone, Maharaji would send huge numbers after me: 'Go be with Ram Dass. Ram Dass is your guru, he'll help you. Like, kill him, kill him faster! Because I'm so good at describing things, but Maharaji's so far out I can't even find him! At moments he seems like a bungling old fool. Other times he's a wizard, he's divine, or he's just a nice teacher.

Every time I label him he immediately crashes the label. I saw that my bonds to him were much deeper than I had planned them to be.

It was as if I had surrendered more, so the next level of operation could take place. Ram Dass said because he was not pure enough.

I said I don't want to be enlightened, I just want to be pure enough to do whatever work I'm supposed to do. He gave me a mango to eat, hit me on the head and said, 'You will be. I saw that my mind was out of control. I knew a lot, I was becoming wise in certain ways, but I felt that I couldn't go further until I quieted my mind. So I arranged for the essence meditation teacher to come, and I put up money for a new water system, just to try to snake it all beautiful.

I told Maharaji about it, how I was going to go very deep, and then I looked at him, like, aren't I good? And he said, "If you desire it. Maharaji didn't say meditation was bad or good, but he said the way you're doing it is from ego. He kept showing me that my path, my dharma, is one of devotion and service, my route is the route of the heart.

Ram Dass went to the mountains anyway, thinking, "at least he's still gonna let me do it. I gave up. I figured Maharaji's just stronger than I am. So I set up a place for the 30 of us and we had a beautiful summer. On Sundays they read the Bible, and on Tuesdays they fasted, worshipped Hanuman and read the Ramayana, the story of Ram. Maharaji's presence was very powerful.

When we saw him later he told us everything that had happened. Then I started to feel this great loneliness, that he had gone away from me. It took a while to realize that we were merging. I was just drunkenly falling into him through love, and ultimately there would be only one of us. Ram Dass decided to throw sexuality in the fire. And right afterwards I went through the most ferocious anger I'd ever experienced.

One of the things that freed me to be angry was that I saw that every relationship I had was sexually toned. With women and men, young and old, there was always a slight, gentle titillation, and the minute I stopped seeing myself and others as sexual objects, that whole pull to get that little rush wasn't there. Maharaji made him commander in chief of the Westerners," told him to love everyone and always tell the truth.

This one's obsequious, that one's whining and selfish, this one's too messy, that one's too neat. It got so that out of 34 people, there wasn' t one I could stand. So I thought I'll be truthful about it. One day at the Temple, in front. And I threw it at him because I hated his guts.

I hate everybody but you. About a week later a therapist was trying to convince me that I could get from meditation and Yoga whatever it was I got from drugs. She mentioned something about Ram Dass.

A strange coincidence, I thought. I went home and read half the book in one night. Ram Dass claims to have witnessed a lot of miracles, and seems awfully sure about a lot of things, and it can be hard to swallow at first if you spent your whole life in blind loyalty to your rational mind.

But he makes the point quite eloquently that we choose to believe in the supremacy of the rational mind, just as anyone else chooses a belief system, and we suffer from its limitations.

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