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Home>; YOUNG ADULT FICTION>; Mysteries & Detective Stories >; Pretty Little Liars # Vicious - EPUB. Share This Title: Pretty Little Liars # Vicious. Vicious: a pretty little liars novel. [Sara Shepard] -- On trial for murdering an actually still-alive Alison DiLaurentis, only Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna know . In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, reporters are lined up outside the historic courthouse, typing furiously at their iPhones with freshly manicured nails. Because, ISBN.

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Pretty Little Liars Vicious Pdf

Vicious. “ C. RUÉIS”. Último livro da. Série Pretty Little Liars. SARA SHEPARD. SÉRIE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Pretty Little Liars. Flawless. Read online or Download Vicious (Pretty Little Liars Series #16) (Full PDF ebook with essay, rese. Little, Brown Book Group. Brettenham House. Lancaster Place. London WC2E 7EN. A Member of the Hachette Livre Group of Companies .

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PLL Vicious [Cruéis] - Sara Shepard - Free Download PDF

Hanna starts to miss her friends, even as much to order Aria, Spencer and Emily headbands to wear to her wedding. At the wedding she and Spencer who has started a relationship with Wren despite her plans to leave town make up and The Liars are reunited! After being stopped from running away by Wren, Spencer as well as the other liars are called to court for an urgent meeting, where they meet with lawyers and a very proud Emily. The book then cuts back to Emily before writing her suicide note.

Struggling to sleep in the motel, she goes back to Nick's grandma's house where she finds an envelope addressed to "Day" with an address on.

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Realizing that Mrs. D had been protecting Ali and putting all clues together Emily called the police and began a conversation with Mrs. D about how she knew she was keeping Alison hidden in her home. This lead to Mrs. Then, cutting back to The Liars reuniting with Emily, they then see Alison being arrested and find out that they are now free.

The epilogue then skips 6 months. Spencer is still with Wren and they are happy. Aria and Noel's relationship has been mended. Because someone is waiting for them She has Ali with her! It turns out Emily purposely faked her death. She did find a clue in Nick's house but it was in Florida and knew that the girls wouldn't have a way to investigate it while they were in custody. So she fabricated that suicide letter so no one would come looking for her.

I knew it made no sense for her to die in that water. Anyone who knew her, knew she probably had the talents being a swimmer and all, to survive. But it worked in her favor. She was declared dead and took a bus to Florida where she all-too-easily found Ali and During the trial, only Ali's "dad" was at the trial while her mom's excuse was she was tired of all of this. But she wasn't.

She was hiding Ali all along. Emily calls the cops as she spots Mrs. DD then Ali comes out with a gun. But it is too late, the cops are already here. Ali tries to hop a fence and escape, but she's not as fit as she used to be due to her too-good-of-a-disguise. The cop quickly catches her and Emily exposes her as a dead-girl. Ali tries to refute this claim but Mrs.

DD hasn't gotten their new ID's yet, so they are all taken into custody then shipped back to Rosewood. All the charges against the Liars get dropped, Ali gets thrown into jail and everyone ends up happy. It's a little too wrapped up for my tastes.

Aria and Noel make up and she agrees to leave her Ali-insecurities in the past. They decide to try and travel Europe again, but this time while not being on the run. Mike and Hanna move to NYC. She gets her movie role back and back into the Fashion Institute while he transfers to a high school in New York while they live in a apartment together.

Emily goes off by herself for a bit and learns how to surf and finds a new flirtation.

Spencer and Wren get back together and she takes a year off from Princeton. Meanwhile, Ali bides her time. She's made herself seem insane so she can get thrown in a psych ward and learned from her mistakes of the past by counting on other people's help with her plans. She's coming back for the Liars Nothing really happened.

It might've been so much more interesting if we had known that Emily was alive and followed her dangerous journey across the country.

Otherwise, this entire book was just a filler until the end. I'm really disappointed that the final showdown with Ali literally took like 5 pages and was over just. What a waste. But at least it's over now! It only took 16 books and a re-boot! DD and Mr.

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Hastings meet and have the affair that conceived Ali and Country? If this is answered and I missed it, please let me know because I sure am wondering. In other irrelevant love-life news, Melissa and Darren are engaged and going to have a baby?

Why the hell should I care about that? Even the lawyer seems to have better things to do, judging by how ill-informed he is on the case. This proves that Spencer has learnt absolutely nothing from the whole surrogate-mother-con-artist debacle. Aria and Noel are swiftly captured by Interpol due to the fact that they are moronic. We also find out that Hanna is being married by a rabbi.

Are the Marins Jewish? When did this happen? The wedding itself is tasteless, sentimental crap which takes up far too many pages. It would be literally impossible to pick a more banal series of subjects.

The whole bizarre multiple-murder-fake-identity-secret-twin-trial-of-the-century thing seems to be barely on the radar of either the characters or the author. Eventually Shepard gets bored of soppy crap and we rush to the courthouse for the verdict, which the jury have suddenly reached on a Sunday morning. She seems to be the only one they have anything on, even if it is only a video of her looking a bit shouty and smashing stuff.

Naturally amongst the stereotypical prison inmates there are several Ali Cats, because apparently they absolutely fucking everywhere. Fortunately the girls are rescued from this hell less than 24 hours after they enter it by an exciting and totally unforeseen new development. Yep, Emily. How best to follow up this clue?