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Full text of "Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual" understand that only straightforward wiring diagrams (not interactive types) and non-PDF repair. Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual PDF Free Download For almost years, the editors of Popular Mechanics have made car care and. Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care ruthenpress.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual Pdf

POPULAR MECHANICS COMPLETE CAR CARE MANUAL -- | PDF | 75 Pages | KB POPULAR MECHANICS COMPLETE CAR CARE. Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual by Popular Mechanics, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual [Popular Mechanics] on site. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For more than years, the.

Sprea d the Fig. Th at not extending service life. Th e sam e th ing ca n occur if th e d uct isn 't properly fitted a nd cla mped a t each end. Find a crack? Well , it's a duct, so yo u ca n repa ir it w ith duct tape Fig. Th at's a move that no professiona l would ma ke, beca use in time th e tape w ill lose its grip in the hea t of the engine co mpartment, as the duct flexes. Bu t it's your cal; and if yo u a re w illing to rec heck periodica ll y a nd th e a ir inta ke Fig. So m e con ica l po res, so they do a better jo b of t ra p- retape as necessary, yo u ca n save the fil te rs a lso can be r o ta ted , but o t hers p ing dirt. In additi o n, their p lea ts are cost of th e new pa rt, or a t least post- ca n 't. Neve r tr y to clean a "paper" more prec ise ly spaced so the fi lter has pone the expense. So m e hea vy-duty filter s a re of t he ho using. Fit Is Important d esigned to be cl ean ed severa l times, Ca refull y ch eck th e fit betwee n th e but a utom o t ive filters are not.

No joy, and with good batteri es or, better yet, a th e whee l, not th e threa ds wi ll now yo ur feet hurt? Be sure the lugs cigarette-lighter-powered trouble prevent ga lling and seizing.

Toss in three half-turn or so. It may be necessary to smartly to break the wheel loose.

Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual Pdf Download Pdf Download

A pieces of scrap 2 x 4 as well, each use the mechanic's favorite cheater bar shot of penetrating oil may help in an about a foot long, and a piece of thick Fig. Remove Wh en changing a tire the fir st, them one at a time and lube and most important, thin g to them if they squeak. Retighten do is to get the vehicle to a them in three stages, again in a safe area, far enough from the crisscross pattern.

Set your triangl e or more concentric with the hub, use a protruding lip that mates Fig. This works wel l for a cloth or a wire brush. Block th e lugs w ith your finger. Be sure to whee l di agona lly opposite the get it on the mating chamfer as flat with two pieces of wood we ll as on the threads. Loosen all the lugs on Lower the vehicle and pull the the flat a full turn.

Take the jack out. Now yo u can tighten spare out of the trunk and put it the lugs to their correct torque. In the unlikely event the the torgue specification. Measure car fa ll s off the jack, it will onl y carefull y. If the lug is dry and fall onto the spare-not your unlubrica ted, it may take a lot foot or head-and will leave more force to tighten the lugs. If the torgue the lugs is to use a car falls to the gro und, yo u'll mechanic's torg ue wrench.

If you have expen- position to nearly higb eno ugh sive all oy wheels, yo u may want to contact the bottom of the car. If wrench, aga in in a crisscross pattern. In fac t, if the mud COI which might ca use them to rust while piece of pl ywood under the jack point, presses later, th e lugs co uld lose their stored. If they're a mess, clean them and the jack o n top of th e wood. Be torg ue and the whee l co uld fly off. If and relubricate at your earli est oppor- sure everyt hing is level. Jack th e car yo u need to, remove th e whee l aga in tunit y.

Don't forget to pick up yo ur up until the fl at clears the ground by in th e m orning to remove the debris, safety tria ngle. This w ill Take yo ur fl at to a competent tire.

Flat Tire," page And don't let dark, or accid enta ll y sca ttered into Hint: There sho uld be so me grease to him overtighten your lugs with hi s the weeds by yo ur fee t.

Hang the spare on the studs. No studs? You've got lug bolts common on many Europea n ca rs and you'll need to juggle the w heel w hil e yo u get the top one started. The easy way is to sit down on the ground facing th e hub a nd ba lance th e spare on yo ur legs w hile yo u start the first lug bolt.

If yo u begin with the top bolt, the wheel will hang gracefull y from it and yo u can start the rest. Finger-tighten a ll the lugs a nd then lightl y ti ghten them w ith the lug Fig. EASY Replacing Your Tailpipe rakelights flicker sudden ly in follow it in your rearview mirror for a back down on the gas.

Actu all y, it's B fro nt of yo u, fo llowed rapidly by the screeching of tires. Cars before yo u swerve to the left and righ t few seconds.

It has company. Your muffler- or at least most of yo ur muf- fl er-ha s apparently developed a last- your engine-minus its muffler- waking LI p again as yo u try to negoti- ate through the traffic, back home to as you slow as safe ly and rapidl y as ing relationship with the aforemen - sa fety, family and so mething ta ll and practical.

Despite yo ur best efforts, ti oned ce ment bl ock. They' re elop ing co ld th at w ill make yo ur ha nds stop th e so urce of the pandemon ium , what at high speed toward the curb, in ex- shak in g.

To add insult to injury, yo u di sappea rs directl y under yo ur front The next thing you notice is the replaced yo ur ex ha ust sys tem from bumper at a high speed. And sound of what seems to be a B the cata lytic converter back only la st as it exits from yo ur rear bumper, yo u landing in the next lane as you press spring. How fl a nge from its r usty partne r and ter min atin g in sha rd s of muffl er.

By ket and fres h bo lts. Use antiseize fe et of pipe and th e missin g muffler using a power cutting whee l and a compound on everything to ease yourse lf. The pre- removal the next time. Rust never sleeps, and cars in short-trip serv ice m ay rust out the farth est, coolest portion s of the exha ust system in as little as 18 months.

Th e following scenario is typical of vehicles that have had part of th eir exha ust sys- tem repl aced at least once.

Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual: Updated Expanded

T he saga begin s with a section of the origina l exhaust plumbing behind the catalytic converter rusting o ut and m aking a ruckus. Beca use th e original exhau st pipes are welded together, however, a ll th e p ipes from th e cat back need to be Fig.

T here's no practical wa y to remove just the rotted section because of all the weld s.

If you' re hav ing trouble, use a n exhaust-pipe expa nder to gai n so me ext ra cl ea ra nce. Then, simpl y fit the pipes together as if they were both new after smeari ng a little muffler cement on the joi nt. If yo u saved th e outer pipe, it now has a 1- to 2- in.

Make sure to slide th e inn er p ipe in past the end of the cut, so there's no ho le between t he pi pes Fig. Once every thin g is back together a nd c la mped dow n tight, a littl e mu ff ler ceme nt strateg ica ll y a ppli ed w ith yo ur thumb over th e c ut wi ll take care of a ny tin y res idu a l gaps Fig.

Lower yo ur car a nd enj oy th e sil ence. Use an ohmmeter to chase high resistance pOints. Popping open the jewel box, yo u reac h for the CD, only to find o ut that Juni or ha s liberall y lubri cated it with peanut butter and jell y. After making a mental note to give Junior a good ta lk ing-to, you dec id e to surf the a irwaves for some good oldtime rockand-roll. Punching the FM button, yo u hope that at least one of the radio presets ha s so me Bob Seger tun es hiding behind it.

Time to come back to this mill ennium and find out what's wrong w ith yo ur antenna.

I 16 Manual Or Power? Fixed antennas have on ly a couple of fai lure modes, and generally they in vo lve mechanical damage to the antenna mast or the ca ble.

Popular mechanics complete car care manual

If part of the mast is still there, yo u'll generall y get so me sort of signa l. A poor connection between the antenna ba se a nd the fe nd er also cou ld be a problem. Unscrew the antenna mounting nut and check for corrosion. A cleanup w ith a w ire brush and reassembly might re-estab lish a good gro und. Powe r antenn as are more coy. If they're too shy to come o ut of the fender, yo u're li stening to static.

No-Show The iss ue could be either electrica l or purely mechanical. Go back to yo ur Fig. If it moves out readily, pull it out all the way, and then cycl e the radio power w ith the key on. If the mast moves even the slightest amo unt, or yo u can hear the motor running at a ll, the prob lem is mechanical.

If the motor seems deceased, go back to basics-check the fuse. Determining which fuse protects the antenna motor may require so me detective work.

It may be the radio fuse, or it may be a separate fuse, perhaps shared with the rear-window defroster grid or a trunk-mo unted CD changer. Finding something else that doesn't work often is a good clue. Fuse is okay?

As we show here, this can be done without removing the interior trim. Good huntin g. Stubborn a good gro und pathway, a lth o ug h there ma y be a separate gro und w ire to a spec ific chassis gro und point.

You may want to use a n o hmm eter Fig. Inci denta ll y, if yo u tr y to meas ure th e res ista nce of th e a ntenn a cable's RF lea d between the mas t a nd the radio connector, it ma y check out as infinite.

Some a ntenn a assemb lies use a capac itor in series w ith the RF lead , some don 't. T he ground shell of the a nten na cab le shou ld have a low resistance to chassis gro und , normally 5 o hm s or less. You' ll need to find a schema ti c of the a ntenna w iring to tro ubles hoot a ny deeper. Or does it move a few inches a nd th en grind to a ha lt? One prob lem we've seen is a kinked o r pinched drain tube. C heck the tube, espec ia ll y if yo u can pull th e mast o ut manually a nd it's wet.

If the tube is compro mi sed an d the works are full of water, you may need to disassemble the thing, dry it o ut, and put it back together with fresh lubrica nt. Ca n yo u help the mast along in and out? If so, the sliding sections of th e mas t may be corroded or bent. Careful bending by ha nd may resto re mo ve ment, a nd po li shing with grit sandpaper or rubbing compound ca n smoo th th e action. At the ve ry least, run the mast compl etely out a nd cl ea n it th oro ug hl y with a soft cloth, re lu bri cating w ith a spa rse a mo unt of silicone grease or pas te wax.

What's That Funny Noise? Modern power a ntennas use a simpl e, fl exibl e rac k-a nd-pinion mecha ni sm. It's pretty reli able, but a buse and the ravages of time a nd weather ca n litera ll y st rip the gears. So if yo u hear noises that sound li ke interru pted gear meshing, there's probably some section of the rack or pinion th a t's in need of denta l work. It's poss ible to fix thi s w itho ut replacing the a ntenna asse mbly o utright Fig.

You m ay not even have to access the mecha nism. Visit yo ur dea lership 's parts department. GM, for one, offers a repair kit fo r p ower a ntennas. T hi s consists of a new mast a nd rac k asse mb ly, rea d y to in sta ll. You may need to order it, as the two dea lers we tri ed didn 't have it in stock. Th ere are afte rmarket antenna pa rts to be ha d, but finding th e ri ght pa rt is going to be di ffi cult unl ess yo u have better lu ck than we did interroga ting the staff behin d the pa rts co unter a t the loca l ware ho use di stributor.

H ere's how the system works: Th e limi t switc hes that stop th e motor at bo th end s of th e antenna ma st's trave l a re built in to the mech a nism , a nd yo u ca n consider them un se rviceab le. T he limit switches rely on th e a ntenn a bo ttoming o ut o r topp ing out to ro ta te a sw itch drum , a t which po in t th e c urrent to the motor turn s off. At the top of the antenna mechanism is a large nut that holds the who le wo rks onto the fender.

Remove this nut. T his isn't as easy as it sounds if it doesn't have flats that yo u ca n turn with a wrench. Yo u may need to use a spanner w ith pins- a ltho ugh a pair of snap rin g pliers may work if the nut isn't w icked ly tight.

At the potentia l expense of the chro me fini sh, yo u may need to fa ll back on the mechanic's friend, locking pliers. Under the nut and perhaps a plastic spacer or two there wi ll be a ferru le Fig. Popular Features. New in Description For more than years, the editors of Popular Mechanics have been providing car enthusiasts with the skills and confidence they need to keep their vehicles running right and looking great.

This manual is crucial for anyone who wants to know the automobile's basic components, from the engine to the electronic systems, and to understand how they work, what can go wrong, and how to make repairs. Find out how to maintain and replace windshield washers, fix steering wander and faulty cruise control, and purge bad smells from the interior.

Get smart advice on how to pass emission inspection and find service data online. And because car owners want their ride to look as good as it works, there are even instructions for removing bumper stickers, tinting windows, and adding pinstripes.

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