More templates like this. Book manuscript. Word · Book collection list Thousands of templates to jump start your project. Address books Microsoft Store. Download free Book Templates for your Book Printing project. InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Word; All text files must be in our design templates. Design your own book layout for print in Microsoft Word with these free book formatting templates and tutorials!.

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Ms Word Book Template

Download our Free Microsoft Word Book Templates. Watch the video tutorials to learn how to create a Book Template in Word, and other software. Download FREE book layout templates for self-publishers. Get help with book design cover layout in Microsoft Word, Pages, Adobe InDesign, & other programs !. Easy to use, Word templates for laying out your book. Select the correct template using your book size and binding style. Microsoft Word Templates.

Each design carefully balances typographic beauty with ease of reading to deliver an aesthetically pleasing experience that makes your book truly stand above the tsunami of plain vanilla, look-alike books. Just follow our friendly instructional guide, pour in your text and your book will be ready to go. All your styles and formatting needs are coded into our templates for easy use. Fully Customizable Our templates use all of the built-in features of Word, Pages or InDesign so that you can completely customize your book layout and design as you like. You can change fonts, text size, layout options, and any feature to your liking. You get total freedom to make your book the way you need. Detailed Instructions We include fully illustrated instructions for using the template at every step of the way. In addition to our illustrated guides we have online help for specific formatting and design techniques too. You can rely on our expert guidance and tips on how to use the templates. Complete Support Our templates include access to our professional technical support and customer service staff who are delighted to help you. No matter if you have an issue with our template, or just need advice on how to layout a special section of your book, we are here to help. Productivity Through Innovation All of our designs are engineered to export to both eBook and Print, so you can create your print edition, eBook edition, or both, with the same file, using our exclusive 2Way Technology.

Microsoft's Best Templates for Writers

This will resize your pages and change your page count. Trim size without bleed 5" x 8" If you copy content from another document and paste it into the template, the formatting may transfer and need to be corrected. If you do add it, make sure it matches the number assigned to your book. Table of contents. Add the page numbers later. When you insert your book content into the chapters, the page numbers will shift.

Placeholder text. Before you start customizing the chapter pages, check that there's no placeholder text left in your front matter. If you dont want to keep a front matter section, you'll need to delete the placeholder text and the section itself: Go to the Home tab in Word. This will help you see where section breaks begin. Highlight the placeholder text in the section you want to remove. Hit the Delete key.

Place your cursor in front of the Section Break marker. Customize chapter pages Tips for formatting chapter pages: Add or delete chapters. As a first step, we recommend that you update the template to include the numbers of chapters you want. To add chapters: Highlight and copy the last chapter. Put your cursor at the end of the last chapter. Hit the Enter key. Put your cursor at end of the second to last chapter.

Go to the Insert tab. In the "Pages" section, click Page Break.

Hit the Enter key to insert space above the last chapter title. Not sure how much space to insert? See the other chapters to compare. To delete chapters: Highlight the chapter you want to delete and hit the Backspace key. Customize headers.

After you add or delete chapters, update the headers. DiggyPOD has a Video Tutorial at the top of this page, that will show you how you set-up your files to the correct trim size. We recommend that your page numbers, header, or footers are not on the binding side of the book. A easy way to avoid this common book printing problem is to have your page numbers, headers, or footers at the bottom center of the book. If you are still unsure, just simply print out two pages that are front and back and place them back to back to see if everything is okay.

We put a lot of work and time into quality checking each file, and when you send a new file, we have to start the process again from the beginning.

Create a booklet or book

Most of the time, we can fix most common issues with your files. You can choose this option when you place your order, and if there are any common issues with the files, we will fix them. We will also let you know what issues we fixed when we upload the online proof for your approval. If you have to send in new files that we cannot fix.

Free Professional Book Cover Template

If you send the Word file to us, it will reflow and cause all sorts of formatting issues. When you send us your book files in PDF, we don't have to worry about the Text reflowing. All new orders get an online proof of the Book Cover and Text file before we go to print.

You can also order a hard copy proof when placing your order. The online proof is free, but the hard copy proof is an extra fee. We also have quite a few customers that use Adobe Creative Suite.

How to Format Your Word Document for Book Printing (on Mac or PC)

Some common programs that we recommend to avoid using are: Powerpoint, Paint, and any other program that saves items in low resolution. We also recommend not to use any graphics from websites, as most graphics on websites are only 72 dpi, and print in low resolution.

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