Editorial Reviews. About the Author. “Dr. Phil” (Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D.) is the host of . “Life Code” is a book may or may not help one to win in the “Real World ” everyday for sure, but this book will definitely help one, at least, shed some lights. In Beyond Life Code, the companion DVD to the book Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World, Dr. Phil McGraw's distinctive wisdom about. Start by marking “Life Code: The New Rules For Winning in the Real World” as Want to Read: The rules for living in the real world have changed, because the world we live in has changed. Phillip Calvin McGraw, best known as Dr. Phil, is an American television personality.

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Life Code Book

Read the first part of Dr. Phil's Life Code, including his personal reflections on what this book means to him and what it can do for you. Life Code. A self-help book review of the book Life Code, by Dr. Phil McGraw. Self-help books change lives and self-help books reviews. In Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World, six-time New York Times #1 best-selling author Dr. Phil McGraw abandons.

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This is indeed a great platform to engage us all in a conversation that is so critical to our future! Or your spouse. The point is, these people do not have the ability to empathize like regular folks. They could care less who they hurt and you need to know these people are very real. Phil describes how he took an inventory of every person who had hurt him in his lifetime. Phil to let down his guard.

Once these were analyzed, Dr. Phil saw a clear set of clues that should have been a warning. This book is all about showing readers those red flags. The second half of the book deals with rules for winning in the world. Phil covers everything from how to stop being a target, to how to behave in an argument.

He gives tricks for negotiation, and rules for parenting in the modern world. The best aspect of this book is the real live examples Dr. Phil shares.

Janette Fuller: Book Review: Life Code by Dr. Phil McGraw

Everyone would be wise to read this book. Life Code is published by Dr. View 2 comments. Dec 18, Jason Holloway rated it it was amazing. This is a great book.

I have been reading books on success and life strategies for years. This by far tops them all. Phil did a great job of simplifying these concepts so that anyone, regardless of education, can really benefit from reading it.

It is a "in your face" type of book that throws away all the conventional wisdom about life, parenting, etc.

This book may have just changed my life. If you are a fan of Dr. Phil's brand of wisdom this book is for This is a great book. Phil's brand of wisdom this book is for you. In our modern world you simply can't afford to NOT read this book. Five stars from me! Sep 23, Maggie Boyd rated it it was ok Shelves: A friend recommended this book. It is my first read by Dr. Phil and will probably be my last. It shuffles up old advice that we have all heard before - such as you can't achieve goals till you make goals, have a clear action plan etc.

They are backstabbers, abusers, imposters, takers, exploiters, reckless. I wonder how long it took his team to think up that cute acronym? I think it is probable that people at Dr. Phil's level, living in LA would run into these folks. Middle class folks in the Midwest tend to get screwed over by other middle class folks in the Midwest just trying to get ahead. They don't look or act like monsters. And frankly, the list of characteristics he gives to those people - you'd have to be pretty sick to have all of them and yet everyone has one or two of the characteristics.

Long story short? Not helpful for me. Jul 04, JoAnne rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I came away with the impression that Dr.

Phil either thinks that Americans are stupid, or that they simply cannot think for themselves. My bet is he didn't count on any Canadians reading it. He comes across as very arrogant, and is so narcissistic that he cannot even see that he is describing himself. One passage that I remember where he says he does not judge people before he gets to know them, but then the scene in the casino, his opinion that he is not surprised the guys wife thinks he is a n I came away with the impression that Dr.

One passage that I remember where he says he does not judge people before he gets to know them, but then the scene in the casino, his opinion that he is not surprised the guys wife thinks he is a no-good s-o-b; is that not passing judgement?

I guess Dr. Phil's days of drunk and dis-orderly conduct are over. He has never done anything to be ashamed of. Wait, isn't that one of his own rules, is it never your own fault?? My opinion is that this book if fine for people who need someone to give them direction in life, but personally the only reason I think it was ever published is because his son owns the publishing company. How convenient. It helps that you have enough money to download whatever you want as well I guess.

Happy reading. For myself, I think I will stick to watching his daytime show, which I do enjoy and would highly recommend. Mar 02, Rob Slaven rated it it was amazing Shelves: Despite that repetitious and kind consideration, I give my unfiltered feedback below.

Phil type. These things take hours to read, after all! But, in the interest of flinging my net of interests to the furthest reaches of the literary genres, I signed up for this book just, as they say when at sea, for the halibut.

So to talk about this book properly one must do so in parts. The first section, about pages or so, goes on at length to describe the people in this world who are, to put it as simply as possible, just plain jerkfaces. In general I found the whole thing edifying but also not especially practical. For someone out there, this will serve as a valuable guide. The next functional bit, about 80 pages as I count it, amounts to life coaching. In other words, go after what you want but not at any cost whatsoever.

This is really a subheading of section two but I think it deserves special consideration since it is a process that is so ubiquitous and misunderstood. It describes at a high level some of the modern nuances of parenting and how to best deal with these given that the world has changed considerably since we were young-uns as Dr.

Phil might put it. Organizationally the book helps with brief, topical chapters and specific quotes highlighted on each page. Well, this is my first exposure to Dr. Phil I don't watch much TV , and I must say I concluded I was listening to an extremely competitive salesman whose head always rules his heart. I, too, look at the world rationally, yet my life is not filled with competition. There is, indeed, SOME competition in my daily life, but MOST of my life is a cooperative venture, and I believe the culture is shifting more in that direction every day.

I do believe, Well, this is my first exposure to Dr. I do believe, however, that some folks most likely those with a highly competitive nature or a particular competitive temporary life struggle might benefit from or be motivated by his words. I would like to see gullible folks be empowered to combat those who seek to commit fraud or worse, and if this book works toward that goal, more power to it.

In addition, the parenting advice seems sound, although often unrealistic. View all 4 comments. May 14, D. I was disappointed in this book. The first part was ok, defining toxic people for us. However, I was disappointed that Dr. Phil didn't make an effort to teach how to distance ourselves from those persons if we already have them in our lives.

I imagine he doesn't have any problem doing that but there are others who would like an exit strategy spelled out. The second half of the book was if he was writing a completely different book. In my opinion, he was teaching all of us how to become a clone o I was disappointed in this book.

In my opinion, he was teaching all of us how to become a clone of himself - goals, aggression, looking out for 1 - similar to those toxic people he spoke about in the first half of the book. A bit confusing, to say the least.

Life Code by Dr. Phil McGraw – a book review

View 1 comment. Sep 09, Heather rated it did not like it. Typically this is not a book I would read. Since an acquaintance lent it to me and highly recommended it I gave it a chance.

Life Code: The New Rules For Winning in the Real World

Is Dr. Phil trying to "BAIT" his readers into continuing to read this book by implying that those that don't are average, below the bell curve kinds of people? If you want to be average; if you want to sit in the middle of the bell curve and "receive" rather than "create" what Typically this is not a book I would read. If you want to be average; if you want to sit in the middle of the bell curve and "receive" rather than "create" what comes your way and hope nobody takes it from you--then you can stop reading right now, because this book is not for you.

I will not be bullied by an author into reading a book to try and prove to myself that I am an above average person. I feel that this book feeds on Paranoia and suspicion which is no way to live life. Everyone makes mistakes and hurts others at some point or another--sometimes unintentionally. I wonder how many people Dr. Phil has hurt in his lifetime?

I feel it is wrong to classify so many people as Baiters. Phil wrote: This may include categories such as work, social, family, sports, hobbies, religion, romantic, and even online. Then I want you to make a list of the people you routinely encounter in each of those categories What does your gut instinct tell you about each of the people you put on your list?

You can categorize them as "safe," "neutral," "suspicious," or "dangerous. Phil warns of. To me this book seemed more about validating how someone feels and does nothing to make their life any better. Phil uses too many emotional words. I will turn to more inspirational reads when I feel the need to empower myself concerning relationships with those around me.


Apr 03, Nancy Parish rated it liked it. This is an excellent book.

For most people, I'd give it a 5. However, as a mental health professional, it was what we all know already. I enjoyed reading his process of getting to the organization of his ideas. I am a reality therapist much like Dr. I don't believe I Jung's caring approach to helping people. In this world, people need to hear the truth. Now, I want my children to read it. They will "hear" things better from others than they do from Mom.

They still think Mom is just interfe This is an excellent book. Is this going to be the right book for you? While waiting for your Request to [ Friend Me on Facebook ]: View all posts by Brian Schnabel. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You know what? Why would he do this? Well… It goes like this! Print Facebook Twitter.

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