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Download Karsten Mueller & Frank Lamprecht - Fundamental Chess Endings ( cleaned-up).pdf. Jeremy Silman - Silman's Complete Endgame Course ().pdf. BCL-Muller, Karsten & Lamprecht, Frank - Fundamental Chess Endings [Found via] Yuri Averbakh & N. Kopaev - Comprehensive Chess Endings 5 - Rook Karsten Mueller Frank Lamprecht Fundamental Chess Endings PDF - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. basics of.

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Fundamental Chess Endings Pdf

Fundamental Chess Endings - Karsten Mueller Frank - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Fundamental Chess Endings is primarily concerned as a textbook and is divided into 12 chapters with exercises. We start with the basic mates. Is " Fundamental Chess Endings " book still fresh and correct in the era /web/ /

Hello guys. Is " Fundamental Chess Endings " book still fresh and correct in the era of computer analysis? Are those tactics and strategies correct after 16 years from published. We have much stronger computers now, which could give us better answers in many examples. Thats why im not sure if this book still have correct knowledge about playing chess endgames. Thanks for answers. Its an excellent book, and i use it all the time. Dont get caught up in the "stronger engines" thing.

A Guide to Scholastic Chess.

Fundamental Chess Endings - download chess book

Survival Guide to Rook Endings. Bishop Endings: Nunn's Chess Endings Volume 2. Nunn's Chess Endings Volume 1. Guide to Fairy Chess. Easy Guide to Chess.

Guide to Chess. Encyclopedia of Chess Endings: Volume 4: Queen Endings. Chess Studies or Endings of Games.

Theory and Practice of Chess Endings. Capablanca's Best Chess Endings: Manual of Chess Endings, Vol.

Fundamental Chess Endings - download free

Comprehensive Chess Endings, Vol. Chess Endings for the Practical Player. Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess. Recommend Documents. A Guide To Chess The Tournament Player's Guide This is the first truly modern one-volume endgame encyclopaedia.

New time-controls involve competitive games being played to a finish in one session, so it is especially important that chess-players understand the key endgame principles. This book provides comprehensive assistance for any players wishing to study the endgame. In addition to a feast of detailed analysis, the authors emphasize the practical side of endgame play, describing rules of thumb, principles, and thinking methods.

Fundamental Chess Endings is both the ideal endgame reference work, and a book that can profitably and enjoyably be read from start to finish. He finished third in the German Championship in , and was runner-up in He is a noted authority on both practical and theoretical endgames. Frank Lamprecht is also from Germany, and is an international master.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book. This huge book deftly serves as a reference work, a workbook, and a guide to database-driven further study on this all-too-often neglected part of the game.

Karsten Mueller & Frank Lamprecht - Fundamental Chess Endings (cleaned-up).pdf

This book blew me away when I first started working with it - it should be required study for anybody wanting to improve his or her play. In conclusion, this is the best one volume endgame reference work available. It belongs in the library of every serious chess player. More than that, it deserves serious study; don't be sorry, your chess will be the better for it.

Although theoretical in nature and fairly comprehensive in scope, the authors have tried to keep the reader on side with verbal explanations where required, and exercises to keep the book interactive. I have found no mistakes so far, so there is not too much more to say. If you only have one endgame book, it should be this one.

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