How to find my VIN? Your 17 Characters code is listed in numerous documents, including your vehicle title, registration, finance statement and insurance. View and Download Ford Figo manual online. Figo Automobile pdf manual download. Owner's Manual Ford Motor Company All rights reserved. . Figo (CDU) , E4B5 19A ZCA enIND, Edition date: 06/, Second Printing. Table of.

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Ford Figo Manual Pdf

Ford figo manual book pdf packard bell screen replacement s8 user ruthenpress.infor lcbk user ruthenpress.infoy guidewire User guide samsung nexus ruthenpress.infoi hometec manual - Ford figo diesel service manual ruthenpress.infor t user the East. Timorese. Download Figo - Owner's Manual (PDF), Download English Ford Owner's Manual (PDF) for Figo - Car Total size is N/A. Ford Figo.

Notable differences include larger turbochargers, an aluminum intake manifold, a custom dry sumped lubrication system, unique camshafts and higher strength rotating and timing drive components. At the time of introduction, the Ford GT had one of the highest specific power outputs of any production car. According to Ford, "the GT will exhibit one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production car," courtesy of its lightweight carbon fiber construction. Underpinning the GT is a carbon fiber monocoque bolted to aluminum front and rear subframes covered in carbon fiber body panels. The car also has a race inspired pushrod suspension system, active aerodynamics, [18] and dihedral butterfly doors. The windshield of the vehicle is made of Gorilla Glass manufactured by Corning , which is also used for manufacturing smartphone screens. The cars produced for the and model years are reserved for selected downloaders, the cars produced for the model year are for downloaders who passed over in the initial selection process, and the cars produced for the model year are for normal customers. The third car retired later in the race. The GT3 version is slower than the GT1 version producing around instead of HP and features different bodywork.

Errors and omissions excepted.

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Summary of Contents for Ford Figo Page 1 This publication, or part thereof, may not be reproduced nor translated without our approval. Part Number: Page 2: Page 6: Introduction Note: Now you can be sure that your Ford However, the essential information in the parts are Ford parts illustrations is always correct.

Page 7 Now it is easier to tell if you have really been given Ford Original Parts. The Ford logo is clearly visible on the following parts if they are Ford Original Parts.

If your vehicle has to be repaired, look for the clearly visible Ford branding and make sure that only Ford Original Parts have been used. Page 8: See Heated Windows page Hazard warning flasher switch. See Hazard Warning Flashers page Storage tray.

Direction indicators. See Direction Indicators page Main beam. See Lighting Control page Page 9 At a Glance Driver side storage compartment. Lighting control. Front fog lamps.

See Front Fog Lamps page Headlamp levelling control. See Headlamp Levelling page Ignition switch. See Ignition Switch page Steering wheel adjustment. See Adjusting the Steering Wheel page Locking and unlocking the doors with the remote control E Odometer Tripmeter Distance to empty Reset button Press the Reset button to scroll through E the displays.

Ford figo service manual

E See Adjusting the Steering Wheel page Page Mandatory use of child restraints varies from country to country. A choice of approved child restraints, which Child Seat Positioning Child Safety Child safety seat Secure children that weigh between 13 and 18 kilograms in a child safety seat Group 1 in the rear seat.

E Unlock Lock Turn the key in the rear door rearward to activate the lock. To deactivate the lock, turn the key forward. Occupant Protection Have repairs to the steering wheel, WARNINGS steering column, seats, airbags and seat belts carried out by properly Do not modify the front of your trained technicians from Ford authorised vehicle in any way.

This could dealerships. Page 17 Fitment of certain accessories e.

Ford does not access bull bars or nudge bars may cause event data recorder information without inadvertent or premature obtaining consent unless pursuant to a deployment of air bags. Page 18 Driver and front passenger airbags car should be towed to the nearest Authorised Ford Dealer for repair. Do not Your vehicle is equipped with an air bag for attempt to reinstall the cover.

If the vehicle Fastening The Seat Belts Have the help reduce the risk of injury in a collision. Seat belts Do not use only the lap strap or the shoulder strap. Position the lap strap comfortably across your hips and low beneath your pregnant abdomen. Changing The Remote Control Battery Keys and Remote Controls In order to re-programme the function, press and hold the unlock and lock buttons simultaneously for at least four seconds with the ignition switched off.

The direction indicators will flash twice to indicate that the unlocking function has been successfully re-programmed. Lock Central locking You can only centrally lock the doors if they Page 24 Locks Locking and unlocking the doors The luggage compartment is not with the remote control opened. The ignition is not switched on. WARNING If a failure in the vehicle's electrical system, the drivers door can be unlocked with a key, the boot can be still access through the folding rear seat or boot lock where respective feature E Page 25 Locks A recessed grip is incorporated inside the luggage compartment lid to facilitate closing.

E Using the key. Engine Immobiliser If you lose a key, you can obtain a replacement from your Ford Dealer. If possible, provide them with the key number from the tag provided with the original keys.

Ford 2015 Figo Owner's Manual

You can also obtain additional keys from your Ford Dealer. Press the VOL - button on the back of the remote control. Never adjust the steering wheel when the vehicle is moving. Page 28 Steering Wheel In radio mode, this will locate the next radio station up or down the frequency band. Mode E Briefly press the button on the side: In radio mode, this will locate the next pre-set radio station. Wipers And Washers Wipers and Washers 2. Move the wiper switch to off position when the wiper comes to park position.

Wiping delay timing will start from here to until the wiper switch is moved to position B. Rear Window Wiper And Washers Wipers and Washers When the button at the end of the lever is Pull the lever fully towards the steering pressed the washer will work in wheel and hold it to operate the washer.

Clean the wiper blade lips with water applied with a soft sponge. Page 32 Wipers and Washers E Install in the reverse order. Lighting control positions Headlamp flasher E E Pull the lever slightly towards the steering wheel. To remind you to switch off the Front Fog Lamps Lighting You can adjust the level of the headlamp beams according to the vehicle load. See At a Glance page E Use only in an emergency to warn other traffic of vehicle breakdown or During lane changing flick the lever up or down and the direction indicators will flash E three times.

Sudden increase in the rate of flashing Door contact warns a failed indicator bulb. Changing A Bulb Lighting Luggage compartment lamp The luggage compartment lamp turns on during the following conditions.

FORD Car Service Manuals PDF

E Base variant Mid variant High variant Any of the 4 door Illuminates No Luggage No Luggage open compartment lamp compartment lamp Luggage compart- fitted fitted Illuminates ment open Headlamp main and dipped beam Page 37 Lighting Front direction indicators Remove the headlamp cover. E Turn the bulb holder anticlockwise and remove it. E 2. Gently press the bulb into the bulb 2.

Disconnect the electrical connector. Release the clip. You can also have the Freestyle with a diesel engine. Despite being a three-cylinder and sounding quite thrummy when idling, it is a fun engine to play with. At the lower end you get access to the Nm of torque pretty easily and this means that you would not tire out working the clutch and gearbox in heavy traffic or in city driving speeds. This ability to offer such an easy driving experience is no doubt helped by the new gearbox which has smooth throws, light clutch action and a large chunk of its ability in the mid-range.

The other end of the spectrum is not too shabby either and out on the highway, you can get up to three-digit speeds without much effort and cruise comfortably. However, go in for a quick overtake and you will need feel the small capacity of the engine and will need to shift down to gain some more momentum.

By this point the engine has also become quite vocal and this quite audible in the cabin. Where Ford has really seemed to put its weight behind the Freestyle is the ride quality. On the smoother bits, the car glided along silently and when the going got tougher the suspension setup was able to absorb the impact from the imperfections and pot holes without sending much back much more than a muted thud back to the cabin. Even when things got really rough on some of the pockmarked inner village roads, the Freestyle did not lose its composure to point of unsettling the occupants badly.

We expected that with such a high ground clearance and a relatively soft ride quality, the Freestyle would struggle a bit in terms of handling. But surprisingly, the car holds its own quite well through the corners and the body movement in terms of roll and pitch is quite controlled.

In fact, with the all safety nets on, you would have to do quite a bit to upset the car. Should I download one? Do you want the SUV looks, ground clearance but none of the hassles of owning or paying big bucks for such a vehicle?

Well this, the Freestyle, is certainly a car you can consider as it matches these criteria quite well. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. NancyCrumb Follow. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here.

Ford Figo Manual

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