Chapter Ten. Chapter Eleven. Chapter Twelve. Chapter Thirteen. Chapter Fourteen. Chapter Fifteen. Chapter Sixteen. Chapter Seventeen. Chapter Eighteen. Read the first two chapters of the penultimate book in the Lorien Legacies (you know, that I Am Number Four series), The Fate of Ten. In the. The sixth and penultimate book of the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! The odds are against him, but his best friend, Sam, has just inexplicably developed a Legacy—and he isn’t the only one. As the pair tracks down Five and Nine amidst the chaos, they meet.

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The sixth and penultimate book of the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! For years the Garde have fought the Mogadorians in secret, but. Editorial Reviews. Review. PRAISE FOR THE I AM NUMBER FOUR SERIES: “ Number Four is The Fate of Ten (Lorien Legacies Book 6) by [Lore, Pittacus]. The Sixth book in the Lorien Legacies, The Fate of Ten was released on 1st September The sixth and Second to last book in the#1 New.

Abstract The vast diversity of neurons and glia of the central nervous system is generated from a small, heterogeneous population of progenitors that undergo transcriptional changes during development to sequentially specify distinct cell fates. Guided by cell intrinsic and temporal extrinsic cues, invertebrate and mammalian neural progenitors carefully regulate when and how many of each cell type is produced to form functional neural circuits. Emerging evidence indicates that neural progenitors also undergo changes in global chromatin architecture, thereby restricting the duration a particular temporal cue can act. Thus, studies of temporal identity specification and progenitor competence can provide insight into how we may use neural progenitors to more effectively generate specific cell types for brain repair. Introduction The complex structure of our brain — and thus its ability to perform impressive cognitive and motor functions — depends on the production of a diverse pool of neurons and glia from a relatively small number of neural progenitors during development. It is well established that spatial patterning cues can produce different types of neural progenitors, and hence different types of neurons and glia, along the rostrocaudal or dorsoventral axes of the CNS 1. It is also known that individual neural progenitors give rise to distinct cell types over time, which increases neural diversity in the CNS 2. An understanding of temporal patterning mechanisms is important for multiple reasons: it will illuminate how spatial and temporal cues are integrated to generate specific cell types, how aging progenitors change competence to produce different cell types over time, and may help us learn how to direct neuronal differentiation in vitro to repair the damaged or diseased brain. In this review, we discuss recent advances in our understanding of temporal patterning within the Drosophila and mammalian CNS. We highlight key recent results and conserved mechanisms and discuss several important open questions. Specification of temporal identity We define temporal identity as the aspect of cell fate determined by its birth-order in a progenitor lineage, in contrast to the aspects of cell fate due to its position within the tissue or embryo see Box 1.

Agitation speed has also been proven to be a critical factor influencing mycelial biomass Hamzah et al. The production of biomass rose to 0.

Biodegradation of kerosene To determine the ability of P. The biodegradation of kerosene was confirmed by the reduction in the area under the hydrocarbon peaks of the chromatograms when compared to that of the abiotic control without organism , suggesting that the removal of kerosene hydrocarbon components ranged from 8 to 18 carbon atoms.

The chromatograms showed that the n-alkane fractions are easily degraded by the tested fungal isolate as the days progress.

However, the rate might be lower for branched alkanes followed by n-alkylaromatics, cyclic alkanes and polynuclear aromatics. The present results are in agreement with the findings obtained by Wang et al.

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Moreover, Nocentini et al. The results indicated that the P. The sharp and highest peaks stand for the n-alkanes, and the peaks between them comprise the naphthenes and aromatics.


Metabolites Based on the inhibitory effects and growth arrest, the release of certain metabolic products such as carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins was affected at the earlier stage of kerosene applications, a result that is in agreement with the study of Kumar et al. The level of total carbohydrates decreased after 12 to 16 days in all the concentrations of kerosene-treated isolate. After the 12th day of exposure, carbohydrate content ranged from 0.

A similar reduction in the carbohydrate content was recorded by Kumar et al. Protein content fluctuated from 1. At the end of the experiment after the 16th day, the highest reduction of amino acids in P. A more pronounced effect of kerosene on phenol content was observed on the tested fungal isolate.

The release of the stress metabolite phenol was significantly stimulated after 4days of exposure, varying from 0. Elevated levels of phenols might be due to the liberation of the phenolic compounds during gradual degradation of kerosene by hydrolysis or oxidation processes and release under stress conditions because of the catabolic activity of primary metabolites Mostafa and Helling, On the way they meet Daniela Morales , a Human-Garde , robbing a bank.

They try to convince her to join their cause, but she is adamant in finding her mother first. She leads them to the subway. The Anubis starts to attack them, causing the roof to collapse onto them. John exerts all of his telekinetic strength to keep the roof up, with some help from San and Daniela, which causes him to pass out.

While resting, Ella reaches out to John through a dream, showing John her memories of the ship Anubis. John also witnesses the Mogadorian augmentation being carried out on Ella's body as Ella's consciousness is talking to him.

John wakes up and hears Sam talking to Daniela about all John has done to protect the Loric and humans. John urges them to reach the Brooklyn Bridge camp. John also learns from Adam how to possibly attack the warships. John also contacts Sarah and requests her, Mark and Lexa to go at the Sanctuary.

John passes on the information of the warships weaknesses to Agent Walker.

The Fate of Ten

Just then, soldiers arrive and deliver a message from Five , who attacked them. Five wants Four to meet him at the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island, or he'll presumably kill Number Nine "meet me at the Statue of Liberty or i'll give you another scar". Four heals Nine, and is about to leave when Five reveals that he is also badly injured.

Four eventually heals Five with Daniela's help and ties him up for good measure. Nine wakes up and they discuss what to do to Five when a Mogadorian Hunter Daniela calls it the "Mogasaur" rises from the bay and attacks them.

The Garde suddenly lose consciousness during the battle. They also enter a mental representation of the Elders' Chamber with new human-Gardes in attendance, wherein Four encourages them to join the fight against the Mogadorians. When Ella's power weakens, they wake up and barely miss the monster's attack. Five calls out to John and Sam, telling them he can help. When Sam cut his ties, Five targets the monster's eyes, retrieves his Loric charm and manages to save Nine from falling to the ground.

Daniela suddenly has a terrible headache, and when John tries to alleviate her pain, he also feels the pain.

Sam deduces that Daniela is developing a new Legacy, and Daniela opens her eyes, emitting a beam that slowly turns the monster into stone. John realizes that he is the new Pittacus Lore who has the rare ability to copy Legacies, and with that Legacy he copied from Daniela, helps her petrify the monster.

Read the First 2 Chapters from THE FATE OF TEN

Afterwards, Agent Walker tells John the US President would like to cooperate with him and the Garde, after the President's daughter witnesses his speech at the Elders Chamber in a vision. Then the satellite phone rings and John answers it first. It is Sarah calling him during the last moments of her life, she told John she had no regrets and bled out.

Adam devises an ingenious plan to trap Phiri Dun Ra and successfully captures and interrogates her to reveal where she hid the missing parts of the Skimmer jets.

They find the parts but it also triggers an explosive trap set up by Phiri. Adam is fatally wounded from shielding Six and Marina, and Marina heals him first, seconds before he dies, before she heals Six. They wait at the jet plane while recovering Adam tries to fix it. Six, Marina and Adam learn that what they did at the Sanctuary has turned Earth into the new Lorien and turned some humans into Garde.

Six, Marina and Adam attack him but he manages to incapacitate Marina.

Temporal Fate Specification and Neural Progenitor Competence During Development

They also enter a mental representation of the Elders' Chamber with new human-Garde in attendance, wherein Four encourages them to join the fight against the Mogadorians. When Ella's power weakens, they wake up and retreat. Ella wakes up! Six orders Bernie Kosar to bring Ella away to safety. Unfortunately a piece of debris also hits Sarah and wounds her mortally. They retreat to the ship and Lexa flies them away. Mark frantically tries to awaken Marina, as only she can heal Sarah, but to no avail.

Ella is crying, saying they should have followed her warning to flee. Sarah asks Six to call John via satellite phone and Sarah says goodbye to him. Sarah dies in Six's arms. Ella thinks she is dead, remembering that she put herself between the Loric power source and the Mogadorian equipment that is sucking up its power.

The Lorien Entity introduces itself to her, explaining her powers and her mission.

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