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ruthenpress.info (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf) Fallout Tactics: A Guide to Tactical Combat is the game manual for Fallout Tactics . The manual for the tactical Fallout game in pdf format. File usage. ruthenpress.info (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf) The Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel manual.

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Download Download Fallout tactics manual pdf Read Online Read Online Fallout tactics manual pdf Fallout: Warfare - Wargaming in the Fallou. ruthenpress.info To view last minute information and updates to this manual, be sure to read the Fallout Tactics ruthenpress.info file. This file is available in your. Playing the Game This chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel manual focuses on the . C2 for PDF 6/7/01 PM Page 10 Make sure Fallout Tactics is listed in.

The Medical Officer is in charge of the medical equipment stores. He will provide this equipment to you, for a price. Unfortunately, he has limited supplies. You can only requisition vehicles that you have salvaged. To take a vehicle out of the bunker, simply get into one and drive out. See Vehicle Operations, page Talking to the General will activate new missions. Missions will appear as large circles on the world map, and they will be listed in the Locations list on the right hand side of the screen. Click on either to start travelling to that mission.

Use this to cover doorways and TB details alley corners. Click the DONE button to close the inventory window. Except for Sneak. If there are other critters that wish to continue combat. The percentage next to the skill shows how likely you are able to perform that skill.

Characters on sentry mode will not fire if their chance to hit is too small. Ladies and Gentlemen! Right-click to cancel. Stance Buttons: There are three stance buttons. Left-click on the target to use that skill. Inventory Items characters are carrying are displayed in the Inventory window. One way to use these active skills is to use the Skilldex.

Once the Inventory window is displayed. Other skills require an active use. The higher the number the better. All of your stuff is here. Character CHR Button: This displays the Character screen. The possible values are: Clicking this button will attempt to end the current round of combat.

Skilldex Some skills are used automatically. These affect combat. The top of the PIPBoy has the current date and time. You can click on almost any part of this screen to get more detailed information about a statistic.

You can use shift-leftclick to select multiple characters. CLEAR will reset the count to 0. Double-click an item to use it on the current character. You can either use your mouse to enter the desired number. Weapons are automatically loaded when you drag them to your hands and unloaded when you drag them to your inventory.

This is the character screen. If the two characters are too far apart. A weapon can only have one ammo type loaded at a time. You can load a specific type of ammo by dragging the desired ammo to the weapon when it is equipped in your hand. To view your statistics again. To re-order characters. Only one character can be viewed at a time. It displays. Characters need to be within three meters of each other.

If a weapon is currently selected. Moving Multiple Items If you select more than one item to be moved. Click on the PIP button or press P.

To drop something on the ground. Character Screen You can get a description of an inventory item by left-clicking on it once.

Click on the character tabs or their portraits to select other characters. When a character gains a level. To equip your character. The PIPBoy will record briefings and conversations. To exchange items with another character in your squad.

See Characters. The Move Item window. Single-player only. This will display a map of the current mission. This displays the various mission briefings. This will display the Options screen.

This will quit the current mission. Click on a listing to see the dialogue. If they have anything to say. The map is only displayed when you are actually in the mission area. Click BACK to return to the briefings list. Characters that have more dialogue will use a speech window. Some missions will require you to return to this point for extraction.

Left-click on a character to speak to them. Collects all the important dialogue that you've had within the current mission. Click on a briefing title to display that briefing. The speech window is displayed over the normal interface bar. Click on the numbered areas on the map to display this information.

This is the barter screen. Barter Some characters are willing to bargain for just about anything. Menu Pressing ESC will normally bring up the menu. When you are finished with the PIPBoy. This is an example of floating speech. This displays a list of the default hotkeys and basic mouse functionality. Click the DONE button to end the speech and unpause the game again. Display and Sound options. This will display the save game screen. See page Click BACK to return to the dialogue list.

A This is an example of a speech window. The green circle is your starting position. You can do the same by pressing H. You can only initiate speech against a neutral or friendly character. The volume of any spoken speech audio can be controlled from the Audio Options menu. You can use the barter screen to trade items back and forth.

This displays all of the in-game movies that have been shown. You must confirm this action. Some floating speech is important.

Talk to a character. To load a previously saved game. Return to the game. Once you get an equal amount of goods. The Barter skill of the NPC comes into play. If the NPC does not accept the deal. If you move a stack of items like a bunch of ammo or Stimpaks. Left-click on the Quartermaster to begin trading.

It's also up to you.

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Speak with him to add or remove characters from your current squad. Equipment The Quartmaster provides all Brotherhood-sanctioned equipment. The Quartermaster is a hard barterer. If all is agreeable to the trader. Mission Briefings Left-click on the General to bring up a briefing menu. Talk to the various inhabitants of the Bunker to access mission briefings.

The value of your items is displayed at the bottom of your trading items. Typing a large number of items works well when you are dealing with cash. Drag the items you wish to trade for from their inventory to their side of the trading table. The General. Having a good reputation will give you a better price break. Remember to watch the dollar values of the items at the bottom of the trading table.

All Brotherhood members must bring back salvage to support the Brotherhood equipment supplies. New equipment will become available over time. Remember that you can type in the number of items to move.

As the BoS forces make their way across the country. Left-click on the Recruits Master. Based on your mission briefing. Recruits Master. Prices There are many things that will determine the total value of your goods compared to what the NPC will barter them for. Your reputation will modify the value of the trade.

He is very stingy. Some NPCs also just charge more for their goods shopkeepers for example. Drag items that you wish to trade from your inventory to your side of the trading table. This includes weapons.

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If there are multiple missions available. See Barter. You may move items out from the trading table. The value of their items is displayed at the bottom of their items. The Bunker is where you will perform the majority of your pre. More characters will become available as the game progresses. Click DONE when finished. Click on either to start travelling to that mission. The right-side of the screen displays your current squad. To select all squad members in a vehicle. You can only requisition vehicles that you have salvaged.

Vehicle Combat Vehicles can be shot and will take damage. To move forward. Access the inventory of a vehicle by clicking INV of a character in the vehicle. Healing Equipment The Medical Officer is in charge of the medical equipment stores. To take a vehicle out of the bunker. Vehicles The Brotherhood of Steel uses vehicles for three things: To repair this damage. To move in reverse.

The left-side of the Recruits This is the recruiting screen. If a vehicle takes too much damage. To make a character leave a vehicle. Select the gunner and target in the usual manner -. The driver is the first person on the list. Ctrl-left-click on the vehicle.

He will provide this equipment to you. You cannot move in high speed while going in reverse. Left-click on a character to display information about that recruit.

The driver. Missions will appear as large circles on the world map. Some vehicles may require specific items to be repaired. You can select this off of the main menu. Select the driver of the vehicle. The maximum speed will depend on your Piloting skill. The gunner. Rank and Reputation see page A destroyed vehicle can be searched by left-clicking on it.

Medical Officer. See Vehicle Operations. World Map The World Map is how you will travel to missions. Click ADD to add the current recruit to your squad. To select the driver of a vehicle. Talking to the General will activate new missions. To move at a higher speed. You can see a list of everyone in the vehicle by holding the mouse cursor over the vehicle for a moment.

Vehicles The Mechanic takes care of the available vehicles. Always Walk: The selected character will walk to a destination after a single click.

Maximum Blood: Over the top gore and blood. Sound FX Volume: Controls volume of Sound Effects. No gore. Speech Volume: Controls the volume of the speech. Master Volume: Controls the sound level for everything. You can access previously saved games from the main menu or during a mission. Turn Based: This controls what version of Turn-Based combat you will be playing: Cursor Mode: Leave this in hardware for most hardware platforms.

Move the volume sliders to the left to lower the volume. Lower resolutions and lower color-depths will give you better performance on some machines. Game Difficulty: The difficulty level can be adjusted. Violence Level: This will control the amount of graphic violence you see. This is the load game screen. Only less gory deaths and blood. Anti-Aliased Characters: Turn this off for a faster frame rate on older machines.

Click the SAVE button or double-click on the slot to save. The Brotherhood of Steel highly suggests that you save your progress often and that you use more than a single savegame slot to do so.

Anti-Aliased Tiles: To save your progress. Language Filter: Set this on to filter out rude words. Determines if the characters walk or run as their default movement command.

If your cursor is misbehaving. Choose from up to four exciting display modes! The exact number of display modes available will depend on your system and video card. Always Run: The selected character will always run to a location. Fallout Tactics supports x default and x Smart Run: The selected character will run to a location unless they are in stealth mode or prone or crouched. This affects the computer opponents intelligence and ability to harm your squadmates.

Spoken text is always reported. The various options are contained within three tabs: Music Volume: Controls the volume of the music. Depending on your video card. Message Filter: Controls the amount of text messages that the game will report to the player. The typical amount of gore. The save screen is very similar.

Not all options can be adjusted in the middle of a multiplayer game. Most other actions cost between 1 and 4 APs to perform. For TB modes. If a character is out of action points. The higher the number. Being Immobile. If there are too many objects between you and your target. Just be sure to get a chance to perform their not stand too close when firing at the mine.

The computer will automatically pick the first character to act and select the appropriate character to follow. If you are playing Individual TIP: If you are playing Squad Turn-Based. Your base chance to hit is your weapon skill. In CTB mode. The number displayed is your percentage chance to hit. The following rules apply to both modes. Your chance to hit is improved by firing at point blank range. Albert Perez Some characters will act before others. Action Points Action Points determine how much a character can do in a space of time.

Starting Combat Combat will start when you attack an enemy or when you are attacked. You get increased LOS by climbing to higher ground. Characters with more APs regenerate faster than characters with less APs. In CTB. If you are in TB mode.

Click the LOAD button or double-click to load the selected savegame. The range penalty is offset by a higher Perception and the weapon range. Combat Targeting Your leadership will determine how you prevail in combat. Characters can see more in front of them.

Winded or Injured will also reduce your chance to hit.

Fallout tactics manual.pdf

It is easier to Sneak up on someone from behind. Different actions have different AP costs. Winded or Injured. This is reduced by the range penalty. Move the cursor over an enemy target. Actions Points regenerate. Weapons and Items have their AP cost listed on their button. Depending on how your Options are configured.

Fallout Tactics Manual En

When all characters have finished their move. Perks are special abilities that are gained with experience. Depending on their perk rate. The exact effects of a critical hit depend on the location of the target.

It takes increasingly more XP points to advance to the higher levels. In a single-player game. Critical Hits Some attacks are more lethal than normal. Click this indicator to go to the character screen. Statistics in turn define Derived Statistics. When you earn enough XP points to advance to the next level.

Earned experience.

The average human has a score of 5. Different types of This will often allow them to shoot over enemy cover. Agility and Luck. Skills are learned abilities of a character and will grow over time with experience. Cover will also reduce damage. Characters Characters are the lifeblood of your squad. The character screen will allow you to spend your new skill points and download a perk.

Some ammo. Armor will protect you against some types of damage. The XP point total and the amount of experience required to advance to the next level are displayed on the character screen. This will usually catch the enemy by surprise.

When characters are reduced to 0 hit points or less. Limbs can be crippled. You gain experience points XP points for completing missions. The number of skill points gained depends on Intelligence. When a character levels. Characters that are sneaking. Statistics TIP: You will need to understand what defines a character so you can use them in the best possible manner. Some critical hit effects do more than damage. These are critical hits.

Albert Perez 32 There are seven primary statistics: Highly skilled characters will also do more critical hits. Death Statistics define the basic abilities of a character. David Vodhanel damage against armor. You can target a specific location by making a targeted shot. These are rated on a scale from 1 to Traits help define who that character is. Critical hits are based on your character's Critical Chance. Some active skills also give you some experience when used successfully.

This will also allow you to ammunition can cause initiate fights at a greater range. The number of hit points gained depends on Endurance. Agility controls the number of Action Points a character has in battle. Raw physical strength. Agility affects many skills that require fine coordination. Based on ST. If you want big.

Carry Weight: The maximum amount of equipment that can be carried. Luck will modify many things. Traits and Perks. This is a very important statistic. A combination of your senses. Poison Resistance: Poison damage is reduced by this percentage.

Derived Statistics Your primary statistics and your race will determine your derived statistics. Chems can temporarily adjust statistics. Damage Resistance: Physical damage is reduced by this percentage. Armor Class: How likely the character is to get hit in the first place.

Choose wisely. Perception affects ranged weapon distance and the ability to sense things about the world. Since skills determine how good a character can perform. The number of bonus points will depend on your character's race. Based on armor. Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Namespaces File Talk page. Views View Edit Edit source History.

Skin Dark skin Light skin Switching skins. Contribute Create article Upload file Help. This page was last edited on 19 January , at Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. Including the rules files and counters files in the original PDF format. Now, if you have the original Fallout Tactics computer game, you can.

Feb 6, There are no. If you have. Unlike the previous two Fallout games, Fallout Tactics emphasizes tactical combat and strategy.

Players have much more limited interactions with non-player.