to create fantastic garments and accessories for the home. To crochet, all you need is a hook and some yarn. First you make a basic chain (see page 4) to create. 2. Basic Crochet Stitches. Basic Crochet. Stitches. When learning any new skill, you need to start with the basics. You may have your heart set on crocheting a. Helping 4-H members learn a skill like crocheting can be a real challenge as well as a gratifying experience. You will find that some members will master the.

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Crochet Basics Pdf

This free crochet patterns for beginners downloadable PDF is essential if you are just starting your crocheting journey. 20 pages of stitches and tips. These instructions will guide you in crochet so that you can make a crochet atom for The The instructions were provided by and by. Crochet Made Easy is written for beginners, and features easy-to- understand diagrams and For television show information:

Crocheting involves using a single needle and yarn or thread of varying weights. With a ball of yarn and a crochet hook, crocheters can work at home, or they can take this hobby virtually anywhere. After learning the basic stitches, you can advance your skills to learn how to make clothing, home decor items, and even jewelry. Crochet hooks come in a variety of sizes. Lettered hook sizes range from B to S, with the sizes increasing as the letters advance.

You have now completed Row 1. Count your stitches carefully, but do not count the loop abbreviated lp on the hook, or the slip knot, which is now at the end of the row. You should have 14 single crochet stitches. Hint: Count the stitches at the end of every row. Most patterns tell you how many stitches you should have, and there are several ways of doing this. These are all ways to show the number of stitches you should have.

Remember that first chain you skipped at the start of the row? When working in single crochet, you never work in that chain. It is gone forever! Now you have worked Row 1. Look at your pattern: at the end of the row it may say ch 1, turn. You need to work the chain 1 to get your yarn high enough to begin the next row. Here is how to turn the work: see Figure 4.

How to Crochet Volume 1 Free Beginner Crochet Patterns.pdf

We show turning the work to the right, but you can turn it to the left if you prefer. Just be sure to turn it the same way each time you turn. Hint: Always leave the hook in your work as you turn.

Now you are ready to start Row 2. They put that in the instructions for the next row, So the pattern could be written in two different ways: Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each rem ch; ch 1, turn.

Row 2: Sc in each sc across. Row 2: Ch 1, turn; sc in each sc across. Just do it the way the pattern tells you to.

Crochet in the Car

When working Row 3 and all following rows in single crochet, never count the turning ch-1 as a stitch. It just disappears, like the skipped stitch when you worked the foundation chain.

Now they count as a stitch. The pattern says: Ch Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook and in chain across: 15 dc. So you will make a slip knot on the hook, then make 17 chain stitches. Now count 4 chains away from the hook, and work a double crochet into that chain, skipping the first 3 chains.

Then work a double crochet in each of the remaining 13 chains.


You now have 15 double crochet stitches. How can that be when you have only worked 14 double crochets?

How to Crochet the Basic Stitches

Remember those first 3 chains you skipped when you worked the first double crochet into the 4th chain from the hook? Insert the hook into 2nd chain from hook, wrap the yarn over the hook, draw the yarn through the chain and the loop on the hook in one movement - 1 sl st made Fig. Repeat this last step Fig. Double crochet dc 1.

Insert the hook into 2nd chain from hook, wrap the yarn over the hook and draw the yarn through the chain only Fig.

Crochet in the Car

Wrap the yarn again and draw the yarn through both loops on hook Fig. Back to Top Half treble htr 1. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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