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A Computer network is a network of computers that are geographically distributed , but connected in a manner to enable meaningful transmission and exchange. COMPUTER NETWORKS. Lecture Notes. DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING. SHRI VISHNU ENGINEERING COLLEGE FOR WOMEN. NETWORKING BCA WBUT 5th SEM NOTES - Free download as Word Doc Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Computer Network.

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Computer Networks Notes Pdf For Bca

A network is a group of two of more computer systems sharing services and interacting in some . Writes Notes on (Draw diagrams when necessary). 1. Types of. An Introduction to Computer Networks. Release 1 An Overview of Networks. Layers. archive of html files, format, and in other formats as may prove useful. Note that . Progress Notes. This work. node can be a computer, printer, or any other device capable of sending and/or Network security issues include protecting data from unauthorized access.

All programs, remote equipments and especially data can available to anyone on the network. Files could be replicated on two or three machines, so if one of them is unavailable due to some hardware breakdown , the other copies of the files could be used. On the other word, the presence of multiple machines means that if one of them is failed, the other machines can take over its work. This goal is most important, since hardware failure is one of the most common real-life problems. That is why most of the system designers prefer to build client-server model consisting of microcomputers. In client-server model, data stored on one or more shared file server machines and others are called client machines. Typically there are many clients using a small number of servers. In this model, communication takes form of a request message from the client to the server asking for some job to be done. Then the server does the work and sends back the reply to the client. A computer network can provide a powerful communication medium among widely separated people. By using network one can easily communicate to another, who lives far apart.


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