Since its release in Ultimate Slap Bass has become one of the most popular books ever written on the slap bass technique. This comprehensive book . Hi, tell me please what's the best book for learning slaping, tapping, hammering etc. technique of bass, and which video can be helpful. Books and recordings covering all instruments and all main music topics.

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Slap Bass Book

Ultimate Slap Bass is a page book – with two CDs – that aims to be a definitive guide to the slap bass technique and ALSO aims to be for all levels of player. Ultimate Slap Bass [Stuart Clayton] on *FREE* shipping on The site Book Review Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Slap It! is one of the most popular and important books for electric bass players who want to learn how to play and sight-read slap bass lines. Acclaimed for

Many bass guitarists lose months, years or even quit playing, because they do not know how to practice correctly, have no direction and finally, make no progress. Hiring a music instructor can also be costly and something a young musician cannot afford. This is why I created Big Funk Text Book Slap, ebook that will teach you all you need to know about the slap technique! It will take you from simple to advanced practices and enable you systematic progress, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned bass player. It is intended for the bass guitar beginners, as well as for those who are well familiar with funk slap. Without mastering the funk slap technique, a bass guitarist cannot participate in modern music genres and play in a music group. It is intended for bass guitar teachers instructors. It is also suitable for group learning, as it comes in a handy electronic version which can be easily projected in front of a group of students. For arrangers and composers who are not yet familiar with funk slap. For everyone whose picture about notation, use of symbols and writing the bass line in modern music is not clear. The textbook contains exercises and examples, which are divided by levels of difficulty. The book, besides from examples, also contains lots of exercises! No unnecessary text! The emphasis is exclusively on exercises and examples from many years of my professional pedagogical practice. In each chapter the exercises begin with completely basic notes , instead of starting with the complex ones.

The first chapter Thumb Science deals with the first most important group of exercises for playing with your thumb.

Ultimate Slap Bass

In the subchapter you can find the Mute tone a muted tone and notes that are linked to each other — Hammer notes, followed by exercises containing a combination of Thumb-Mute-Hammer elements. In the second chapter you can find Slide exercises , which is a sliding effect from one tone to another it is also called Glissando. The third chapter contains the second most important group of exercises — Pull.

These are notes pulled with your right-hand middle finger.

As in the previous chapters, exercises increase gradually and complement with other elements, such as Pull-Hammer and Pull-Thumb-Hammer combinations. The fifth chapter contains Vibrato and Shake. These two effects also occasionally embellish certain notes and are used quite frequently in funk slap technique. The sixth chapter — Left Hand , has a special meaning for funk.

Free slap bass exercises – marks and symbols used in funk slap technique

We play with the left hand. This technique is played exclusively with muted notes, which are never sounding. Without this important element we cannot say we play funk slap.

The seventh chapter — Practical ensemble exercises , provides an extensive range of exercises in circles of fifths and fourths to bring a musician to solid knowledge of funk slap style. These are exercises in different tonalities and are professional examples of modern funk slap that can be used in music groups. They can also be used as bass solo parts.

The eighth chapter — Play with me , gives three practical examples of how to use a bass guitar as a solo instrument and how to play a modern funk slap solo, as well as a gentle, romantic ballad.

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For bass guitar beginners, for bass guitar teachers, for arrangers and composers who are not yet familiar with funk slap.

Have problems with improving your bass playing? Send me an email and I might answer your question! Powered by Thesis. Learn funk slap quickly, make real progress and become the best slap bass player you can be!

Ebook has exercises , as well as 3 unique examples of bass solos. It contains basic to advanced techniques you need to master funk slap.

The notes marked this way are never sounding. LH L notes are usually under this symbol. This notes are the most distinct on deep strings such as E string or A string.

Rarely, it can be also used on the D string. The individuals who play advanced funk slap techniques make exceptions here as well, but they are only a few.

Let us start with the first exercise: Fore note is usually a quickly played note of short duration before the sounding of the relatively longer-lasting note which immediately follows it. The most efficient are single fore notes, followed by two fore notes, a double and only rarely a fore note. They can be either short or long and are there to embellish certain notes. They are always placed in front of the main note played. Here, only short fore notes will be shown since the long ones which are tied to the following note are called hammer.

Listen to the following examples. The Blues. Latin salsa. Congratulations, you have made it through all of the exersices!

Slap Bass Lines

At the end of this post, here is a funk slap solo example as used in modern practice. My name is Ladislav Rebrek, and I have been playing for almost 50 years now. Here I would like to share some of my valuable knowledge, which I got over those years. Keep reading For bass guitar beginners, for bass guitar teachers, for arrangers and composers who are not yet familiar with funk slap.

Have problems with improving your bass playing?

How To Play Slap Bass

Send me an email and I might answer your question! Powered by Thesis. Free funk slap exercises and examples. The first one is THUMB Slapping As already mentioned, an important step in playing funk slap style is the first slap with the right-hand thumb marked with symbol T , a precise and accurate slapping of the string without the sound or any simultaneous playing to any of the adjacent strings with the right-hand thumb.


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