It's me, Tony Parinello, the creator of VITO Selling. As you know, this is the third edition of Selling to VITO: The Very Important. Top Officer. I am proud to say that. Subscribe to our free weekly e-newsletter and we will immediately email you a link to download the full and latest edition of Tony Parinello’s bestselling sales book: Selling to VITO. WHY DOWNLOAD AND READ THE BEST SELLING BOOK SELLING TO VITO BY TONY PARINELLO? Anthony Parinello. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tony Parinello is no armchair salesperson - he has Selling to VITO the Very Important Top Officer: Get to the Top. Get to.

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Selling to Vito contains all the tactics you need to get appointments with impossible-to-reach top decision-makers. They in fact are the Very Important Top . Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer seminars, Club VITO, Sales Mastery Program, Busi- ness Builder Program (MLM). Affiliation: VITO Selling. Selling. The author of the bestseller Selling to VITO returns with a step plan for getting to the Very Important Top Officer's top of mind, top of wallet, and top of their.

Her industry was growing rapidly, demand for her services was clearly there, and the company was a leader in their market. She made lots of calls and, for the most part, her prospects welcomed her visits. She often brought small gifts on her visits to set herself apart from her competitors. However, the business failed to materialize. Out of frustration, Lisa sought help. Analysis: Upon examination, Lisa had fallen into a pattern that eventually causes many salespeople to fail. Sales says that you must be in front of the decision maker. As it turns out, Lisa had several classic problems. When she started selling in her territory, she knew the importance of being in front of Vito. Often, Seymour even said he was the decision maker. After this had happened a few times, Lisa saw a pattern, believed it was the norm, and decided to simply skip a step and go straight to Seymour. And since Seymour was easy to get appointments with, Lisa got more appointments. This was starting to make sense after all. Her rationale was to take the easy road. Solution: Nobody said selling was easy.

Identify ways you can help VITO increase shareholder value through increased revenues, increased efficiencies and effectiveness, lowered operational expenses etc.

Five key qualities you will need to work with VITO: unshakable confidence, willingness to develop synergy, ability to build rapport, unlimited desire to succeed, and unlimited energy. Ten desired behaviors: making a good first impression by knowing something about VITO, exceeding expectations, making yourself an appreciated asset, your ability to become indispensable, apparent self-improvement, always have a positive attitude, dress for success, speak with an appropriate vocabulary, become a useful team player by being a giver, and listen intently.

VITO must perceive you as being of equal stature and as someone responsible for making things happen and delivering results. You must understand their problem and have a solution in the form of a benefit.

PDF Selling To VITO (The Very Important Top Officer) EBook

Draft your VITO letter. Start out with a specific detailed benefit laden headline statement that focuses on measurable results. Keep your letter to one page. Develop an opening paragraph that follows the theme of your headline and ties into the benefits that you list. Develop a closing paragraph. Include a P.

Make sure your letter is industry specific and experience based. Undetected country.

NO YES. Description About the Author Permissions Table of contents.

Selected type: Added to Your Shopping Cart. The author of the bestseller Selling to VITO returns with a step plan for getting to the Very Important Top Officer's top of mind, top of wallet, and top of their "to-do" list Anthony Parinello's Selling to VITO introduced salespeople everywhere to the Very Important Top Officer-and taught them the precise steps of how to sell to the person with the ultimate veto power.

Now, Parinello returns with Getting to VITO, a one-of-a-kind sales resource that offers proven, best-practices advice on how-to get into VITO's head, get into their budgets, and get on their team as a "trusted advisor.

Today, a majority of the Fortune and over 1. To put Tony on your team, call him at: Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site.

Table of contents Acknowledgments. VITO Selling: The New Generation. Chapter 1: Setting the Stage.

VITO Sales Training - Training, Sales, Training, Business

Chapter 2: Results and the Process That Drives Them. Chapter 3: Value versus Values. Chapter 4: Your Personal Value. Chapter 5: Chapter 6:

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