Get help publishing on site's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), a fast, Or, we might match site's price for a Physical edition of the book. Learn how to price an ebook by understanding what affects ebook prices like author royalties, book length, and genre so you can stay competitive and profitable. When I first got my Kindle, I was under the impression that all ebooks were cheap , and while they're certainly more affordable than a paperback.

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Kindle Ebook Costs

Setting a selling price for self-published Kindle eBooks or KDP Print books ( formerly CreateSpace) sold on site begins with understanding. However, the price sensitivity is probably not as acute on these services as it is on Kindle because site really does push the Read this ebook for free on. What is the right Kindle price? I share with you which price I have had the most success with. So in the case of eBooks the price does not equate worth.

Like most people, I had always wanted to write a book. Like most people, I had never done anything about it. I had never heard of Tom before, but at the time he recorded the course he had published more than 20 books on site that had become bestsellers. So clearly the guy knows what he is doing. The first lecture of the course was a little awkward.

If you do, site is authorized to match that price. Finally, these rules and policies may apply to books sold via KDP and do not apply to all books sold on site. Individual publishers and aggregators can have their own arrangements.

In fact, there are many services that can do this for you—for a price. You basically pay a flat fee or a percentage of royalties for the convenience of using a single company to list and manage your eBook in multiple stores. But since most eBooks are still sold or borrowed in the Kindle store, and not all services work the same way, it pays to study the options, costs, and tradeoffs carefully.

For a thorough report on eBook aggregators distributors , see my eBook Distribution Round-up for , complete with FAQs and a comparison of 9 services. Paperback book pricing for KDP Print is a little more straightforward. In this case, the key number to figure out is the cost to manufacture your book.

The primary factors that affect costs are:. See below for site. Trim size, bleed settings, and cover finish do not affect cost of printing. Click the subsection: How we calculate printing cost. Now that you have the cost to manufacture your printed book you can compute the sales commission. This is easy: The formula for this is:.

As you see above for Trials and Trails , that number is:. Also, your price must not be higher in any other sales channel. For example, if you sell your book on your website it must match the price you list it for on site.

How Much It Really Cost Me to Publish a Kindle Book

And yes, site can undercut your price. Expanded distribution is when site makes your book available to other online retailers via their relationship with Ingram, the parent company of IngramSpark. The book remains there for distribution to other online retailers. Ingram needs to be compensated for making your book available to their network of retailers BN. Again, this is for paperbacks, not eBooks.

4 sites that helped me save a ton on the cost of Kindle eBooks

Take a look at ebooks in your genre and price accordingly. There is a range of ebook pricing strategies you can apply, as well as free ebook campaigns. But with the advent of subscription reading, I would have to say that free ebooks are not nearly as successful nowadays. How do you price if want sales and KU reads?

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It is not only KU that is a consideration. If you are open publishing with Draft2Digital or Smashwords , both aggregators have subscriber reading retailers such as Kobo Plus, Playster, Scribd and 24Symbols.

In both cases, your ebook price point needs to be both competitive for sales, as well as offering perceived value to subscription readers. It is a matter of bang for your buck, which is purely human nature.

The price you decide upon needs to be balanced for your objectives. Do you want both sales and KU page reads, or are you happy to concentrate on sales only?

What’s the Absolute Best Price to Charge for a Kindle Book?

Price your ebook with the market in mind It will be a different decision for every author. If you are in KDP Select, then the big advantage of your enrolment is Kindle Unlimited, so you should endeavour to maximise your page read income. Logically, if you are using the standard KDP, sales will be your sole objective.

For open publishers, it will depend on whether you have agreed to publish your ebooks with subscription services or not. However, the price sensitivity is probably not as acute on these services as it is on Kindle because site really does push the Read this ebook for free on Kindle Unlimited pop-up, to emphasise KU free reading against the cover price.

Conclusion There is no right or wrong action to take with regard to an ebook pricing strategy.