Read Ebooks of Intizar Hussain on Rekhta Ebook Library. You can search ebooks by poets and ebooks by name in search Box. by Intizar Husain (). translated from the Urdu *The new NYR Books edition , , with an introduction by Asif Farrukhi*. ~~~~~~~~~~~ *Chapter One, first. An NYRB Classics Original Basti is a beautifully written reckoning with the tragic history of Pakistan. Basti means settlement, a common place, and Intizar.

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English] Basti / by Intizar Husain ; translated by Frances W. Pritchett and with an introduction by Asif Farrukhi. p. cm. — (New York Review Books classics). This research paper introduces the extraordinary prose style of story teller in. Pakistan named Intizar Hussain. Intizar Hussain has returned many Books of short. “Intizar Husain does not live in the past, so much as he draws and yet looked so old”—so the book begins, with a mythic, even mystic, vision.

Look Inside. Dec 26, Pages download. Dec 26, Pages. Then Zakir, the hero, wakes to the modern world. Crowds gather. Slogans echo. Cities burn. In Basti he has produced a novel of epic ambition:

He continued to stare at me. I must live.

Basti by Intizar Husain | Books

He spat on my face and turned away. Suddenly, a sword flashed above his head.

He spun around and fell. His body was drenched in blood. I still lived.

Alamton Ka Zawaal / علامتوں کا زوال

I put my sword away and continued to live. Suddenly, that young man reappeared out of nowhere.

He stopped when he saw me. Puzzled, I remained standing there. A few moments later, he came back, dragging a young girl with him.

He pushed her in front of me. When I finally recognised her grime- and dust-covered face, veiled by her wild hair, I was stunned.

She looked at me and wept bitterly. In Basti he has produced a novel of epic ambition: But truth to tell, the man who blends the personal with the impersonal, specific with the universal, actually has the past much to thank for.

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Be it drawing generously from the Jataka tales or the Panchatantra fables or even the layered Shiite tradition or the more modern existentialism, his tomorrows have been taken care of by yesterdays.

Yet Intizar Husain does not live in the past, so much as he draws from it.

His nostalgia is not comforting, there is that disquiet air that runs through his works, and Basti , arguably the finest novel on Partition, is no different. Pritchett Best Seller.

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