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User script manager with support for Greasemonkey functions Based on Blank Canvas Script Handler which is not supported any longer in newer Chrome. Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million users. Tampermonkey is used to run so called userscripts. ](; Google Books [ Link to Google Books ].:// .. for supporting [Lib]([er](http://books.

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Google Book Er Userscript Chrome

You can use the Google Book Downloader greasemonkey script. You can install a userscript in Google chrome directly, just click on the install button at the top. Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million users. It's available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer a bunch of it is available as a Greasemonkey user script on any browser that supports.

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Now you can have the best of both worlds, as Chrome now natively supports user scripts. You can download Greasemonkey user scripts from many websites across the net, including the ones listed in the links below. Simply paste the code into a text editor such as Notepad, and save it with the file extension.

Now drag and drop the script file into a Chrome window. To do this, click the gear button on the top left, and select Extensions. Your scripts will be listed right along with other Chrome Extensions you may have installed. Click Uninstall under any scripts you wish to remove. Alternately, if you only want to turn it off, you can click Disable so you can use it again easily in the future.

Now the website will work like it did before you added the script.

Greasemonkey scripts are a great way to make websites look and work like you want. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

Chrome User Script Handler

I won't be blocking anyone - I just tested it out on Unionist because I remembered a few threads he had posted in and wanted to go from thread to thread to test it out. I love Unionist.

Firefox really is an excellent browser. The first time I tried it, a few years ago, I hated it too. But now it's really great, and I never use IE anymore for anything.

And the good thing is, you can add scripts like this SO easily in Firefox, whereas IE is a pain in the ass to add anything to. It's so worth switching, not just for the politics of it which is reason enough but because it's a superior product. Seriously, though. I want to thank Fidel for creating this tool. I think it's really neat that he saw an issue and actually took time out of his life to create a really neat little app that could help people resolve it and enjoy the site more.

In a way, even though I've been jokingly wishing for just this for years, I have mixed feelings about the use of it now that it's here. But I do think that it could be an extremely useful "cooling off" tool when people just feel they can't get along with another babbler, no matter how hard they try to overcome their annoyance or whatever other emotion gets triggered by the other person.

I don't think people will be using this tool extensively at least I hope not, in that I hope there isn't widespread NEED for it , but I think it can be a really useful little gadget. And I'm really impressed with how well it works. Okay great. I just wanted to make sure that someone is able to run this other than me. I don't think most people will need to use it either. I actually have no one on my lowbies list right now. I began wondering why I was monkeying around with this script when I realized I can't stay miffed at anyone longer than a couple of days anway.

Must be middle age creep, or something. And then I realized that it's not only for my benefit. If anyone was to become really digusted with, say, my posts and my off the wall comments from time to time, they can just turn me off.

They can say to themselves, I've had enough of Fidel's atrocious spelling and awful grammar today, I just can't take it anymore. And then click me off. And I don't have to feel bad about, because I won't know. I will try to post a link to install a user script that works with IE later today.

An unforseen error just occurred, and I'll have to look at it later. Just curious how this works. Say I'm choosing to ignore babbler x. So his posts disappear. What about babbler y who quotes babbler x? Does that part of babbler y's post disappear? Not by me though. That way you can click off individual posts at random in addition to those posters in your "hidebabbler" list, which is the name of the cookie created and stored in the same folder as your other rabble cookies.

Okay, this is for that one babbler who's been installing the script over and over and dinging up the install count. I added a few new lines of script for errer cheking porpoises.

Another Way To Download Any Book From Google Books

It's supposed to handle crazy usernames with parentheses and those long ones that are truncated in the author's pane but not in the page where quoted. Anyway, it doesn't work sometimes for me with IE8, and I don't know why but it has something to do with how IE8 handles cookies. If it does break, it seems to be that the cookie and tab process become discombobulated for some reason. Go figure.

Tampermonkey - Chrome Webshop

Vista Windows folder and file Explorer won't show me the folders deeper than Or you can go through IE8 "Options" from the drop down menue, choose General tab, delete button to delete all cookies, OR choose the button beside it, Settings and then "View Files " to see your hidebabbler cookie.

And just delete that cookie if necessary. Fidel, thanks for the newest update. You can be assured that your script works with FF and Windblows 7!!

I'm not technically savvy enough to fiddle with this, although it sounds like a very cool little tool, Fidel! I use a low-tech version: There are one or two babblers whose posts I simply ignore. Generally it works quite nicely!! Sven wrote: Not naming names, of course, but if I don't respond to a particular thread participant in a thread that clearly engages me say on psychiatry or civil liberties or some such , it doesn't mean I didn't read their, er, "contribution.

As my dear father often says "I don't have time to read every piece of crap that's put in front of me. Just sayin'. And it goes without saying, the "low tech version" suggested by Mr. Sven is infinitely more democratic than silencing opponents through complicated technological gimmicks.

Google Chrome's a piece of cake to install and to compare it to IE is like Cake is hard, or at least it is for me. Easy as pie? I just follow the directions on the package of Tenderflake lard for the pie crust. Flatten it out in a pie dish and freezing will sometimes produce a puffy pie crust. Apple and blueberry are my faves. Top with French vanilla ice cream, or even Carnation evaporated milk?

It's all good. Hey all. Just bumping this thread to highlight how useful this user script can be. Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic. Lowers the blood pressure, and if you find that one or two people's posts are consistently making you nuts I'm sure we all have them, and I'm sure I'm on at least a couple of other people's lists , you can "be your own mod" and make them disappear.

It's pretty cool. Hey Fidel can you write a script that will make random G. Muffin posts appear in whatever thread we are reading?

I'd appologize to all those I've been agrivating Oh well, More apologies for me I guess. Yes, random posts are doable. Maybe a site bot, or something. But I don't think we could capture the spirit of G. Pie as easily. There's only one G. Pie, and I don't have the specs. I hope you don't think I meant anything like generating random posts. I mean can you just insert posts written by G.

There is just not enough pie in the threads I've been following. All you have to do is click on a button. But note that you can't 'ignore' moderators. OK, which button Rosa? I clicked on that green "Install" button, then was directed to a page of programming language.

After clicking the green install button, a smaller window should appear with three buttons across the buttom and labelled: Install, Show script source, and cancel. I just tried clicking the green install button on userscripts.

But it happened while I was using the Opera browser, which is a slightly different installation procedure. The install button should work with Google Chrome or Firefox. Which browser are you using?

I'm at home now, with Windows Whatever.