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Juntos, os ensaios prenunciam a direcao de grande pane dos escritos criticos tempo em que os nazistas sentiram que o prestigio da vanguarda junto ao public° alemao culto sentamos, trabalhamos e dormimos. Quando, no inicio dos. tácteis / 6 6 0 sono/ ATENÇÃO / Porque dormimos?/ • Q u a d r o 2 0. Peixe U m agrupamento de axônios que se projeta juntos, porém n i o. Da otra parte da claustra sao tres boas cammaras, dove nosotros dormimos, . el noviciado al collegio los quatromil xerafies o todos juntos o en quatro años .

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Learned ability: Queremos viajar a Madrid. You will have to reply. We had to put off the meeting. This must be kept quiet. Soy arquitecto. Yesterday it was a very cold day.

Eso es sufrir. Note also es que. This book was written by a friend of mine. Pilar is Spanish a Spaniard. La nieve es blanca. Este libro es triste.

The book is sad. NOTE Useful tests in English are to see whether a noun phrase can be substituted for the adjective without substantial diference in meaning resulting, e. Your ideas are very strange. Juan es de Madrid. Su reloj es de oro. My mother is in the living-room. The window is open. Crime is linked to the problem of unemployment.

Contrast also the following: The room was indicated by a blue number. The room was pointed out to us by the cleaner. Estamos asombrados asombrarse por su audacia. My mother was in bed had gone to bed when we returned. Are we ready? Are you sure? La ciudad estaba muy sucia. The room was empty. The soup is hot. Estoy muy viejo para estas cosas. The cider tastes very sweet. There is always a difference in meaning: However, the difference can be elusive to non-native speakers: Estamos de vacaciones.

Juana estaba de mal humor. Juana was in a bad mood. Estaban todos mis amigos. I defended myself energetically. Se llama Dolores. Se escriben con frecuencia. They frequently write to each other.

The children were washing one another. Los refugiados se ayudaron mutuamente. The refugees helped one another. Se jacta de ser muy listo. He boasts of being very clever. Did you forget to tell me? Unfortunately, since each verb behaves slightly differently, no very general principle can be given.

Here are some common examples: The rain fell. The child fell from the chair. The aeroplane crashed in the desert. The tower fell down. I dropped a book. What shall we have to eat? The lion ate up all the meat. Go away! Se fue a Madrid. My uncle died two years ago.

Me voy a quedar dos meses. The verb is always in the third person singular. O se es bueno, o no se es bueno. It is often used as an equivalent for the English passive in this sense: Straight away a poem was read. The soldiers were killed. The book was published in Although with a plural noun both the following constructions are in theory possible: Se vende naranjas. Las nuevas medidas fueron adoptadas en seguida por el gobierno.

The new measures were adopted immediately by the government. The book was written in French. The criminal is being arrested by an armed policeman. Los libros eran apilados. The books were being piled up. The criminal is under arrest. The books were piled up. Spain is divided into several autonomous regions. This construction always denotes a state. An agent i. The blind was blocked with rust.

The meaning is determined by the context. The elections will be held in March. The new law was approved in The proposal was rejected. The following Spanish sentences are perfectly acceptable: The pyramids were built by slaves. Este libro se va a publicar por Routledge. This book will be published by Routledge. People usually criticize politicians very harshly. Dicen que el peso va a subir. They say the peso is going up. You read a particular book to enjoy yourself.

A book is read for enjoyment La catedral la vimos desde lejos. We saw the cathedral from a long way away.

The cathedral was seen by us from a long way away A Miguel y Ana los vi jugando en el parque. I saw Miguel and Ana playing in the park. Who did you see last night? No recordamos a nadie. I read the whole of Cervantes in a year. They criticized the committee severely. El buen ciudadano ama a su patria. A good citizen loves his country. Respetemos a la justicia. Let us respect justice. Come and see my little puppy!

The cat caught the sparrow. Comimos pollo. We ate chicken. I met three Russians in Lisbon. I need a friend. Busco tres rusos para ayudarme con un proyecto internacional. The economy must be liberated. Tengo dos hermanas. I have two sisters. Peace followed war. I recommended my friend to the boss. Two verbs appear to change their meaning substantially according to whether they are used with or without the personal a, but they do follow the above principles.

Mateo gave his mother a kiss. A Luis y Ana les gusta viajar. We went to the cinema. The criminal appeared before the court. Ante la posibilidad de morir de hambre, optaron por emigrar. Faced with the possibility of starving, they decided to emigrate. Llegaron antes de las seis.

Voy a salir con mis amigos. No oigo nada con tanto ruido de fondo. For opinions, etc. Rosa lives three kilometres from here. Mi marido es de Argentina.

My husband is from Argentina. El campo estaba cubierto de nieve. The countryside was covered in snow. See also bajo See also ante see In front of the palace there was a huge square. Dentro de la ciudad hay muchas callecitas pintorescas. With in the town there are many picturesque little streets. Desde is more restricted in meaning than de, and so tends to be used if there is any possibility of ambiguity.

A sound of voices reached us from below. From here you can see the sea. See also tras After visiting the Prado we went to have a beer. Behind the door there was a beautiful garden. Note too that de may also denote position when used after a noun The book is on the table. The child got lost in the crowd. Estamos en peligro. We are in danger. Entramos en la cueva. We went into the cave. Prices went up by six per cent. It is often, though not exclusively, used to denote a high position.

On top of the tower was a lightning conductor. Above the house a cloud of smoke could be seen. Frente a la posibilidad de perder, decidimos abandonar la empresa. Faced with the possibility of losing, we decided to abandon the enterprise. Voy a trabajar hasta medianoche. Usted sigue todo recto hasta la segunda calle a la izquierda. You carry straight on as far as the second street on the left. Estuve esperando desde mayo hasta setiembre.

I was waiting from May to September. Until tomorrow! NOTE Think of por as looking backwards to a cause or motive, or a substitution though it has a number of other meanings too ; think of para as looking forward to a destination or purpose: What did you call me for? Will it be ready for tomorrow?

Is there room for two people? Voy para Sevilla. Basta para satisfacer al jefe. Do it by next Monday.

My girlfriend has gone to Spain for a week. Why did you get up so early? Por la lluvia no pudimos venir. Por razones personales no pudieron asistir. Hazlo por tu madre. Luchamos por la libertad. I changed the car for a bicycle. The minister signed on behalf of the president. We passed through the city centre. Madrid por la N-VI. Madrid by way of the N-VI road.

Through the window I saw the mountains. Entramos por la puerta trasera. We went in via the back door. My mother will come for a week. There are many bars around here. Everywhere there were groups of youngsters. Por agosto suele hacer mucho calor. Round about August it is usually very hot.

Caesar was murdered by Brutus. It was published by a foreign publisher.

I recognized her by her hands. It is more comfortable travelling by air. It is also equivalent to, but rather more frequent than, encima de, which is used when an idea of height is involved see It is also used to denote superior status. Nos veremos sobre las cinco. Estaba sobre la calle de Serrano. El gato estaba escondido debajo de la mesa. The cat was hiding under the table. The cat ran under the table. In front of the town hall was a marble statue.

The procession passed in front of the town hall. There are three kinds of complementation in Spanish: The sentence is introduced by one of two complementizers, que or si: It is beyond the scope of this book to give a comprehensive list of the complementation patterns of verbs and verbal expressions: What follows is only a representative selection of the more commonly-occurring constructions.

I want you to tell me your name. Me gusta que tengas tantos amigos. I like it that you have so many friends. Are you prepared to help me? Are you asking me if I agree? Nos agrada comer al aire libre. We like eating in the open air. What would you like to drink lit. Me alegra cantar villancicos. It makes me happy singing Christmas carols. Nos basta tener buena salud. Having good health is enough for us. Me complace invitarle a la cena. I have pleasure in inviting you to the dinner. Me encanta tener tantos parientes.

Do you mind shutting the window? Would you be interested to know where our friend is? Getting to Madrid is easy. Fue imposible comentarlo todo. It was impossible to comment on all of it lit.

Some of these verbs and expressions have the possibility of taking a sentence complement with que and the subjunctive when this situation does not hold, e. Basta que los escritores tengan papel. I must explain it. It is important not to mix up these two constructions: Acostumbro cenar a las nueve.

Did you manage to see the boss? Debes decir la verdad. I decided not to say anything. We wanted to know who had said it. Espero ir a la universidad. I hope to go to university. Lamento no haber dicho nada. I regret not having said anything. I need to know which is the best of all. Niego haber conducido demasiado deprisa. I deny having driven too fast. Pedimos ir juntos. We asked to go together.

What do you intend to do tomorrow? No puedo levantarme. Felipe preferred to stay at home. No quiero verla. Do you know how to play the violin? Siento decirle que. I regret to tell you that. I usually go out on Saturdays. Temo no encontrar a nadie. If this is not the case, then a sentence complement with que must be used, with the verb in the indicative or the subjunctive depending on the meaning for most of the verbs given above, the subjunctive must be used. Decidimos comprar dos kilos.

We decided to download two kilos. I let the children go out. Le hice callar. Impedimos escaparse a los delincuentes. We stopped the criminals escaping. Will you let me go out? Me prohibieron revelar el secreto. They stopped me revealing the secret.

Vimos llegar a la Reina. We saw the Queen arrive. We heard the children shrieking. NOTE Verbs of perception also take gerund complements see Se apresuraron a terminar el trabajo.

The children are learning to dance. My mother came down to see what was happening. I began to study at eighteen. I decided to go out. It began to rain. Fuimos a ver a mis primos. We went to see my cousins.

Se pusieron a llorar. They began to cry. Se resiste a ayudarnos. Go out and download some cakes! Nos sentamos a discutir el asunto. We sat down to discuss the matter. Have you come to tell me something? Some verbs in this category are: They have accustomed us to going to bed later. Os convido a tomar una copita conmigo. I invite you to have a drink with me. Who taught you to play the piano? Me invitaron a cenar. They invited me to dinner. Trata de persuadirle a quedarse.

Acabamos de contestar.


We have just replied. I remembered to go to the meeting. Me alegro de saberlo. Are you sorry you did it?

I was ashamed of having kept the matter quiet. No me canso nunca de pintar. I never get tired of painting. Stop crying! Trata de recordar. Try to remember. Some of these verbs alegrarse and avergonzarse also take a sentence complement with que and the subjunctive when the subjects are different, e.

Me alegro de que hayas venido. NOTE The de is preserved before the que in such a construction. Two are: They had accused me of not telling the truth. No te dejes disuadir de actuar de esa manera. Nos complacemos en recibirles. We take pleasure in giving you hospitality. Consentimos en verlos. We agreed to see them. No dudes en preguntarme. Insisto en saber. I insist on knowing. El tren tarda dos horas en llegar. The train takes two hours to get there. Insistir also takes a sentence complement with que and the subjunctive when the subjects are different, e.

Insisto en que vengas. I insist that you come. NOTE The en is preserved before the que in such a construction. Consentir similarly also has a sentence complement construction, but the en is not used: Consiento que vayas. I consent to you going. Amenaza con llover. I dreamed of winning the lottery. Comencemos por leer el texto.

I strove to win. Vamos a luchar por conseguir nuestros objectivos. Did you choose to do management studies in the end? Termino por citar otro ejemplo. Some of these verbs esforzarse, luchar and votar also take a sentence complement with que and the subjunctive when the subjects are different, e. PDF La mala vida en Madrid: PDF Mujer austral te vi en tres lagos ePub.

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